Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator NJ 2024: Calculating Your Tax Obligations

The gambling winnings tax calculator is an essential tool for anyone winning at casinos. It’s important to remember that all casino winnings are subject to tax obligations and must be reported to the IRS. This can sometimes be a frustrating and complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. Jersey Casinos offers a solution with our easy-to-use NJ gambling tax calculator. This tool simplifies the task of determining your tax obligations on gambling winnings. With clear instructions and straightforward calculations, it ensures you remain compliant with tax laws while enjoying your casino gains.

Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator – Table Of Contents

What is the Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator?

The gambling winnings tax calculator on our website is a practical tool designed to simplify the tax calculation process for casino winnings. This calculator specifically assists you in determining the 3% state tax rate on your gambling income in New Jersey. We understand the importance of accurate tax calculations, which is why we believe our gambling winnings tax calculator NJ will be extremely beneficial for you. It not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in completing your tax obligations.

In New Jersey, it is standard practice for NJ gambling winnings taxes to be automatically withheld. However, you’ll only be subject to additional federal tax if your winnings exceed a certain amount. Let’s illustrate this with an example: imagine you’ve won $900 from slot machines. Since this amount doesn’t surpass the $1200 threshold, you’re exempt from the 24% federal gambling tax rate. Using our gambling tax calculator, we can estimate that the 3% state tax on your winnings would be approximately $27.00. This calculation means you would retain $873 of your winnings. Now, we invite you to try it for yourself:

How to Use the NJ Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator

Understanding your tax obligations on casino winnings is made easy with the NJ gambling tax calculator. This tool is designed to provide quick and accurate estimates of the tax you owe on your gambling winnings. Follow this simple guide to understand how to use our gambling winnings tax calculator:

  1. Enter Your Winnings: Start by entering the total amount of your casino winnings in the designated field marked “Enter Amount Here…”.
  2. Calculate using the ‘Calculate 3% Tax’ Button: Once you’ve input your winnings, click on the “Calculate 3% Tax” button. This action triggers the calculator to compute the state tax based on the provided amount.
  3. View Your Estimate: After calculation, the tool will display an estimate of the tax you owe. This figure represents the 3% state tax on your gambling winnings.
  4. Understand Your Results: Take a moment to review the calculated amount. This step is crucial for a clear understanding of your tax obligations.
  5. Proceed With The Next Steps: Now that you have your estimated tax, you can proceed with confidence in fulfilling your tax responsibilities. Remember, this tool also considers gambling losses tax calculator functionalities, providing a comprehensive approach to your gambling finances.
Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator

Input your winnings amount below to find out the value of the 3% income tax.

Taxability of Gambling Winnings in NJ: How the Tax Calculator Can Help

In New Jersey, gambling winnings are considered taxable income, a rule that applies universally. This definition of taxable “gambling income” is broad, encompassing more than just casino games. It includes earnings from lotteries, race tracks, raffles, and even fantasy sports. As such, a gambling winnings tax calculator becomes an essential tool for anyone involved in these activities.

Visitors to Atlantic City casinos, and participants in other forms of gambling within the state, must be aware of the tax implications. This is relevant for both cash winnings and the fair market value of non-cash prizes, such as electronics, vehicles, or vacation packages.

This is where the tax calculator becomes invaluable. It helps players in New Jersey understand and calculate their tax liabilities accurately. Federal regulations require gambling institutions to issue IRS Form W-2G for winnings above certain amounts. Therefore, understanding these requirements and using tools like the gambling winnings tax calculator NJ can simplify compliance for players.

What Are The New Jersey Tax Rates 2024?

In New Jersey, as of 2024, it’s important to first consider the state tax on gambling winnings, which stands at 3%. Our NJ gambling tax calculator is designed to specifically help you with this aspect, calculating the 3% state income tax on your winnings. This initial calculation by our tool is a crucial step in understanding your total tax liability. Once you have a clear estimate of the state tax, you can then move on to consider the federal tax implications. For a complete overview of the tax rates, including both state and federal obligations, please refer to the detailed table provided below.

