NJ Online Craps – Complete game guide & the best tips

If you’re new to this game and you’re looking to play NJ online craps, keep on reading. This Online Craps Guide will take you through its history and teach you the rules of the game. We have tips and tricks on how to be better at craps and thorough research on how to play craps online. 

It’s all fun and games but in order to understand this one, we need to go back to the beginning. 

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Basic Rules of NJ online Craps

Whenever you step foot in a casino, you’ll instantly recognize the craps tables. That’s because the New Jersey craps casino game is the most social, loud, and loved one. People get around the table and enjoy the thrill of playing with the faith, more than at any other game. And nowadays, we are lucky to experience NJ online craps in every New Jersey online casinos, at our own pace.

Just like other games, craps online NJ is not a difficult game. But understanding the different bets might take a while, the reason why NJ online casino craps become easier online. Before starting, you need to know a few essential things about craps:

How to Play NJ Online Craps

First of all, craps online NJ happens at a faster pace than a live game. If you like speed, keep in mind that most NJ online casino craps offer a turbo option. This means that the outcome is instantly revealed, without having to wait for the dice to roll. But let’s get a bit into the craps game rules.

You can play a NJ craps game online in rounds. Each round starts when the Shooter rolls the dice, called the Come Out roll. Players can make their bets now, but this is the moment to set the Point Number. NJ online craps covers three possible outcomes:

  1. 7 or 11, when Pass Line bets win and it’s time for a new round
  2. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, when the number rolled becomes a Point Number, meaning that there’s no winner or loser
  3. 2, 3, or 12Crap Out, meaning all bets lose, with two exceptions: the Don’t Pass bets and those placed on these three numbers.

So every round ends when the Shooter rolls a 7 – the Magic Number, or the Point Number. But before starting fresh with a new Come Out roll, remember there are lots of different bets that you can place, during the round. 

Different types of Bets

When you play craps online, you can place the bet before the Come Out roll and after the point is set. One of the most interesting things about NJ online craps is that you have plenty of wagering options to choose from. And if you’re a beginner, take a look at the best craps bets:

Hard Bets

Then, there are the Hard bets:

For the most experienced players of NJ online craps, there are few other bets like Lay Bets, Field, Any Craps, Aces, Yo/Eleven, and so on. But if you’re a newbie, we recommend you to stick to the basic ones, in order to play craps online for fun in New Jersey. 

NJ Online Craps Variations

When you want to play NJ online casino craps, you have four different variations to choose from. Even though the craps game rules are more or less the same, some details make the difference. The NJ craps game online software providers’ versions are: Gamesys (at Tropicana and Virgin), the Amaya version, the NYX (Pala) and Craps Pro

The most best bets odds and dice combinations

NJ online craps is the kind of game where you bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice. Players are in love with the idea of randomness and luck, that’s where they get all the thrill from. But for better chances at winning, it’s important to understand the probability of a particular number being rolled. So let’s go over the possibilities for the eleven dice numbers.

Rolling a/an:

After fully understanding the probabilities of dice rolls, when you play NJ online casino craps, you also need to check the payout rate. The house edge is a decisive detail for the success rate of each bet. So take a look at the financial advantages of the most popular NJ online craps bets:

NJ online Craps Payout Rate

  1. Pass bet – has a 1-1 payout with a 1,41% house edge. 
  2. Come bet – 1-1 payout and a 1,41% house edge
  3. Don’t Pass bet – 1-1 payout and a 1,36% house edge
  4. Don’t Come bet – 1-1 payout and a 1,41% house edge

Taking Odds vs. Passing Line Odds bets

Now, what most people don’t really know is the fact that there’s a kind of bet with 0% house edge. It is called Taking The Odds or Pass Line Odds bet and it can’t be found on the Craps table layout. This is quite a rare opportunity for players, as it is one of the few NJ online casino games with such a return. Moreover, in order to take advantage of it, you need to make a Pass Line bet first. Let’s see how this works:

Taking Odds on Pass/Come

Laying Odds on Don’t Pass/Don’t Come

Online Craps vs. Live Dealer Craps

NJ Online Craps

NJ online casino craps, although being very popular, leaves out an important part of the NJ live casino game version. As said before, this is the most social New Jersey casino game, where people gather around the table and develop a strong sense of camaraderie. However, some players prefer a quieter and more intimate atmosphere during the game session.

