The Best Casino Loyalty Programs in New Jersey 2023

posted by Theodora
November 16, 2022

When it comes to online gambling and sports betting, one of the hardest decisions you have to make is choosing the right website for you. Even though a nice welcome bonus and a huge catalog of games can be pretty good incentives, in the long run, a good casino loyalty program can bring you enough benefits to make you change your mind.

The online casino business is quite competitive as each casino is trying to outbid each other to secure your membership. This is a good thing for players since now all licensed operators in New Jersey offer a casino loyalty rewards program for all registered users. In this article, we are going to take you through the best loyalty programs in New Jersey so you can make the choice that fits your needs the most.

What is the Best Casino Loyalty Program in New Jersey?

First of all, it’s important to know what a casino loyalty program is. As we said earlier, gambling operators are willing to offer their players benefits if they choose their websites. At its core, an online casino loyalty program is a system of rewards that works based on specific credits. In general, there are 2 types of systems you are bound to encounter in this market.

The first type is the flat system, where rewards only require you to pass a certain bar to access the same rewards as every other player. The second and most popular type of program is the tier system. Here, the benefits are locked behind different levels which gamblers unlock when they reach a certain number of credits. Each casino program has its own benefits, so it is good to know what types of rewards you can expect and what benefits you are missing. These rewards can be increased deposit bonuses, in a tiered casino loyalty rewards program, the amount of bonus money received is increased depending on the level of the user. 

Another notable reward can be the birthday or anniversary bonus for the date you signed up for the casino. Some rewards systems give access to exclusive shops where you can spend credits or have the ability to join poker tournaments and events locked behind different tiers. We will go into more detail about the best online casino loyalty programs from online licensed operators in the state of New Jersey so keep reading and find the right offer for you.

BetMGM Casino Rewards Program

One of the most recognized operators in the country, BetMGM online casino NJ, announced at the beginning of the year 2022 that it will roll out a new casino loyalty program for its users. One thing that makes BetMGM’s Rewards one of the best casino loyalty program offers are the benefits that players unlock also for land-based MGM locations. Players join BetMGM rewards automatically when they sign up. Just like many others, BetMGM Rewards is an online casino loyalty program based on tiers with increasing rewards and benefits for each level you advance. The tiers of BetMGM loyalty program casino offer are:

BetMGM Loyalty Program Tiers

  • Sapphire tier from 0 to 19.999 credits
  • Pearl tier from 20.000 to 75.000 credits
  • Gold tier from 75.000 to 200.000 credits
  • Platinum tier from 200.000 credits and up
  • Noir tier, this level is only available by invitation

It’s important to note that the rewards increase with each tier of the BetMGM casino loyalty program. See below how the system works:

  • All tiers – a free birthday bet & the anniversary of the first bet you made with real money 
  • Pearl tier and up, Bonus Rewards Points earned with BetMGM play
  • Gold tier and up, gain access to Premium Customer Support
  • Platinum tier and up, get faster window service at MGM Resort-based BetMGM Sportsbooks
  • Noir tier gets access to a dedicated VIP host for BetMGM

You can use all the earned points to redeem perks in the BetMGM Rewards store. You can also use them for sports betting, poker play, and online gambling; or convert them to MGM Rewards casino loyalty program points in case you are more interested in the complementary food, beverage and hotel stays on offer.

Caesars Casino Rewards Program

Widely regarded as one of the best casino loyalty program offers in the state of New Jersey, Caesar casino rewards its players with points for all of their gambling, be it online or at any of their brick-and-mortar locations. One of the best perks of Caesars casino loyalty program is that you can earn Reward points you earn also for shopping, dining, or on spa visits to any of the partnered locations. You earn credits by playing casino games, sports betting on the website, or by using the Caesars Rewards card to pay for partnered hotels, and restaurants and by playing in the land-based Caesar casinos. The Caesar casino rewards system is divided into 6 tiers:

Caesars Rewards Tiers

  • Gold tier is the starting level and you don’t need any credits
  • Platinum tier, to achieve this level you need 5000 credits
  • Diamond tier, to achieve this level you need 15000 credits
  • Diamond Plus tier, to achieve this level you need 25000 credits
  • Diamond Elite tier, to achieve this level you ended 75000 credits
  • Seven Stars tier, is the highest level and you need over 150.000 credits to achieve it

Besides the hotel and restaurant comps, you also receive many free bets and credits for online casino games. It is also good to know that Harrah’s online casino switched from their Harrah’s total rewards program to Caesars Rewards Program when they acquired Caesars Entertainment. So if you want to benefit from one of the best loyalty programs these two operators have got you covered.

Hard Rock Unity Loyalty Program

The Hard Rock Unity Program, introduced on January 9th, 2024, is an innovative loyalty program replacing the Wild Card Rewards. This new program ensures a smooth transition for existing members by safeguarding their accumulated tier points, balances, and offers. It’s designed for ease of use, allowing members to manage their accounts effortlessly, including tracking points and navigating offers. This is facilitated through the user-friendly Unity by Hard Rock casino mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Unity Program is globally focused and structured into four distinct tiers:

Unity Hard Rock Tier Levels

  • Star (Red): This is the initial level, transitioning from the previous Premier tier.
  • Legend (Blue): The next level, evolving from the Elite tier.
  • Icon (Gold): A higher tier, upgrading from Rock Royalty.
  • X (Black): The top, exclusive tier, which retains its name and is invitation-only.

Each tier in the Unity Program offers a different level of benefits and access, encouraging members to engage more with Hard Rock Online Casino NJ‘s services, like online casino games, to climb up the tiers. The program’s global orientation reflects Hard Rock’s international presence, potentially offering diverse rewards and benefits.

