NJ Live Casino – Experience the Best Live Dealer NJ Casinos

This NJ live casino guide will take you through all the available live dealer games on the NJ online market and help you learn the ropes in order to make the most out of this experience. 

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Table of Contents

How Does a NJ Live Casino Work?

Live dealer casino games in New Jersey are real money online casino games played with a real-life live casino dealer. The images are transmitted via live stream from a studio, shot with a Hi-Fi camera, with the help of RFID sensors, for an authentic casino vibe.

Here’s how a NJ live casino works:

Everything happens in real-time, with little to no delay. One major aspect that makes a NJ live casino so popular is related to the way the players perceive live dealer casino games in terms of trust. The idea of a real person dealing for you and controlling the action makes it trustworthy. This is the reason why most live dealer games don’t use the RNG (Random Number Generator) system.

But rest assured, the live casino online in New Jersey is always safe and fair, due to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement testing the games periodically.

Live Casino vs. Traditional Casino Games

Introduced to the NJ online market in 2016, live dealer games are very similar to traditional casino games. The major difference stands in this change of scenery for the player – gambling from the privacy of your home, in real time, with other players, and a dealer. 

First of all, not all table games are available in NJ online live casino. The most popular ones are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and some NJ online Poker versions.

Then, there are all the advantages that the land-based casino games do not offer:


All in all, if it were to draw a conclusion in the most objective way, NJ live casinos have a lot more advantages than land-based casinos or online gambling games.

Play Live Dealer Games at New Jersey Casinos

Each live casino online in New Jersey has available live dealer games. All of them are easily accessible from a computer or a mobile device, keeping the game’s impressive quality and atmosphere. All you need to do is to be located in New Jersey and to pick the NJ online live casino that suits you. Then, there are four simple steps you have to take in order to start playing at a NJ live casino. 

  1. Create a player account at your favorite NJ online casino
  2. Verify your account and log in
  3. Navigate to the NJ live casino section
  4. Pick your game and get ready to have some fun

Now, before you try online gambling in New Jersey at a NJ live casino, we strongly recommend you to do your homework. Read some live casino reviews for the chosen one, study the rules of each game, and find the most advantageous versions. Besides, if you’re a beginner, try out the demo mode of the game before betting on real money at a live casino in New Jersey.

Live Dealer Poker

NJ online Poker is the most renowned gambling game. NJ live casino poker does not disappoint either, with an RTP of 97, 64%. In a live casino online in New Jersey, you’ll be able to find the live dealer casino Hold’em game, an online version of Texas Hold’em poker. When playing NJ live casino poker in front of a NJ casino live dealer, you don’t compete against the other players, but the dealer himself. 

Your goal is to get a hand better than the dealer’s, using two hole cards and five community cards. The cards are dealt from a standard 52-card deck, while the dealer joyfully interacts with you and the other players.

How NJ live casino poker works:

A NJ live casino poker takes place as it follows:

And voilĂ , that is the end of the round. Another thing to keep in mind when playing NJ live casino poker is to bring a chart if you’re a newbie – a permitted practice. Also, in order to qualify for a winning hand, the dealer must have at least a pair of 4s. If it’s not the case, then you’ll receive your call bet back and be paid the ante bet according to the paytable. Supposing that you and the dealer have the same hand, the highest card will determine the winner. 

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live casino Blackjack consists of a real blackjack table and actual decks of cards shuffled and dealt by a live dealer. You have the possibility of interacting with the dealer and the other players while wagering. The game also comes with a relaxed rate of playing, just like in a real NJ casino.  

Comparing a NJ live casino Blackjack game to a traditional NJ online Blackjack one, the main difference lies in the use of an eight-deck shoe. The rules are rather familiar; with a quite high house edge of 0, 72%. Normally, the minimum bet is around $10, while the maximum reaches $1.000.

Almost every live online casino in New Jersey follows the same few Live Dealer Blackjack rules:

A live casino online in New Jersey will also feature two side bets Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Perfect Pairs bets win when you’re lucky enough to have your first two cards pair up. As expected, the payouts are bigger when the cards are of the same color (a 12:1 payout) or of the same suite (25-1 payout). In case you hit a mixed color pair, you get a 6-1 rate. Keep in mind that the RTP for this Perfect Pairs bet is 95, 91%.

