Pokerstars VR

posted by Ioana
June 30, 2022

Everybody knows there are limits to playing poker. But, what if we tell you that gambling can break away the boundaries of reality? Keep reading this article to find out how to get the limitless betting experience with Pokerstars VR!

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What is Pokerstars VR?

VR, or Virtual Reality, is what extends beyond real life. Practically, Pokerstars Virtual Reality enables you to travel to a three-dimensional universe. So, it’s time to leave the usual poker apps and websites behind. Here, you can play virtual reality poker, among many other games like Pokerstars VR slots and even blackjack.

However, the catch is that you get to experience the VR Poker Stars games under a new form. With their impressive visual effects, it lands you straight into the heart of high technology. Moreover, Pokerstars Virtual Reality brings along an ever newer experience due to its multitude of realistic and exotic locations.

Key features of Pokerstars VR

It’s almost unbelievable just how well VR Poker Stars imitates the reality of poker action. However, besides the outstanding realism, there are plenty of other characteristics to look out for. More than that, it’s actually about how these features manage to bring Pokerstars Virtual Reality beyond the usual New Jersey Poker Rooms.

Intuitive Gameplay

Since it’s characterized by exceptional realism in terms of Pokerstars VR gameplay, it is obvious it’s also very easy to play. You only need some voice and hand-touch controllers to initiate VR poker action. Alternatively, you can resort to VR Hand Tracking. Specifically, it is a relatively new update that allows you to dispose of equipment like headphones or thumb sticks.


Firstly, you’ll begin your VR Poker gambling journey with 10.000 chips in your poker. However, you don’t need to limit yourself just to that. That’s because, once you enter the virtual environment, you can spin the wheel and win even more chips.

Pokerstars Virtual Reality items

Every minute spent playing Pokerstars Virtual Reality wins you credit. With the Star credit, you can buy props, skins, and apparel from the store which is updated daily. Alternatively, you can get all these items by winning in Pokerstars Virtual Reality Sit and Go tournaments. You can also get them by redeeming Pokerstars VR codes.

Props can be consumable or permanent, and their importance depends on how rare they are. Therefore, here are some of the Pokerstars VR items which you can get:

  • Revolver Speed Loader – Common
  • (5x) Smoke Bomb – Uncommon
  • Laser Gun Cell
  • Magic Wand – Rare & seasonal
  • Crimson Wakizashi – Epic
  • Spy Gun –Epic
  • Chrome Spy Gun – Legendary
  • Blue Plasma Blade – Mythic

So, with these props, you can take up any identity you want. Practically, you can design your Pokerstars avatar to be a spy, a fighter, or whatever might come into your mind! You can further define your look with the right apparel, be it rings, earrings or hats!

Competitive atmosphere

You will never catch a second of rest with VR Poker tables. You can join others’ tables, or alternatively, create your own. That’s why it’s important to know how to invite friends in Pokerstars VR. However, playing with friends or not, make sure to guard your Pokerstars VR chips carefully. Just as in Poker Tournaments NJ, the course of the game can change in a second!

Exotic Destinations

Reality or not, Pokerstars Virtual Reality has some very authentic digital locations. You land into the heart of NJ gambling within seconds. Tapping your controller’s button once can bring you to the Monte Carlo Yacht. But, if you’ve seen enough of the terrestrial world, you may want to go to the Galaxy Space Station.

Free Money Pokerstars VR

Last, but not least, it’s the free-of-charge virtual reality poker experience. It’s not a joke! You can actually enjoy all the abovementioned advantages without investing anything. Moreover, it’s much more fun as you can interact with other players more easily!

How to play Pokerstars VR

In the VR Poker Reality, you can customize your gambling experience. Firstly, you need to select an avatar that is going to determine your identity in the game. Then, you can access the settings to adjust the controls to your liking. Next, we are going to make a quick rundown of the poker actions related to the Pokerstars gameplay.

