Inspired Launches Virtual Sports with Rush Street Interactive on BetRivers in New Jersey

posted by Ioana
April 2, 2024

Inspired Entertainment has recently established a virtual sports gaming partnership with Rush Street Interactive. The collaboration brings top-tier Inspired eSports to the BetRivers Casino platform, promising an enriched gaming experience for players. The strategic alliance not only strengthens the bond between Inspired and Rush Street Interactive, but also sets the stage for future expansion of the offerings to more states.

Brooks Pierce, Inspired CEO, underscores the partnership’s potential to boost the BetRivers gaming experience and complement its sports betting options:

“We are thrilled to partner with RSI to bring Inspired premium Virtual Sports to BetRivers players in New Jersey. This collaboration will enhance the gaming experience for BetRivers players and complements their sports betting options. Our strong relationship with Rush Street Interactive and their exceptional BetRivers platform make them an ideal partner for us.”

Virtual Sports Gaming Boosts BetRivers with Inspired Gaming’s Premium Content

For BetRivers players in New Jersey, the launch of Inspired Virtual Sports Gaming NJ represents a new era in realistic sports simulators. Richard Schwartz, CEO of Rush Street Interactive, also emphasized the upgraded Virtual Sports catalog. Schwartz stated:

“Our aim is to continually elevate our customers’ gaming experiences with premium content. Inspired is known for its exceptional Virtual Sports offerings, and we are excited to work together to provide a new and improved online entertainment experience for our players.”

His statement only further stresses the ambition to enrich customer experiences through this partnership. Additionally, the BetRivers and Interactive Gaming collaboration signifies a long-term commitment to expand Virtual Sports content across additional states. Simply put, it displays the mutual dedication of both companies in pioneering the NJ eSports arena.

More About Inspired Gaming NJ

Virtual sports are digital competitions created for betting that blend elements of Interactive gaming with the sports betting thrill. Virtual sports captivate players by blending the easy access of NJ online casinos with the thrill of live sports. As a result, the virtual sports market is experiencing a significant surge, with projections suggesting a growth from $8.5 billion in 2023 to $35.5 billion by 2030.

The increasing demand for online betting and Inspired Gaming NJ’s leadership are driving this sudden rise. They are launching innovative virtual sports content across global markets, including soccer, dog racing, and football in Italy. However, we’re also talking about a home run derby game in Ontario featuring iconic MLB players and a partnership with the NBA for basketball games. The Inspired Gaming official website is a great place to check out their sports offerings.

To conclude, this partnership between Inspired Entertainment and Rush Street Interactive Gaming is proof of their shared desire to innovate in the NJ virtual sports gaming sector. Players in New Jersey can now enjoy a superior gaming experience with Inspired Virtual Sports on BetRivers. This initiative not only enhances the gaming landscape in New Jersey but also paves the way for future expansions, promising an exciting trajectory for virtual sports gaming NJ enthusiasts.

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