PokerStars NJ Tournaments Guide - Biggest Poker Events in NJ!

PokerStars NJ tournaments are undoubtedly among the most renowned in terms of exhilarating poker events around the globe. Of course, they didn’t steer clear of Atlantic City, as here you can find the most exciting PokerStars Tournaments in New Jersey. Stay close and you’ll find out the reason behind their popularity!

PokerStars NJ Tournaments Guide – Table of Contents

PokerStars NJ Tournaments – Biggest Events of 2023

The PokerStars NJ Tournaments are among some of the most important events in the online gambling world. With buy-ins for all bankroll sizes, considerable prizes and even second-chance tickets, Pokerstars Tournaments always manage to keep the players excited and engaged. One of the largest online PokerStars tournaments in 2023 was the  PokerStars Players Championship in January. Entering such events is available to all NJ players, and the buy-ins are accessible to every budget.

PokerStars Casino New User Bonuses

With so many poker variants and tournaments in its portfolios, it is only natural to also have some boosts for the bettors. Since it’s among the best poker sites, PokerStars makes available not only a no deposit bonus but also a first deposit bonus. If you are sharp enough, you can get other enticing Star Codes. You only need to constantly check the PokerStars website or your e-mail or SMS for some exclusive promotions. So, let us show you what’s in for you at PokerStars in New Jersey.

100% Match Deposit Bonus of up to $600 PokerStars Promo

An advantageous offer you’ll find at PokerStars Casino NJ is this first deposit bonus offer. Simply put, upon making your first minimum $10 deposit, the casino will match it up to $600. Additionally, don’t forget to input the PokerStars bonus code STARS600. Playing PokerStars online poker games will earn you redemption points. Therefore, with each 75 redemption points acquired, you’ll get $5 in your NJ PokerStars account.

$100 Free Play Bonus

Another profitable offer is the $100 free play, no deposit bonus. In order to claim that bonus, you can choose one of two options: you can either bet $1 in any casino game, or you can play one poker Cash Game Hand. The bonus will be offered to you in the form of 6 daily chests that add up to $100. The contents of the chests are as follows:

Wagering Requirements of the PokerStars Casino Bonuses

On one hand, the match deposit bonus and $100 Free Play require you to use all the free tickets within 21 days after the issue date. Otherwise, they will go to waste since you cannot redeem them for cash. Moreover, beware that any early attempt to withdraw the bonus will result in the illegibility to claim it. On the other hand, for the $600 match deposit bonus, you need to gain the required redemption points within 4 months after the deposit. Similarly, the $50 bonus comes with a time period as well. Specifically, you must use all tournaments within 24h.

Pokerstars Online Poker Tournaments

NJ PokerStars does not only make available a dizzying array of PokerStars online poker games. They also offer a generous number of tournaments where you can play against the best online poker players PokerStars. You can find them all in the Tournaments tab on the website. Alternatively, if you are accessing the site from the PokerStars app NJ, look for the Tourney tab. Here are some of the tournament types you can explore:

Spin & Go PokerStars

This type of PokerStars tournament NJ involves 3 players, beginning the game with 500 chips. Regarding the prize pool, it is going to be established once the players are in the lobby through a random engine. However, you’ll be delighted to know that it can reach up to $100.000.000. In addition to this, the tournament buy-in starts at $0.25, so it’s basically like you’re playing for free. Entering a Spin & Go tournament is also easy, as it only requires to play the buy-in of the specific event and press “Play”.

Sit & Go

As a general rule, the number of participants is established beforehand, supporting up to 990 persons. Moreover, there is no PokerStars tournament schedule and it starts as soon as the seats are filled in. So, as soon as you’re done with the PokerStars registration, brace yourself, for the fun part begins immediately! Additionally, it is also a fact that you’ll be winning more that the buy-in you’ll pay to enter. More than that, you’ll also enjoy variety, as these tournaments can come in both cash and satellite forms.


