NJ WSOP Circuit October 2022

posted by Ioana
October 19, 2022

WSOP enters the grandiose poker scene for one last time this year with the NJ WSOP Circuit October. While it put forth exhilarating poker action throughout all year, it offers nothing less this month. So, give free rein to your skills this October and have a chance at the $1 million in guaranteed prizes!

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NJ WSOP Circuit October 2022– Schedule in New Jersey

The last race where you can have a shot at the WSOP NJ $1 million in guaranteed prizes starts on October 16th. So, if you want to be the lucky winner of the last 12 WSOP gold rings, this is your time to shine. Grabbing it will instantly get your free pass to the $1M Tournament of Champions Freeroll 2023 event in Las Vegas. Here, you can score a WSOP gold bracelet that any player would yearn for. The WSOP 2022 circuit will specifically take place between the 16th – 27th of October in Nevada. Below we have piled up the WSOP circuit events 2022. This way, you can arrange your schedule well enough to fit those dates in.

#1$150.000 GTD NLH MONSTERSTACK$150K16/10/20224:30 PM$320
#2$50.000 GTD NLH 6-MAX$50K17/10/20225:00 PM$215
#3$75.000 GTD NLH High Roller$75K18/10/20225:00 PM$1.000
#4$50.000 GTD FREEZEOUT$50K19/10/20225:00 PM$320
#5$50.000 GTD NLH KNOCKOUT FREEZEOUT$50K20/10/20225:00 PM$320
#6$50.000 GTD NLH TURBO DEEPSTACK$50K21/10/20224:30 PM$215
#7$100.000 GTD NLH MONSTERSTACK$100K22/10/20224:30 PM$215
#8$250.000 GTD NLH MAIN EVENT$250K23/10/20224:30 PM$525
#9$50.000 GTD NLH TURBO DEEPSTACK$50K24/10/20224:30 PM$215  
#10$75.000 GTD NLH$75K25/10/20224:30 PM$320
#11$40.000 GTD PLO 6-MAX$40K26/10/20225:00 PM$320
#12$75.000 GTD NLH BIG 500 FALL FINALE$75K27/10/20225:00 PM$500

Who Can Participate in the WSOP 2022 October Circuit?

The NJ WSOP Circuit October allows players from all 4 states to take part. But, the catch is that New Jersey and Nevada have a shared WSOP circuit 2022 schedule, too. Similarly, Pennsylvania and Michigan have a separate shared player pools, too. Moreover, the buy-ins for the NJ World Series of Poker 2022 are reasonable. They range between $215 and $1000, thus being available for an extended category of people. Therefore., WSOP offers the chance to participate in the tournaments to a larger array of people, regardless of their financial possibilities.

Main Event NJ WSOP Circuit October

Although there are plenty of Poker Tournaments NJ events to enjoy this month, the 2022 WSOP circuit will culminate with the main event. It will take place on the 23rd of October at exactly 4:30 PM, and will put $250K in guaranteed prizes at hand. Moreover, for you to play WSOP in the main event, you will have to pay the $525 buy-in.  We’d say that the compromise is worth it since you can win $1 million in guaranteed prizes when WSOP circuit events 2022 are over. Yet, if you would like to participate in smaller-range events, here are some of the most awaited WSOP Poker NJ highlights:

  • 16th September: $150.000 GTD NLH Monsterstack with #320 buy-in
  • 22nd  September $100.000 GTD NLH Monsterstack with $215 buy-in
  • 24th September: $50.000 GTD NLH Turbo Deepstack with $215 buy-in
  • 25th September: $75.000 GTD NLH with $320 buy-in

NJ WSOP Circuit October Bracelets Up For Grabs

The WSOP circuit event 2022 has been going on for months now. So, as they ended, NJ WSOP gave away bracelet after bracelet to the winners. Anyone would say that the operator should be out of them by now. But rest assured, the stocks of bracelets are full and ready to visit you once you win. This month, you can play WSOP for bracelets during special World Series of Poker 2022 competitions. However, there is a twist! Anyone participating in one of those events who doesn’t cash will get a seat in a WSOP 2022 Freeroll. In addition to that, the free entry will award two seats for the forthcoming NJ online bracelet event. Below are some of the events adjoining the NJ WSOP Circuit October this month. See how you can adapt to the WSOP circuit 2022 schedule and start hitting the New Jersey Poker Rooms right away!

