NJ Online Baccarat Guide – How to Play and Win

NJ online baccarat is the number one casino game in the world but even so, it’s the kind of game surrounded by some sort of mystery. Here, you’ll find all the good reasons why NJ online baccarat will easily become your new favorite online casino game and how to play it.

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What is NJ Online Baccarat?

Whenever you step foot into a big casino, you can’t miss the Baccarat section, as it is the most vivid one. People are shouting with excitement, passionately living every move, and having the most fun. And the transition to online casinos didn’t take that out of the game, but it made the experience a bit more personal. Nonetheless, playing NJ online baccarat is one of the most entertaining things to do when you feel like gambling. 

A very simple game to learn that involves no strategies or special skills to enjoy it, NJ online baccarat is purely based on luck. You play the game with the banker and no one else. Every round of play (the baccarat coup) ends up with one out of three possible outcomes: “player” (the player has the highest score, “banker” or “tie”). 

How to count NJ online Baccarat Points

Counting points work like this:

Therefore, the highest possible hand value in baccarat is 9. The player and the banker are dealt two cards so, in some ways, baccarat is pretty much similar to Blackjack. But many other baccarat rules differ, also depending on the version of NJ online baccarat you’re playing. And even though most NJ online casinos don’t love baccarat online – due to its small house edge, most of them offer a varied list of baccarat games. 

How does NJ online Baccarat work?

You might be going for live baccarat online because you need the thrill of real-time games. Or you’re just on your couch, ready for a quick round on your smartphone. Either way, NJ online baccarat promises the same excitement you’d get in a real NJ casino. 

But do you know how to play it? As mentioned before, the goal is to get a total of 9 points, or the closest.  To make it easier on your side, baccarat online instantly adds the value of your cards together, when you receive them.

Based on the face value of the cards, the sum of your hand might exceed the value of 9 (the biggest and also the winning value). Whenever that happens, you subtract 10 and you’re left with a one-digit value. So in a sense, playing baccarat online is clearly easier. 

Learn to Play NJ Online Baccarat

Playing NJ online Baccarat is not difficult, but we thought you could really use these indicative steps:

Step one – Decide your bet

The first thing to do is choose who to bet on – the Player (known as punto), the Banker (banco), or a tie. After this, the two cards are dealt face up and that’s that, you don’t have any more decisions to make. Winnings are divided and the hand is over if one of the players has an 8 or a 9, the closest to 9 wins. That is called a natural hand

In case of a tie, naturally, tie bets win. But if nobody has a natural hand or a tie, the player’s hand decides the next move of the game. If the player has a value of 6 or 7, he stands. If the value is equal to or less than 5, he gets another card to finish the hand. 

Drawing a third card  

Sometimes, it gets a bit complicated, when the dealer draws the third card, depending on the cards the banker received in the beginning. In case the dealer has 7, 8, or 9 points, he stands. If he’s got 6, and the player’s third card was 6-7, he takes another card. 

The same thing happens when the value of his cards is 5 (and the player’s card was 4-7), when he has a 4 (and the player got a third card of 2-7 value), or the value of his cards is 3 (the player’s third card was any value except for 8). If the dealer has 0-2, he takes another card, regardless of the player’s possible third card. So after doing a little bit of math, the game round of NJ online baccarat comes to an end. Now, what might make you feel comfortable about your baccarat casino game is a strong betting baccarat strategy.

Get familiar with your NJ online baccarat betting options

When playing NJ online baccarat, there are three basic options. You just have to keep in mind that, unlike Blackjack, you’re not playing against the dealer. Some of the most popular bets are:

Besides the main versions of betting in a baccarat casino online, New Jersey online casinos entice players with other side bets. Those give them more freedom in playing but also, more chances to win. Player Pair or the Banker Pair bets are related to having a pair in the first two cards dealt.

The Perfect Pair means the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker are a pair of the same suit.  There’s also the Either Pair, the Small bet (the total cards dealt is 4), or the Big bet (the total being 5 or 6). These side bets have different payouts and house edges and bring the player some extra buzz to the betting fever. 

Different Types of NJ Online Baccarat

NJ online baccarat might just be your best option when you feel like trying out your luck. You can do it from the cozy and relaxed environment of your home, where you have the privacy to manifest your emotions. That’s because we already told you the baccarat casino game is one of the most thrilling ones out there. Joke aside, New Jersey online casinos do offer different variations of the game and some betting advantages. Now, there are some baccarat online versions that you can find on each and every online casino’s platform. 

