Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 - $175,000 Guaranteed

posted by Theodora
January 6, 2023

The year has just begun and New Jersey bettors are already in for a treat thanks to the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023, which will run from January 12 – 22, with over $700,000 guaranteed across the series, including a $100,000 GTD High Roller. Keep on reading to see the full schedule, how you can qualify, and what players are eligible to receive 100% rake back!

Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 – $175,000 Guaranteed

BetMGM online casino NJ is staring the New Year with a winter poker championship with buy-ins as low as $42. The event will run from January 12 – 22, but Daily qualifiers start January 5. Moreover, all TROPHY events from the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 will feature Early Bird Registration – which means members who register at the beginning of the event will receive 100% rake back! The series has $700,000 guaranteed, which includes a $100,000 GTD High Roller and $175,000 Winter BetMGM Poker Championship. If you participate in any $100 event, you’ll qualify for the BetMGM Winter Poker Championship Pick a Card – and have a daily chance to win a $1,000 championship ticket! The Pick-a-Card Prizes are the following:

  • $5 Tournament Ticket
  • $20 Tournament Ticket
  • $100 Tournament Ticket
  • $1,000 Tournament Ticket

Winter BetMGM Poker Championship – Who is Eligible to Participate?

To be eligible to participate in the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 you must be 21 years of age or older, and be physically located in the state of New Jersey. The NJ casino won’t allow you to participate without an active BetMGM account or if you are currently on any exclusionary lists. All members with verified and active accounts must register before the end of late registration and given the nature of these events, players will be eligible for the Winter Poker Championship Pick a Card the day after they participate in any $100 event. Also, keep in mind that you may only claim this BetMGM poker promo once per day and re-entries do not award additional picks! Follow these steps to participate in the Winter BetMGM Poker Tournament 2023:

How to Participate

  • Sign in to your BetMGM account from January 12 – January 22, 2023
  • Register for a Winter BetMGM Poker Championship TROPHY event before it starts
  • Remain registered through the start of play to claim Early Bird Registration
  • Participate in any $100 event to qualify for the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship Pick a Card
  • Simply register via cash buy-in, Tournament Dollars or Tournament Tickets

Please note that Tournament Tickets can only be used for Winter BetMGM Poker Championship qualifiers until December 22 and they are non-negotiable and non-transferable. Your fee will be refunded within 24 hours of the conclusion of each event and in case you unregister, the fees will not be returned. We advise you to check the full Terms & Conditions list of this BetMGM poker promo to see its general rules, restrictions, and limitations of participation.

BetMGM Winter Poker Championship 2023 – Full Schedule

The schedule of this Winter BetMGM Poker Championship is conditioned by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s continuing regulatory approval, which means the agency has full control over how and when it unfolds. In the event its regulatory approval will be withdrawn prior to the end of the tournament, this BetMGM poker promo will be null and void. As stated before, Daily qualifiers start January 5 and the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 will run from January 12 – 22, with over $700,000 guaranteed across the series. Below you can find the full schedule of the event, its buy-ins, fees, bounty, time, and dates. Please visit the official page of the BetMGM poker promo via website or the BetMGM mobile app in case you have further questions or get in touch with the support team for assistance.

TimeDateBetMGM Poker Championship EventTotalBuy-inFeeBounty
7:00 PMJanuary 12#1 $40K GTD KICKOFF NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$500$470$30
8:00 PMJanuary 12#2 $15K GTD NLH$100$92$8
7:00 PMJanuary 13#3 $20K GTD PKO NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$250$107.50$17.50$125
8:00 PMJanuary 13#4 $15K GTD PKO NLH$100$42$8$50
7:00 PMJanuary 14#5 $25K GTD NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$500$470$30
8:00 PMJanuary 14#6 $10K GTD NLH FREEZEOUT$100$92$8
6:00 PMJanuary 15#7 $20K GTD PLO 6-MAX [TROPHY EVENT]$250$232.50$17.50
7:00 PMJanuary 15#8 $100K GTD HIGH ROLLER NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$2,500$2,400$100
8:00 PMJanuary 15#9 $20K GTD GRIND NLH$100$92$8
7:00 PMJanuary 16#10 $25K GTD PKO NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$500$220$30$250
8:00 PMJanuary 16#11 $15K GTD NLH$100$92$8
7:00 PMJanuary 17#12 $50K GTD NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$1,000$950$50
8:00 PMJanuary 17#13 $15K GTD NLH$100$92$8
7:00 PMJanuary 18#14 $25K GTD PKO NLH 6-MAX [TROPHY EVENT]$250$107.50$17.50$125
8:00 PMJanuary 18#15 $12K GTD PKO NLH 6-MAX$100$42$8$50
7:00 PMJanuary 19#16 $40K GTD WARM-UP NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$500$470$30
8:00 PMJanuary 19#17 $15K GTD NLH$100$92$8
7:00 PMJanuary 20#18 $20K GTD NLH 7-MAX [TROPHY EVENT]$250$232.50$17.50
8:00 PMJanuary 20#19 $10K GTD PKO PLO$100$42$8$50
6:00 PMJanuary 21#20 $25K GTD NLH [TROPHY EVENT]$250$232.50$17.50
7:00 PMJanuary 21#21 $30K GTD HIGH ROLLER PKO 6-MAX [TROPHY EVENT]$500$470$30
8:00 PMJanuary 21#22 15K GTD PKO NLH$100$42$8$50
6:00 PMJanuary 22#23 $175K GTD CHAMPIONSHIP NLH 2 DAY [TROPHY EVENT]$1,000$950$50
7:00 PMJanuary 22#24 $20K GTD NLH FINALE$100$92.00$8

Other BetMGM Poker Tournament Series Rules

The BetMGM poker network has the right to change or cancel this event in its entirety, as well as exclude any members from participation should there be any irregularities or abuses occurring in association with it. As mentioned before, to participate in the Winter BetMGM Poker Championship 2023, you must be 21 years or older and be physically located in the state of New Jersey when the tournament occurs. Please read the list of T&Cs of the championship in its entirety to ensure you are eligible to participate and are following all the required guidelines. This is one of the best poker tournaments in New Jersey this month, possibly this year – and the past BetMGM poker series have always proved to be successful, awakening the competitive spirit of all NJ bettors across the state.

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