Caesars Rewards Loyalty Program

posted by NJCosminS
July 20, 2022

Caesars Online Casino NJ has always offered big benefits to its loyal players. Therefore, we will go through the Caesars loyalty program, different tiers of loyalty status, how to gain them and all the benefits you can enjoy with the Caesars Rewards program.

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What is Caesars Rewards Program? 

Caesars Rewards is a loyalty program that applies to all Caesars Resorts. Caesars has locations all over the country and the world, in addition to its presence on the Las Vegas Strip.

The program, which was previously known as Total Rewards, has now been renamed Caesars Rewards. It features one of the most competitive rewarding casino loyalty statuses today. 

Where to Enjoy the Caesars Rewards Program

Caesars Loyalty Program is available at all its properties around the world. Moreover, Caesars was bought by Eldorado in 2020, so your status and loyalty rewards are available at all Eldorado locations in addition to Caesars. Check out the Las Vegas Caesars Resorts:

Also, you can check Caesars Casino website for the full list of other U.S Caesars Resorts and International Caesars Resorts where you can make the most out of your elite status.

How does the Caesars Rewards Loyalty Program work?

How to become a member

It is simple and free to join the Caesars Rewards program. If you plan on visiting any of its properties, you should sign up. Even if you aren’t interested in achieving elite status, spending money at Caesars locations can earn you Reward Credits that you can redeem another time. 

You must first go to the Caesars Rewards sign in page. Then, in the upper right corner, click Sign In. A new account registration pop-up window will open.

Tier Credits

The number of Tier Credits you accumulate as a Caesars Rewards member over a year determines your elite status. There are various methods to earn these Tier Credits, including booking hotel rooms, shopping, dining, using spa services, and playing casino games.

Moreover, the more you earn each day, the bigger the bonus on your tier points will be! Here is an example: 

Tier Credits Earned in a DayBonus Tier Credits

Caesars Rewards Credits

Reward Credits, which are different from Caesars Tier Credits, can be earned through a broad range of activities and then used to purchase a variety of things. Depending on how and where you redeem your Reward Credits, Caesars will give you a fixed value. In general, 200 Reward Credits are equivalent to $1. Your credits can be spent for restaurants, hotels, shopping, and pretty much everything else you can find at a Caesars property.

How to Earn Rewards Credits

You can earn Rewards Credits in many different ways, such as:

  • Playing casino games
  • Holding meetings at Caesars Resorts
  • Using the Caesars Shopping Portal
  • Shopping
  • Hotels
  • Dining

How to Redeem Your Rewards Credits

Like we already mentioned above, you can use your reward credits for a variety of things. Although many of these happen at Caesars properties, other partnerships allow you to use your Reward Credits in other locations.

  • World Series of Poker entry
  • Free slot play
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Shopping
  • Dining 
  • Spa treatments
  • Free Live Events (concert tickets, theater tickets, and tickets to sporting events)
  • Rewards Casino eCatalog (gift cards, electronics, and housewares)

Caesars Rewards Program Elite Tier Levels

The Caesars Rewards program has 6 tiers of elite status, each with different benefits, with the majority of them starting at the Diamond level. So, it’s important to keep in mind that the advantages of elite status are cumulative, which means that when you achieve a new tier of status, you’ll also be eligible for the benefits of all lower elite statuses in addition to those you’re currently eligible to at a higher level.

Now, let’s go through the advantages of each elite tier levels:

Gold: 0 – 4,999 Tier Points

  • Presale access to select shows
  • Each 5,000 Tier Credits earned gets you 1 free night in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, up to 7 free days  
  • Discounted hotel stays
  • Discounted prices at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas
  • Gain points for Great Gift Wrap-Up at particular Caesars Rewards casinos
  • Special prices at certain restaurants

Platinum: 5,000 – 14,999 Tier Credits

  • The ability to give 5,000 Tier Credits to a friend twice a year.
  • Valet and self-parking are both complementary.
  • Complimentary stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island
  • Casino stores provide a 15% discount.
  • 10% discount on Norwegian cruises

Diamond: 15,000 – 24,999 Tier Credits

  • 15% off the best available accommodation prices
  • Waived resort fees on all hotel stays
  • Every month, you will receive two free show tickets.
  • 2 complimentary nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai
  • Room availability is guaranteed for 72 hours
  • Annual celebratory dinner worth $100
  • Casino stores provide a 20% discount.
  • Access to the Laurel Lounge (the entry is not free; each visit will cost 1,000 Reward Credits)
  • Norwegian cruises are discounted by 20%.

Diamond Plus: 25,000 – 74,999 Tier Credits

  • Free access to the Laurel Lounge

Diamond Elite: 75,000 – 149,999 Tier Credits

  • $600 in travel credit to Las Vegas
  • You can earn Great Gift Wrap-Up points at every Caesars Rewards casinos

Seven Stars: 150,000+ Tier Credits

  • Upgrade to the best available accommodation at check-in
  • Early check-in and late checkout
  • Annual celebratory dinner worth $500
  • Casino stores provide a 25% discount.
  • A $500 dining folio and up to $1,200 in flight and transportation to any Caesars Rewards destination
  • Your companion receives complimentary elite status
  • Invitation to Signature Events
  • Norwegian cruises are discounted by 30%.
  • 15% discount on the Caesars eCatalog
  • Eligibility for Seven Stars Signature Experiences

Credit Cards You Should Use at Caesars

Caesars Rewards Visa Card

The Caesars Rewards card gives Reward Credits that can be redeemed at Caesars or its partners. For example, with this card, you will receive:

  • 10,000 Reward Credit bonus when you spend $750 or more in the first 90 days
  • 5 Reward Credit every time you spend $1 at Caesars Rewards locations
  • 2 Reward Credit every time you spend $1 at gas stations, grocery stores, and airlines

Cardholders who use their card at least once every 6 months do not lose their Reward Credits. Moreover, you’ll receive 2.5 percent back on every Caesars purchase.

You’ll also receive a year of Platinum status after making one transaction with your card within the first 90 days. 

Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is a premium travel card that brings you:

  • When you book a travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards, you will earn 5x points on air travel and 10x points on hotels and car rentals.
  • 3x points for additional travel and dining
  • 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases

Citi Prestige Card

The Citi Prestige card, another high-end travel rewards card, gives 5x ThankYou Points at restaurants and on air travel, as well as 3x at hotels. Each ThankYou Point is worth 1.6 cents, so you’ll earn a 4.8 percent return on your accommodation and an 8 percent return on your food.


Although the FoundersCard is not a credit card, it does come with some pretty cool perks. FoundersCard promotes itself as a small-business community that provides lifestyle advantages in exchange for an annual fee. The cost varies based on how you obtain the card, but it may vary from $395 to $500 every year.


Caesars Rewards Loyalty Program is one of the most rewarding casino loyalty programs available. You are eligible for some very generous privileges at Caesars locations worldwide, ranging from complimentary dining to discounted resort fees.


Can I check my Caesars Rewards points?

Yes, you can. It is simple to check your Reward Credit balance. Simply log in to your Caesars Rewards account and go to your home page.

How do I quickly get Total Rewards Tier Credits?

Earning a lot in one day is the quickest method to gain Tier Credits. This can be accomplished through shopping, gambling, hotel rooms, and other ways. Caesars will give you additional Tier Credits based on your daily spending.

Where can I use Total Rewards credits?

Caesars Rewards Credits can be used at any Caesars location. Caesars has also partnered with a number of other businesses so that you can use your points at them as well.

How much are Total Rewards credits worth?

Caesars Reward Credits are normally worth around half-cent each.

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