Double Up Blackjack Redefines Casino Classics at BetMGM and Borgata

posted by Ioana
January 11, 2024

Double Up Blackjack, now featured at BetMGM and Borgata NJ AC, marks a new chapter in the long-standing allure of blackjack, a game that has enchanted gambling enthusiasts for centuries. It evolved from the French game ‘vingt-et-un’ and has become a global phenomenon since. The strategic depth and dynamic gameplay it offers is actually what makes it so appealing. 

Similarly, BetMGM is renowned for its commitment to excellence and forward-thinking. Its reputation is further secured with the introduction of Double Up Blackjack in New Jersey. This is not just another variant, it is a reimagining of a classic, designed to attract both experienced players and newcomers alike. Available at both BetMGM and Borgata NJ AC, this game assures to transform online blackjack, promising a unique gaming experience.

Double Up Blackjack Brings a Fresh Take on the Classic Game

Double-Up Blackjack at BetMGM Jersey NJ and Borgata Online Casino NJ introduces a twist to the beloved classic. In this variant, players possess unprecedented flexibility, allowing them to double their bets on any starting hand, except when dealt a natural blackjack. This tactical improvement transforms the way players approach the game, encouraging a bolder and more dynamic play. As part of Score Gaming’s “End 16” collection, Double-Up Blackjack skillfully balances player advantages, offering a fresh challenge to both seasoned and novice players.

A standout feature of Double-Up Blackjack is the “16 Bonus” side bet. This unique betting option adds an exhilarating dimension to the game, rewarding players when the dealer’s hand totals exactly 16. Such opportunities for additional winnings inject extra thrill into each hand, enhancing the overall gaming experience. This novel side bet not only diversifies the gameplay but also increases the potential for substantial payouts, making every round more engaging and unpredictable.

How Blackjack Double Up Strengthens BetMGM and Borgata Portfolios

Double-Up Blackjack’s transition from US retail casinos to the digital platforms with BetMGM Jersey NJ and Borgata NJ AC marks a significant evolution in online gaming. This exclusive offering in New Jersey sets the stage for an expansive rollout, subject to regulatory approvals. The enthusiasm of industry leaders like Oliver Bartlett of BetMGM and Merrill Sparago of Score Gaming underscores the game’s potential impact. Their shared vision for innovation is evident in bringing this popular variant online. 

Oliver Bartlett, BetMGM’s vice president of gaming products stated:

“Double-Up Blackjack offers a twist on the classic game and adds another layer of excitement for players,”

Meanwhile, Merrill Sparago, founder and president of Score Gaming, expressed excitement about the game’s addition and collaboration:

“Double-Up Blackjack further strengthens the variety of our table game offerings that feature in-house produced titles from Entain, as well as great partners like Score Gaming.”

The addition of Double-Up Blackjack enriches BetMGM and Borgata Online Casino NJ‘s portfolios, showcasing their commitment to diversifying player experiences. It’s a strategic move that caters to the existing blackjack aficionados and attracts new players, reinforcing their standing as leading destinations in the competitive New Jersey online casino market.

Learn the Ropes of Blackjack Double Up at BetMGM

At BetMGM Online Casino NJ, Double Up Blackjack is redefining player strategy. This variant empowers players to double down and stand on strong hands, such as totals of 19 or 20, providing a tactical edge. The game’s standout “End 16” rule, where a dealer’s hand totaling 16 leads to a push, diverges from traditional blackjack, adding an intriguing twist. While this rule might seem advantageous to players, it subtly shifts the house edge, creating a delicate balance within the game’s dynamics.

Excluding the side bet, Double Up Blackjack boasts an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 99.72%, signaling high potential returns for skilled players. The additional side bet, activated when the dealer hits a 16, introduces another layer of strategy and excitement. This bet offers a unique opportunity for players to score big, enhancing the overall gaming experience at BetMGM. Blackjack Double Up is not just a game but a strategic challenge, inviting players to refine their approach and engage with Blackjack on a deeper level.

BetMGM’s NJ Casino Portfolio Expansion Continues

BetMGM Jersey NJ, a leader in the online casino industry, is rapidly expanding its gaming portfolio. With the recent addition of Relax Gaming, now rebranded as “RLX Gaming”, it integrates a diverse range of games. Notably, the launch of the NHL Gold Blitz, the first NHL-endorsed online slot, marks a significant milestone. Joining the ranks are earlier releases like MGM Bonus City and Borgata Arcade. BetMGM Jersey NJ hints at more exhilarating offerings in the pipeline, ensuring its position at the forefront of online gaming.

Double Up Blackjack, now available at BetMGM and Borgata NJ AC, represents a revolutionary take on a timeless classic, offering players an entirely new way to enjoy blackjack. With its emphasis on strategic play and a range of betting options, Double Up Blackjack enhances the array of choices in NJ online casinos. As BetMGM and Borgata NJ AC continue to innovate, players can eagerly anticipate more groundbreaking additions to their gaming portfolios.

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