July WSOP Circuit 2022

posted by Ioana
July 13, 2022

You’ve probably gotten used to the WSOP circuits happening throughout the whole year. However, no matter how many there are, you never really know what awaits you next. So, brace yourself for the July WSOP Circuit 2022 is right around the corner!

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July WSOP Circuit 2022

From July 6th to July 17th, you can enter the race for over $1.0 Million in Guarantees and 12 WSOP Gold Rings. However, you must be quick and efficient since this is your last chance to enter the Tournament of Champions!

Below you can find the WSOP circuit events schedule. Analyze it carefully, and then come up with a suitable strategy to outdo your competitors.

WSOP Circuit Events Schedule

WSOP Circuit Series Event #1 – $75.000 GTD NLH 6-Max2x$75.000 GTD6th July4:00 PM PT$320
WSOP Circuit Super Series Event #2 -$75.000 GTD NHL2x$75.000 GTD7th July4:00 PM PT$320  
WSOP Circuit Super Series Event #3 – $50.000 GTD NLH Deep Turbo2x$50,000 GTD8th July4:00 PM PT$215
WSOP Circuit Super Series Event #4- $100.000 GTD NLH Double Stack2x$100,000 GTD9th July4:00 PM$320
WSOP Circuit Series Event  #5 -$125,000 GTD NLH Monster Stack, 8-Max3x$125.000 GTD10th July2:00 PM$525
WSOP Circuit Series Event #6 – $50.000 GTD NHL FreezeoutNone$50.000 GTD11th July4:00 PM$250
WSOP Circuit Series Event 7 – $100.000 GTD NLH High Roller 6-Max2x$100.000 GTD12th July4:00 PM$1000
WSOP Circuit Series Event #8 – $75.000 GTD NLH2x$75.000 GTD13th July4:00 PM$215  
WSOP Circuit Series Event #9 – $50.000 NLH Knockout FreezeoutNone$50.000 GTD14th   July4:00 PM$300
WSOP Circuit Series Event #10 – $50.000 GTD PLO BIG $5000 6-Max3x$50.000 GTD15th July4:00 PM$500
WSOP Circuit Series Event #11 – $100.000 GTD NLH Double Stack2x$100.000 GTD16th July4:00 PM$320
WSOP Circuit Super Series Event $12 – $200.000 GTD NLH Main Event 8-Max3x$200.000 GTD17th July2:00 PM$525

WSOP Main Event 2022

In any Poker Tournaments NJ, there’s always this main event that has the potential of earning you big sums of money. Naturally, this year’s WSOP Summer Series put a consistent reward up for grabs. Specifically, there is a $50.000 Guaranteed Prize Pool, with 3 chances of re-entry.

So, you practically have all the reasons to participate in the July WSOP Circuit 2022. The buy-in is set at $525, but this is a little investment in comparison to the impressive Prize Pool. Moreover, the winner of each WSOP Online Circuit will get an entry to the Tournament of Champions.

At the same time, you’ll also have a chance at the WSOP gold bracelet. However, bear in mind that even if you are to win 2 WSOP Circuits, you can only get one entry. So, check out the WSOP Main Event 2022 Schedule and fill the New Jersey Poker Rooms at once!

How To Register For the July WSOP Circuit 2022

First and foremost, you have to meet a few rules before being able to register:

  • Have a valid & verified account
  • Comply with the terms & conditions of WSOP

Only then, can you attempt to enroll for one of the WSOP 2022 dates. You can do that very easily, by following these indicative steps we have provided for you:

  1. Open the WSOP client
  2. Select the “Tournament” Tab
  3. Choose the specific WSOP Online Circuit you want to participate in
  4. Click on “Register” then wait for your on-screen confirmation
  5. Select “Proceed” to go on with the signing-up procedure

Upon successful registration, a pop-up will open up to confirm it. Then, you will start playing as soon as the July WSOP Circuit 2022 starts and a new table opens.

How to Beat the WSOP Summer Series events

Even if you are probably an expert in NJ online Poker, we thought that you could use some advice. Therefore, here is some advice on how to outdo the other participants:

  1. Play only if you’re in your best form
  2. Be patient and analyze each move carefully
  3. Take account of your opponents’ strategies
  4. Don’t get obsessed with the WSOP main event 2022
  5. Choose a championship that suits your gambling style

Cashing Out Winnings from the July WSOP Circuit 2022

Of course, getting your hands on the big prize is the goal of the 2022 WSOP circuit. Therefore, it is important to know the procedure following your victory. You should firstly be aware that you will receive your winnings only after the whole WSOP circuit online ends. Afterward, you will be contacted by a representative for the WSOP Ring information within 72h.

If everything goes well, you’ll receive your Ring via mail in maximum 12 weeks. Otherwise, if you don’t reach back to them in 7 days, it will be forfeited. Additionally, we all know that good things always come with responsibilities. So, you’ll be subjected to any taxes or fees that may apply to your July WSOP circuit 2022 winnings.

Tax Procedure of the July WSOP Circuit 2022

Once you win at any of the WSOP 2022 dates, you’ll need to provide your data. Therefore, it’s essential to know that William Hill U.S Holdco will retain your information up to 60 days after the end of the WSOP circuit online.

Moreover, for winnings from WSOP NJ Poker exceeding $600, a 1099 form will be necessary. Depending on your prize, you will receive the appropriate documentation. Upon signing them, you’ll have to send them back to the William Hill Accounting department.


As you can see by the long list of events in this WSOP Summer Series, you’ll be up for a lot of fun this month. Additionally, as the registration process is so easy, we’ll assume that you won’t just sit and watch July WSOP. So, check out the full WSOP circuit 2022 schedule and get your winning ticket to the biggest NJ Prize Pools!


When will the July 2022 WSOP circuit open?

The July Circuit will be opened between 6th July and 17th July 2022.

How old do you have to be to play in a WSOP circuit online?

You have to be at least 21 years old to participate in any of the 12 championships available.

How does the July WSOP Circuit 2022 work?

It works as any other poker tournament. Poker tables following a certain type of poker game are opened and all players have the same number of chips. So, after rounds of betting and other poker actions, the last player standing at the table wins.

How do you register for WSOP Summer Series?

First, you have to access the “Tournament” Tab in your WSOP Client. Then, select the circuit you want to participate in and click “Register”. Afterward, you just have to wait for the confirmation.

How many WSOP Circuit events are there?

There are 12 WSOP Circuits you can play this year. What’s more, is that each one has impressive Prize Pools that reach up to $200.000 GTD.

Do you have to pay taxes on your July WSOP Circuit 2022 winnings?

Yes, you do. You are responsible for any taxes and fees that may apply. Moreover, depending on how much you win, you may receive a 1099 form.

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