The Best Poker Strategies 2023

posted by Theodora
October 28, 2022

Even though at its core poker is a game of chance, players that manage to use good poker strategies always end up on top. These poker betting strategies are accessible to anyone willing to put the time and effort into raising their game to another level. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player to the game. There are lots of methods for beginners you can choose to learn that will help you at the start of your journey. If you want to take control of your game and not resort to luck, you have to start looking for the right poker strategies. Having solid fundamentals is a must if you don’t want to be the one that always gets the short end of the stick at the table. 

We assembled poker tips for beginners and veterans, so you can look for our poker strategies for advanced players or for those that’ll help you start on the right foot. Keep on reading our guide, as you are sure to find a poker betting strategy that matches your skill level.

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What are Poker Strategies?

At its most basic, poker strategies are the decisions that a player makes regarding their hand or the long-term plan of the playstyle. Even the best poker strategies are a combination of poker theory and elements of probability. The purpose is not to always win every hand. The goal is to have a winning playstyle that is profitable on the long ride.

The skill-based nature of the game, combined with the elements of luck always made poker a popular game, but the switch to online in recent years brought even more people in contact with the beloved game. Although the game still has the same rules online, some differences might affect the choice of playing methods you use. The lack of human interaction makes reading other players much harder, and the time restrictions make the pace of the game much faster than playing in a real casino. The growth of players means that competition will be more fierce, and it is always a good idea to learn online poker strategies that can help you have the edge when you play virtually.

What are the Best Poker Strategies?

When you decide that you want to play for more than just fun is time to start looking for poker strategies that are going to help you win more and more hands. After enough time and experience, you will begin to develop your poker betting strategies. To get to that point it is important to study and learn the best methods that are already proven and tested. 

Learn Poker Odds, Implied Odds, and Poker Probabilities

The first and most important part of many poker strategies is the odd. There are three main types of odds that you will come across if you study poker strategies and tips. There are the pot odds, the odds of winning, and the implied odds. We will explain each of them separately so you never feel lost when you read our betting strategies poker.

Odds of Winning

The easiest to understand the betting strategies poker is the winning odds. They represent the probability of your hand winning against all other possible hands. The odds of your hand winning can go up or go down based on the cards that are dealt during the hand. The odds of winning are the basis of many online poker strategies.

Pot Odds

In basic poker strategy the pot odds refer to the ratio between the size of the pot and the size of the call you have to make to advance the hand. Poker strategies use the pot odds to give you an expected value of the hand. This value can statistically show you if calling a hand is worth it for you. You can also make your opponent make this decision by raising.

Implied Odds

In more complex betting strategies poker, you will read about implied odds, they are connected to pot odds, but the calculations are done based on the expected pot size at the end of the hand as opposed to the current pot size.

Adopt an Aggressive Position at the Poker Table

It is widely regarded that one of the best poker strategies consists in playing your hand aggressively. Although playing safer and more reserved has some benefits in certain situations when you try to trick your opponent, playing aggressive is usually the go-to poker betting strategy. Playing aggressively by betting big and raising hands can put pressure on your opponents, forcing them into making mistakes or missing playing their hands. These are very successful online poker strategies since you cannot read the opponent besides using his bets.

Play Fewer Hands & Play Them Aggressively

When you play aggressively, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need to concede the hands you don’t have confidence in. The best poker strategies maximize your preflop play. It is good practice to play tight ranges of strong hands. Aggressively playing these ranges allows you to disguise the strength of your hand. Simple but effective poker strategies like this one can make a difference in close games.

Semi-Bluff Aggressively with Your Draws

Some of the most powerful poker strategies you can use in your games involve the bluff. Being able to bluff effectively can let you steamroll many games. Whoever bluffing poorly can be a fast pass to losing all your balance. Bluffing can be very successful if you do it while you have a hand that has good potential to pay off in later streets like straight or flush draws. In betting strategies poker this is often called a semi-bluff. This way of bluffing gives you some out instead of just relying on your opponent to fold.

Fast-Play your Strong Hands to Build the Pot and Make Money

The most disappointing feeling you can have at the poker table is flopping the strongest hand and not making the other players pay up. Many poker strategies will tell you that slow-playing strong hands in an attempt to not scare away the other players causes more harm than good. You shouldn’t always shove on every occasion but always protect your equity when you have a strong hand. Although check-rasing can make many players fold, poker betting strategies show that it’s better in the long run. 

