Online Bingo Guide 2024

Nowadays, bingo online is as exciting and as popular as ever. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about this thrilling game, from how to play it to where to find the best bingo games and bonuses in NJ. So, put down your scorecards for now and keep on reading!

Bingo Online Guide Table Of Contents

Best Online Bingo Promotions in New Jersey January 2024

Bingo casinos online make available attractive bonuses with which you can boost your chances to win. The New Jersey bonus bingo portfolio includes more than one first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, as well as many free tickets. Plus, beware whether they have no deposit bonus codes. So, take a look at the promotions available and plan out your bingo journey.

NJ CasinoBonus BingoBonus Code
Pala Casino10 Free Live Online Bingo TicketsFREE TICKETS
Pala Casino10 Live Online Bingo Tickets upon a $25 depositBINGO
Borgata Casino$50 Upon minimum $10 depositN/A
Borgata CasinoBuy 3 Bingo Ticket and get 1 freeN/A
Scores Casino$25 Sign Up BonusN/A

What Is Online Bingo?

Similar to the majority of online casino games NJ, bingo online is mainly based on luck. However, what makes NJ online bingo unique is that it is preferred by older and younger bettors alike. Plus, that’s actually no surprise because it requires a minimum amount of knowledge. You just have to mark off some numbers on an NJ online bingo card. Afterward, if you succeed in completing a line or a full house, you win the prize established before the game.

Neon NJ online Bingo wheel on a background with bricks

Besides this, you can play bingo games in more than one way depending on what you want to achieve. Therefore, if you want to win big, you can play online bingo for real money. Alternatively, if you feel like you could use some practice, free bingo games no download are a good choice. In free bingo games, you have no financial obligations and can learn more about the bingo supplies. So, first set straight everything about the bingo board, bingo hall, and bingo calling. Afterward, you can go straight into some bingo online real money.

How to Play Online Bingo

First, you will need a desktop computer or a mobile device to play free bingo online or real money bingo. Next, you need to sign up and create a player account at any certified bingo casinos online. For that, you just need to fill in some personal info and follow all the steps. You will then have to verify your identity so that the casino will declare you eligible to play bingo online real money.  Afterward, you will have to make a deposit and any potential bonus bingo.

Upon successful registration, choose something out of the bingo games selection available at the bingo casinos online and buy a ticket. Then, you will be set to one of the bingo rooms to experience some bingo online real money. Everything is easy when you play bingo games online because it follows a logical process. You just need to get a hang of the bingo basics and then you can bring the bingo fun right into your home.

Online Bingo Rules

Playing bingo online is so easy due to the simple rules it has. While it is mainly a game of luck, it requires more than that to secure a fair win. Specifically, you must be fully aware of the bingo basics so that you can make the most out of the game. Additionally, you must make friends with the bingo card so that you can understand how strategies work. Besides these, we have the general rules you need to know if you want to get started with bingo:

  1. Once the game starts, numbers will be selected and then the bingo calling takes places
  2. Mark the numbers the bingo caller announces on your online bingo card
  3. The bingo online player who marks off a straight line gets a compact prize
  4. Online bingo players marking the entire bingo cards will win the biggest prize

90-Ball Bingo Basics

This type of bingo online game has to be one of the most sought-after among players. Most bettors prefer this one mostly because it’s very easy to play and you can win multiple prizes. In fact, the bingo basics are so intuitive that you can play them even though you have no clue about the rules.  But gambling bingo online is more thrilling when you know what you’re doing and how it works. To play it, you need at least one online bingo card, although you can generally purchase up to 60 online bingo cards/game. You will see five different numbers (values ranging from 1-90) across the three lines of your online bingo card.

How To Read Your Card

This bingo online game has a 9×3 structure, thus displaying 15 numbers on the bingo board, including 4 blank spaces. But there’s always a rule regarding their arrangement. Specifically, on the first column, there will always be numbers from 1 to 9, on the second values from 10-19, and so on, until 90. In other words, the numbers’ values increase with each column on your online bingo card.

Three Winning Chances

Additionally, there are three different prizes you can win while playing 90-ball bingo online. This bingo online real money variant offers three winning combinations. Specifically, you get awarded when you complete one line, two lines, and, of course, a full house. Bear in mind that you must complete the first two lines, to be able to play for the full house. Once you complete all the numbers on your bingo board, you win. However, if two players find themselves in the same situation, the prize will be divided equally.


Everything is digitalized, so once the bingo calling begins, numbers will be selected by a RNG system. Afterward, in case your bingo board contains one of the numbers called, they will automatically get marked on it. Finally, if you mark all 15 numbers on the card, you win the NJ online jackpot. However, to play you will usually need to make a deposit at one of the bingo casinos online.