PokerStars tournaments NJ like these, pave your way towards bigger tournaments. Firstly, you go to a satellite event with a lower PokerStars tournament buy-in. Then, upon winning it, you’ll get an entry to an even bigger event. It is basically like hitting two birds with one stone since you’ll be playing for more prizes! For this category, PokerStars makes available both one and multi-table satellite tournaments. Plus, participating is very easy, as you only need to find the “Tourney” tab and select “Satellite“.

Multi-Table PokerStars

In this case, the focus is on the PokerStars free chips. This type of tournament distinguishes itself from others through the fact that players are filling more than one table. More specifically, as players are eliminated from the Pokerstars tournament NJ, they are moved to other tables. Afterward, the process goes on similarly, until the poker tables are narrowed down to one. In other words, the king of PokerStars poker is the last who collects all the chips from his opponents.

PokerStars Zoom

Given the name of the PokerStars tournament NJ, you can guess that everything happens very fast. Once you fold your hand, you can then move on to the next PokerStars NJ poker table, alongside a new set of cards. For an even quicker tournament, you can fold before your turn comes up with the Fast Fold option. This option enables you to continue playing without having to wait for the others to play out their hands. Specifically for this PokerStars casino NJ tournament, you can choose between Hold’em and Omaha poker.

Progressive Knockouts

This event is slightly different from the other ones already explained. That’s because, at the beginning of the PokerStars tournament NJ, each player has a cash bounty placed on themselves. Consequently, the more players you take down, the more money you win. However, this PokerStars real money poker method has a twist. To be clearer, once taken down, you get the player’s bounty value on the spot. Then, a part of the bounty is cumulated with your own bounty. Practically, it gets even more fun as you will be chased away by the other competitors!

Re-entry PokerStars

In such PokerStars online poker tournaments, if you lose, you are given a second chance. Therefore, upon being eliminated, you can re-enter on spot. More clearly, upon completing the PokerStars registration one more time, you will receive a new seat. Also, note that the operator may limit the re-entries/person depending on the event. Once you have used up all your re-entry chances, you won’t be able to get back in to the game anymore.

Fifty50 PokerStars

You could easily say that this PokerStars tournament NJ ends “before its term”. That’s because once half of the bettors are eliminated, it comes to an end. So, out of 8 participants, the remaining 4 are all winners. Specifically, the prize is shared by all winners, whereas the rest will be distributed depending on the PokerStars free chips count percentage.

Guaranteed PokerStars

In this tournament, the number of players does not influence the PokerStars tournament buy-in. That’s because, regardless of the bettors’ count, PokerStars casino NJ ensures the value of the prize pools to begin with. So, this is one of the main reasons they’re popular with the public. Generally, the approximate value that this operator guarantees for such tournaments is between $25. up to $1.000.000.

All-in Shootouts

For the more competitive PokerStars NJ online poker players looking for some hectic poker action, All-in Shootouts tournaments are a good choice. However, All-ins are also suitable for beginners as participating does not require any special poker expertise. Simply put, you are all in on any and every hand. Moreover, it is so convenient, that it does not require you to carry out the PokerStars registration process. Yet, you should know that All-ins are not very common, as you can access them as part of promotional offers.

Re-buy PokerStars

Even though it shares several similarities to the Re-entry tournaments, it still has its particular characteristics. Specifically, in this PokerStars tournament NJ, once you find yourself in a chips shortage, you can buy more. Normally, once you run out of PokerStars free chips, you’re out of the game. But with this poker variant, you’ll have another go at the big reward! However, bear in mind that there is a specific re-buy period. Moreover, not only must you re-register within the pre-established period, but also consider the limited number of rebuys available.

Phased PokerStars

As you might have already guessed, this PokerStars tournament NJ is played in phases. Simply put, you have more starting points to choose from. Practically, the event extends over a few days, thus allowing you to better integrate your participation in the tournament within your daily schedule. However, make sure beforehand that you’ll be free from any personal obligations on the days each phase takes place. Additionally, even though it’s flexible, it still allows you to benefit from large PokerStars real money poker prizes.

Multi-Stack PokerStars

This PokerStars tournament NJ allows you to better manage your stacks. Specifically, you may choose how you spend your PokerStars free chips, depending on the pre-established number for all players. For example, if you have 4 stacks, you can play on a minimum, namely one stack of 1000 chips. Alternatively, you can put all 4 stacks in the game. The Poker strategy PokerStars is completely up to you!

