PokerStars Players Championship 2023

posted by Ioana
January 12, 2023

This year, PokerStars is set on stepping up its game in terms of poker tournaments. For this reason, the casino is launching a large-scale online tournament starting January 13th. NJ and MI players will participate in multiple shared pool main events while striving to win the $2.5M prize. Besides that, there is also PA joining the PSPC poker area separately. So, if you want to take part in the PokerStars Players Championship 2023, it’s time you played your ace.

PokerStars Players Championship 2023 – New Jersey/Michigan

If you are from New Jersey of Michigan, you are en route to a unique experience. See below everything you need to know about the PokerStars Players Championship 2023. Remember, here we are talking about a shared pool, which means you double the fun at PokerStars NJ!

NJ & MI Specifications

Date: January: 13th-30th
Prize Pool: $2.5 M guarantees
No. of Events: 85
Main Event: 29th January Main Event ($250 buy-in & $300.000 GTD)
Participation Requirements: At least 21 years old of age + located within the state of NJ/MI

PokerStars Players Championship 2023 – Pennsylvania

If you are from Pennsylvania, your exciting PSPC poker experience is ensured by the separate tournament going on. Below you have the PA PokerStars Players Championship 2023 specifications, including date, prize, main event. However, make sure you comply with the participation requirements to play.

PA Specifications

Date: January: 13th-30th
Prize Pool: $1.5 M guarantees
No. of Events: 72
Main Event: 15th January Main Event ($250 buy-in & $150.000 GTD)
Participation Requirements: At least 21 years old of age + located within the state of PA

PokerStars Players Championship 2023 – NJ & MI Highlights

The catch about the PSPC 2023 is that it is recognized as the first multi-state online series. The operator will host no more than 150 events, from January 13th through January 30th. Moreover, Pokerstars NJ puts a total of $4M in guaranteed prizes in NJ, MI, and PA included. However, our eyes are on the $2.5M guaranteed prize pool for the players of New Jersey and Michigan. Out of the 85 events of the PokerStars Players Championship 2023, there are 3 that particularly catch the eye. That’s mainly due to their diverse nature that makes the PSPC 2023 buy-ins accessible for all pockets.

PokerStars USA account tweet including the PokerStars Players Championship 2023 details
  • #77 PSPC 2023: NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day] – $300K GTD
  • #78 PSPC 2023: NLHE [Mini Main Event] – $75K GTD
  • #79: PSPC 2023 NLHE [Super High Roller Main Event] – $125K GTD

Pokerstars Players Championship Buy In

One of the most convenient aspects of this online Players Championship 2023 is the large array of buy-ins. The organizers set up a convenient Pokerstars Players Championship buy in range so that everyone can afford it. Moreover, this is another way of further growing their community and setting a standard in terms of PSPC poker. So, you’ll be delighted to know that the buy-ins start from $10 and are as low as $1 for satellites. Alternatively, if you want to aim high in the PSPC 2023, you can also opt for $2500 buy-ins.

Full PokerStars Players Championship 2023 January Schedule

Although the abovementioned events are among the most-awaited ones, the PSPC 2023 goes further beyond that. Specifically, players participating in the Players Championship 2023 will have the occasion to play across 85 online poker events. This translates into as many chances to step up your ante with your poker strategies, especially when PokerStars is among the best poker sites. Therefore, the online experience will without a doubt be unique. Below, we have listed the full PSPC poker schedule, where you can also see the Pokerstars Players Championship buy in and prize pools. After considering all these details, you can choose where you want to play your cards:

