Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal Guide

posted by Ioana
April 28, 2021

Read this in-depth guide to learn how to make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal with the preferred payment method in a few minutes! You will find everything you need to know about the Harrahs withdrawal time frames, as well as the enticing bonuses you can cash out! Keep on reading to see how easy it is to initiate a Harrahs cash out!

Harrah Casino Withdrawal Table of Contents

How To Make A Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal

Every player is waiting for the moment when they can make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal and cash out their winnings. But, before you can proceed with the Harrahs cash out, make sure you completed the wagering requirements of the bonus you claimed. Of course, not before making sure to attain all verification steps for a Harrahs casino account. After having a verified player status and completing the wagering goal, getting your reward will be quite easy. It is almost the same as making a Harrahs casino deposit. Just perform a Harrah’s login and access the “Withdrawal” tab, upon opening the “Cashier” section. From here, the process becomes rather intuitive:


  • Make a Harrahs casino login by inputting your account’s credentials
  • Go to the Cashier section located at the bottom left of the page
  • Select Withdraw
  • Enter the Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal amount
  • Select the payment method for the Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal
  • Click on Submit Withdrawal Request to finalize the transaction

Generally, the options enjoy decent Harrahs withdrawal time frames, thus enabling you to take out your winnings in the shortest time possible. The care the casino put into its Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal procedure rarely leaves room for issues. However, if you ever happen to come across Harrahs withdrawal issues, know that its team is ready to assist you with it. This isn’t generally a problem that most people have to worry about, but if it does happen you can always contact their specialized crew for help.

Harrahs Cash Out On Mobile

Making a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal should be easy in all scenarios. In this case, we’re talking about the Harrahs Online Casino app. The interface is very similar to the online website, hence you’ll have a smooth mobile experience. Besides, Harrahs Casino NJ is compatible with all major mobile devices. So, that includes devices running Apple or Android. You can download it for free from the website or App Store. If you haven’t already, we advise you to do it at once, as it will make your Harrahs casino online experience more convenient.

The main reason why you would want to also have a Harrahs Online Casino app account is because of the comfort that comes with it. Not all of us can stay in front of our computers for several hours just playing games. Some of us need to travel from state to state, which is where the mobile app comes into play. You get to play all the same games as you would on the desktop platform from the comfort of whatever chair you’re resting on. You don’t even need to create a separate account for that, you can use the same account you normally use on the desktop platform.

Reversing Your Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal

Harrahs Casino NJ encourages their player to explore their skills and see how far a session can get them. So, sometimes you might have second thoughts about your already requested Harrahs cash out, thinking you could have done better. Harrahs Casino has already thought about this scenario, thus making available the option to reverse your withdrawal. Plus, it makes it just as easy as initiating a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal. You just need to commence the cancelation process within 2 business days after making the initial request. From here, you just need to follow these steps:


  • Make a Harrah’s login by inputting your account’s credentials
  • Head over to the “Withdrawal” section in the “Cashier” tab
  • Check for transactions featuring in the “Awaiting Process” box
  • Find your initial Harrahs cash out request & press “Reverse Withdrawal

Payment Methods – Harrahs Casino Online Withdrawal Range

An online casino needs to make the Harrahs cash-out experience as enjoyable as possible. As part of the withdrawal procedure, you need to put in a payment method. You will be thrilled to discover that Harrah’s Casino boasts a significant selection of withdrawal payment alternatives. More precisely, it supports diversity by providing both online and in-person ways of making a Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal.

The list also includes the Play+ options which utilize a Harrahs credit card, such as the Harrah’s Visa card. Alternatively, if don’t sympathize with Harrah’s credit card payment, you can simply resort to paying cash at Cage within Caesars Casino Atlantic City. Currently, there are four options you can use for your withdrawal:


  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred E-Check (ACH)
  • Play + (through Discover, MasterCard & Harrah’s Visa card)
  • Caesars Atlantic City Cage

The payment options are not particularly impressive in quantity. However, they provide just the right Harrahs Casino Online withdrawal range to please every player. You also have access to e-wallet withdrawals as well as Harrah’s Visa card & Mastercard on top of the cash options at Caesar’s. So, the rather smaller number makes it simpler for you to choose between them. Plus, they have decent Harrahs withdrawal time frames, hence making it possible to get your prizes fast.


