NJ Online Slingo Guide

You probably love playing bingo. This laid-back game based on chance gets you all excited as you check each number out of your grid. But have you heard of NJ online Slingo? If you’re not familiarized with this game, we gathered everything you need to know about NJ online Slingo. This online Slingo guide will take you through Slingo’s history, teach you how to play it and how to win. 

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Table of Contents

NJ Online Slingo

NJ online Slingo comes in more than a dozen themed versions of the game, with different rules. It’s the game that combines elements from NJ online slots and bingo, so you don’t have to choose anymore. 

The game of Slingo classic consists of players taking a set number of spins, with a 5-number bingo card for each. When they find the numbers on their cards, they are marked off. The goal is to reach the desired horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Slingo lines on the card. 

There are also some special symbols drawn, the wilds, that allow you to mark off numbers in advantageous positions on the board. The wilds can also bring you free spins or instant cash prizes. 

Learn to Play NJ Online Slingo 

Playing NJ online Slingo means enjoying the thrilling fast-paced slots, but also having the long-lasting rhythm of bingo. At the beginning of a new game, you get a card containing a 5×5 grid and 20 spins. Each box comes with a random number that needs to be crossed off after spinning the reels.

This is your goal if you’re playing the Slingo game online by yourself. Slingo games can be multiplayer, as well. In this scenario, your aim is to score more points than your opponents. 

In most cases, the Slingo game online will plot the winning matches for you, to make it easier. After you finish your 20 spins, you can continue wagering smaller bets for more spins. 

Slingo Symbols

As we said, there are 20 spins per round. Each spin reveals 5 numbers or a mix of numbers and wild symbols. The symbols can be jokers, angels, devils, “free spins” or others, depending on which version of Slingo games you’re playing. But let’s go over the meaning of each symbol: 

Before heading to your favorite NJ online casino, you should know a few things about the betting system.

Slingo Versions Available

There are over 19 different versions of the Slingo game online to choose from. Most of them can be found at your preferred New Jersey online casino. Even though the rules are more or less the same, some small differences can make a difference. 

Slingo Riches

This is one of the most played variants of NJ online Slingo all across New Jersey online casinos. It has a universal theme and it’s the closest to the traditional version of the game. To play it, you must mark off the numbers on the 5×5 grid, during 11 spins. Jokers and Super Jokers are the wild symbols, just as the Devil, so keep an eye on that one, too. Focus on your chance to win free spins and cash prizes!

Slingo Extreme

This Slingo game online is the upgraded version of the classic NJ online Slingo. Here you can find bigger jackpots in a more exciting faster game session. Not only the jackpots are bigger, the cash prizes, too! So whenever you get a coin symbol, prepare for a big cash win. Oh, and the Super Joker can mark off any number on your board so you get closer and closer to your victory. 

Slingo Fortunes

As the name implies, this Slingo game online brings you lots of big wins and a Fortunes Offer. You can choose to accept it after 4 slingos have been achieved or decline it and continue playing with an Open Pick. The offer remains available after each spin. One fun part is that the Super Jokers are there to help you. Don’t forget about the Unlimited Extra Spins feature!

Slingo Reel Bonus

Well, we have here a casino Slingo online game that’s quite the treat. Although you follow the basic Slingo rules, you have more chances for bonuses and free spins. The Wild here is the Wild Multipliers, which doubles the amount won for the line. Also, on the bottom of the game board, you’ll find the bonus symbols. Get three of them to activate a bonus, but keep in mind that there are 5 available.  

Slingo Reel Extreme

Of course, there is an extreme way to play Slingo online when you focus on the reel bonuses. The big deal about this version of NJ online Slingo is the Win Spin Bonus. This gives you the chance to choose your spins depending on the level of bonus symbols received. But let’s see how they apply to your winning strategy:

3 Bonus Symbols

4 Bonus Symbols

5 Bonus Symbols

Monopoly Slingo 

A themed version of the Slingo game online, Monopoly Slingo has the famous Monopoly properties instead of numbers on your card. Another difference regarding the Slingo rules is that there are no spins; you’ll be rolling the dice. Try your best to land on properties and mark them off. Watch out for multiplier symbols on the way to grow your winnings!