Eventually, you can check to see if you can use a bonus bingo as well. Once the bingo NJ game starts, you’ll have all the necessary information about the game displayers on the top side. Moreover, the bingo online game is well designed, so that you can always keep track of the game and your opponent’s progress. Finally, when someone strikes a bingo pattern, the game stops briefly to acknowledge the winner.

Other Bingo Variations

One of the great things about online bingo is that it’s not limited to just one type of game. This aspect makes it more fun and exciting. Plus, it can increase your chances of winning if play bingo online for real money. Many bingo sites are making available multiple variants that have the same bingo basics. Plus, you’ll be delighted to find out some of them allow more types of patterns besides the vertical and horizontal straight lines. Besides that, they come with additional twists that make them fun to play online bingo for real money. Therefore, in this section, we will enlarge upon the other different types of bingo games you can play.

75-Ball Bingo

Another popular online bingo variant is the 75-ball bingo. The bingo basics of the game are very easy to understand and quite similar to the classic 90-ball version. To begin with, the online bingo cards have a different layout, thus making up a 5×5 grid. Besides this, there is also a blank space in the middle. So, you will find 24 numbers that are randomly displayed on five columns and five rows.

The numbers on the card are from 1 to 75, hence the name 75-ball bingo. Plus, the numbers are marked automatically by software known as the auto-daub function. This is especially helpful when you are playing more than one card at a time. If you win, the system will register your online bingo card automatically and credit your account. However, the catch of this bingo online real money game is that it comprises hundreds of patterns. So, you have a much bigger potential to win if you play this type of play bingo games online.

80-Ball Bingo

This bingo online game is built on the same concept as the previous variants. Specifically, players need to tick off the numbers announced in the bingo calling, on their online bingo cards. What’s different, though, is that you have to match certain patterns in order to win. Besides the basic straight-line couple, this variant includes cross patterns or 4-square patterns. Simply put, you can complete a line in any direction or cover all four corners.

However, the variety of patterns can differ depending on the bingo sites you play on. Moreover, the layout is also smaller, with a 4×4 structure featuring 16 numbers on all online bingo cards. But it’s exactly this aspect that makes it fun for it paves the way for a rapid game that gives the bingo online game urgency as it unfolds. Plus, these variants’ bingo supplies, including their colors, add dynamism when gambling bingo online.


If you enjoy the accelerated rhythm of NJ online slots, but also enjoy gambling bingo online, Slingo is what you need. This bingo nicely combined elements from both games. Firstly, players receive online bingo cards just like in Bingo NJ. Then, they can “spin” the numbers featured on the card, thus getting a new combination with each spin. Plus, considering it’s slots we’re talking about, you will also come across animated symbols. Some include the demon, the angel, and the Joker. Naturally, they will trigger special moves that can give you an advantage on the NJ online Slingo board.

Bingo Real Money vs. Free Bingo Online

Playing bingo NJ online can be fun, even if you play free bingo games or real money bingo. However, they come with several advantages and disadvantages, but that’s for you to decide. One thing is for sure: regardless of how you play bingo online, it’s more convenient than going to an actual bingo hall. Enjoying real cash or free bingo games no download from the comfort of your home is a privilege you gain when gambling bingo online. All you have to do is turn on your laptop or your device, access bingo sites and start playing bingo at home online.

Pros & Cons of Real Money Bingo

The biggest advantage when it comes to this type of bingo is undoubtedly the financial potential. On top of that, casinos often make available to enliven your real money bingo experience. More specifically, besides the classic first and no deposit bonus bingo, there’s more. The list further includes special promotions, discounts, loyalty prizes, and even free tickets. Additionally, you get to play and earn bingo cash in a social-engaging environment.

A myriad of bonuses you can get
A reasonable amount of bingo online games
Potential of winning bingo cash
Encourages social engagement
The wagering requirement can make it hard for you to cash out

Pros & Cons of Free Bingo Games

Playing free bingo is a nice way in which you can hone your bingo skill. More clearly, you get to build an efficient strategy without any financial obligation. This is also a good occasion to satisfy your curiosity and try out games you haven’t before. However, you should know that generally, there is only a limited selection of free bingo games online available. Moreover, since there is no financial potential, you cannot use a bonus bingo either. Even so, giving them a shot is worth it for it doesn’t cost you a petty.