DateTimeEventEntry FeePrize Pool
Jan. 137 PM#01: NLHE [Nightly Stars Warm Up]$50$12.5K
Jan. 137 PM#02: NLHE [Nightly Stars Knockout Warm Up]$50$12.5K
Jan. 138:30 PM#03: HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up, HORSE]$30$3.5K
Jan. 144 PM#04: NLHE [Afternoon Warm Up]$20$7.5K
Jan. 146 PM#05: NLHE [Big Kickoff]$100$60K
Jan. 146:20 PM#06: NLHE [Mini Kickoff]$10$12.5K
Jan. 148:30 PM#07: NLHE [ Mini Stars Turbo]$25$10K
Jan. 148:30 PM#08: NLHE [Mini Stars Turbo Knockout]$25$10K
Jan. 152 PM#09: NLHE [Marathon]$50$20K
Jan. 155 PM#10: NLHE [Sunday Warm Up]$30$12K
Jan. 156 PM#11: NLHE [Players Special]$100$100K
Jan. 156:30 PM#12: NLHE [Mini Players Special]$10$20K
Jan. 157 PM#13: NLHE [High Roller Players Special]$500$100K
Jan. 158 PM#14: NLHE [Turbo Stars]$50$12.5K
Jan. 158 PM#15: NLHE Sunday [Turbo Stars Knockout]$50$12.5K
Jan. 159:30 PM#16: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline]$30$12.5K
Jan. 167 PM#17: NLHE [Battle Royale, Players Championship Edition]$250$40K
Jan. 167:20 PM#18: NLHE [Turbo Battle]$10$5K
Jan. 168 PM#19: PLO8$100$12.5K
Jan. 169 PM#20: NLHE [Heads-Up, Zoom, Progressive Total KO]$30$10K
Jan. 179 PM#21: NLHE [Freezeout]$200$25K
Jan. 179:20 PM#22: NLHE [6-Max, Zoom]$10$5K
Jan. 178 PM#23: NLHE [Super Tuesday]$100$40K
Jan. 178:30 PM#24: NL 5-Card Draw$30$3K
Jan. 187 PM#25: NLHE [Storm, Players Championship Edition]$250$35K
Jan. 187:20 PM#26: NLHE [Storm Turbo]$10$5K
Jan. 188 PM#27: NLHE [9-Max Classic]$100$25K
Jan. 188:30 PM#28: PLO [Progressive KO]$30$7.5K
Jan. 197 PM#29: NLHE [$10 Stars Turbo]$10$5K
Jan. 197 PM#30: NLHE [4-Max Stars]$50$10K
Jan. 207 PM#34: PLO$200$20K
Jan. 208 PM#35: NLHE [Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO]$100$30K
Jan. 207 PM#36: NLHE [Turbo Fight, Progressive KO]$10$5K
Jan. 208 PM#37: NLHE [6-Max, Zoom, Progressive KO]$30$10K
Jan. 215 PM#38: NLHE [Players Championship Big]$10$5K
Jan. 217 PM#39: NLHE [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition]$250$35K
Jan. 218 PM#40: NLHE [Turbo]$100$20K
Jan. 218:30 PM#41: NLHE [Mini Deepstack Saturday],$30$10K
Jan. 225 PM#42: NLHE [Sunday Warm Up, Progressive KO Edition]$30$12K
Jan. 226 PM#43: NLHE [Championship Special, 2-Day]$200$200K
Jan. 226:30 PM#44: NLHE [Championship Mini Special]$20$30K
Jan. 227 PM#45: NLHE [Championship High Roller Special]$1,000$100K
Jan. 228 PM#46: NLHE [Turbo Stars]$100$12.5K
Jan. 228 PM#47: NLHE [Turbo Stars Knockout]$50$12.5K
Jan. 229:30 PM#48: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline]$50$15K
Jan. 237 PM#49: NLHE [ 6-Max Stars, Big KOs]$50$10K
Jan. 237 PM#50: NLHE [6-Max Stars, Mini KOs]$50$10K
Jan. 237 PM#51: NLHE [ $10 Total KO Turbo]$10$5K
Jan. 238 PM#52: NLHE [Battle Royale]$100$30K
Jan. 238:30 PM#53: NLHE [Turbo]$30$8.5K
Jan. 247 PM#54: NLHE [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition]$250$50K
Jan. 247 PM#55: $10 NLHE [Turbo Tuesday]$10$5K
Jan. 248 PM#56: 8-GAME$100$10K
Jan. 248:30 PM#57: NLHE [Big Stack, Progressive KO]$30$10K
Jan. 257 PM#58: NLHE [Stars Freezeout]$50$12.5K
Jan. 257 PM#59: NLHE [Stars Freezeout, Progressive KO]$50$12.5K
Jan. 257 PM#60: NLHE [ Adrenaline]$10$5K
Jan. 258 PM#61: $100 NLHE [Storm], $30K Guaranteed$100$30K
Jan. 258:30 PM#62: 5-Card PLO$30$6K
Jan. 267 PM#63: NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition]$250$50K
Jan. 267 PM#64: NLHE [Turbo Thrill]$10$5K
Jan. 268 PM#65: NLHE [Zoom]$100$25K
Jan. 269 PM#66: NLHE [Last Man Standing]$30$7.5K
Jan. 277 PM#67: NLHE [Friday Night Fight, Players Championship Edition]$250$40K
Jan. 277 PM#68: NLHE [10 Adrenaline]$10$5K
Jan. 278 PM#69: NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]$100$25K
Jan. 279 PM#70: NLHE [ Bounty Builder Adrenaline]$30$5K
Jan. 287 PM#71: NLHE [Main Event Walk Through]$250$35K
Jan. 287 PM#72: $10 NLHE [Turbo Main Event Run Through]$10$5K
Jan. 288 PM#73: NLHE [Deepstack Saturday]$100$30K
Jan. 288:30 PM#74: NLHE [Freezeout]$30$6K
Jan. 292 PM#75: NLHE [Marathon]$50$25K
Jan. 295 PM#76: NLHE [Main Event Warm Up]$30$15K
Jan. 296 PM#77: NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day]$250$300K
Jan. 296:30 PM#78: NLHE [Mini Main Event]$50$75K
Jan. 297 PM#79: NLHE [Super High Roller Main Event]$2,500$125K
Jan. 299 PM#80: NLHE [Main Event Second Chance]$100$30K
Jan. 2910 PM#81: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Big KOs]$75$20K
Jan. 307 PM#82: NLHE [The Closer]$100$40K
Jan. 307 PM#83: NLHE [Phase]$100$100K
Jan. 307:30 PM#84: NLHE [Mini Closer]$10$10K
Jan. 308 PM#85: NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Last Chance, Big Kos]$300$50K

PSPC 2023 – Bonuses

To get a Pokerstars Players Championship 2023 experience with a twist, always look for operator-exclusive promotions or bonus codes. First of all, to start your PSPC poker journey, you need to top up your account. But sometimes, depositing a certain value can unlock additional perks. This is also the case here because the $50 deposit makes you eligible for a pass to the Depositor Freeroll on January 29th. You only need to use the PSPCONLINE promo code to activate it. Besides this offer, these are also $2.50 PSPC poker Spin & Go tournaments which have the potential of winning Main-Event tickets.

PSPC 2023 – A New Beginning

By inaugurating multi-state PokerStars Players Championship 2023 tournament, PokerStars seeks to test the ground in terms of online tournaments NJ. However, this operator is among the most renowned names on the market. So, the response from the public regarding the PokerStars Players Championship 2023 is expected to be positive. At the same time, it bears the potential of becoming one of the best poker tournaments this year.

“We’re now excited to bring players our first multi-state online series and our largest online series to date in the US, where players have the chance to join in the Bahamian fun of the PSPC and play alongside their favourite players as they battle it out on the online tables. There’s plenty more to come for the MI and NJ community and we look forward to exciting and awarding our players in 2023 and beyond.”

– Severin Rasset, PokerStars US Managing Director.

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