As a gambling enthusiast, you have most probably heard about WSOP Poker NJ.  World Series of Poker New Jersey is one of the greatest places to be when it comes to poker variation. Here, you can compete in tournaments against the best players in your area and become the King of Poker, yourself.

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WSOP Poker Bonuses

WSOP surely makes available many tournaments for Atlantic City inhabitants to enjoy. However, it is only natural that they also put some exclusive poker bonuses up for grabs. So, here are the bonuses you can claim in order to boost your chances to win.

$25 Free Play

Upon, opening an account, you get a very advantageous bonus. Specifically, once you have completed your sign-up procedure, you’ll instantly get $25 for free. Moreover, ycan use this sum to play on whatever game and tournaments you may please.

100% Deposit Match Bonus up to $1000 + $25

Then, upon locking your loyalty promise to WSOP by making your first deposit, you get another $25. Not only that, but also 100% deposit match, depending on the value of your deposit. This way, you can get up to $1000 from the casino. It’s like catching two birds with one stone!

To claim it successfully, you must complete the wagering requirements within 90 days. On top of that, you must also accumulate enough APPs (Action Players Points) by playing raked hands. For this Match Deposit Bonus you will get $5 will every 50 APPs unlocked. On the other hand, you need 2APPs to earn $1 for the Free Play Bonus.

7 x $100 Welcome Week Freerolls

As a new player, there is not only a first deposit bonus waiting for you. You will also have 7 Welcome Week Freerolls to use in the next tournaments that take place throughout the whole following week. However, beware to use them immediately for they expire in 7 days.

Types of WSOP Poker NJ

As the top poker provider in NJ, it is obvious that it makes available a dizzying array of variants. Here are the WSOP NJ online poker variants you can try out at this casino:

Texas Hold’em


Seven Card Stud

Draw Games

5-Card Draw

Lowball Draw



WSOP NJ Tournaments

Besides the abovementioned WSOP NJ online Poker variants, there are other ways of experiencing the exhilarating poker action. Specifically, you can try out the Sit and Go WSOP NJ online poker tournaments, or Multi-Table ones.

Each one has a unique format of WSOP Poker NJ, but we believe you should decide this aspect for yourself. So, take a look at the rules and specifications and see what combinations you can come up with! Don’t forget to do some WSOP NJ online poker tournaments tracking to make sure you always stay informed!

Sit and Go WSOP tournament

This type of Poker Tournaments NJ is also known as Single Table tournaments. It is available 24/7 and has no specific World Series of Poker schedule. Moreover, they don’t lose any time! That’s because once you finalize the WSOP tournament registration process, prepare yourself, for the game starts immediately!


It goes without saying that your hard work in the New Jersey poker rooms deserves recognition. So, the better your WSOP Poker NJ skills are, the better your reward will be. So, in terms of payouts, things stay as follows:

9-Handed Sit and Go’s

6-Handed Sit and Go’s

Multi-Table WSOP tournament

If you are a fan of big payouts and seek a dynamic poker experience, MTTs are clearly for you. MTTs comprise a large variation of WSOP Poker NJ, but Texas Hold’em remains the top choice. What’s actually different from Sit and Go’s is that here, players fill in multiple tables.

Practically, the tables will be played down to one and the player with all chips is crowned as the king of the WSOP tournament. The catch is to pay attention to your opponents in the early game. Then, you will be able to take advantage of the weaknesses and finally swipe the chips from under their noses!

World Series of Poker Winners

A WSOP casino NJ is the place where the fiercest battles are fought. Playing WSOP NJ poker here is on a completely different level. However, it is only obvious that someone’s strategy prevails over others at some point.

Last year’s most important WSOP Tournament ended with the glorious victory of Koray Aldemir. Surpassing a field of approximately 6000 players, he managed to bring back home $8M alongside the gold bracelet. Therefore, you have every reason to be excited about 2022’s World Series of Poker schedule 2022.

WSOP Poker Software

Bringing the authentic poker experience in the comfort of your phone is WSOP’s top priority. That’s why they make available a desktop and mobile software that allows you to customize your poker game. The black theme alludes to the nightlife atmosphere of New Jersey, hence bringing everyone in the mood for poker.

How to install the WSOP Online Poker Software

Installing the WSOP Poker Software will be over before you know it. That’s because it is a very simple and intuitive process that anyone could do. So, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download it from the casino’s website
  2. Select the download location and wait
  3. Click on the icon and then “Run”

Once the WSOP Software download is finished, you are free to explore the digital world that WSOP put at your disposal.

How to register for WSOP Poker NJ Tournaments

To the delight of many WSOP NJ tournaments aficionados, registration can be both online and in person. This aspect shows just how much this operator values its players. That’s because they ensure the conditions of a smooth gambling experience for all types of players. However, bear in mind that you must possess a Caesars Rewards loyalty card to be eligible for WSOP tournament registration.

In-person registration for WSOP NJ poker Tournaments

Many WSOP online NJ bettors still prefer going in-person to run errands related to gambling, instead of the online option. However, both options are equally convenient. So, to carry out an in-person WSOP tournament registration you need to physically go to the headquarters. Specifically, you must go to the Champagne Ballroom, near the Paris Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Online WSOP tournament registration

Still, the preferred option for the majority of WSOP NJ online poker remains the online one. That’s because you no longer need to wait in line for hours to sign up for a WSOP Tournament. Moreover, the process of creating an account is easy. Allow us to break the steps down for you:

  1. Go to the Bravo Poker Live website
  2. Enter your personal details (Name, Date of Birth, Gender)
  3. Input a strong password
  4. Tick the Terms & Conditions box

Therefore, you confirm that you are over 21 years old of age and agree to the Terms & Conditions of WSOP online NJ. After finalizing the payment of WSOP main event buy-in, you have to go Paris Convention Center Burgundy Room.