Use them as practice for when you’ll be playing real money bingo
Try out games you haven’t before
Develop a strategy to play bingo online for cash in the future
Only a limited amount of bingo online games available
You cannot use a bingo bonus
No real potential for winning bingo cash

Licensed NJ Online Bingo Casinos

Although bingo online is a popular game all over the US, in New Jersey there are only a few bingo casinos online.  Plus, the game had a hard time breaking through the regulated system but finally succeeded in 2015. Since then, operators have been improving their game libraries with several variants of online bingo. We’ve gathered for you the best NJ bingo casino sites, according to their registration features, offers, and bonuses. Visit them and decide for yourself which one is best for you:

Tropicana Casino

$100 Cash Back

Tropicana online casino logo

Tropicana Casino was the first two operators to introduce bingo online on the NJ gambling stage in 2015. Albeit its recent platform migration, the casino continues to make great efforts to offer the best bingo NJ experience. Therefore, you can play bingo online for cash and even boost your chances with a bonus bingo. Alternatively, you can access free bingo games online powered by Gamesys every 30 minutes. The prices of online bingo cards are more than reasonable, ranging from $1 to $5. Besides this, you can have a shot at the jackpot prizes. The catch is that you need to complete your 90-ball bingo card in no more than 51 calls. So, with this many bingo variants, a Tropicana Casino withdrawal will become inevitable.

Virgin Casino

$100 Real Cash Back

Virgin casino online logo

Given its collaboration with Tropicana Casino, this operator is no slouch either when it comes to gambling bingo online. In fact, the bingo NJ selection is pretty much the same. Therefore, you can play free bingo online games every 30 minutes and special jackpots daily from 10 AM to 11 PM. The catch to playing free bingo games online is that you can win is a roughly $12.00 bonus bingo. Alternatively, you can also play bingo online for cash on games with buy-ins of $1, $2, or $5. Moreover, this operator advocates for social engagement, thus the reason why it makes available a live chat. More importantly, it offers enticing payouts. Specifically, you have a $40 potential of winning when completing a line, $80 for two lines, and approximately $194 for a full house. So, there stated makes a Virgin Casino withdrawal very likely.

Borgata Casino

Buy 3 Bingo Tickets & Get 1 Free

Borgata online casino logo

This operator is yet another casino that has a special section dedicated to real money bingo as well as free bingo online. The site includes not only an enticing first deposit $50 bonus bingo, but also free tickets and Slingo promotions. Unlike other bingo sites, this one contains ongoing bingo news, including tips, top bingo games, and reasons why we should play them. So whenever you have uncertainties about this game, Borgata is the right place to go at. Besides that, Borgata Bingo makes available round-the-clock bingo games, including 75-ball and 90-ball. The bingo online games last approximately up to 6 minutes, so everything is quite fast and energetic. Plus, for your convenience, the games enjoy the auto dabbing option which fills out your online bingo card for you. With such bingo offers available, you are bound for a Borgata Casino withdrawal soon.

How To Choose the Best NJ Online Bingo Casino

Although we have piled up the front-runner bingo casinos online in New Jersey, it is better that you make your own conclusions. Therefore, it is important to know how you can select a safe real money bingo operator to play at. For this reason, we have compiled a list of aspects you should look out for when choosing your to-go casino.

Online Bingo Software Options

Most bingo casinos online make available multiple ways in which bettors can play bingo online for cash or for free. Now, you are no longer tied up to your computer in order to try out some bingo NJ. To ensure a smooth gambling experience, operators have started to design bingo apps. This way, they grant their players mobility, as they can enjoy the best free bingo games online on the go. On the other side, the bingo sites are fully optimized for desktop play.

Full Download

This is the best way to play bingo in NJ if you’re using a desktop computer or a laptop. You just have to go to the website of your favorite NJ online casino, download the bingo software package on your device and you are ready to go. It’s downloadable on both Windows and Apple devices.

Instant play

If you’re not really into computers or you don’t have time to download and install things on your laptop, you can just play bingo online for money directly on the NJ online casino sites. If you don’t know where to play bingo in NJ, make sure to keep an eye on our website because we selected the best bingo casinos online for you based on games, bonuses, and special promotions.