Punto Banco or the American Baccarat

Played with either 6 or 8 decks, Punto Banco is a player favorite in most NJ online casinos. The players play against the bank; the bets are the three basic ones. 

European Baccarat

This type of baccarat casino game differs from Punto Banco through the banker’s option to choose to draw a third card or not. Also, the player has the opportunity to stand or draw on five. 

Chemin de Fer

Less popular, this kind of baccarat casino game does not allow betting on the player or the banker. Because, in fact, the players bet against each other while the house takes a fee from each player’s winnings. One of the baccarat rules that is different in this version is the fact that the banker can take a third card. And this can happen regardless of the total of their first two cards. 

Mini Baccarat

This type is highly recommended to beginners since the stakes are usually smaller than the traditional table game. 

Live baccarat online

The live dealer baccarat is one of the newest and most popular types of online baccarat. It allows you to experience a game happening in real-time, via high-quality video, hosted by a professional dealer. 

NJ Online Baccarat Game Strategies

Every respectable baccarat casino found online is paying attention to details that can attract more players. Some of these are different versions of NJ online baccarat, bonuses, offers along the way, high jackpots, and live baccarat online. But to win, a well-developed baccarat strategy always comes in handy. 

First of all, if you’re a beginner, play baccarat online for free, at least till you learn the ropes. And that’s quite an easy and enjoyable thing to do, given that every baccarat casino online has in store a demo version of the game. Just follow the standard baccarat rules and use your free credits to also test a potential winning baccarat strategy.

Positive Progression

One less damaging baccarat strategy is the positive progression system. By using it, you increase your bet every time you win and you reduce it whenever you lose. Whenever you suffer consecutive losses, you protect your bankroll and at the same time, you get to maximize your winnings. 

Negative Progression

The opposite of positive progression, this baccarat strategy is quite risky and it can seriously harm your bankroll but still remains one of the most tempting strategies. The idea is to raise your bet after every loss, making sure you win big when you eventually get lucky. But then, you need to reduce the bet after a winning one. We strongly recommend you to have a fixed bankroll before you even start playing NJ online baccarat using this manner. 

Flat Betting Baccarat Strategy 

This is the safe strategy to play Baccarat. Precisely, this betting strategy means placing the same bet in successive rounds of play, not changing it when you win or lose. This way, you can only focus on getting the winning chances of the Player/Banker right. If you’re looking for impressive winnings, maybe this baccarat strategy is not for you. In fact, flat betting offers higher, less risky chances to make a profit, due to the lack of overspending. 

Counting cards in baccarat online

A very successful way when it comes to Blackjack is the counting cards method. But this baccarat strategy is not as popular as you’d think, especially when playing baccarat online. Besides the fact that’s seen as a frowned-upon practice, in the world of NJ online casinos, it’s not pretty common. It’s complicated, takes a long time and eventually, it’s almost useless due to the RNG system used by their platform. 

Online Baccarat vs. Live Baccarat

NJ Online Baccarat

Online gambling represents a flourishing industry with millions of players taking their chances at an online baccarat casino daily. And that’s because NJ online baccarat has a long list of advantages.


If you fear the lack of the buzz a live baccarat game can give you, there’s no need to worry. Due to the games being periodically updated and improve the quality of the game in order to cover the preferences of all their players.

NJ Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat made history for itself through the amazing atmosphere it creates and in comparison to its traditional counterpart, it comes up with a more dynamic side:


Also, these are all advantages that a land-based baccarat casino has to offer. And as enticing as it sounds, there’s also a less happy note. When you’re part of a game in an offline baccarat casino, you’ll have to adjust to the speed of the game controlled by the dealer.  

NJ Online Baccarat Software

A big part of the success of a NJ online baccarat casino relies on the software the online casino is using. This is the reason why the operators are massively investing in developing a very engaging and ultimately, flawless online platform.

Firstly, the online baccarat casino needs to be as user-friendly as possible, then to prove great efficiency and safety when it comes to the financial processes. Therefore, most online operators choose to work with renowned game developers like Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, or NetEnt. Their work and investment in technology development generate some advantages you can enjoy when choosing NJ online baccarat casinos.