#1WSOP Online Bracelet #29: No-Limit Hold’em Championship (NV/NJ)3x16th October 20223:30 PM$5.300
#2WSOP Online Bracelet #30: High Roller (NV/NJ)1x16th October 20223:30 pm$1.000
#3WSOP Online Bracelet #31: No-Limit Hold’em Deep Freeze (NV/NJ)  Freezeout17th October 20224:00 PM$600
#4WSOP Online Bracelet #32: Super High Roller 8-Max (NV/NJ)1x18th October 20224:00 PM$10.000
#5WSOP Online Bracelet #33: Fall Finale (NV/NJ)3x18th October20224:30 PM$500

September World Series Of Poker Ring Winners

The participants of the September WSOP online circuit 2022 put everything at risk last month. The battles were fierce, as every player was eager to grab the 2022 WSOP circuit prizes. The list includes NJ WSOP golden rings, bracelets, trophies, and most importantly, the title. Although the poker action was exhilarating, Daniel Sewnig, managed to push his opponents to the outskirt of the poker table. Also known as, RedsoxNet5, Sewnig finished 1st in the September $50.000 GTD NJLH Freezeout, thus winning a prize of $12.106.80. Besides that, he has also added a WSOP NJ Gold Ring which has opened the door to the Tournament of Champions. So, buckle up for the NJ WSOP Circuit October, for you might be the next winner in line.

How To Register For The NJ WSOP Circuit October

To participate in the events of the WSOP 2022 circuit, you must be the possessor of a valid and verified WSOP account. More importantly, you must also comply with the legal norms concerning gambling in NJ. Specifically, anyone being at least 21 years old and who affords the buy-in can participate in the WSOP circuit events 2022. The next step is to initiate the registration process, which is straightforward. You can do this effortlessly, either on the website or the WSOP poker apps. Moreover, make sure you are prepared, for you will instantly be placed at the WSOP NJ online Poker table upon successful registration. Now, let us walk you through the steps so that you can sign up for the desired event in the WSOP circuit 2022 schedule as fast as possible:

  1. Sign into your WSOP account on the website of WSOP app
  2. Navigate to the “Tournament” Tab
  3. Select the event of the NJ WSOP Circuit October you want to take part in
  4. Click on the “Register” button
  5. Fill in the required information
  6. Proceed with the registration & wait for the confirmation

How To Cash Out NJ WSOP Circuit October Winnings

After winning a WSOP online circuit 2022, wanting to cash out your prize is only natural. However, you should know that you will get the prize in your account, only after all the WSOP circuit events 2022 have ended. Within the next 72h following your victory, a William Hill representative will get in touch with you about the WSOP ring information. Afterward, if everything develops well, you will get your ring within 10-12 weeks via mail.

Additionally, players cashing out during the events of the WSOP circuit 2022 schedule, your name will feature on the website. In terms of withdrawals, you can carry out the transaction entirely from the Cashier section in your account. All you need to do is select your preferred banking account and input the required details. So, if you want to cash out your WSOP 2022 winnings, you can choose one of the methods listed below:

  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Play+
  • Cash at Cage (must be initiated online)

Tax Procedure

Since WSOP values responsibility, it is only normal for it to apply to any winnings you may achieve. To explain, you bear responsibility for any money you win in the NJ WSOP Circuit October. If the value of your price exceeds $600, you will receive a 1099 form. You will then receive the applicable tax document. Afterward, you will have to send it back to the William Accounting department alongside some other documents requested by them.


Since this is the closing month for the NJ WSOP Circuit October, you will be surely up for some exhilarating poker action. WSOP has a lot to offer this month and you can see it all in the WSOP circuit 2022 schedule. Besides, with so many surprises up for grabs, it would be fun to take your chance at the $1.000.000 guaranteed prizes. Therefore, build up your strategy and work your way out to the $1M Tournament of Champions Freeroll!


How much is the buy-in for the October World Series of Poker Circuit?

The NJ WSOP Circuit October buy-ins range between $215 and $1000, depending on the event you opt for.

How much is the Main Event of the 2022 WSOP circuit?

The main event of the October WSOP 2022 puts a total of $250.000 guaranteed prizes on the line this month.

How many WSOP circuit events 2022 are there?

In the NJ WSOP Circuit October, there are a total of 12 stops that put forth no less than $1M worth of prizes.

How do you enter the NJ WSOP Circuit October?

You have to sign up either on the website or the WSOP poker apps. The first step is to access the “Tournament” section of your account. Then, choose the tournament you want to participate in, and finally select “Register”.

Can you win money from the NJ WSOP Circuit October?

Yes, WSOP circuits and games have the potential of winning you real money.

How do you get a NJ WSOP bracelet?

Usually, you get bracelets upon winning at one of the WSOP circuit events 2022. This, of course, depends on the ongoing promotions, so it is best to constantly verify the WSOP website.

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