Fold When You’re Unsure

The biggest skill difference that comes between a bad player and a very good one is understanding that even strong hands need to be folded. Even though the poker betting strategy tells you to fold sometimes, it’s hard to lay down a really good hand. Remember that if bluffing wrong can cost you the most money, calling too often is a close second. The best choice to make when you get lost or are unsure what to do is to fold your hand.

Attack When Your Opponent Shows Weakness

Taking advantage of an opponent’s weak hand is part of many poker strategies. A strong hand is rarely checked in situations where it could win more money, spotting this can help you force players to fold their bad hands. For example, if a player checks the flop and the turn you can try to bet big even if it’s a total bluff. 

What are the Best Poker Strategies for Beginners?

When you are new, trying to learn can be a bit intimidating. Not knowing where to start or which poker strategies are good can be confusing at times. Getting started is the hardest part. So, we have compiled for you the basic poker strategies that every new player needs to start learning and get you on track to be a pro.

Learn the Rules, Positions & Hand Rankings

Before trying to look for poker strategies, the first thing you need to do is get yourself familiar with the basic rules. When you are confident that you have a firm grasp of how the game is played, it’s a good time to memorize the hand-ranking chart. No amount of online poker strategies will help if you can’t compare your hand to what others might have been dealt.

Another important part of the game you need to be familiar with before you start applying poker strategies is positioning. Simply put, positions are defined by the order in which the players are sat around the table. The later you have to play in the hand, the better. The best poker strategies are based on using as much information as possible, so a late position helps the most in this situation.

Use Position & Play One Table

One of the most important things that poker strategies can help you with is what hands you should play and which you shouldn’t. A big factor they take into account is what position you are playing from. If we look at most online poker strategies, we see that the most profitable positions on the table are late positions. This is not a surprising fact since the later your position, the more information you have to make your decision, and information is what wins you hands in poker.

For a beginner, the most important tip when it comes to online poker strategies is to play one table at a time. It is fun to play at many tables at a time, but as a newbie, it is very important to focus on one game and learn to see and use all the information available. Learning how opponents play is key to all poker strategies – this information can help you make game-winning decisions in the long run. The best poker sites out there provide you with many options, but you have the possibility to stick with one game variation and play until you master it.

Think About Your Opponents Cards

To use our betting strategies poker you will have to gain the ability to put the other players you face on certain ranges of hands. Correctly placing an opponent in the correct range is probably the hardest skill for new players to learn since it’s a complex and nuanced ability. But if you are new to poker strategies, you can try to use these few basic pointers:

  • Take into account the position of the opposite player
  • The size of the bets can be a good tell of the strength of their hand
  • A board that is not connected leads to lower chances of good hands
  • How long they wait to do their actions can also give you more information

Over time you will incorporate more factors in your poker betting strategy, but remember that this is not a skill that you can learn quickly, and it takes time to develop. This ability can make you the most profit, but the only way to train it is by playing and learning many poker strategies.

Learn to Fold

All poker betting strategies you will study will put a lot of emphasis on effective folding. Even if you are a newer player, it’s pretty easy to spot a player who all of a sudden starts to play very aggressively. In these situations, you should fold most of the time. We know it’s hard sometimes to muck a very strong hand, but you have to keep in mind that poker strategies are meant to win over a long spawn and not focus on just the present hand. Being on the lookout for each player’s betting patterns can give you a good idea of when to fold and when to push for more.

Only Play in Good Games

A good practice to add to your poker strategies is to always choose tables where you have the advantage. You never want to be the weakest player at the table, a good rule of thumb is to pick tables where you think you are better than at least half the players. This is a big factor in the profit you will make playing.

Manage Your Bankroll

A very important piece of advice we can offer you when it comes to your poker betting strategy is to keep track of your bankroll and manage the amount of money you can afford to lose. You can’t count on being lucky every game, so losing days are expected. To be safe, it is good to have about 20 to 30 times the amount you buy in as backup. 