Slingo Carnival

This is the kind of NJ online Slingo game that was given the perfect name, without disappointing its players. The version follows the traditional 5×5 grid, with the same goal. However, the trick is in the 7 bonus rounds where you’ll be feeling just like in the middle of a carnival. To be more precise, you will be popping balloons, knocking down bottles, or enjoying a wild carnival ride. Moreover, everything goes perfectly with the unlimited free spins that the game has for you. 

As mentioned before, there are many other versions of NJ online Slingo available. There’s the Slingo Cascade, Deal or No Deal Slingo, Slingo Reveal, Slingo Showdown, and so on. We recommend you to try different variants or even play Slingo online free and see which version suits you best. 

Play NJ Online Slingo for Free

NJ online Slingo is the kind of game that requires players to invest in it. Unfortunately, at the moment, NJ casinos do not offer a Slingo free online version. However, we found two possibilities to play Slingo online free. 

Most NJ online casinos have in store a big no deposit bonus for players. If you become a member of the platform, you can actually play Slingo free online. Just use your welcome bonus for free Slingo games online and win using the casino’s money. 

There are several online platforms where you can play Slingo free online. There’s no need for a deposit for you can just enjoy Slingo games online. You get to play it for fun because Slingo free online can be awfully thrilling. In case you just need to practice for a real money session, free Slingo is the way to go. 

Strategies for Online Slingo

NJ online Slingo is a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances of winning. Also, if we think about a strategy that might help you along the way, there are several things you need to pay attention to:

Some Slingo game online versions offer Multipliers, a function that temporarily increases the number of your points. The good news is that you can get more Multipliers, which are cumulative. So the right thing to do is to save the Multipliers until the end of the game when more slingos appear. We advise you to always use them on slingos rather than matches because they’re worth more points. 

Try out different combinations of powers that work well together. Mix and match an instant slingo or boulder with power-ups for a better outcome. 

Always place a generous bet on mini-games and use your devil protection to back this bet. 

NJ online Slingo vs. Bingo

Bingo is a fun and enjoyable game and a form of gambling that knows no age limit. The game can be played in retirement homes, or among kids, as a form of an educational tool to learn numeracy. Youngsters love it as well, especially when it comes to an online version of the gambling Bingo game.

Just as with casino Slingo, bingo rules are quite straightforward. You get a bingo 5×5 grid card, with a different amount of numbers, depending on the kind of game you’re playing. You can choose from the 90-ball bingo, 80-ball, 75-ball, or 30-ball bingo versions.

In a bingo game, there’s a bingo caller that will call out the numbers and you’d have to mark them off your card. This is where the Slingo game online took bingo to another level. By adding the spins feature from slots, you have a higher probability of marking off the numbers. Also, if you think about adding the advantage of using the Wild symbols, NJ online Slingo definitely steals the thunder of classic bingo rewards.

Furthermore, Slingo online offers a high variety of casino Slingo games. Each version comes with free spins, multipliers, and independent bonuses. Oh, and let’s not forget about the instant cash prizes. These features are really hard to find when playing Bingo.  

Slingo Software Options

NJ online Slingo is the perfect fusion between bingo and online slots. No wonder most of the NJonline casinos adopted it and invested in developing new versions of the game. The reason was to increase players’ interest in this extremely fun and versatile way. They were right; as more than 55 million players all over the world are now enjoying Slingo online. 

When it comes to software options, there’s the most common one: instant play on the platform of the chosen online casino in NJ. The games of Slingo online are fast-paced, interactive, and highly user-friendly. The biggest game developers constantly work on creating amazing designs that are visually stunning or based on a renowned theme.

Moreover, you can play Slingo online on your phone or tablet. There are apps developed to bring your favorite NJ online Slingo game even closer! The magnificent details were kept; the only thing that changed was the accessibility which makes players even happier. 