GameFederal Gambling Tax RateIncome Tax Rate NJThresholds Triggering W-2G Form
Online Poker Tournaments24%3%$5000 (minus buy-in costs)
Sports Betting24%3%$600 (300x wager)
Pari-Mutuel24%3%$600 (300x wager)
Lottery (< $10000)N/AN/AN/A
Lottery (> 500000+)N/AN/AN/A

Casino Winnings

In New Jersey, winnings from online casino games attract a 24% federal tax and a 3% state income tax. To assist with calculating this 3% state tax, the gambling winnings tax calculator NJ proves indispensable. It’s particularly useful when your slot machine winnings exceed $1,200 or poker tournament winnings are over $5,000, minus the buy-in. While casinos issue W-2G forms for these instances, they typically don’t for table game winnings. Hence, it’s essential to keep a personal record of these winnings and report them to the IRS.

Sports wagering

Winnings from sports wagering in New Jersey are subject to the same tax rates as casino winnings. Namely, we’re talking about the same 24% federal tax and 3% state income tax. To make things even easier, you can use our gambling tax calculator to see exactly how much you owe. If your yearly sports betting winnings exceed $5,000, expect the casino or racetracks to file a W-2G form with the IRS. Notably, your betting account meticulously tracks all your bets, providing a comprehensive record of transactions. You’ll also receive a W-2G for wins that are 300 times your wager, starting from $600 for a $2 bet.


New Jersey’s lottery winnings are governed by specific tax rates, which differ from other types of gambling. In addition to the standard 3% state income tax, these winnings are subject to:

For winnings like $7,000, which fall below the $10,000 threshold, no tax is required. However, in cases of a shared $18,000 win, each recipient faces a 5% tax even if their share is less than $10,000. For any win over $600 that is more than 300 times the bet amount, the issuance of a W-2G form is necessary. Utilizing the gambling winnings tax calculator can be particularly helpful in these scenarios, aiding you in accurately estimating the tax due on your winnings.

Other Games

In New Jersey, both bingo and keno are subject to the same gambling taxes as other games: a 24% federal tax and a 3% state income tax. The tax threshold for bingo is $1,200, meaning winnings above this amount require tax reporting and payment. For NJ online Keno, the threshold is slightly higher at $1,500. To simplify tax calculations, especially for the 3% state tax, using the free gambling winnings tax calculator is helpful, ensuring accurate and easy management of tax obligations.

How to Claim and Report New Jersey Gambling Winnings for Taxes

When it comes to reporting your gambling income in New Jersey for federal taxes, it’s essential to understand that all winnings, whether cash or prizes are fully taxable. This holds true irrespective of whether you are a professional or casual gambler. Additionally, New Jersey imposes a 3% tax on gambling income over $10,000, including the need to report the fair market value of non-cash prizes like cars or vacations. For smaller winnings that don’t trigger automatic withholding or a W-2G form, deciding to report them as taxable income is at your discretion.

To help you navigate the tax implications of your New Jersey gambling winnings, we’ve outlined a streamlined process below, complemented by our NJ gambling tax calculator:

  1. Ensure Information with Payer: Confirm that casinos and sportsbooks have your ID and SSN details for tax purposes.
  2. Determine Tax Withholding: Be aware of automatic withholding for winnings over $5,000 and the 24% federal tax paid to the IRS by the gambling establishment.
  3. Wait for W-2G Form: Expect to receive the W-2G form, which documents taxes paid and is necessary for IRS Form 1040 completion.
  4. Record Wins and Losses: Keep detailed records of your wins and losses, from both online and retail gambling.
  5. File Federal Tax Forms: Report gambling income under ‘other income’ on Form 1040 or its variants.
  6. File New Jersey-Specific Forms: Use an NJ1040 or NJ1040-NR form for non-residents to account for New Jersey gambling winnings.
  7. Consider Deductions: Think about itemizing deductions, keeping in mind that deducted losses cannot exceed the amount of gambling wins.

By following these steps and utilizing tools like the gambling winnings tax calculator NJ, you ensure proper reporting and compliance with tax regulations, including the specific 3% tax income threshold for substantial earnings over $10,000.

IRS Monitoring of Gambling Winnings and the Role of the Tax Calculator

The IRS stays informed about gambling winnings primarily through the issuance of Form W-2G. This form is a requirement for betting operators to issue when a gambler exceeds specific winning thresholds. The Form W-2G records key details like the total amount of winnings and the tax amount withheld by the operator. Crucially, a copy of this form is sent directly to the IRS. So, whether you hit a significant lottery jackpot or consistently win at horse racing, the IRS becomes aware of these gambling achievements through the W-2G Form.