This online wallet ranks among the most widespread payment systems worldwide thanks to its security and accessibility standards. So, making a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal through PayPal represents a convenient and secure method to cash out your rewards. After all, you can also link your Harrahs credit card to it, including a Harrah’s Visa card. All you need is to create a PayPal account that will facilitate your transactions. Besides, Harrahs is among the PayPal Casinos that don’t apply additional fees and it is very to initiate a Harrahs cash out. It also enjoys a 3-4 business days Harrahs withdrawal time frame, with the possibility of faster processing. Below, you can see the complete steps you need to follow to finalize this procedure:

  • Click on Cashier
  • Select “PayPal” as the withdrawal method
  • Enter the Harrahs casino online withdrawal amount ($10 minimum)
  • Submit your request

VIP Preferred E-Check (ACH)

VIP Preferred E-Check is a popular payment method allowing electronic money transfers between your gambling account and your casino of choice. This basically allows for Harrah’s credit card payment which is very popular among bettors. More specifically, it includes Discover, Mastercard, and Harrahs Visa Card. Fortunately, this operator belongs to the long list of Visa Casinos and Mastercard casinos. Using this method is also completely safe as it is a product of Global Payments services. Besides, it enjoys a 3-5 business days Harrahs withdrawal time frame. Moreover, the actual Harrahs cash out is facile and pretty similar to the other processes listed above. Here is what you exactly need to do:

  • Go to “Cashier” and click “Withdraw”
  • Select ACH payments and choose your bank
  • The amount of your deposit ($10 minimum)

Play+ Card

Harrahs teams up with Caesars Online Casino NJ to provide their common pool of bettors an ideal payment option. More specifically, Play+ is a prepaid card that allows you to make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal into your Mastercard and even Harrah’s Visa Card. The catch is that you can withdraw with it both online and in person, by simply presenting the physical card at the casino cage. Plus, the operator ensures extensive accessibility by allowing players to spend their winnings anywhere Discover® is accepted. Just like any other Prepaid Card Casinos, the withdrawal process is facile:

  • Choose Caesars Online Play+ Card as the payment method.
  • Click “Enroll to Play+”.
  • Provide your birth date and social security number in the New Account Enrollment screen.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select the method of payment you want to use for your Caesars Online Play+ card balance.
  • Write down the required info and fund the card by clicking on “Continue”.
  • Your balance will be displayed.
  • Choose how much you want to withdraw ($20 minimum)

Cash Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal at Cage

This method leaves aside the Harrahs credit card payment options, so a Harrah’s Visa card is of no use to you in this case. If you prefer a completely offline way of making a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal, go to the Atlantic City Casino Cage. Here, you must use the phone that is located outside the Caesars headquarters. The customer service representative will then ask your questions to validate your identity. Afterward, you will be offered guidance on how to conduct the Harrahs cash out. However, do not forget to bring a legitimate, governed-approved photo ID card with you. Above all, this payment option is the only one in the Harrahs Casino Online withdrawal range, enjoying a 24h Harrahs withdrawal time frame.

Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal Time Frames

You should probably know by now that getting your hands on your Harrahs cash out money takes some time. That is merely because the timeframe of your Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal a certain period of time to process. So, depending on the payment method of the Harrahs Casino Online withdrawal range you choose, the Harrahs withdrawal time can vary. While PayPal and ACH transfers take up to 6 business days, the fastest method remaining being the Caesars Atlantic City Cage. Besides that, all methods have minimum Harrahs withdrawal limits which vary between $10-$20.

Withdrawal MethodsHarrahs Withdrawal Time FrameMinimum Harrahs Withdrawal Limits
Caesars Atlantic City CageUp to 24H$10
PayPal4-5 Business Days$20
Bank Transfer (ACH)Up to 6 business days$10
Caesars Online Play+ Card4-5 Business DaysNot mentioned

Withdrawal Options at Harrah’s Casino – A Detailed Comparison

Are you ready to pocket your winnings from Harrah’s Casino? This section will present a comparative overview of each withdrawal method available to you. We will explore all available payment methods, such as PayPal, ACH (E-Check), Play+ Card, and cash withdrawals at casino cages located within the Atlantic City casinos. By taking this approach, you can discover which online payment method best complements your gambling style.

PayPal Transactions

Security: PayPal has long been known for its stringent security measures that help ensure the privacy of financial details.
Convenient: You can link your credit cards easily for fast transactions.
No Extra Fee: Harrah’s does not assess additional charges for using PayPal.
Reasonable Processing Time: Your funds should arrive in three or four business days.
Tighter requirements: You need an existing PayPal account to use this method of payment.
Minimum Withdrawal Limit: Withdrawals must total at least $10 to be processed.

VIP Preferred E-Check Transactions

Bank Integration: Conveniently transfer funds between accounts directly from and to your bank with no hassle or extra steps required.
Cards Accepted: Compatible with Discover, Mastercard and Visa cards.
Trusted Security: Global Payments’ reliability provides trust-worthy security.
MInimum Withdrawal: There is a withdrawal requirement of at least $10.
Processing Time for Withdrawals: They generally take between three to five business days for processing.

Play+ Card Transactions

Versatile Use: You can withdraw online or cash out at the casino cage.
Widely Accepted: There are multiple estabishments where Discover is accepted
Enrollment Required: Before first use of this service, registration is mandatory.
Minimum Withdrawal A minimum withdrawal amount of $20 must be met to initiate any transaction.