Play NJ Online Slingo on Mobile

You love to play Slingo online, right? That’s why you need to be able to give it a try whenever you want, wherever you might be. Most NJ online casinos offer you the possibility of downloading the casino Slingo app on your mobile device. Whether you go for a Slingo classic game or a themed one, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is use the Slingo app available for iOS or Android, mark your numbers off, and prepare for a big win. 

Another advantage that comes with playing NJ online Slingo on your mobile device is the chance to have a go at Slingo free online. To clarify, App Store and Google Play offer a wide selection of Slingo free online games where you can practice before betting with real money. 

NJ Online Slingo Tips & Tricks

You’ve been playing Bingo for a while now and of course, the slots are always on your list. Why not enjoy the exciting NJ online Slingo, to get the best out of both. It doesn’t matter if you choose Slingo classic, Slingo free online. Neither does it matter if you’re going for Slingo slots in a land-based casino or if you just want to play Slingo online for real money and get better at it. The overall rules are quite similar, even though you have so many colorful options of NJ online Slingo out there. 

So, if you want to play like a pro, we put together some tips and tricks for you: 

You can’t be confused about the numbers you need to mark off your grid. Especially when you get a Wild, you need to use it to your advantage and only match the numbers you need.

Depending on the version of Slingo online you’re playing and also your luck, you’ll be getting more than one Wild. Don’t use them all at once, but keep them close to the end of the game. 

Avoid matching the number in the middle and focus first on the extremities. That’s how you can grow your chances of five slingos, when you eventually get the middle number, which is usually more difficult. 

In time, just as with any other thing, you’ll be able to find the perfect way for you to play and win at NJ online Slingo. It only takes practice and luckily, a lot of fun is involved, too.

NJ Online Slingo Bonuses

We get it, NJ online Slingo is one of the most entertaining gambling games available at NJ online casinos. You can recharge with the amazing energy that Slingo slots have to offer, from anywhere, even on your mobile. But the best part about it is when you get to cash out all of your winnings. As usual, we gathered here everything you need to know about a Slingo online game session and how to use it to your advantage.

First, you have the option to play Slingo free online, for practice. Then, you need to pay attention to all the bonuses and reward programs NJ casinos have in store. This way, you can actually enjoy slingo free online, but win real money. How can you do that? It’s simple, just gamble on the casino’s money. All regulated casinos offer a various range of bonuses for their players.

How to use the NJ bonuses to your advantage

If you’re a no-risk taker, a no-deposit bonus would be ideal for you. Alternatively, if you are eager to develop gambling strategies, a first deposit bonus with a deposit match, should be what you need. However, loyalty programs are the ones that can truly help you win big at NJ online Slingo. Talking about loyalty, the more you play on a platform, the casino can grant you a casino reload bonus. Basically, the more money you spend, the more they give you back.

For example, BetMGM Casino rewards you with $25 on sign-up, with no deposit needed. This money can come in handy if you’re looking to play Slingo online without betting any money. If you decide to invest, keep an eye on Golden Nugget Casino because it has a 100% up to $1000 welcome bonus for your first deposit. There are many other New Jersey casino offers that we constantly update on our website, so when in need, come check them out in the NJ bonus code section.

NJ Online Slingo Banking Options

Now that you’re all set, you should also check the available banking methods used by New Jersey online casinos. They’re all safe, secure, and extremely easy to use whenever you want to cash out your winnings. The most popular banking methods are:

If you feel like taking a walk, you can also withdraw your money at a Slingo casino cage. The same options work for making a deposit when you decide to bet with real money. Check the available bonuses the major NJ online casinos have to offer and use one of their multiple banking methods that best fits your needs.

New Jersey Online Casinos where to Play Slingo

This Slingo-mania started from the Slingo classic game, played in land-based casinos. New Jersey online casinos adopted and adapted it to the online world of gambling. It brought it closer to you, so you can play NJ online Slingo whenever you wish. The many versions of Slingo online turned into amazingly creative games that are highly interactive, all in a modern and fun design. At the moment, you can find Slingo online games at the following New Jersey casinos:

Most of these renowned New Jersey online casinos usually go for the Slingo classic version, but they add to their offer some themed Slingo slots, new variants of the game, or multiplayer versions of Slingo online. 