The 21+3 bet comes with an RTP of 93,72% and the payout rates are the following:

Live Dealer Baccarat

NJ online Baccarat is an essential game at every casino in NJ, both online and land-based. All versions of the game in NJ online gambling are easy to play and extremely enjoyable. Baccarat live casino works with a similar interface as online baccarat, but with the possibility to chat in real-time with the dealer via text. One big advantage when joining a baccarat live casino game is the wagering system. The smallest bet is $1 and the highest is around $200. 

In terms of commission, baccarat live casino uses a standard 5% rule, with a banker bet house edge of 1, 06%. Tie bets, usually the ones to avoid, have a house edge of 15%, while the player bets are around 1, 24%.

Most baccarat live casino games offer a Dragon Bonus Player side bet with a house edge of 2,65%. In order to enjoy this lovely house edge payout for naturals and non-natural wins, the player has to win by at least 4 points:

Get a lucky spin at Live Dealer Roulette

Give NJ online live roulette casino a try for a fully riveting NJ online Roulette experience with the thrill of a real-life casino. What many players love about NJ online live roulette casino is the live-action and the no use of RNG. This gives you the chance to feel like you’re in a land-based casino, but have the possibility to remain in control of the background noise, seating, privacy, and comfort of your home.

The only major difference between NJ online live roulette casino and regular online roulette is also the most exciting one. The outcomes are determined by a real roulette wheel, an American one. This means there are 38 numbers, the wheel featuring two zeroes. When the ball hits a 0 or 00, players don’t receive a return on their investment. The addition of 00 (unlike the European wheel) brings the house edge at 5, 26%. The minimum bet for NJ online live roulette casino is $1, while the maximum one is $1.000. 

NJ live casino and Live Dealer Craps

Live dealer craps could be a great asset for every NJ live casino. That’s because NJ online Craps is one of the most exciting games in this fun world of gambling. Furthermore, online gambling in New Jersey brings you the thrill of craps, even for mobile use. However, when it comes to a live dealer craps game, things are just a bit unusual. Even the biggest New Jersey online casinos chose not to go for live dealer craps games.

The biggest issue is that you, the player, are supposed to roll the dice, which is also the most fun part about it. Since the players can’t do that, the dice rolls have to be computer-generated, which kind of kills the buzz of craps. If you do want to play live dealer craps online, there are few software providers that do offer it.

On the bright side of live casino betting in craps, this game has a house edge of around 1.35% – 1.41% for the basic bets. Live craps manage to keep its social game vibe since you can interact with the live dealer and the other players. Finally, when you play live dealer craps, you don’t have to pay a gratuity, which is a big advantage. 

Banking Methods Available for a NJ Live Casino

A wide variety of payment options are available at New Jersey online casinos. Obviously, the most appropriate one depends on each player’s needs. When making a deposit, it’s wise to think about your preferences for withdrawal, too.

When it comes to NJ live casino banking methods, they are the same as regular online games. In order to make some secure transactions, we strongly recommend you pick the legal and licensed NJonline casinos. Some of the options for deposits and withdrawals are:

You can, just as well, use the land-based casino cages, for cash. At the same time, 7-Eleven PayNearMe (with cash) is another way to go.

NJ Live Casino Differences

Is the online casino in NJ experience the same as the one of a NJ live casino? And how do these two compare to NJ casino live in brick-and-mortar premises? This is among the most confusing questions when it comes to online gambling in New Jersey. So let’s talk about the three forms of NJ gambling and fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.

NJ Land-based Casinos

New Jersey’s gambling laws are among the most permissive in the United States. Atlantic City offers players a full range of gambling venues ranging from the new “locals” favorite – Resorts Casino Hotel to the Borgata, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Caesar’s, and so on.

With so many choices on the table, players can pick their favorites according to the games they prefer, the atmosphere the casinos create, and overall, the experience they want to have. Land-based casinos in New Jersey are not only about gambling but about making a night to remember, where players can have a great time. After all, the ambiance a traditional casino provides is quite difficult to be matched online. This is part of the appeal for many players, as gambling tends to be considered a social activity.

Online Gambling in New Jersey

New Jersey online casinos developed quickly in the past few years and managed to surpass the popularity of land-based casinos. As part of the social and technological evolution, players started to appreciate other things about gambling, that only NJ online gambling can offer.

Perhaps, the most significant advantage is the convenience factor. There is no need to leave your house in order to have a more than satisfying gambling session. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or a mobile device. Online casinos are never closed, so you can play any time you want. Moreover, some gambling sessions can be risk-free, as NJonline casinos have in-store free playing – demo versions of your preferred games. Let’s not forget about the bonuses and rewards. Most New Jersey online casinos offer incentives to encourage new players to make a deposit, or they just want to reward them for their loyalty. 

