BetMGM Poker Championship With Mystery Bounty Returns to Aria in June 2023

posted by Theodora
May 8, 2023

Poker players, get ready again to shuffle up and deal at the BetMGM Poker Championship at ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas in June 2023! Set in one of the most prominent gaming and entertainment destinations in the world, you are in for a luxurious treat with opulent lodgings, buzzing casino floors, first-rate dining options, and, of course, high-paced live poker! The lavish rooms at ARIA and the energetic casino floor make this an event you won’t want to miss!

If you are a New Jersey player, in the following article you’ll find all the information on how to enroll, details about the online qualifier events, as well as an overview of the championship’s format and schedule.

BetMGM Poker Championship June 2023 – Format and Schedule

Following the successful Winter BetMGM Poker Championship, an equally exciting event is just around the corner! The BetMGM Poker Championship at ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas will happen in June 2023 and will feature an exciting BetMGM Aria poker tournament structure, which will include a variety of events with different buy-ins, game formats, and betting limits.

The venue is renowned for its opulent amenities and high-stakes Aria High Roller Series tournaments. Moreover, the BetMGM Poker Championship Aria Poker Tournament schedule reveals that the event will take place from June 9 through June 13 at the ARIA casino poker room, with the final table being held and broadcasted in the PokerGO studio just next door.

The $3,500 buy-in fee is the same as it was the previous year for the BetMGM Aria Poker Tournament 2022. However, the guarantee is quadrupled up to an alluring $2 million!

How to Enroll

After familiarizing yourself with the BetMGM Aria poker tournament structure, take the necessary steps to enroll, as follows:

Steps to Enroll in the BetMGM Poker Championship at Aria

  • Visit the BetMGM Poker website or download the BetMGM Poker app.
  • Create an account for BetMGM poker online and confirm your location and age.
  • As the event gets closer, check the app or website for the approaching online qualifiers.
  • Pay the buy-in cost to register for a qualification event.
  • Play the qualification event to try to get into the BetMGM Poker Championship main event.
  • You can also take part in live satellite events that are held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
  • Participate in the live satellite tournament for a chance to earn a place in the BetMGM Poker Championship main event.
  • If you get a seat in BetMGM NJ poker, fill out the required paperwork and present proper documentation to prove your age and qualification to take part.

The BetMGM Poker Championship’s payout structure rewards players who advance to the final table. The winner will be taking home the majority of the prize money. Still, players who advance far in the tournament, but don’t make it to the final table, can anticipate seeing a sizable return on their investment.

Naturally, it’s important for those interested in competing in the BetMGM Poker Championship to carefully review the Aria poker tournament schedule only if they have the legal gambling age in the US. You can qualify for the final table through live satellite events and online qualifiers, with simple registration forms available in the Aria Casino Poker Room and online through the BetMGM Poker app.

Qualifying for the BetMGM Poker Championship 2023

Any poker player who wishes to test their talents against the world’s greatest players can consider qualifying for the BetMGM Poker Championship. Two beginning flights will be used for the tournament, and at least 100 players must qualify from areas served by BetMGM Poker Online, including New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. As the director of BetMGM stated, the upcoming period comes with exciting news in the world of poker:

It’s great to bring BetMGM players back to Las Vegas during one of poker’s most exciting times of the year. […] For a second straight year, ARIA is delivering a Championship event and we are happy to continue to build on our relationship with MGM Resorts while connecting BetMGM online players to the best poker rooms in the United States.

Luke Staudenmaier, BetMGM’s Director of Poker

Online Qualifiers

According to the NJ online gambling law, you must be 21 years or older to enroll on the BetMGM online casino NJ platform or app to compete in the online qualifications. You can enter the online qualifications by paying a nominal buy-in fee after your BetMGM account has received the seal of approval. 

The fight for the chance to win the grand prize will take place in the tournament’s next round of qualifiers. The possibility to compete against the best players in the world, the opportunity to win a significant sum of money, and the chance to network with other players while learning new poker strategies and tactics are just a few benefits of qualifying for the event. 

To elaborate, qualifiers can get packages that include travel costs, a six-night stay at the ARIA from June 7–13, 2023, a $3,500 buy-in to the BetMGM Poker Championship, and an $800 buy-in to the Mystery Bounty event. Making the cut for the event may be in itself a wonderful chance to connect with other poker players, share thoughts, and learn new strategies.

The Mystery Bounty Event – What You Need to Know

The BetMGM Poker Championship 2023’s Mystery Bounty Event is an exciting innovation that offers a distinctive spin on the conventional poker tournaments format.

The Mystery Bounty Event has rather straightforward regulations. At random, a bounty will be placed on each participant’s head. The amount of the bounty won’t be known until that player is out of the competition. As a rule, the person who eliminated a player will get their bounty after they are removed. This tournament will be played as a No Limit Hold’em game with a $1,100 buy-in.

The Mystery Bounty Event is a crucial component of the BetMGM Poker Championship 2023. So, this gives players the possibility to earn significant cash prizes. Any serious poker player wishing to test their skills and have some fun. At the same time, they should not pass up the Mystery Bounty Event due to its unpredictable gameplay and possibility for high winnings.

ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas – The Ultimate Poker Destination

The Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas has established itself as the preferred location for table games enthusiasts and will continue to be so, as the BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 will take place there for the second consecutive year.

With a modern, cutting-edge venue, the ARIA Casino Poker Room serves players of all skill levels with a wide range of games and stakes. The Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas allows NJ patrons to play their chosen games around the clock, seven days a week, at 24 tables. No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and other games are available at the poker rooms in both cash games and competitions.

Along with a spa, a theatre, and a casino floor featuring slots, table games, and sports betting, the hotel also has shops and boutiques you can enjoy. You may participate in an opulent setting in the ARIA Poker Room, where a range of various casino games and limits are offered.

2022 BetMGM Poker Championship Winners

A record-breaking event, the 2022 BetMGM Poker Championship brought together some of the best players in the world. They competed for a prize pool worth over $5 million! The Aria high roller series 2022 included a variety of events. The list includes no-limit hold ’em, pot-limit Omaha, and mixed games. This variety will ultimately give players of various skill levels and play philosophies the opportunity to excel.

Some of the most accomplished players from last year’s competition can be seen in the table below:

1Joey WeissmanUnited States$224,236
2Paul HoeferGermany$159,152
3Noel RodriguezUnited States$104,272
4Michael WangUnited States$65,856
5Benji FelsonUnited States$51,587
6Joe KuetherUnited States$41,709
7Zachary DonovanUnited States$34,026
8Todd IvensUnited States$28,538
9Albert NguyenCanada$24,147

John Smith, a seasoned player and longtime presence in the poker scene, won the top prize of $1 million. Other notable victories included the young up-and-comer David Lee, who made a stir by winning the pot-limit Omaha event. Also, Maria Gonzalez, who won the women’s championship event, made her name unforgettable.

However, the 2022 BetMGM Poker Championship was more than just a game. Players bonded through their passion and took in the adrenaline and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. All in all, the event was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone engaged. From the first-rate accommodations at ARIA to the top-notch food and entertainment options, everything was memorable.

To Sum Up

To sum up, the BetMGM Poker Championship is a mandatory event for all gamblers who love this game. The tournament provides a fun format and schedule, a just payout system, and the opportunity to compete against some of the finest players in the world. 

BetMGM is one of the best poker sites New Jersey has to offer, so whether you choose to play online or in person at the Aria Poker Room, get ready for world-class entertainment this June!

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