Know that Golden Nugget has the biggest variety of Slingo slots, including Slingo Reel Bonus, Slingo Extreme, Slingo Fortune, Slingo Riches, Slingo Reel Extreme, Slingo Showdown, and Slingo Xxxtreme. Alternatively, Borgata Casino has Slingo Carnival, Slingo Extreme, and Slingo Fortunes. 

The list can go on, but one thing is for sure, NJ online casinos are offering you the most entertaining and popular Slingo online games.

Brief History

NJ online bingo dates back to the 20s, while the first slot machine was developed by the New York-based company Sittman and Pitt, in 1891. Both games had the time to grow into what we know today as bingo and video slots.

Back in 1994, Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia started what we can call a basement project. The purpose was to design a game show. Falciglia, a real estate agent, bought an old fruit machine slot, took it apart, and adapted the wheels to show bingo numbers instead. 

After a thorough observation of the odds and how the game works, it became clear. Slingo was perfect for the online space that was just taking off. After that, in 1995, Slingo was hosted on AOL and soon it became their top social game.

Later on, in 1998, it became available for retail on a CD-ROM version. After a series of redesign and animation work, Slingo was ported to mobile in 2005, adding a multiplayer mode. In 2012, Slingo was introduced to Facebook where it survived only one year and a half. But one year later, the concept was sold to Gaming Realms for $15.6 million.

Today, you can play a Slingo game online by trying the free Slingo version or choosing a NJ Slingo casino platform.


There’s no surprise Slingo slots became one of the most fun online gambling games in the 25 years of its existence. Combining elements from the two highly famous gambling games, slots, and bingo, Slingo enriches players’ casino experience. 

Nowadays, NJ online Slingo has everything a prominent gamble game should offer, including lots of fun versions to choose from or bonuses and instant cash prizes along the way. Then there’s the possibility of multiplayer sessions if you want to raise the bar a bit.

The favorable RTP and amazing accessibility are two other undeniable advantages of Slingo. You can play it on a computer or your phone, from wherever you might be. Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy the wonderfully crafted graphics and themed variants of the game at your favorite online Slingo casino in NJ. All you need to do is choose a legal and licensed NJ online casino, where banking is always safe, the game fair, and where you can get more than satisfying bonuses. Play responsibly, take a break whenever you feel the need, and play smart. After all, the main purpose is to have a great time and win big at NJ online Slingo.


Can I play free Slingo online games in New Jersey?

Technically, no. However, from a practical point of view, you can. If you’re feeling lucky, but don’t want to invest any money, you still have a choice with no-deposit bonuses. This way, you can actually play Slingo free online, using the casino’s money. 

Is it possible to play Slingo online for real money?

Of course, you can. Since NJ online Slingo grew so much in popularity, most NJ online casinos decided to offer not only Slingo online, but many other versions of the game. 

How do I play Slingo Riches and win?

Slingo Riches follows the rules of classic Slingo but has all those special features to take it up a notch. In order to win when playing this version of NJ online Slingo, take advantage of the four possible free spins. Also, think through the combinations you can make when you get a Joker or a Super Joker, and look out for the Devil

Can I play Slingo online on my mobile phone?

Yes, NJ online Slingo was designed for mobile use and managed to keep its buzz and highly entertaining features. You can play Slingo online at your favorite NJ online casino in the browser. Or, for an even better experience, you can download the Slingo Casino apps, suitable for iOS and Android

Are NJ online Slingo games fair?

When choosing a NJ online casino to try out your luck at NJ online Slingo, go for the licensed ones. This is what guarantees you a safe and secure experience, but also a fair game of Slingo. All licensed New Jersey casinos give you a fair try at any casino game, due to the RNG (random number generator) feature.