To move around and interact with other players, you’ll make use of voice and hand-touch controllers. There are specific movements that unlock different actions within the game. However, don’t worry for everything imitates real-life action. Plus, we’ll explain everything so that you’ll play Pokerstars Virtual Reality like a pro!

How to join a VR Poker tournament

Joining a Pokerstars VR Sit and Go tournament, for example, is no different than you usually do it online or at the casino. That’s because of its unprecedented realism.

First, upon launching Pokerstars Virtual Reality, you will automatically land in the lobby. Then, the next step is to join a table and start playing. It’s very easy to do so, however, let us break the steps down for you:

  1. Access the Watch Menu by tapping on it
  2. Select the Live Games section to see the tables
  3. Choose one depending on the stakes, host, and location
  4. Tap “Join Table”

Additionally, if you have no preference for your VR Poker table, you can utilize the “Quick Seat” option.

Hosting a VR Poker table

If you don’t want to tag along with some strangers, you can create your own table. Here, you can customize your virtual reality NJ online poker experience, by modifying the stakes, players’ numbers, and location. You might have already guessed that this is the best time to know how to invite friends in Pokerstars VR. So, here is how you can create the perfect environment for you and your friends:

  1. Tap on your watch to open the menu
  2. Head over to the “Host Table” section
  3. Select the number of players, the stakes, and the location
  4. Hit the “Create Table” button

Once at the table, you can see that each player has its statistics attached to them:

  • Total hands players and won
  • Win percentage
  • Largest pot
  • Rank on the leaderboard

Therefore, pay attention to these details to build your strategy accordingly. Don’t underestimate your competitors and guard your chips carefully.

How to initiate poker actions

You are probably familiar with the basic poker actions such as making a call, folding, checking, or going all in. Consequently, your experience would come in handy in the VR Poker world. So, stay with us to find out how you can easily manage your moves within the virtual reality world.

Looking at your cards

As you already know, these are the cards that are usually dealt face down. To take a peek at your cards, hover your hand over them and firmly press the index trigger. Additionally, you must do so while at the same time rolling your hand backward. Bear in mind that other players cannot see your cards, that unless you flip them upwards yourself. Afterward, you can also see their hole cards.

Picking up your cards

Similarly, to pick them up, squeeze both the top and bottom trigger and press the thumb stick to flip them. However, depending on the platform you’re playing, the control might be established using a thumb pad.

How to make a bet

For this, you’ll need chips. After placing your finger into the chip stack to grab the desired amount, squeeze the trigger to pick them up. Obviously, upon releasing the trigger, the chips will be released as well. To bet, you can either release them behind the betting like to call, or you can simply use voice controls.

  • Raise- grab the amount you want and put them over the betting line or simply use the voice command “raise”
  • Call – grab the chips that are already in the blue circle on your right side, then put them over the line
  • Check – simply swipe your hand to the green mark or use the voice command “check”
  • Fold – grasp your cards, then throw them across the line
  • Go all-in – spread both hands and push your stack of chips by following the direction indicated by the arrows
  • Sit out – if you want a break, simply access the watch menu and select “sit out”

Getting disconnected

Sometimes, your connection may play tricks on you and disconnect you from the poker table. But, don’t worry, because upon attempting to come back, you’ll be placed at the same table. However, that’s available only for tournaments like Pokerstars Virtual Reality Sit and Go. For cash games, you’ll be automatically placed at another table.

Pokerstars VR Hand Tracking

If the usual VR controllers are not so easy to use, you’d be delighted to find out about this update. VR Hand Tracking gives you the possibility to navigate through the digital casino using merely hand movements. Here are some of the most important you need to know:

  • Teleport: finger gun position to aim your location, then rotate your wrist right or left depending on the desired direction and tap
  • Access Watch Menu: keep your hand into a fist, then release it into a peace sign
  • Close Watch Menu: strike a peace sign for a second time
  • Picking up: hover your hand over the respective items and mimic a grabbing gesture
  • Allin: make a triangle using both of your hands
  • Utilities Menu: pull your palm open face-up and pull the corresponding menu towards yourself

Pokerstars VR game selection

While VR Poker is the main attraction of this casino, you can try other games as well. Here, you can also enjoy the digital experience of Pokerstars VR slots or blackjack.