Stick to a Strategy & Develop the Right Skills

There are many poker strategies to choose from, and when you are new it is best to choose one that fits your playstyle and stick with it, at least for a while. You can see after some playtime if it helps your game or if a change is needed. The best poker strategies always count on some key skills you will have to develop with time. Moreover, the ability to read your opponents is the most important to work on along with the patience to drag yourself through the long droughts when cards seem to never be in your favor. You should allocate a good portion of test time for every poker betting strategy you choose since most of them are based on winning in the long term.

Advanced Poker Strategies for Professional Players

There are always plenty of poker strategies advanced players can learn once they feel like you mastered the basics of the game. Here we are going to start talking about the poker betting strategies that differentiate the casual player from the ones with professional aspirations. If you manage to put into practice these poker strategies, any good player will know that you are not a pushover, and you can start to win against players of all skill levels. We will list some of the advanced poker strategies you need to learn to propel your game to the next level.

Using Blocked Bets

We talked about how a good poker betting strategy is playing aggressively and playing fast. Sometimes slowing down can also be good if you are stuck with a mediocre hand. Depending on the position and state of the hand, making a small bet can block another player from placing a bigger bet that would take you out of the action. This advanced poker strategy is best used, however, against lower to middle-limit players. When choosing the size of the blocking bet, try not to go over a third of the pot size.

Playing Small Ball

Sometimes playing on the upper limits of your betting ranges too early can lead to a swift end to your balance. So in important games, you might use poker betting strategies that maximize playing smaller bets that can increase your chip count and prepare you for a good endgame. Playing small betting strategies poker can help you most in situations where the table is fresh, and you can prey on the worst players at the table. Poker strategies that favor small bets are a good call vs. players that are at the end of their stack the desperation to win anything can be a major advantage if you know how to use them. 

Squeeze Play

If small bets are not your style, then learning how to squeeze other players out of the pot might be your road to success. Found in almost all online poker strategies, the squeeze is a move that demoralizes the opponent and makes them doubt the strength of their hand. To squeeze a player out of a hand means to re-raise big with mediocre hands to force the other opponents to fold. In the later stage of a game it is best to use these poker strategies, since not many players want to risk everything on hands they are not 100% sure about.

Controlling the Pot

To step up your poker strategies, you need to learn self-control. Learning to check and call with weak hands. The higher in skill you go, the harder it will be to play aggressively with bad hands and not get caught out. The best methods in high-level games aim to get as much value from every hand without risking everything. One of the best online poker strategies to use is trying to convince your opponents you have a weak hand when you are strong and vice versa. Betting small hands just to shove on the river with a monster hand will make all opponents afraid to go head-to-head with you, and you can do this to make big gains.

Are There Any Poker Tournament Strategies?

If you think you are ready for the big leagues, then it might be time to learn some poker tournament strategies to try to beat some of the fiercest players for the biggest wins. At some point, when your skill level is high, you will need to look for poker tournaments to find players to keep up with you. You can read here poker tournament tips that will help you get the most out of your first experiences of tournaments.

Steal as Much as You Can

A staple poker tournament strategy for many years has been stealing the blinds. This is one of those poker strategies that work best in a late position. It is good to apply these betting strategies to poker against players of less skill that are prone to folding early. Stealing with low enough bets can be pretty much risk-free as long as you don’t do it too often and go overboard and become too predictable, especially when you are facing aggressive players. 

Defend Your Big Blind Often

Probably the thing you will find in all poker strategies about tournaments is that you have to defend yourself from the big blind as much as you can. Defending your Big Blind is important because in this position you have the best pot odds. The high pot odds don’t mean you should call every hand since you still need to get to the showdown. Also, if you have a weak hand it can be money wasted. In online poker strategies, a stronger player should try to defend at least 30% to 50% against late positions.

Learn to Play Heads-Up

Although it may seem strange to practice the part of the tournament that the least players get to experience if you think you have what it takes to win it all, you will need a set of good poker strategies if you want to win the showdown. Studying betting strategies poker for playing Heads-Up will help you when it comes to playing wide ranges, a skill that will help you out in many situations. Since it’s hard to get to the end of big tournaments, it can be good to put your Heads-Up poker betting strategies to the test in low stakes before going up to the big leagues.

What is the Fundamental Poker Theory?

