Online Slingo Guide 2024

You probably love playing bingo. This laid-back casino slingo game based on chance gets you all excited as you check each number out of your grid. But have you heard of online Slingo? If you’re not familiar with this game, we gathered everything you need to know about online Slingo. This online Slingo guide will take you through Slingo’s history, and teach you how to play it and how to win. 

Online Slingo Guide Table Of Contents

Best Online Slingo Bonuses in New Jersey

The spin-sational bingo & slots combination that online Slingo entails has been a central element of the gambling world since the 90s. Therefore, it is no surprise that NJ casinos put several bonuses at your disposal while playing. In their portfolios, you will find a dizzying array of promotions, but make sure to aim for a no deposit bonus first.  Alternatively, if you want to invest, you can choose a first deposit bonus from the myriad available.

However, if you’re lucky enough, you can catch the occasional free spins that Slingo casinos grant. Before attempting to claim a bonus don’t forget to check out the wagering requirements of the promotions. This way, you’ll know what you have to do next. So, take a good look at the table below and giddy up to garner some Slingo bonuses before playing!

CasinoSlingo Classic Bonus
Golden Nugget CasinoUp to $1000 Deposit Match
Caesars Casino$10 Sign Up Bonus

100% Deposit Match up to $1K

2500 Reward Credits® upon $25+ wager
BetMGM Casino100% Match Deposit Up To $1000 + $25
Borgata Casino100% Match Deposit Up To $1000+$20 Free
Ocean CasinoUp To $1500 Deposit Match Upon First 3 Deposits
Stardust Casino$25 Casino Free Play + $500 Deposit Match
Mohegan Sun CasinoUp to $1000 Upon First Deposit
Betrivers NJ100% Deposit Match up to $500

Second Chance Bet up to $500
Resorts CasinoUp To $1000 Deposit Match

What Is Online Slingo – Bingo or Slots?

Slingo Classic is a game that combines the most enjoyable characteristics of online slots and bingo. With this fusion, you won’t have to choose between them anymore, thus doubling your gambling fun. Specifically, playing online Slingo means enjoying the thrilling fast-paced slots while also having the long-lasting rhythm of bingo. At the beginning of a new game, you get a card containing a 5×5 grid and 20 spins. Regardless of the casino slingo game you choose, they have more or less the same concept in the foreground. Therefore, in most games, your goal is to match as many of the 25 squares using the 20 free spins.

Simply put, you can match 5 numbers with each spin you take, on horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Slingo lines. On the other hand, in multiplayer Slingo games, you aim to score more points than your opponents. Once you spin the numbers featured on the grid, they are ticked off. After you use your 20 spins, you can continue wagering smaller bets to get more spin chances. Besides that, an online Slingo game also contains some unique symbols. For example, the wilds allow you to mark off numbers in advantageous positions on the board. Besides that, they can also bring you free spins or instant cash prizes. However, there are also the Devils that may prevent you from landing matching combinations.

How To Play Online Slingo

Playing online Slingo is easy because you’re basically playing slots and bingo with a twist. If you succeed in marking off 5 numbers in a row, you get a Slingo. Plus, depending on how many lines you fill in, you can receive extra bonuses that put you at an advantage.  In most cases, the Slingo play online will plot the winning matches for you to make it easier. But until we get there, it is better to start with the beginning. Below you can find the indicative steps you need to follow to play online Slingo by the book:

Set Your Stake

Given the intuitive nature of the slingo classic online gameplay, you can easily choose your stake. Simply put, modify the value you’re willing to hazard by using the “+” and “-“ symbols on the screen. Moreover, the sum you choose will now impact the price of extra balls later in the game. Therefore, it is recommendable to think it over carefully.

Land As Many Slingos As Possible

Landing a slingo means creating a perfect vertical, horizontal or diagonal line made up of matching symbols. Generally, the rules of slingo games vary from one variant to another. But landing as many as possible will trigger bonus features, especially if it includes special symbols.

Achieve More Slingos With Extra Balls

Once you have used up all your spins, the casino offers you an opportunity to buy extra balls. This way, you can attempt to increase your slingo game online payout at the last minute. While the balls can be expensive, focus on filling in as many blanks as possible in the early game.

Slingo Games Bonus Features

As we have previously mentioned, there are 20 spins in a Slingo classic round. With each one of them, you can reveal 5 numbers and your aim is to fill as many lines as possible. Plus, there are also unique symbols that could help you in the process. They can actually trigger bonus features that would increase the odds of completing the lines in the Slingo game faster. The symbols can be jokers, angels, devils, “free spins” or others, depending on which version of Slingo games you’re playing. But let’s go over the meaning of each symbol: 


It behaves like a Wild symbol, so it can be used to mark off any number in the column above. While variants might come with slightly different symbols, the Joker remains the same across all real money and free online Slingo games.