Bingo NJ Apps

Apps are the easiest way to enjoy free games. There are many bingo game apps out there, depending on the type of game you’re after. Needless to say, you will need to have a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. You can download the apps directly from the casino website or your device’s app store, such as Google Play or Apple Store. Some of the bingo NJ apps you can use are the following:

Tips & Tricks To Play Bingo Like a Pro

Even though this is a game of chance, luck is pretty much what makes or breaks the game. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of earning some bingo cash. Of course, firstly you need to thoroughly cover the bingo basics then attempt to integrate tips & tricks within your strategy. For this section, we have listed a few tips and tested strategies you can try out when playing real money bingo. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Set your budget – The golden rule of playing bingo NJ is to establish a budget and never go over it. This way, you will know for how long you can play without getting into trouble.
  2. Find your own niche – There are many bingo sites out there and it’s important to choose the right ones for you. Keep an eye on our website because we have a selection of the best NJ casinos you can find. We curate them based on the types of games, promotions, bonuses, free plays, etc.
  3. Gain some experience first – playing free bingo online before you start playing for real money is the wisest thing you could do. . This way you will polish your skills and learn the ins and outs of the bingo online game. Observe, take notes, and practice so that you can play the best online bingo for money later.
  4. Don’t play Bingo NJ during rush hours – This one is very important when you play for real money, as it increases your chances of winning. So, next time you’re planning to play the game in NJ check to see how many players are in the game. Our suggestion is to play during weekdays or to try at odd hours, like late at night or early in the morning. These are usually the time intervals when not many people are playing bingo.
  5. Play with more Bingo cards –When playing NJ online bingo is important to have more than one card. This way you will increase your chances of winning. More cards mean more numbers and some of the winning ones might be right on one (or more) of your cards.
  6. Know what you’re playing for – Before you decide to start a bingo game, find out what the prizes are and how you can win them. NJ online bingo casinos offer a different variety of prizes, usually based on the completed lines or the house prize.

What Are the Odds That I’ll Win Bingo?

The likelihood of you winning depends entirely on a number of factors, like the rules of the game and how many players are participating. If you want to get the best odds possible you should play during the weeknights, as that’s when Bingo is less crowded. The fewer people you’re against, the better.

At the same time, the more sheets you play, the higher the odds of you winning the round. But at the same time, try to remember that you’re doing this to have fun. Winning is a great incentive, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Learn how to play Bingo online at your own pace. Don’t force yourself if you don’t enjoy the game, and try to scan the sheets as you learn how to play.

If you rush through the process and you buy a lot of different sheets, you might end up missing out on a potential win. Even if you’re not winning consecutive matches, remember that you need to have fun. Enjoy your time and always practice responsible gambling.

At the moment of speaking, there is an undergoing licensing process regarding bingo NJ. There are not many casinos making available this game. However, the casinos that have received the go-ahead are polishing their bingo games selection. Bingo regarded as gambling is a debatable subject, often being counted as legal in social settings. However, each state has the right to categorize this game as they want. This means that state laws can hold that playing real money bingo is illegal, thus the possibility of imposing penalties. Right now, several casinos regard bingo as an illegal form of gambling:

History Of Online Bingo

According to history, the bingo game first appeared many centuries ago, sometime around 1530 in Italy. Experts believe it to be the distant cousin of an Italian lottery game called “Il gioco del lotto d’Italia”, which translates as “Italy’s game of lotto”. From Italy, it traveled to Britain and France, finally arriving in the US in the 18th century. Fast forward in time and we get closer to the game we have today. Actually, bingo online had its first incarnation in 1996. However, it wasn’t until 2003 that it really took off as one of the most popular online games of chance. And since our main focus is bingo NJ, in March 2015, New Jersey online casinos made history by becoming the first ones to legalize online bingo games.


Although bingo online is essentially a game of luck, practice is always what makes perfect. Therefore, to boost your chances to win, study the bingo basics, its rules, the payouts, and use a bingo bonus. This is how you become a better player because you need more than luck to win. Plus, always play and bet responsibly at a licensed bingo casino.


Is Bingo 100% luck?

While bingo is based mostly on luck, you still need to possess some abilities and strategic knowledge in order to make the most out of the game.

Do any Atlantic City casinos have bingo?

Yes, there are plenty of casinos making available bingo games. The list includes Virgin, Tropicana, Borgata, Pala, and Scores Casino.

How do you play bingo?

Firstly, you need an online casino player account which you will get upon successful registration. Then, you’ll be able to access the bingo selection and buy a ticket. Alternatively, you can also try out the free bingo games, with or without a bettor account.

How much is a online bingo card?

While the price of online bingo cards varies depending on the casino, the price usually ranges between ranging from $1 to $5.

What is a bingo bonus?

It is a bonus that boosts your chances in a bingo online real money. You usually claim it as a sign-up bonus, after making a deposit. However, there are also casinos offering no deposit bonuses and free bingo tickets for their players.

How many numbers are in bingo?

Generally, bingo cards feature approximately 75 numbers, but this aspect can differ from one bingo variety to another.