Live online Casino in New Jersey

Now, this is where things get interesting. Live casino betting in New Jersey was introduced to the market only a few years ago. The most extraordinary thing about it is that NJ live casino combines the benefits of online gambling with the real–feel vibe of a land-based casino. This allows players to witness the gaming process in a very authentic setting, with real cash winnings. Furthermore, all of the dealers in the reputable New Jersey casinos are fully trained and professional, and gamblers can be sure that the game will be conducted in a proper manner.

Normally, NJ online casino games use RNG software. However, people are highly appealed by interacting with a live casino dealer, which they find more trustworthy. When it comes to the competition, in online casino games, you are trying to beat the RNG – it’s you against the machine. But as for NJ casino live, human players are your competition in the game, which makes it even more thrilling.

Still, accessibility remains one of the biggest advantages of the NJ live casino experience! Just as with online casino games, NJ casino live can be easily enjoyed due to the mobile live casino feature. Play from wherever you want. Keep in mind that an NJ online live casino will not be open 24/7 as a NJ online casino. Find the perfect time windows for you to play at live dealer online casinos in New Jersey. 

New Jersey online casinos are famous for their bonuses and offers. NJ casino live, due to higher costs, can’t beat the crazy discounts and bonuses that online gambling in New Jersey has to offer. 

NJ Live Casino Bonuses

But let’s go over the free gambling feature that you can take advantage of, at most of the online casinos in New Jersey. This option is quite helpful and it represents a massive plus, compared to based-land casinos. NJ live casino can’t meet this impressive aspect so NJ casino live free does not necessarily work like this.

There are some viable ways to gamble at NJ casino live without investing. All you need to do is keep an eye on certain New Jersey casinos and get a no deposit bonus. Alternatively, if you’re willing to invest a little for the sake of honing your gambling skills, aim for a first deposit bonus. The good thing about making periodical deposits is that you may eventually come across a casino reload bonus, which rewards you for every deposit you make.

This way you can play NJ casino live free and develop a strategy to unlock your winnings. All that with the help of a little more money than you deposited, or no money from your wallet at all.

NJ Live Casino Gambling Software Options

This hybrid technology of NJ casino live became available back in 2016. Ever since, it’s been continuously evolving, bringing better characteristics and more gaming options. Combining cameras, specialized sensors with betting tables, and real dealers, NJ live casino delivers a unique gaming experience.

NJ online casinos display a NJ casino live function on their online platform, easy to use, designed for instant play. Just log into your account and navigate to the NJ live casino section and buckle up for a round of lively gambling. You can do that from your personal computer, using any desired web browser.

Or you could go for a mobile live casino instead. Most live dealer online casinos in New Jersey offer mobile live casino. Accessible on Apple iOS and Android devices, it gives you the chance to play from anywhere you want. 

Live Casino Mobile

Mobile devices became more sophisticated and the technology behind them turned smartphones into extremely capable devices. This is why live dealer online casinos in New Jersey have brought live dealer games to their mobile and tablet versions. The best live casinos offer a responsive, bug-free, and secure mobile gaming experience.

If you want to gamble on the go, check the mobile live casino powered by every live casino online in New Jersey. In the case of instant play live dealer games, there’s no need to download any extra software to your smartphone. You can simply access them using a mobile version of the casino’s main site.

You’ll also find that some live casinos offer dedicated apps for Android and iPhone in their respective app stores. However, not all casino games are available in the mobile NJ live casino scene. Currently, the most popular mobile live casino variations for mobile are:

Tips & Tricks on how to be a better NJ Live Casino gambler

A live casino online in New Jersey experience became an inseparable part of online gambling. Players love NJ casino live because they can play their favorite games and, at the same time, socialize with live dealers who host the game. Moreover, another reason they love it is because they keep their privacy and anonymity from the comfort of their playing environment, but still enjoy an authentic gambling session. After a thorough analysis of live casino reviews, we came up with a list of tips and tricks. These are meant to help you make the best out of a live dealer casino online NJ game.

Always choose a prominent NJ online casino

The most important thing is to know that you are playing in a safe and fair live casino.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection

This way, you will neither face instances of freezing during the live streaming nor will your connection drop in critical moments.

Remain rational

In gambling, there are good days and bad days, so it’s vital to know when to stop.