This is why playing NJ online casino craps is the best choice. The online version is much faster than the live one, with no waiting time needed for dice rolling. The minimum bet is also smaller when you play craps online. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about betting in exact units since the online games calculate payouts down to the penny!

NJ Live Dealer Craps

Live Dealer Craps consists of a table full of dealers in a live dealer studio. Rounds of dice rolling are filmed as they happen in high definition quality and live-streamed in real-time. One advantage is that the game gives you the possibility to use live chat to talk to your dealer. Therefore, since you might be missing the chatty, loud, and exciting mood of a real craps game, Live Dealer Craps is the way to go. You can actually go ahead and talk to other NJ online craps players, since most of them place the same bets. This brings the game a sense of community that can’t be replaced by a regular NJ craps game online. 

Play NJ Free Craps Online

To the beginner’s eye, NJ online craps game can seem a bit overwhelming. And understanding the rules is the easy part, getting through all the betting systems might take longer. So why not train with no risks and play free online craps?

Some of the New Jersey online casinos offer demo versions of their NJ craps game online where you can practice. You don’t have to create an account and become a member of the NJ online casino. No deposits needed for NJ free craps, just learn the ropes and get ready to play craps online for real money. This will help you develop a winning strategy and understand the value of different bets so you can increase your winning chances. 

Software Options

New Jersey online casinos became more and more popular, over the years. The coziness, the accessibility, and flexibility you get when you play craps online can’t be beaten by the land-based casinos. Everything is better online. Similarly, NJ online craps follows the same rules. 

Craps online NJ software is built to recreate the live casino experience that you can enjoy from home, winning big or just playing free online craps. The software is designed to play by the exact same rules and look the same as real craps tables. The developers put a lot of work into it to give you the best experience possible. 

Another component of a NJ online casino craps game is safety and fairness. Since the dice are rolled by a computer when you play craps online, the NJ casino needs to ensure correctness. Therefore, all online casinos use the Random Number Generator (RNG) to offer the same odds. This is how you’re certain that each throw of the dice is 100% random.

If you’re wondering how you can actually play craps online from home, there are several options. Most NJ casinos offer free software downloads so you can install it on your computer and play it whenever you feel like it. The installation process takes only a few minutes and no other software is needed. But if you don’t want to go through all this trouble, choose the instant play version of NJ online craps. Go to the website of your preferred online casino and just play craps online directly from your Web browser.  

Advantages of Playing NJ Online Craps

Most NJ online casino games are developed in a way that stands the test of real-life experience the player gets. And NJ online craps makes no exception. Playing NJ online casino craps on your favorite online casino platform is as good as it gets. You get the real feel, just like in a brick and mortar NJ casino. Plus, the world of New Jersey craps casino comes with a bunch of benefits you don’t get in land-based ones. 

You can play craps online whenever you want

Whatever you want and for as long as you feel like. You don’t need to dress up, go to the casino, or be disappointed when you can’t find a place at the table. 

Take advantage of the promotions

NJ online casinos usually offer promotions and bonuses so you make better use of your money. Land-based casinos don’t. 

Play the game for free!

NJ free craps, through demo versions, are only available at an online casino in NJ. Actually, this is quite a huge deal, especially for beginners. 

The best way to master the game

If you’re not the most sociable person and you enjoy your privacy, a table of craps at a land-based casino can be intimidating. It’s loud – the chips are flying all over, due to the number of players and all in all, very confusing. Therefore, choose to play NJ online craps, from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Learn the rules, the betting system and play to win, a stress-free game of craps online NJ.   