So, to try out a normal NJ online slots game or tournament, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Watch Menu
  2. Access the Slots tab
  3. Select the game you’d like to try out

On the other hand, for slots Pokerstars VR tournaments, you can register at any time of the day. Specifically, from the slots section, head over to “Tournaments”, then hit register. Upon successful registration, you can join the table 5 minutes before the game starts.


Alternatively, if slots are not your cup of tea, you can try out some NJ online blackjack. Therefore, here is how you can join a Blackjack table:

  1. Access the Watch Menu
  2. Go to “Games”, then select Blackjack
  3. Tap “Join Table”

Once you do this, you’ll see that separate buttons for splitting, doubling down, standing, and hitting will appear. However, you can also do this through hand gestures thanks to the recent Hand Tracking update.

How to get Star Credit

Each minute you play this virtual reality game counts towards earning Star Credit. Upon opening an account and starting playing, you’ll receive 10K chips. However, that’s not the limit. You can furthermore increase your amount of chips by spinning the bonus wheel every 8h.

Here is what to specifically pay attention to, to earn as many Star Credits in a short time:

  • You get 1 credit/min for playing poker or every two hands of blackjack
  • Between 6-8 PM on Wednesdays, you get twice the amount of credit
  • Watch tutorials and complete missions
  • Be among the top 4 in a weekly leaderboard

Platforms for playing Pokerstars VR

Now that decided to try out some virtual reality gambling, you need to know where you can find it. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose from:

  • Steam
  • Oculus
  • Viveport

Hardware Specifications

Moreover, you must ensure the compatibility of your devices with the game’s specifications. So, here is what you need to consider before attempting to play:

  • Memory: at least 8GB, plus RAM
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 480/NVIDIA GTX 1060 or greater
  • CPU: Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater
  • VR Headset: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or more recent


While in-game, you must remember at all times to maintain good behavior and polite dialogue. However, if you observe someone going against those rules, you can easily report them to the Pokerstars team. To do so, follow these indicative steps:

  1. Go to the Social Submenu
  2. Hit  the Players tab
  3. Select the player and report them for the committed act

Moreover, to further prevent interaction with them, you can mute their voice, as well as their Pokerstars avatar.

TOP 5 Reasons to play Pokerstars VR

It goes without saying that this operator comes forth with an innovative game environment in every way. So, here is what truly convinced us:

  • Outstanding realism
  • Impressive and creative props
  • High-quality graphics
  • Exotic locations
  • User-friendly system of movement management

Pokerstars Overview

This operator dates back to September 2001, when it first launched its website as an only play-money casino. However, it was no later than December 2001, that it started including real money, as well.

Initially owned by a Sheinberg family, it enjoyed overwhelming popularity over the years. Consequently, it eventually obtained a European Union license, thus further strengthening its name on the gambling scene.


Taking into consideration all these new aspects that VR Poker brings along, it would be a pity not to try them out. So, what are you waiting for? The Pokerstars VR universe is waiting to be explored. Grab your props and become the king of Poker at one of the most popular VR Casinos!


Is Pokerstars Virtual Reality free?

Yes, you can play for free using the chips you receive upon joining and when the bankroll resets every Monday.

Does Pokerstars VR require VR equipment?

Yes, it does. However, with a very recent update, you can now control your movements in-game only by using some specific hand gestures.

How much money do you start with in Pokerstars Virtual Reality?

When joining, you get a heads up of 1000 Chips.

How I do join a Poker VR Table?

First, go to the Watch Menu and select the Live Games tab. Here, you can choose one table depending on the stakes, location, and host.

How do you get more items on Pokerstars VR?

You can claim more props and skins while playing in tournaments or redeem Pokerstars VR codes.

How do you get free chips on Pokerstars VR?

Of course, you can. You get 1000 Chips for Free upon joining and spinning the wheel every 8 hours.

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