There, your identity will be verified, as well as your credit card information. Finally, upon successful verification, you are assigned your seat and can proceed to the WSOP Poker NJ room.

Payment options for WSOP tournament registration

Now that you are done with your account, next you need to pay for the WSOP main event buy-in. That is very simple and convenient, for the operator provides many alternatives to choose from. So, take a look at the WSOP NJ banking options and see what the best option is for you:

In-Person WSOP tournament registration

  1. Cash
  2. Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Cashier’s checks
  5. Paris/Bally’s Casinos gaming Chips
  6. WSOP Tournament Buy-in Chips

Please note that additional fees are applicable for some of these WSOP NJ banking methods. More specifically, it’s about credit/debit card/TBIC transactions. It is only natural for this to happen, as there is a lot of administrative work to take care of when organizing a WSOP Tournament.

Online WSOP tournament registration

In addition to these, you are also subjected to additional fees, as follows:

WSOP Poker NJ Hands

Is it common knowledge that in a deck, there are cards with four suits, namely: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds. Moreover, they have different ranks, from 2 to A (Ace). Alone they might not be all that powerful, but within a WSOP NJ online poker, they can mean everything. Therefore, take a look at the following combinations to see how powerful your WSOP Poker NJ hand is:

WSOP Poker App

It goes without saying that WSOP would also have a mobile app, considering the care they have given to its software. Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to find out it comes in separate versions, for both iOS and Android devices. What you need to do is the following:


  1. Head over to the WSOP website
  2. Download the client that is specific to Android devices
  3. Run the program

iOS & iPad

  1. Access the WSOP website
  2. Download the client that is specific for iOS & iPad
  3. Double click on the icon to install

Then, you can proceed to check out the tournaments on the WSOP Poker App and stars earning real money!

WSOP online Poker Tips

We thought that you could also use some WSOP Poker NJ tips. Moreover, the timing is even better since you can use the tips for playing the WSOP Main Event. Therefore, here are some of the things you can do to improve your skills:

Take notice of the other players

It’s important to be aware of the game your opponents are playing. So, pay attention and use their weaknesses in your favor and win the WSOP Poker NJ game!

Don’t play unless you’re in your best form

Winning a WSOP tournament is almost impossible if you are easy to lose your cool. Consequently, it’s important to contain yourself to see your best alternatives while in a difficult situation.

Be prepared for the consequences of re-raising

If you choose to raise, you should always keep your guard up in case it doesn’t go according to your plan. Therefore, it is always best to be able to re-raise, in case you are forced to.

Make the best Poker hand WSOP out of your cards

A very important aspect of gambling is to always be patient. Take it easy, consider all possible scenarios for your WSOP Poker NJ hand and move towards the prize. Finally, let your patience and concentration reflect in the WSOP tournament results.

Don’t bluff more than necessary

It may be rewarding, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Showing everyone you have the best Poker hand at WSOP is surely nice. However, this is the attitude that gets many broke at the end of the tournament.

WSOP Poker NJ Demos

WSOP NJ tournaments are fun, but also very competitive. If you don’t feel very confident about your skills yet, there’s an alternative for you. Specifically, WSOP makes available demos to simulate the real poker tournament experience. So, head over to their website or poker apps and try some poker for fun!

WSOP Poker NJ – Overview

WSOP casino NJ laid its foundation in 1970. This was at the time when people would go to the Horseshoe Casino. There, about thirty poker enthusiasts gathered around the very few poker tables, not realizing that history was being written. Everything started taking shape when Benny Binion invited his friends to an organized poker tournament in Reno.

This was referred to as the Texas Gamblers Reunion, which later came to be the World Series of Poker. More importantly, it was virtually held in Las Vegas, ever since. This way, it managed to propagate throughout Europe and many US states, materializing as WSOP NJ online poker.


WSOP Poker NJ is one of the most sought attractions in New Garden State. That is only natural, thinking about the unique characteristic of each poker game. Moreover, the fact that they can be combined within many WSOP NJ tournaments gives it more dynamism. So, are you ready for the authentic World Series of Poker New Jersey experience? Head over to the website or just download World Series of Poker on your phone and let the fun begin!


Where will the 2022 main WSOP tournament be held?

This year, it will be held at Bally’s Casino, as well as Paris Casino in Las Vegas.

How much does it cost to enter the WSOP Poker NJ tournament?

Depending on the type of tournament you want to go for, the price ranges from $400 to $250.000.

How do I enter a tournament at WSOP casino NJ?

For in-person WSOP tournament registration, you have to Champagne Ballroom in Las Vegas. On the other hand, for online registration, go to the Bravo Poker Live website and follow the instructions there.

How do you pay for playing WSOP Poker NJ?

Depending on the type of registration, the WSOP NJ banking methods may vary. For physical signing up you can use cash, cards wire transfers, checks, and even chips. On the other hand, for online registration, you can use a credit card, wire transfer, or ACH.

Do I need to preregister to play World Series of Poker NJ?

It is not mandatory to do so in order to play WSOP Poker NJ. You can register before the start of the WSOP tournament or even after depending on its specifications.

How do I get a Caesars Rewards Card?

You can either go to one of the Caesars properties in the US or the special Caesars desk you can find at tournaments.