Smaller minimum bets

Many casinos in New Jersey have a minimum bet of $5 to $25. New Jersey craps casino games usually have a $1 bet, so this extends your playtime and eventually, your fun time.

NJ Online Craps Reward Programs and Bonuses

As usual, we put together precious information about your favorites NJ online casinos or the games they provide. Then, we try to find the best offers and bonuses these casinos have in store for you. For example, Virgin Casino has a $20 free bonus on sign up and up to $100 Cashback upon first deposit. Borgata Casino goes with a $20 free bonus when you create an account on their platform and many other offers along the way.

Therefore, if you don’t want to meddle too much with your expenses opt for a no deposit bonus. Alternatively, if you are willing to invest for the sake of improving your gambling strategy, look for a first deposit bonus. Keep in mind that NJ casinos value your contribution and may offer you a reload bonus, as thanks for your periodic deposits on their site.

There are four different craps games available in NJ online casinos, mostly similar. Every craps game in New Jersey has a 1.41% house edge for the Pass/Come bets and a 1.36% house edge on Don’t Pass/Don’t Come. For the rest of the bets, the house edge rates differ from one casino to another. 

Craps variations at NJ Casinos

So the only difference between NJ online craps games is made by the payouts. And since the focus is on NJ online craps today, you should know that the best craps online NJ version is offered by Virgin Casino. And these are the favorable rules of Virgin Casino’s Craps:

Other online craps games only offer 2x or 3x odds. Plus, Virgin Casino comes with many other bonuses and offers after you become a member. So, if you’re looking to make the best out of your money when playing NJ online craps, this might be the answer. For other New Jersey craps casino bonuses and offers, stay tuned, we constantly check the market for the best deals. 

NJ Online CrapsWagering Requirements

One of the greatest advantages players have when they choose an online NJ casino instead of a land-based one is the welcoming bonus. It is obvious that this bonus, alongside many others, are all bonuses you get to enjoy. The catch with the bonus is that you must meet the wagering requirements before cashing them out. And these differ from one casino to another. 

In NJ online craps, online casinos don’t offer as many bonuses as with other table games. That is due to the very low house edge NJ craps game online has. So usually, the wagering requirements for NJ online casino craps are 20/0.1x bonus + deposit value. 

NJ Online CrapsDeposit and Withdrawal

New Jersey online casinos have come a long way since launch. Therefore, they try to keep up with players’ needs, in terms of banking too. So if you’re ready for a round of NJ online craps and you want to make a deposit, you have several options.

Naturally, these are the same for withdrawal. If you prefer, you can also use the land-based casino cages, for cash. For a similar alternative, paying with cash via 7-Eleven PayNearMe is another way to go.

NJ Online Craps on Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, most New Jersey online casinos work with high-end developers in order to attract more players with new and exciting games. Of course, NJ online craps is one of them. The next step is to give it even more accessibility and adapt it to mobile use.

However, NJ online craps is quite a complex game that does not really adjust well to the mobile format. This is the reason why New Jersey online casinos do not support NJ online casino craps on their mobile apps. Luckily, this is something that’s going to change soon, as developers are working hard on improving their game library, for both desktop and mobile versions. 

NJ Online Craps Tips & Tricks

If you want to play craps online for fun in New Jersey or you’re into winning big at NJ online craps, we have some tips for you. 

Understand what NJ online craps are

First, learn the rules of the game. Then, make sure you give a good read to the different types of bets you can make. And for that, we recommend some NJ free craps practice. Since most New Jersey casinos offer NJ craps game online, it’s a shame not to take advantage of it. 

Choose the right NJ online craps bets

As discussed before, New Jersey craps casino games offer a wide variety of bets. And some of them have a very low house edge. Those are the ones you should be wagering on. Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line are the best bets in NJ online craps with an RTP of 98, 64%. Always look for bets with the highest return to player rate that can guarantee you bigger winnings. 