Use a good strategy

If you want to increase your chances of winning at a live casino online in New Jersey, you need a strategy. Study the rules of the game, develop a strategy and stick to it. Plus, don’t forget that certain games, like live roulette, have special features you could use to your advantage.

Take advantage of the best promotions

Each NJ casino live often launches promotions specially designed for some of the live games. Why not use them?

Find the most favorable NJ live casino games

Always check the RTP of the favored game. Of course, this differs from one game to another, but it can also depend on the casino’s rules.  

Top live dealer games in NJ live casino

A live dealer casino online NJ provides both the thrills of a land-based casino and all the perks you’ll enjoy on a gambling site. This includes huge real money bonuses and live dealer games from top developers. As for the casino’s commission, like we mentioned before, we recommend checking the RTP of the chosen games. 

To have a higher chance of winning, pick the ones with the odds on your side. Normally, an NJ online live casino has an RTP of 99, 28% for live dealer Blackjack – the best score for live dealer games. Then, there’s the Baccarat banker bet with 98.94% and 98.74% for the Player bet. Live Casino Hold’em has an RTP of 97.64%, while Live Roulette (the American version) reaches 94.76%.

Where to Play the Best NJ Live Casino Games?

Nowadays, almost every licensed NJ live casino can be found online and its website has been developed to be mobile-friendly. Since the introduction of live games, many casino enthusiasts have joined the online community and decided to give them a try. If you’re looking for NJ online casinos and don’t know which one is a better fit for you, here’s a shortlist of the top online casinos in New Jersey:

Golden Nugget CasinoLive Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’Em, and Live Three Card Poker$10 Free upon sign up and the 100% bonus up to $1000 offered on your first deposit. 
BetMGM CasinoLive Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Unlimited Blackjack, Lightning Roulette and live DreamcatcherUp to $1.000 bonus on deposit plus $25 free with no deposit
Borgata CasinoLive Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Unlimited Blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Lightning Auto Roulette.100% Deposit Match up to $1000 and a $20 free with no deposit


A live casino online in New Jersey functions more or less like a standard online game. However, there’s a twist. The interface of the NJ casino live looks very similar to an online game, with a live casino betting system based on pressing buttons, as usual. The twist comes from the real live casino dealer that determines the outcome of each round. Just as well, the live casino dealer interacts with the players, creating a bubbly, more social, and lively game. Suddenly, you have a “real-life” gambling experience, from the comfort of your home.


The experience of a live casino online in New Jersey appeals today to a (growing) number of players. This is due to the fact that a NJ online live casino gives them the unique opportunity to play in real-time with real dealers. Regardless of your location, as long as you’re in New Jersey, you can access the platform of a licensed NJ online casino and enjoy a live casino experience!

However, before playing, make sure you’re familiar with the pros and cons of playing in a NJ live casino. Keep an eye on our comprehensive guidelines, as we always try to gather the needed information for safe and enjoyable online gambling in New Jersey. In this way, you will be able to find the perfect live dealer casino online NJ, tailored to your needs and preferences.

NJ live casino combines the enjoyment, fun, and transparency of classic casino games, with the speed and fairness of online gambling. It’s worth trying, even if you’re just at the beginning of your gambling experience!


When can I play NJ Live Casino games?

Compared to regular online casino games that are available 24/7, each NJ live casino has its own running schedule. All live dealer NJ casinos have a special program, so make sure to check it out on their platforms.

Can I play NJ Casino Live free?

Usually, a NJ live casino comes with great no-deposit bonuses to actually play NJ casino live free. For example, new players at Golden Nugget Casino have a $20 no-deposit bonus at sign up. Moreover, there is the 100% matching your first deposit bonus, which can totally raise your winning chances.

How can I watch Live Casino online?

Select your favorite NJ live casino from top-rated online casinos in New Jersey and create your account. Be sure you take advantage of the bonuses they put together for you; then make a deposit to play with real money. Now, what’s left to do is to go to the NJ live casino section on their website and choose the desired game. Get to know the other players, relax and let the fun begin!

Are online Live Casino games rigged?

Every renowned NJ live casino is legal and licensed, therefore, extremely secure and safe. The live dealer games are constantly tested by independent entities to ensure fairness and transparency for the customers.

What is the best Live Dealer casino in NJ?

The best NJ live casino is the one that suits your needs and checks all of your boxes. Figure out the casino with the live dealer game you enjoy the most or the appropriate version of it. After all, three of the most reputable casinos, when you want to play at a NJ live casino, are Golden Nugget, BetMGM, and Borgata Casino.