Super Joker

It is similar to the usual Joker in Slingo classic games. The actual catch is that you may use it to mark off any number in the whole grid.

Three or more Jokers/Super Jokers

If you get it, congratulations are in order, as this means an instant cash prize!

Free Spin 

Landing certain combinations may award you a free spin. This means that you get a free ball, thus increasing your winning chances.


This is one of the symbols that brings you instant cash prizes in a real money slingo game online.


This is a symbol that blocks potential matches. Therefore, if you land one in the real-money or free slingo games, you won’t be able to tick off any numbers.

Online Slingo Return to Player Odds

There is no official RTP that all Slingo games have, but for the most part, it ranges around the 95% mark. Some Online Slingo games will provide you with better odds and a lower house edge, but you’ll have to do your own research for that. For the most part, the main factors that go into the RTP are the variance, the speed of gameplay, and the stake sizes. Depending on these three you can expect a different RTP altogether.

Online Slingo Standard Format

On the left side of your screen, you can see a place where you can adjust the game’s stake. You should also be able to see a paytable there. This is how you can accurately determine the potential prizes for the stake size. On the right side of your screen, you can see a button that will allow you to start the game. There you can also see how many spins a game involves. Additionally, in the center, you should be able to see a 5×5 grid of numbers. This format is very similar to that of Bingo, which is where it gets its name from.

As the round begins, several numbers are drawn. You need to check your numbers and make sure that you get as many of these numbers on your grid as possible. The more combinations you get, the more money you end up with.

Where To Play Online Slingo In NJ – Best Bingo Casinos 2024

This Slingo-mania started from the casino Slingo that people used to play in land-based casinos. New Jersey online casinos adopted and adapted it to the online world of gambling. This way, they brought it closer to you, so you can it whenever you wish. With time, the many versions of online Slingo turned into highly interactive and amazingly creative games. The catch is that they are constantly re-polished in a more modern and fun design. At the moment, you can find Slingo online games at the following New Jersey casinos:

Golden Nugget

This is one of the Slingo casinos that takes pride in its game selection. Simply put, despite the rarity of the online slingo game, this operator puts forth no less than 38 variants. The catch is that you can play them as a Slingo PC game, but also in a mobile format. Another fun part is that they come in different forms and themes, thus ensuring your continuous entertainment. For example, Book Of Slingo takes you up to Egypt, whereas Slingo Starburst introduces you to an interstellar environment. Moreover, all online Slingo games have a demo version, thus allowing you to play Slingo free online. But if you want to gamble for real money, they have an attractive $1,000 Deposit Match bonus available for you.

Golden Nugget online casino logo

Caesars Casino

With just a single slingo classic behind, this operator works hard to make your gambling experience as smooth as possible. Therefore, its portfolio features no less than 37 variants of Slingo as of the writing of this article. Hopefully more will come in the future though. Moreover, you can play them on a computer, as well as on the mobile app. Here, familiar figures are waiting to take you up on a journey to claim enticing prizes. In case you want to work more on your Slingo strategy, you can try out the free Slingo demos available. But when you decide to play for cash, know that Caesars has a $500 deposit match bonus waiting for you. Until then, you can play Slingo online free no download peacefully, and make the Slingo rules your best friend. Some of the most popular choices are Slingo Showdown and Slingo Riches.

Caesars online casino NJ logo

BetMGM Casino

This casino is definitely no slouch when it comes to both real money and free online slingo. Besides, it ups the ante on numbers, as it provides a total of 48 online Slingo variants at the moment. With such a large portfolio, you are bound to find a Slingo slots game for you. You can dare to play with Slingo Berserk or keep it traditional with some Slingo classic online. In the same vein, the casino also has a Slingo classic bonus, namely a $1000 deposit match. Besides, it is hardly pleased with just that, so they are also putting $25 free play on the line. For your convenience, the casino offers Slingo Classic for Android and desktop. This way, it lets you decide for yourself how to play.

BetMGM online casino NJ logo

Borgata Casino

Being BetMGM’s sister company, this casino doesn’t fall behind when it comes to online Slingo either. Specifically, it puts forth the 48 Slingo variants, but with a different coat of paint. Therefore, you can play Slingo classic online to your heart’s content, but you can also change the atmosphere with variants like Slingo Extreme or Slingo Racing. The operator doesn’t fall behind in terms of bonuses either. Similarly to most Slingo casinos, it grants a 100% match deposit of up to $1000 for new players. Plus, if you don’t want to take financial risks, you can use the $20 free play to get some unique Slingo action. Likewise, you can also play Slingo free online by trying out the demo versions.