Stay away from the hard ways

Every NJ craps game online comes with some less advantageous feature bets. And the hard bets (4, 6, 8, and 10) have a house edge of around 10%. And the same rule goes for preposition bets in NJ online craps. With a huge house edge but big payouts, the Big 6 or Big 8 bets are clearly those to stay away from. Even though you might find them appealing when playing NJ online craps, the payouts of 30:1 are just a disaster. So stick to the basic bets that can actually increase your winning chances. 

Where to Play NJ Online Craps Games

When you want to play NJ online craps or any other game of your choice, the first step is to choose a licensed online NJ casino. This will give you a safe, secure, and fair NJ online craps game session. At the moment, there are several licensed New Jersey online casinos providing NJ online craps:

Simply put, you can play free online craps and get your skills improved on these platforms. Unfortunately, none of these NJonline casinos have a mobile version of NJ online craps. 

Brief History

It all started with a form of entertainment based on dice throwing, back in the Ancient Times. Egyptians, Koreans, and Roman Emperors engaged in different dice games, not only for fun but in the name of faith, as well. This way, dice rolling got some sort of a mystical aura which translated later into a game known as Hazard. As it is not clear to this day, Hazard originated either in England or Arabia and became extremely popular until the 17th century. In the early 1700s, Hazard crossed the Channel into France. There, it grew in popularity to the point of changing its name to Craps (originally Crabes). 

The French colonists brought it to the US, where, in time, had the same development. People started enjoying playing craps, finding different ways of cheating, and creating a better chance of winning. That happened until John H Winn, now considered the Father of Modern Craps, introduced the table layout that we use today. In time, a complex betting system developed into 29 formal bets that can be placed for a single craps roll. 

NJ Online Craps in the Modern World 

At the beginning of the 90s, the game lost a huge number of players and its popularity. This happened due to the high rise of slots and video gaming machines that took over casinos.  But the online casinos prepared the perfect context for a craps comeback. Even if people saw it more like a specialty game, craps managed to stir some enthusiasm among a new generation of players. 


The craps game has always been, and is, to this day, one of the most entertaining NJ casino games. If you ever step foot in a NJ casino, you will immediately recognize the big crowds around the table. There is no doubt that players will be shouting with enthusiasm, laughing, and making the best out of their gambling experience.

Luckily, you can also play craps online for fun in New Jersey casinos. Due to the technology advancements, this amazing game was adapted to an online version of NJ online craps. And it managed to keep its fun features, with thrilling bets and frantic game strategies. 


What are the sucker bets in NJ online Craps?

The worst paying bets in NJ online craps are those with a huge house edge or a terrible payout. More precisely, those are the preposition bets like the Big 6 and Big 8. We can include in this category the 12 bet, the 2 bet, the Whirl Bet, the Horn Bet, and the list continues. These bets have a house edge of 11% or more.  

Why should I “take the odds” when playing NJ online casino Craps?

The “odds bet” is not highly popularized by the New Jersey online casinos because it has a 0% house edge. This is exactly the reason why you should take the odds. To explain, this is the winning way to lower the house edge with a second bet on your original wager.

Before choosing the casino to play NJ online craps, check the number of odds you can take. Some of them have a limit of 5x the bet, others 10x. Some New Jersey casinos limit you at 100x the bet which is the option we recommend. 

What is the safest bet in Craps online NJ?

If you practiced enough with NJ free craps and want to try out your luck on real money, start with the safest bet. To clarify, start with the Pass Bet, with a low house edge of 1,41%, that pays even money.  

Is there any strategy for NJ online casino Craps?

The best strategy in NJ online craps is to wager on table minimum bets at Don’t Pass and Don’t Come. This is how you can reach your desired total wager by laying the odds after those bets. Always look out for each bet’s house edge before throwing in any money. 

Can I play craps online for free and win real money?

When you play free online craps, you are typically practicing then go on to play for money. You don’t need any investment, you’re only here to learn the betting system rules and develop a winning strategy.