In today’s game pretty much all poker strategies use the fundamental poker theory as the basis. It was created by David Sklansky, and it is explained in detail in one of the best poker books of all time, named The Theory of Poker: How to Think Like a Professional Poker Player. This poker theory says that you gain every time you play your hand as if you would see your opponent’s cards. You also gain when the opponent plays differently from the way they would play if they saw your hand. 

The theory has become the starting point of almost all poker betting strategies, slow-playing and bluffing are fundamentals of deceiving your opponent to create an advantage for yourself. Some poker strategies deviate from it, but this comes into practice when we talk about multi-way pots.

Aggressive versus Passive Play – Which One is Better?

There are two main betting strategies poker players choose to adopt. The Aggressive play and the Passive play. Playing aggressively means opening, betting, and raising. At the opposite end of the spectrum, passive play means to check and call. In online poker strategies, aggressive play is superior since the value of the bluff and raising to make opponents fold holds a lot of value. 

A more aggressive poker betting strategy will open up more opportunities for the stronger player to exploit the weaker possessive players since their playstyle is more reactive than active. It’s an ideal method to use when you are playing live poker, be it in an online or brick-and-mortar casino.

Is Poker Skill or Luck?   

The question of skill or luck in the game of poker is very popular amongst many people and always makes an appearance on online poker tips lists. Although many players like to refer to poker as a game of chance, the strongest players beg to differ. There will always remain the element of chance but poker strategies along with other skills like counting cards poker that can help determine the odds a player has to win a pot turn the tide in the discussion. At the legal level, in the United States in 2012 a judge ruled that poker is more a game based on skill than a luck-based one.

What is the Most Important Skill in Poker?

This is a complex game and the successful use of the best poker strategies requires a multitude of skills that work together toward the same goal. These are the most important skills to develop if you want to use poker strategies profitably:

  • Patience – There will be periods where everything in the game will go wrong, and cards will not favor you. At times like this, you need to patiently follow the poker betting strategies and wait for the tides to turn.
  • Playing well under pressure – There are going to be times in games, certain hands will put you under immense pressure if the stakes are high enough. In these moments it is most important to follow your poker betting strategy without making huge mistakes that will cost you.
  • Understanding the risks and rewards – Many poker strategies are based on calculating odds so, getting good at measuring the risks against the potential reward is vital. 

The Bottom Line

There are many betting strategies poker players use to get the upper hand over the competition, but the skills required to be the best and turn you into a winner don’t stop at the best poker strategies. Oftentimes, the difference between a strong and a weak player can be as simple as being patient enough to let the poker strategies come into effect. So, remember that if you want to become a winner when it comes to the game of poker, professionals don’t gamble, they execute the learned methods to perfection.


Is there a strategy in poker?

Even though the game of poker has elements of chance, there are many betting strategies poker players use to improve their chances of winning. The top poker players consistently get to the top of tournaments, this shows that their poker strategies work well against other casual or less skilled players.

What is the best strategy in poker?

The best poker strategies are those that exploit the weaknesses of your opponent’s game and turn them into lasting advantages. The most popular poker strategies also emphasize playing aggressively to push the advantages you have against weaker players. Strong players will always win against worse players if they use the right tactics.

What is the best poker hand to start with?

All online poker strategies show that the best cards that a player can have at the beginning of a hand are a pair of aces. However, this advantage gets lower the more players join the hand. The hand is at its strongest before any cards have been dealt.

What hands should you fold in poker?

Many weak hands should almost always be folded. Poker betting strategies classify among these any hand that has a 2 that is not paired or contains a suited ace. The same goes for the hands that contain a non-paired 3 that do not have a suited ace. 

What should you not do in poker?

Some of the things that you should not do if you want to play poker well are prematurely folding, counting chips before you bet, and playing strong flops slowly. Slow rolling is also one of the most frowned-upon things you can do at a poker table.

How do I improve my poker skills?

To improve at poker you need to follow a good poker betting strategy. Try to think in terms of ranges instead of hands. Know when to fold good hands. Realize when you get tilted, and try to not let it affect you. Don’t play at tables that are bad for you.

What percentage of hands should you play in poker?

The amount of hands that you should play in any given game is determined by many factors, but it is widely regarded as a good rule of thumb to play no more than 15-20% of the hands you are dealt at a full table of 9 or 10 people.

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