This systematic reporting ensures that all large winnings are on the IRS’s radar, helping them track and tax gambling income effectively. For calculating state-specific taxes like those in New Jersey, the NJ gambling tax calculator can be a valuable resource, providing clear estimates of state tax obligations on these winnings.

What To Do If You Do Not Receive A W-2G Form In NJ?

If you don’t receive a Form W-2G in NJ, it’s usually because your winnings didn’t hit the threshold for automatic withholding. Despite this, remember that all gambling winnings are taxable by the IRS. In the absence of a W-2G, it’s crucial to keep detailed records of your gambling activities, including dates, amounts, and types of bets. This practice is recommended by the IRS for accurate tax reporting.

Online gamblers have the advantage of electronic records from betting operators, making it easier to track wins and losses. To estimate your tax obligations based on these records, using our free gambling winnings tax calculator is a practical approach, ensuring you stay compliant with tax laws.

Are Gambling Losses Tax Deductible?

Gambling losses are deductible on your tax return, but only to the extent of your gambling winnings. For example, if you win $4,000 but lose $6,000, you can only claim a deduction for the $4,000 you won. The remaining $2,000 in losses is not eligible for carryover to the next year. In this context, the free gambling winnings tax calculator can be instrumental in determining the exact amount you can deduct.

For substantiating your claims to the IRS, it’s important to maintain detailed records, including:

Remember, only direct gambling losses can be deducted, excluding costs like meals, accommodation, and travel. After compiling your records, using the gambling winnings tax calculator ensures accurate reporting of your losses and winnings to the IRS.

Are Taxes Applicable On New Jersey Betting Promotions?

In New Jersey’s online gambling scene, you’ll encounter various betting promotions like welcome bonus deals. Here, you will encounter, no deposit bonuses consisting mostly of free cash or free spins. However, in terms of free play, the online sportsbook bonuses category surely takes the lead.  These offers, while not taxable themselves, can lead to taxable winnings. It’s important to understand that any financial gains from these promotions fall under taxable income.

When you leverage these promotions and secure winnings, calculating the tax on those winnings becomes essential. This is where the gambling winnings tax calculator comes in handy, helping you determine your tax obligations on winnings derived from these bonuses.

Here’s a quick overview of the current promotional opportunities available in New Jersey:


In conclusion, the Gambling winnings tax calculator is an invaluable asset for anyone engaged in gambling in New Jersey. This tool simplifies the complex process of calculating your tax obligations, whether from casino games, sports betting, bingo, keno, or lottery winnings.

By providing an easy-to-use interface, it allows gamblers to accurately determine their tax liabilities, ensuring compliance with both state and federal tax laws. Ultimately, we hope this calculator allows players to manage their finances more effectively, providing clarity and confidence in handling their gambling winnings and losses.


Do I have to pay taxes on gambling in New Jersey?

Yes, all gambling winnings in New Jersey are subject to taxation, including casino games, sports betting, bingo, keno, and lottery winnings.

What is the tax rate in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the tax rate for gambling winnings is 3% at the state level. Additionally, federal taxes may apply if your winnings exceed certain thresholds. The thresholds for reporting gambling winnings in New Jersey are as follows: $1,200 for slots, $5,000 (minus buy-in costs) for online poker tournaments, $1,200 for bingo, $1,500 for keno, $600 (300 x wager) for sports betting, and $600 (300 x wager) for pari-mutuel betting.

How can I calculate my gambling tax for gambling winnings?

You can easily calculate your gambling tax for gambling winnings in New Jersey by using the free gambling tax winnings calculator available on our website. The calculator will assess your tax liability accurately.

How much taxes do you pay on casino winnings in NJ?

For casino winnings in New Jersey, you will be subject to a 3% state income tax rate on your gambling income. Additionally, federal taxes may apply if your winnings exceed specific thresholds.

Does NJ tax lottery winnings?

Yes, New Jersey does tax lottery winnings. Lottery prizes exceeding $10,000 are considered taxable income and are subject to taxation in the state.