FanDuel Casino Loyalty Program

When it comes to the fantasy sports industry, FanDuel Casino NJ is sitting at the top of the food chain. Ever since the FanDuel casino loyalty program has been released, players have been reaping the rewards of their FanDuel points. The rewards system offered by Fan Duel NJ consists of 6 tiers that offer increasingly more rewards. The benefits of the FanDuel casino loyalty program range from free credits up to $500, eligibility in prize pools of up to $25.000, access to weekly promotions, and many other advanatges. The 6 different levels of this online casino loyalty program are:

FanDuel Casino Loyalty Program Tiers

  • Prospect tier, requires 500 points received in the previous month
  • Pro tier, requires 2500 points received the previous month
  • All-star tier, requires 7500 points received the previous month
  • MVP tier, requires 25000 points received the previous month
  • Hall-of-Famer tier, requires 125.000 points received the previous month
  • Legend tier, requires 2.500.000 points received the previous month

The FanDuel casino loyalty program might not be for every player since it favors fantasy sports players. But if you are the type of user that likes to put their drafting skills to the test and try to make some money in the process, this might be the best online casino loyalty programs you can find.

Mohegan Sun Rewards System

Everybody loves a casino rewards system that offers great perks on their online platform as well as good comps for their land-based locations. Even though Mohegan Sun Casino’s loyalty program casino offer seems to have cash as its main focus, there are many rewards amongst the different tiers that are going to make any player happy to have chosen this casino loyalty program. All you need to do to start leveling up your tier is to earn Stellar Points. You can earn these points by wagering money on online casino games. Slots give you the most points followed by roulette with blackjack and poker being the least progress towards Stellar Points.

Many players believe Mohegan Sun Casino NJ has one of the best loyalty programs on the market since you can convert points into cash. This allows each player to choose whether they want to spend their casino loyalty program rewards on concerts, restaurants, sporting events, or any of the other very enticing offers. The 5 different Stellar Rewards tiers and the requirements for each of them are:

Mohegan Sun Casino Loyalty Rewards Program Tiers

  • The Aura level doesn’t need any points each month
  • The Star level needs 4.600 points each month
  • The Nova level needs 46.000 points each month
  • The Galaxy level needs 200.000 points each month
  • The Eclipse level needs 500.000 points every month

It is good to know that some of the rewards available in some of the tiers depend on a minimum of 3 months status of that level while others can be only available only by invitation. Even with these limitations, Mohegan Sun NJ still offers one of the best online casino loyalty programs in the Garden State.

Bally Casino Rewards Program  

Another casino loyalty rewards program that has made a lot of fans over time is the Bally Casino Rewards program. There is one big reason why this offer can stand up to any other casino loyalty program! You can earn Bally Bucks and exchange them for cash. The rate of conversion for the Bally Bucks is 0.01$ per Bally Buck. When you sign up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Bally casino loyalty program. After that, you’ll start earning the sweet Bally Bucks from the first wager placed.

Bally Online Casino NJ also has a special program for its most valuable players, the VIP program. However for a player to become a Bally VIP he needs to receive an invitation to the program. But for those lucky enough to take part, the benefits are something special. The VIP players have access to personalized bonus offers, special promotions, casino room upgrades, and many more worthwhile benefits. If any of these perks seem like something you can enjoy then the Bally casino loyalty program could be what you were looking for all this time.  

How to Make the Most of an Online Casino Loyalty Program

Since all of the online casinos in New Jersey offer some kind of casino loyalty program, it is good to know some tips that can help you extract the most out of any of these offers. Even if you find the best casino loyalty program, you can always extract a little more value if you know what you are doing. Here are some pointers to help you out:

Study Carefully the Terms and Conditions of the Online Casino Loyalty Program

No matter what offer you find, you always need to read the terms of the program. Understanding any restrictions that can apply to your account, like wager amount requirements to access bonus funds, can help you better understand if the rewards program is truly worth it or not. 

Choose the Best Casino Rewards Program for You

There are many casino loyalty program offers you can choose from, so take the time to find the one that offers you the most rewards for the type of online casino games you play. If you like to bet big and spend a lot, many programs will offer you significant VIP perks for your online gambling as well as Resort on Casino comps.

Use the Points You Earned Thoughtfully

Maybe the hardest decision you will have to make regarding the best loyalty programs is what you are going to spend your points on. So when the time comes, make sure you understand fully what you can redeem so you don’t regret later the choice you made.


With how tough the competition in the online gambling industry has become, the choice of which rewards system in New Jersey to go for can be daunting. But as long as you make sure to pick the one that offers you the perks that best fit your playstyle and the games you like to play, you can be sure that it’s not going to be a disappointing decision. 


What happened to Harrah’s Total Rewards Program?

After the acquisition of Caesar Entertainment in 2005 Harrah’s total rewards program changed to the Caesar Rewards loyalty program. Although many players seem surprised by the change, Harrah’s total rewards program currently in use is regarded as one of the best rewards programs in New Jersey.

Which casino has the best loyalty program?

There are many opinions when it comes to deciding what the best casino loyalty program is. Most online casino players tend to point towards the Caesar Rewards program, but you should always take into consideration what game you play and what program best fits your needs.

Are MGM rewards worth it?

BetMGM is known by many online gamblers to offer some of the most generous rewards when it comes to their loyalty program. For many players that also like to enjoy their stay at an MGM Resort, the loyalty program has many good rewards that can bring bonuses to their land-based casinos as well as online play.

What is a casino rewards card?

A rewards card that you can get from most casinos in the state of New Jersey, is a card on which the player can store the loyalty points earned by gambling or by using it when spending money at the resorts or hotels. The card allows players to redeem various rewards at partnered locations.

How do I maximize casino rewards?

To maximize the rewards you can get from a casino loyalty program, it is important to choose an offer that gives you the most reward for the games you play and enjoy the most.

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