6 Max and 4 Max

In comparison to the tournaments discussed until now, this PokerStars tournament NJ has a quite unique characteristic. Specifically, there will be 6 seats, respectively 4, in comparison to the usual number between 7 and 10. Then, in terms of gameplay, players will play either 2-7 Triple Draw or 8-Game Mix PokerStars real money poker.

Turbo PokerStars NJ online poker

If you are not keen on the idea of spending hours at PokerStars NJ tournaments, then this event is for you. That’s because this occurs much faster than in usual tournaments. The round lasts approximately 5 minutes, whereas standard ones can lead up to 15 minutes. Furthermore, you can take a break not exceeding 30 minutes, in comparison to the usual one hour for typical tournaments. Alternatively, for an even faster event, you can resort to Hyper-Turbo PokerStars poker tournaments. In this case, each round lasts 3 minutes.

PokerStars NJ Tournaments Poker Selection

This operator being one of the leaders in terms of poker is not just empty words. Besides, that can be seen in the variety of PokerStars poker that it makes available for its most passionate players. So, since there are a lot of PokerStars online poker games in its portfolio, we have compiled them into a list. This way, you can better visualize them. Moreover, in case you’re still a beginner, we have also included details about each one in particular. You need all the details you can get so that you can use your poker strategies accordingly.

Texas Hold’em

This is one of the most popular PokerStars online poker variants. Consequently, there’s no way it would be missing from the PokerStars NJ tournaments. Given its recognition, you probably know the rules. It starts out with players receiving two face-down cards. Then, 5 cards are spread into 3 cards and two 1-card  sequences.

Your goal is to make the best 5-card hand out of the 7 available ones. However, there’s a betting limit established before each round of betting. You can start betting once every card is revealed and the best PokerStars poker hand will ultimately win. Make sure you will use one of the best Texas Hold’em strategies to secure some sizzling wins. Additionally, for some poker with a twist, there are some other variants for you to check out:

Omaha Poker

It is among the most popular variants from the PokerStars NJ tournaments. Moreover, it comes in more versions, such as Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card, or 6 Card Omaha. Each one of those PokerStars online poker games has generally the same ground rules. But, in reality, it is a derivation of Texas Hold’em. Firstly, bettors are dealt 4 face-down cards and then another 5 are dealt face-up. The player with 3 community cards and two private cards makes up the best poker hand and will win the game.

Courchevel Poker

During the PokerStars NJ tournaments a poker game with a very unique name is available. This time, it is a derivation of Omaha poker. Specifically, it mainly concerns a slight change of gameplay. Otherwise, the rules remain almost unchanged.

First, players are dealt 5 private cards also known as hole cards and the other 5 community cards are dealt face-up on the table The catch is that in Courchevel PokerStars poker, one deals the first flop card before the pre-flop betting round, but face-up. Additionally, if you want more variety, PokerStars casino NJ provides more versions of the same game. So, you can also try out Courchevel Hi/Lo.

Seven Card Stud

You have most probably heard about this classic before. Even though it is highly recognized by bettors, the casini is still very keen on its rules during the PokerStars NJ tournaments. That’s why it has a special page dedicated to this PokerStars poker variant.

First things first, 7 private cards are dealt to each player. But you have to remember that you can only use 5 cards to build a good hand. So, this variant is generally played with a limited bet structure. Alternatively, for a slight change of atmosphere, you can also hit the New Jersey poker rooms for some Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo..


This PokerStars poker game is also known as Seven Card Stud Low. As the name implies, all players aim to get to the lowest hand. A common Razz game will start out with 7 cards being dealt. Be it in normal games or PokerStars poker tournaments, the highest card has to forcefully start the action after the third card is distributed. However, the lowest card always initiates the bets on all other rounds. Moreover, in order to know how to build your poker strategy PokerStars, the lowest hands you can get is 5, 4, 3, 2, A.