An accessible and reliable platform

The online casino’s collaboration with more than one game software developer can guarantee you a wide array of thrilling games that put you in no difficulty when playing. Another rather important aspect is regarding all the actions you need to take while on the platform. Like depositing and withdrawing money, taking part in promotions, and discovering recurring bonuses. Then, there’s customer care that needs to be 24/7 at your service and provide you with the needed help. 

Another option when playing baccarat online is to download the software platform. The advantage is that you have access to more games, rendered better for a more authentic gambling experience. The downloading time has significantly decreased compared to years ago, so that’s a plus. But on the other hand, you can only play on the devices that have the software installed. 

That’s exactly why instant play on the casino’s NJ online baccarat platform is the most favored way. There’s no download involved, the games are optimized for every kind of browser and computer type. The graphics are simply exquisite and the flexibility wins it all. Can it get better than that?

Play NJ Online Baccarat on Mobile

And there’s the mobile optimization, a whole casino in your pocket. Due to the huge changes in modern society, where everything migrated to mobile use, NJ online casinos followed the movement. And there are two ways users can choose from when they want to play baccarat online, on a smartphone or tablet. There’s an app to download and instantly give NJ online baccarat a go or you can pick the in-browser play. 

In both cases, the quality of the gambling experience is exceptional from every point of view. Baccarat casino online apps have been designed for iOS and Android devices, while the developer worked on improving older games to be compatible with the apps. 

The only downsides are related to quantity, as the quality is well covered on mobile use. In an app, the game selection is limited. But don’t worry about getting bored, you can still find the baccarat casino game in the desired versions. Just as well, most mobile New Jersey online casinos did not implement the demo version of the game. So, unfortunately, you can’t really play baccarat online for free. And the bonuses and offers occur at a different rate, compared to the desktop platform.

Nonetheless, NJ online baccarat on a mobile device is secure and enjoyable, due to its flexibility and user-friendly approach. Download the app of your preferred NJ online baccarat casino, log into your account and get ready to be entertained.  

Becoming a Pro at NJ Online Baccarat

Beforehand, you needed to learn all the baccarat rules and go through the baccarat strategy that suits you better. But when playing NJ online baccarat in a NJonline casino, you must take a look at the tips & tricks. In this baccarat guide, we put together a list of pointers to help you. 

First things first: take care of your money. The baccarat casino game is a simple and entertaining gambling game, designed for anyone to enjoy it. And since it’s a game of chance that implies no skills whatsoever, you need to establish a financial plan from the beginning. We strongly recommend you to think of a fixed bankroll that you afford to lose, before starting. 

All professional baccarat players came to the same conclusion: avoid the Tie Bet. The Tie Bet is one of the three main bets in the baccarat casino game. And compared to the Player or Banker Bet, the Tie Bet is the most disadvantageous, with a house edge of over 14%. And if you’d like to win, this might not be the way to go, with such a high financial risk. 

Play it safe and bet on the Banker

The odds are most of the time in Banker’s favor. With a winning rate of over 50% on the Banker’s side, this is the safest way of betting. You should keep it in mind as one of the most important baccarat rules.

Be patient

After a winning streak on the Banker Bet, there comes the Player’s turn to win. Don’t get discouraged and change your bet immediately. Wait for a little, take a break from betting and remember, statistically speaking, the odds are always in the Banker’s favor. 

Be extra careful when playing Mini-Baccarat

The speed in a round of Mini-Baccarat is quite impressive and can be financially destructive. The best baccarat strategy that you can use here is to bet repeatedly on the Banker while waiting for the Player to lose. Then just continue betting on the Banker. The only thing you can count on is the over 50% chance of winning with the Banker Bet.

Of course, there’s also a more aggressive way to play NJ online baccarat when you expect to win. For those braver out there, there’s the opposite of a “waiting out” strategy. So, after the Player loses to the Banker, place your bet on the Banker without standing for the next round. If it’s not effective and you lose, just go back to the safe betting on the Banker and waiting out strategy. 

NJ Online Baccarat Bonuses 

Some baccarat casino online offers you a no deposit bonus to suit all needs, meaning free money to play NJ online baccarat. On top of that, this type of bonus usually comes hand in hand with free spins. This is a great way to take advantage of baccarat online with no risk of losing your money. It is your chance to learn all the baccarat rules and once you get the hang of the game, then try to invest.