Borgata online casino logo

Ocean Casino

This operator comes close behind the already mentioned Slingo casinos, thus putting together no less than 20 Slingo games. It may not seem much, but the casino made sure to include only the best titles. Therefore, you can get some Slingo Originals action with the classic Monopoly Utility Trails variant. But if taking over your opponents’ estates may not be your thing, you can keep it simple with some Slingo Classic online.  Besides, the casino seeks to sponsor your gambling journey with a $1,500 deposit match upon your first 3 deposits. But if you are still not keen on your Slingo strategy, you can continue to play Slingo free online for the time being.

Ocean casino white logo

Top Slingo Game To Play In New Jersey

Most of these renowned New Jersey Slingo casinos usually go for the Slingo classic version. However, they occasionally add Slingo slots or multiplayer versions of Slingo online to their portfolios too. Know that Golden Nugget has the biggest variety of Slingo slots, including Slingo Reel Bonus, Slingo Riches, Slingo Reel Extreme, and Slingo Xxxtreme. Alternatively, Borgata Casino has Slingo Carnival, Slingo Extreme, and Slingo Fortunes. The list can go on, but one thing is for sure: Slingo casinos are offering you the most entertaining and popular Slingo online games.

Besides that, most games are also available as free Slingo versions which enable you to play for free. In other words, playing Slingo online free no download means that you have enough time to develop the ideal Slingo strategy. Therefore, you can consult the list below to see what Slingo games await you in New Jersey.

Slingo Reel Bonus

This online Slingo game is quite the treat when you set those reels in motion. You have the liberty to uncover the 20 lines distributed in a 5×3 grid. Although you follow the basic online Slingo rules, you have more chances for bonuses and free spins. In this variant, the Wild becomes a Wild Multiplier, which doubles the amount you win for completing the line.

Moreover, at the bottom of the online Slingo game board, you’ll find the bonus symbols. Get three of them to activate the Win Spins Bonus, but remember there are only 5 bonuses available. If you still need to find around this Slingo PC game, you can always try out the free Slingo variant. This way you can come up with an efficient slingo strategy for when you’ll be playing for real money!

Slingo reel bonus gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

Slingo Riches

This variant is the closest to the classic game that Slingo Originals makes available. You know the drill – you need to match the numbers on the 5×5 grid and complete the lines. The goal is to strike a “Slingo” and climb your way up the bonus ladder. Since it’s an original Slingo game, it only has one bonus, but the symbols can also spice up the session. The rather minimalistic interface makes room for the additional benefits you get for landing specific combinations.

Plus, the accompanying sounds while the numbers are chosen add suspense to the gameplay. You can pick up your numbers with the Joker and Super Joker. Moreover, when striking three at once, Slingo Riches unlocks instant cash prizes. While it doesn’t come with many twists, this slingo original game makes up the ideal slingo bingo and online slots combination. Plus, you can also find Slingo riches free play if you don’t want to put money on the line yet!

Slingo riches gameplay with special symbols, reels, bonus board and betting buttons

Slingo Extreme

As the name implies, this Slingo game online takes everything to the extreme. To the casual eye, it may seem that there are not many differences between this game and the Slingo classic. However, the software developers made sure to add some twists to it, thus ensuring an unforgettable experience. The catch is that you can win 500x your bet and can get more than the usual 4 free spins.

You can actually buy double the standard limit, namely 8 free spins during the course of a turn. The Slingo rules and symbols remain consistent, the only difference standing in the full house winnings.  To explain, you’ll get only 30% from your stake when filling in three lines. Therefore, if you’re feeling dauntless, Slingo Extreme is for you. On the other side, if you feel like you need a little practice, try some Extreme Slingo online free first. This way you can also polish a slingo strategy that would bring your opponents out of the game.

slingo reel extreme interface with bonus board, bingo numbers, special symbols and betting buttons

Slingo Fortunes

As the name implies, in this slingo game online you really play to gain. It welcomes you in a Chinese-inspired atmosphere, where you’re surrounded by luxury and gold. So, if you are down for the online Slingo Fortunes offer, you can choose to accept it after 4 Slingos have been achieved. This is the most interesting part of the game, as you reveal the numbers by opening up the lucky envelopes.