Five Card Draw

If you think that the previously mentioned variants would be enough, then you’re in the wrong. That’s because it was only the beginning of the list for this operator. Now, NJ PokerStars seeks to bring people around the table as in the old days with this game. So, here is how the sequence occurs:

  1. The dealer will deal each player 5 cards
  2. #1 Betting round
  3. Draw
  4. #2 Betting round
  5. Showdown

Specifically, Five Card Draw is about making the best 5-card PokerStars poker hand following one draw. Note that players can do that by disposing of old cards and adding new ones. On the other hand, in terms of betting options, you can either resort to Blind or Ante. Similarly, if you’d like to change the rules a bit, try the 2-7 Triple Draw or Single Draw.


If you can’t seem to make up your mind on which poker variant to join during the PokerStars NJ tournaments, don’t worry. That’s because PokerStars casino NJ has your back. In other words, it has prepared a combination of its most popular PokerStars online poker games. It is not only fun, but you can also hone your skills for multiple types of poker at the same time.

8-Game Mix

Since you may be aiming for even more expertise in poker at PokerStars NJ, we recommend the 8-Game Mix. Specifically, it combines the following PokerStars online poker games:


However, if you wish for a more foreign influence, you can try out Badugi. That’s mainly because it emerged from Asia as a variant of draw poker. It is a rather twisted variant as it has a different hand ranking system. The rule of thumb for this variant is that the lowest four-card poker hand wins. However, the hand needs to be made up of different suits. To make it clearer for you no pair-cards, low cards of different suits are categorized as strongest hands. So, the best possible PokerStars NJ online poker hand is 4-3-2-A.

PokerStars NJ poker fusion

Last, but not least, we have this operator’s exclusive PokerStars NJ online poker game. Even if it’s derived from Omaha, it comes alongside its own set of rules. Firstly, beware that the bets may not go over the pot size. You will be dealt a total of 2 hole cards and 5 board cards. Specifically, there will be dealt three on FLOP, one on TURN, and one on RIVER. It is also important to know the best hand consists of two hole cards and three community cards.

PokerStars NJ Virtual Reality

If you think there’s no limit to playing poker, you’ve arrived in the right place. That’s because PokerStars NJ crosses the barrier of the possible and brings you to the VR of poker action. It also creates a realistic atmosphere since you can play against real opponents.

However, PokerStars VR adds a unique visual experience due to the interactive environments and continuous competition on the Leader Boards. Even though you’ll be part of a virtual space, you can still unblock PokerStars free chips to use in upgraded versions of the Sit & Go tournaments. Specifically, you can access it very easily, via Steam Viveport or Oculus Store. So, don’t waste any time and get an authentic taste of PokerStars in New Jersey

How to Register for PokerStars NJ Tournaments

Now that you are accustomed to the large variety of PokerStars online poker games and tournaments, let’s move on. Now, it’s high time you found out how to complete the PokerStars registration process. It is straightforward to do right from either the PokerStars website or app. This step is very important as it’s the beginning of the real poker action. So, you have to make sure you’ve done everything by the book.

For this reason, we have piled up the steps for this process below. It’s up to you to choose the device you’re going to play with. Registering using the website is quite straightforward as you only need to download the desktop client. Then, it’s enough to follow the on-screen instruction and you’ll be hitting the poker tables in no time. In its turn, registering via the PokerStars app NJ is equally easy. On top of that, you can carry it out from anywhere you may be.

Registering via PokerStars NJ Website

  1. Press the “Join Now” button
  2. Choose a username and a strong password
  3. Enter your email, country of residence, and source of reference

No matter if you register on the PokerStars website or app, there is always one more step to complete. Specifically, you must complete the Money Form, by means of which PokerStars casino NJ will verify the accuracy of your data. Within the Withdrawal tab, you will need to re-enter your details. Specifically, you must send KYC documentation meant to prove the accuracy of the details you have provided when signing up. Among the required documents there are:

Generally, the best option is to send an identity card, driving license, or passport. The convenience lies in the fact that PokerStars accepts documents in different forms, including scanned photos and even screenshots. The rule is that they must be fully colored. Upon confirmation of your details, you’ll be soon able to get down at the poker table.