However, a type of bonus you should find at every NJ baccarat casino online is the first deposit bonus. It is usually a welcome bonus by means of which they double a specific percentage or even the whole amount of your initial deposit. As an alternative, you can also claim a casino reload bonus, which rewards you every time you make a deposit and use it to perfect your baccarat strategy.

But each online casino in NJ is competing with its rivals through the rate of the bonus match that can vary from 0% to 125% or more. As we constantly check the bonus and offer changes of NJ casinos, all you need to do is to keep an eye on our updates and see which online casino is the most appropriate for you in our NJ bonus code list. 

Wagering Requirements 

When picking a baccarat casino to try your luck at NJ online baccarat, you can’t only look at the bonus you might get. Because all bonuses come with several wagering requirements and only a few of them are in your favor. To actually get the profit from your bonus, choose a casino with at least a 10% contribution towards the wagering requirements.

Therefore, look for the smallest number of playthroughs. The most common contribution percentage for respectable casinos is around 20%. Rarely, some will have a rate of 50%, with several playthroughs of 45x. We also recommend you to check the RTP of the chosen NJ online casino, usually, the lowest RTP for NJ online baccarat is 82,93%, and the highest goes up to 98,94%.

Where to Play NJ Online Baccarat

If you’re into the baccarat casino game or going for live baccarat online, New Jersey online casinos are prepared to welcome you. You can use the Golden Nugget Casino bonus of up to $1000 on Baccarat. Just as well, with smaller bonuses but a wide array of advantages, there are the other top online casinos in NJ: 

The origins of NJ Online Baccarat

All we know for sure about this game, besides its popularity, is that Baccarat is one of the oldest card games. According to some historians, Baccarat is derived from the Chinese Pai Gow played with tiles instead of cards. Others say it can be traced back to Ancient Rome, to a dice game that involved scoring 9 as a way to win. The same correlation was made with the Chinese Pai Gow, 9 being the best score in Baccarat. 

The Italian Baccarat – Macao might actually be the first version of what we know today as NJ online baccarat. Migrations had a huge impact on this game. France rapidly adopted it after soldiers returned from Italian conflicts during the 1490s and it became the favorite game of the French Nobility. 

Baccarat in the Modern World

Some sources say that Baccarat was first played in the United States in 1911, others mention 1871. Either way, the attention was focused on games like Blackjack or Craps back then. For a long time, even after gambling was legalized in 1931, casinos offered the Chemin de Fer version of Baccarat – often called Chemmy.

This was a non-banking game where the casino collected a specific amount of the winning bets. Later on, in 1959 Baccarat took off when Tommy Renzoni introduced a new version called Punto Banco to Las Vegas casinos. The rest is history, as this is the Baccarat game that we play today, all over the world.  


NJ online baccarat is one of the most popular gambling games on the planet. And it’s pretty obvious why: with simple baccarat rules, it is very easy to play, involving no skills. It’s a matter of chance, the reason why it is such a thrilling game. You can play it anytime and from anywhere, even on your smartphone. Or you can go for a live baccarat online round to make it feel more like a brick-and-mortar casino experience. 

NJ online casinos have bonuses and amazing offers whenever you choose to give NJ online baccarat a try. This baccarat guide covers all you need to know: baccarat rules, game variations or strategies to help you win. In the end, the choice is yours.

Find an online casino in NJ where you can make the best out of NJ online baccarat. Then focus on the fun you’re getting and remember to play responsibly to fully benefit from this experience.


What are the odds of winning at NJ online Baccarat?

NJ online baccarat is a chance-based game, with three possible outcomes. 45% odds for a winning Player hand, 51% chance for Bankers, and a very small chance for a winning Tie. 

Can I bet on both the banker and the player when I play Baccarat Online?

Yes, betting on both the banker and the player during a NJ online baccarat round is available. However, you can do this only when playing the EZ Baccarat version of the game. 

Is NJ online Baccarat better than Blackjack?

It’s not a matter of which one’s better, but what the best option for you is. In NJ online baccarat there’s less decision-making, and a slightly higher house edge but the simplicity and excitement define it better. 

What is the minimum bet in NJ online Baccarat?

It depends on the bet limits allowed by the game. And this can vary from one game version to another or one online casino to the other. 

Can I count cards in Baccarat online?

Of course, counting cards at NJ online baccarat is possible. But keep in mind that all NJ online casinos use the RNG system. So counting cards might seem like a waste of time with little to no advantage.