Alternatively, you can decline it and continue playing with an Open Pick and receive more offers as you take more spins. Another fun part is that the Super Jokers are there to help you. However, do not forget about the Unlimited Extra Spins feature specific to this online Slingo variant. It gives you control over the Slingo game online as it gives you unlimited spins. Besides, for a better chance at winning big, make sure to play some Fortunes Slingo online free before anything.

Slingo fortunes gameplay with special symbols, reels, bonus board and betting buttons

Slingo Showdown

If the combination of slingo bingo and slingo slots is not enough for you, this variant is exactly what you need. It doesn’t stray away much from what Slingo Originals usually offers, but it surely brings in a wave of fresh air. Specifically, it adjoins elements of online poker that give another kind of dynamism to the game. Therefore, while you attempt to complete the slingo slots lines, you look out for these poker hands. If you have experience with Pokerstars NJ or WSOP NJ, you’ll surely find your way around.

Moreover, the Wild West-inspired theme adds up nicely to the visual experience of the online Slingo game. So, the number you select next might be your ace in the hole. Besides, it offers more than one Slingo classic bonus, with the Free Deal card at the top of the list. Considering it’s also poker we’re talking about, you should aim for a high-paying poker hand. For a safe win, go for the royal or straight flush. So, throw your cowboy hat into the ring and pony up towards some authentic western online Slingo action!

Slingo showdown gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

Slingo XXXTreme

Are you daredevil enough to handle the XXXTreme online Slingo variant? This game is far from the Slingo classic game, as it never lets you catch your breath. Its fast-moving nature will keep you constantly on your feet as you keep those Slingo slots reels moving. Plus, you must keep moving because the floor is literally lava. Besides that, the Slingo rules are basically the same, as your main goal is to fill in the lines.

Moreover, In this online slingo game you have 11 spins at your disposal to bag some combos. But the twist is that you have the chance to win up to 1000x your bet. Besides that, with the Jokers, Devils, and free spins dominating your gameplay, you never know what will happen next. It is also convenient that this Slingo PC game is available to play in a free Slingo variant.

Slingo xxxtreme gameplay with bonus gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

Monopoly Slingo 

Software developers have brought online Slingo to a whole new level. We are talking about a themed version of the Slingo game online, namely Monopoly Slingo. What’s interesting is that despite featuring numbers on your card, it still preserves some of the game’s characteristics. Specifically, you get to select your profile before selecting your stake. The bonus features trigger familiar actions, thus the possibility of getting instant premier prizes or going to jail.

The point of this rater slingo original game is to try your best to land on properties and mark them off. Another difference regarding the slingo rules is that there are no spins; you’ll be rolling the dice. However, when you run out of dice rolls, you will have the possibility of buying some more. Moreover, remember to watch out for multiplier symbols throughout the game. That’s because they enable you to complete all proprieties in a row, thus striking “Slingo”. To get a better hang of it, you can also play its free online Slingo version.

Slingo monopoly gameplay with bonus gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

Slingo Carnival

The name of this online Slingo game perfectly captures its essential characteristics. This version follows the traditional 5×5 grid, with the same goal of striking as many Slingos as possible. However, the trick is in the 7 bonus rounds where you’ll be feeling just like in the middle of a carnival. Plus, familiar symbols like the jokers will help you make the most out of this fair.

To be more precise, in this slingo game online, you will be popping balloons and knocking down bottles. Moreover, everything goes perfectly with the unlimited free spins that the game has for you. To see how the rest of the bonuses work, it’s better if you try the free online Slingo variant first.

Slingo carnival gameplay with bonus gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

Slingo Reel Extreme

Of course, there is an extreme way to play Slingo online when you focus on the reel bonuses. You’d be delighted to know that this game is nothing like the Slingo originals. With dynamic gameplay accompanied by heavy metal music, you’re in for an action-packed experience. Plus, the sounds joined by the devil and angel symbols add urgency and personality to this Slingo pc game.

The big deal about this version of online Slingo has to do with the flaming-hot bonuses. Specifically, it’s about the Win Spin Bonus gives you the chance to choose your spins. However, this aspect depends on the bonus symbols level you acquire. They are like no other Slingo classic bonus, so let’s see how they apply to your winning Slingo strategy:

Slingo reel extreme gameplay with bonus gameplay with special symbols, reels and betting buttons

3 Bonus Symbols

4 Bonus Symbols

5 Bonus Symbols

Other Online Slingo Games To Play

The abovementioned slingo variants are only a glimpse of what New Jersey casinos have in their portfolios. So, it’s only fair that we give you a view of online slingo, that is as accurate as possible. These other variants have the same slingo rules in the foreground, but with the technicalities specific to each game. Plus, the real advantage is that you can play on both desktop and mobile. So, now it’s time you got the lowdown on some other variants that will give you a free-flowing online play:

Online Slingo Mobile Action

The arrival of the slingo game online to the portable world has forever changed slingo in terms of availability. If before you could find slingo only on a computer, now it’s easier than ever to enjoy the wonderfully crafted graphics and themed variants of online slingo. More specifically, you can play slingo online free no download effortlessly with a few taps on your phone. Besides, everything is adapted to fit on a small screen and the design is similar to the slingo PC game. This way, you will easily navigate the mobile platform while bagging consistent bonuses. The slingo casinos in New Jersey took this opportunity to bring forward their mobile apps. So, if case you want to experience some online slingo on the go, check out the following apps:

How To Win At Online Slingo

By playing online slingo, you also get the best out of slingo slots and slingo bingo. Whether you choose real-money Slingo Classic or slingo online free, you have something to gain from both. On one hand, you can win real money, while with free slingo you can hone your slingo strategy for free. The online slingo variety comes in many colorful options in New Jersey, each with its twists. As slingo play online has generally the same rules, we have put together some tips and tricks for you: 

Pros & Cons Of Online Slingo

Online slingo is ideal for every player seeking a different kind of gambling session. That’s because it takes the most interesting elements for bingo & slots and puts them together. So, bingo slingo brings a sense of familiarity to the table, while slingo slots provide the adrenaline you need to win. While many things can be improved, at the moment, we’d say that the pros outweigh the cons.  For this reason, we have piled up the positive and negative aspects of the original slingo game. This way, you can decide for yourself what to do next.

Available on both desktop & mobile
The financial potential that comes with the multipliers & onus features
Possibility to play real money and free slingo on mobile
User-friendly interface
Favorable RTP
Casinos make available enticing bonuses for slingo
You win cash money upon completing, the whole grid, or landing Jokers & Super Jokers
You cannot control the outcome of the game

Online Slingo History

NJ online bingo dates back to the 20s, while the first slot machine was developed by the New York-based company Sittman and Pitt, in 1891. Both games had the time to grow into what we know today as bingo and video slots. Back in 1994, Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia started what we can call a basement project. The purpose was to design a game show. Falciglia, a real estate agent, bought an old fruit machine slot, took it apart and adapted the wheels to show bingo numbers instead. After a thorough observation of the odds and how the game works, it became clear.

Casino slingo was perfect for the online space that was just taking off. After that, in 1995, Slingo was hosted on AOL and soon it became their top social game. Later on, in 1998, it became available for retail on a CD-ROM version. After a series of redesign and animation work, Slingo was ported to mobile in 2005, adding a multiplayer mode. In 2012, Slingo was introduced to Facebook where it survived only one year and a half. But one year later, the concept was sold to Gaming Realms for $15.6 million. Today, you can play a Slingo game online by trying the free Slingo version or choosing a NJ Slingo casino platform.


There’s no surprise that slingo slots became one of the most fun online gambling games in the 25 years of its existence. Combining elements from slots, and bingo, slingo brings casino experience to a new level. Nowadays, online slingo has everything a prominent game should offer. That includes lots of fun versions to choose from or sizzling cash prizes along the way. Then there’s the possibility of multiplayer sessions if you want to raise the bar a bit.

You can play it on a computer or your phone, from wherever you might be.  All you need to do is choose a legal and licensed NJ online casino, where banking is always safe, the game fair, and where you can get more than satisfying bonuses. Play responsibly, take a break whenever you feel the need, and play smart. After all, the main purpose is to have a great time and win big at online slingo.


How do you play online slingo?

First, you need to select your stake and start betting until you land your first slingo. From there, try to strike 5 slingos to receive cash.

Where can you play slingo games?

There a quite a few slingo casinos in New Jersey at the moment. Currently, the list includes Golden Nugget, Caesar, BetMGM & Borgata, Ocean, Pala, Mohegan Sun, Betrivers and Resorts, among others.

Can you win money on online slingo?

Yes, slingo games have the potential of winning real money. Plus, there are also slingo bonuses you could use to increase your chances to win.

How do you win in an online slingo game?

There is no standard way of winning an online slingo game as it is based on luck. However, to make sure you are in your best form, make sure you know the slingo rules well and have a slingo strategy prepared for any scenario. Besides that, all you could do is be patient and take your time while placing your bets.

Can you play slingo classic for free?

Absolutely. Most slingo games are included in the casinos’ portfolios’ alongside their free slingo variants. Therefore, you can effortlessly play slingo online free no download if you’re not ready for the real deal yet.