How to Download the PokerStars App

The PokerStars NJ Tournaments are available on both mobile and desktop. If you are on the go, but still want to partake in the tournaments, you have an android, as well as an iOS version of the app at your disposal!

Download the PokerStars App on iOS

  1. Visit the PokerStars Casino website on your mobile device.
  2. Select Download the PokerStars iOS Mobile App.
  3. This will redirect you to the appropriate page on the App Store, where you can download the NJ Casino app.

The downloading process for Android is very similar and straightforward. You will only need to follow an additional step, as the app cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Download the PokerStars App on Android

  1. Access the PokerStars Casino website via your mobile browser and scroll down.
  2. Select Download PokerStars for Android
  3. You may also need to enable downloads from unknown sources in your phone’s security settings.

PokerStars Payment Methods

Considering the multitude of PokerStars casino bonuses, it is only normal for the casino to have multiple payment options available. NJ PokerStars has enough PokerStars payment methods to please all their players. However, beware that not all methods are accessible for both deposits and withdrawals! Therefore, to carry out transactions smoothly from start to end it’s advisable that you choose a method that allows both deposits and withdrawals.

Paysafe Cardâś“X
Apple Payâś“âś“
Skrill & Skrill 1-Tapâś“âś“
Direct Bank TransferXâś“
Local Bank Transferâś“âś“

NJ PokerStars Software Experience

In comparison to the other NJ casinos, its software is a leader among the competitors. Its status is given by its key aspects that are laid out below. The catch it that these features are customizable, so you can set them in such a way as to match your gambling style. So, given this, it is obvious that this operator seeks to create favorable conditions for you to create your perfect gambling environment!

Tips & Tricks for Playing Poker

PokerStars NJ creates all the necessary conditions for you to have a smooth gambling experience. Starting with a good website, app, and enticing bonuses, now, the casino even assists you in terms of poker action. Yet, you could always make use of of some poker advice to your advantage So, here are some of the tricks they recommend to ensure a successful poker strategy PokerStars:

Customer Support

The casino provides some ways of contacting them in case you encounter problems. So, you can reach out to them through 24/7 Live Chat. Once you hit the green “Contact Us” button, the virtual assistant tap will pop up. Then, you’re invited to write your query there or use the auxiliary menu. In comparison to its competitors, the PokerStars phone number seems to be missing.

Responsible Gambling

PokerStars NJ tournaments are regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement, so responsible gambling is taken very seriously. Therefore, the PokerStars Casino provides numerous tools for you to control your gambling habits. You can opt for limiting your deposits or the time you spend wagering on the platform. Additionally, you can even choose to enroll in a program like the New Jersey Self-Exclusion Program, or find support within organizations like Gamblers Anonymous.


Given its dizzying array of PokerStars NJ poker variants and tournaments, its leading status in Atlantic City is no surprise. Moreover, the competitive PokerStars casino bonuses and multiple payment options further strengthen its position on the gambling scene. So, since the casino makes available so many advantages for its players, how about you become one of them? You are in for dynamic poker action against the best online poker players PokerStars.


How can I enter PokerStars Tournaments?

First, go to the casino’s website and press the download button. Then install the software, open it and click on Join Now. Choose your credentials and finally complete the process by imputing your email, country of residence, and source of reference.You can find both the Android and iOS versions on the operator’s website.

What is the Biggest tournament in PokerStars?

The Sunday Million is the world’s biggest weekly poker tournament and PokerStars flagship event since 2006. It carries prestige. It offers a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Can I join PokerStars tournaments in NJ?

PokerStars NJ is legal & regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, so you can absolutely join the tournaments, as long as you meet the legal requirements.

How can I enter PokerStars poker tournaments?

First, go to the casino’s website and press the download button. Then install the software, open it and click on Join Now. Choose your credentials and finally complete the process by imputing your email, country of residence, and source of reference.

Can you win real money during PokerStars NJ tournaments?

You can join Pokerstars tournaments for real money as long as you are present in New Jersey.

Does PokerStars charge for withdrawals?

Generally, they don’t. However, you may be subjected to taxes by your local bank.