Casino Cage Transactions

Fastest Option: You will receive your cash within 24 hours,
Direct Access: You have the possibility of Managing all transactions directly at the casino cage.
No Electronic Barrier: Neither online banking or e-wallet services are necessary to fund your casino experience.
Physical Presence Needed: For this casino visitation to occur successfully.
Identification Verification: In order to complete any transaction, valid government-issued photo ID will be necessary.

Additional verification documents for Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal

Sometimes, depending on what payment method you choose to fund your account, Harrahs casino online may require you to give additional documents to process the Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal. This way, the operator ensures that everything is within legal parameters, including your identity. Here are the additional documents for all the payment options:


  • Bank Statement – a copy of the bank statement or a check showing your name and the account number
  • Credit or debit cards – a copy of the credit card’s back and front showing all the details; make sure to block the middle eight numbers and the three digits security code on the front of the card for security purposes
  • Proof of address – a copy of a recent document that shows your full name and address that you used when you created your Harrahs casino NJ account; this can be either in the form of a credit card statement or utility bill
  • Photo ID – a copy of your driver’s license, passport, or state non-driver ID card; your name, photo, and signature must be visible

Claim Harrahs Bonuses & Make A Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal

It is only natural for a casino to offer facile ways of getting money in and out of your account. But this is all in vain if the operator doesn’t have some good offers you can cash out. So, once you create a Harrahs casino NJ account, you become eligible for some enticing welcome bonuses. The list includes a rather generous first deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus you get as soon you sign up! However, never forget to look out for any potential bonus codes, as well. There are many more promotions up for grabs, so let us walk through them:

Get 20 Free Spins On The House Upon Registration!

All you need to do is register for an account and you can enjoy a Harrahs casino reward in the form of 20 free spins. With such a no deposit bonus you get off on the right foot! Besides, claiming it happens as soon as you complete the registration process. You can also spend it on a bunch of entertaining games such as Bella Italia, Café de Paris, 4th of July, or Sunny Reels Panda Manga.

However, check the terms and conditions first, for the game selection for this bonus is limited. Moreover, if you want to make a Harrahs cash out, you need to complete the wagering requirements. Namely, you need to wager the bonus 4x on slots and 20x for every other game. Plus, you have 7 days at your disposal to use them to make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal.

Get a deposit match bonus of up to $100 & 100 free spins

If you decide to fund your Harrahs account, you will be rewarded with a Harrahs casino bonus of up to $100. But to express its gratitude for choosing its platform to play, the operator will add an extra 100 free spins to the initial offer. This Harrahs Casino bonus will undoubtedly unlock multiple chances for you to spend on your favorite online casino games. However, it is a given that it comes alongside some wagering requirements you need to fulfill.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal. Specifically, you the T&C enumerate a 4x wagering requirement for slots and 20x for other games. Please note that there is a time limit of seven days to comply with the wagering requirements starting from the day you received the bonus, in order to get it. Make sure to always check the terms and conditions for all the bonuses to understand their wagering requirements.

Loyalty Program

Harrahs Casino also collaborates with Caesars in terms of its rewards programs. More specifically, it shares the Caesars Rewards Loyalty Program, which enables you to unlock exclusive bonuses. As a side mention, this ranks high among the list of best casino loyalty programs. Butis it based on the same general principle: you get to earn points by playing your favorite games. These points also referred to as credits or tiers, will be added to your annual score. Then, depending on how many you have, you can receive exclusive benefits from the casino you can make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal on. The four tier levels are the following:


  • Gold – accessible to all Caesars Rewards members
  • Platinum – over 5.000 Tier Credits
  • Diamond – over 15.000 Tier Credits
  • Seven Stars –invitation only

Game Selection

Besides, there is a dizzying array of games you can play as part of the Harrah’s rewards login. If you are an Online Slots aficionado, know plenty of exclusive and even classic slots are waiting for you. Titles like Cleopatra, Triple Diamond, and Wheel of Fortune will keep you constantly entertained. But the casino jackpot options are what truly will knock your socks off! The casino may not have a live casino section yet, but playing classic table games will be a pleasurable experience. Use your poker strategies on the video online poker variants for a real challenge! Alternatively, test your skills on the various online blackjack games, or simply see where luck drives you with online roulette.

Harrahs Withdrawal Issues

No matter how thoroughly you follow the withdrawal procedure, sometimes you might still come across Harrahs withdrawal issues. We can enumerate delays, holds, or simply failures that prevent your Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal from going further. To avoid such situations from arising, we encourage you to always double-check your account’s information.

Your information not corresponding with your personal documentation provided might pose a reason for a withdrawal holdback. That and also attempting to play from more accounts or even worse, while underage. The casino does not hesitate to suspend any payments fueling any activities that might go against its reputation’s standards. However, if you still cannot find a solution to the problem on your own, the customer supports team is here to assist you.

Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal – Customer Support

A casino must assist its player throughout their entire journey at Harrahs. This is also the case for Harrahs Online Casino which puts at your disposal two options for contacting them. So, if you have a rather urgent problem regarding your Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal, you can seek the casino by phone. Alternatively, in case the phone line seems busy, you can also resort to sending them an e-mail. The New Jersey team guarantees you a reply within 72h, but it can arrive even sooner. We have listed the specifics of both options below:

  • NJ Toll-Free Number: 1-855-218-6230
  • E-Mail: NJSupport@Harrahscasino.com

However, before turning to any of the options above, know that Harrahs has an extensive FAQ section. It is neatly organized in separate parts, which enlarge more upon bonuses, games, Harrahs log in, account, registration, deposits, and of course, the Harrahs cash out. The convenient thing is that the operator has a special segment for other issues that may appear while gambling. Hence checking it beforehand might help you solve your problem on your own.

Taxes On Your Harrahs Online Casino Withdrawal

All slots or casino jackpots leading to winnings over $.1200 are subject to a specific tax procedure. Specifically, you have to report them to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). This means that you will automatically receive a special form called Form W-2G that you must fill out on the website. As soon as you complete the form, input your password, and hit “Submit”, you will receive the winnings in your account immediately after. Remember that it is mandatory to pay your NJ gambling winning taxes and streamlines your way towards cashing out your prizes.

Safety Measures at Harrahs Casino NJ

Safety and security are among the top priorities at Harrahs, as they want you to have the smoothest gambling experience. This also applies to transactions such as Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal which should always be risk-free. For this reason, the casino is equipped with upper-edge encryption software, which safeguards both your private and financial online information.

Plus, considering Harrahs is running on the license given by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, we can easily classify it as a legal entity. We encourage you to read the cookies policy and the privacy policy section. To find out more about the privacy and security actions, we suggest you check which you can find at the bottom of the website page. You can find them at the bottom of the page and can use them to find out more about the privacy policy of this casino.

Responsible Gambling

All casinos commit to their bettors to offer them a safe environment for pleasant pastimes. That’s why they promote gambling as an activity that should not affect any person’s emotional, physical, or financial well-being. Harrahs puts forth the concept of responsible gambling, which encourages immediate action as soon as gambling turns into a threat. So, when the issue starts threatening to disrupt a person’s life, one must take measures to prevent things from getting out of control.

For this reason, Harrahs Casino NJ has implemented some useful tools to prevent abuses from happening, even in the case of a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal. The list of rules includes limiting the time spent on the website, the deposit amount, and setting a maximum loss value. Those who might feel like they cannot regulate their gambling tendencies can benefit from such preventative tools. Here is a list of specialized organizations that can help if you experience any gambling problems:


Today’s guide, demonstrated, among other things, just how easy it is to complete a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal. We walked you through the payment methods and how you can make a Harrahs cash out on your winnings. Remember that you can easily register, make a deposit, or withdraw even on your phone, hence making the experience smoother. Therefore, if you are eager to experience some enticing bonuses having a Harrahs withdrawal time, you should give Harrahs Online Casino a shot!


What is the Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal policy?

You must first complete the wagering goal attached to your specific bonus. Moreover, you cannot initiate one unless you have completed the KYE check-up. But if you have ticked these steps off the list, just make a Harrahs log in. Then, go to the Withdrawal tab in the Cashier section, choose the preferred payment method, and input the desired amount. Plus, know that the minimum Harrahs Withdrawal limits range between $10-$20.

What’s a token and how do I use it for a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal?

A token is an extra security measure that the casino requires in certain situations. For example, if you have failed to log into your account 3 times or you have submitted a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal request. You will receive the toke on email every time you make a withdrawal request, and enter it along with your banking details. However, beware that it is only available for 3 hours.

How long does it take to make a Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal?

For ACH band transfers it can take up to 6 business days, whereas withdrawals PayPal and Play+ generally need 4-5 business days to process. The fast method remains the cash option and Caesars Casino Cage which takes up to 24h.

Can I make a check Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal at this casino?

Yes, you can. Harrahs makes it possible to make check withdrawals at Caesars Atlantic City Cage.

How do I cancel Harrahs Online Casino withdrawal?

If you want to cancel or reverse a withdrawal request, log in to your Harrahs casino NJ account, go to the Cashier section, and click on the tab for Reverse Withdrawal. Please note that the cancelation tab is only available when your pending withdrawal request is being processed.

Can I make a withdrawal from the Mobile App?

Yes, you can withdraw your money through the Harrahs Mobile App.

Can I make a withdrawal to a credit or debit card?

Yes, you can make a withdrawal directly to your credit or debit card.

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