Hard Rock Unity Program Launches New Loyalty Card at Atlantic City Casino

posted by Ioana
January 18, 2024

The Hard Rock Unity program, debuting in Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 9, announces a new chapter in customer loyalty. This innovative program transitions from the previous Wild Card Rewards to a more expansive, globally-focused Unity program. It ensures a smooth transition for Wild Card members, safeguarding their accumulated tier points, balances, and existing offers.

More than just an upgrade, it opens the door to exclusive benefits and international access. It invites members to dive into a unique loyalty experience, where local rewards merge seamlessly with global opportunities.

Hard Rock Unity Program Goes Live in Atlantic City

Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino now embraces the Hard Rock Unity program, already popular at various Hard Rock venues globally. This initiative allows members to effortlessly manage their accounts. Implicitly, this includes tracking points, credits, and navigating offers and reservations. You can do so through the user-friendly Unity by Hard Rock casino mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

An important aspect of the Unity program Hard Rock Casino NJ offers is its consistency with the Wild Card system, particularly in the earning rates for tier credits within Atlantic City. However, it’s worth noting that these rates vary across different Hard Rock properties, including those in Bristol, Virginia, and Biloxi, Mississippi. The program’s design also highlights the utility of push notifications, ensuring members remain informed about their reservations and rewards, fostering a more engaged and seamless customer experience.

Understanding The Changes in Hard Rock Unity Loyalty Program

The transition from Wild Card Rewards to the Hard Rock Unity program in Atlantic City has been more gradual than in other Hard Rock locations. Many high-tier AC Wild Card program members have already been incorporated into the Unity system. Since its opening in June 2018, Hard Rock has swiftly ascended in Atlantic City’s entertainment landscape.

The Unity program Hard Rock offers is structured into four distinct tiers: Star, Legend, Icon, and an exclusive, invitation-only X tier. Each tier offers a different level of benefits and access, paralleling the structure of the Wild Card tiers. Here is the updated form of the loyalty program, which you can climb up as you play more online casino games:

Tier Levels

  • Premier transitions to Star (Red)
  • Elite shifts to Legend (Blue)
  • Rock Royalty upgrades to Icon (Gold)
  • X retains its name (Black)

Rewards and Benefits at Hard Rock AC

At Hard Rock Atlantic City, the Unity Rewards program introduces a trio of rewards: Free Play, Tier Credits, and Unity Points. Players earn Free Play through slots, which remain valid for 90 days. Tier Credits, a crucial element for advancing in tiers, are accumulated via slot and table games and through qualifying purchases.

Unity Points, acquired similarly, hold a redemption value but expire after six months without activity. The Hard Rock Unity Loyalty program excels in offering a range of benefits, including diverse casino welcome bonus and exclusive invitations to events. Notably, accruing Tier Credits leads to a range of privileges, such as enhanced accommodation options and priority services, thereby elevating the overall experience at Hard Rock.

This revamped Hard Rock Unity program signifies an advancement in Hard Rock Atlantic City’s loyalty offerings, delivering a more cohesive and rewarding experience for its patrons. It represents a leap in the casino loyalty programs scheme, boasting an international scope and a variety of advantages. This initiative encourages members to fully engage with the broad spectrum of Hard Rock’s global services and experiences​, all the more as Hard Rock Games is preparing to launch a free-to-play social casino to strengthen its bottom line soon.

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