Best Apple Pay Casinos in New Jersey 2024

As Apple Pay Casino becomes increasingly popular as a payment method, it’s transforming the way players interact with online casinos. With this accessible payment option, customers now have an easy and secure way to make deposits. Here, we provide an in-depth look at casinos that accept Apple Pay highlighting their security, ease of use, and fast transaction capabilities. Let’s examine the best Apple Pay Casinos of January 2024 and learn how to set up Apple Pay, among others.

Apple Pay Casinos – Table Of Contents

Best Apple Pay Casinos

In New Jersey, a selection of Apple Pay Online Casinos stands out for their adoption of this modern payment method. Although not every casino in the state includes Apple Pay in their payment options, the ones that do provide notable advantages to players. This section aims to detail the key aspects of these casinos, shedding light on the various benefits and unique offerings each provides, beyond the convenience of Apple Pay’s transaction system.

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Online Casino NJ is one of the most popular online casinos in legal states that allow Apple Pay deposits. Apple Pay is fast gaining popularity due to its varied choice of payment methods. Moreover, the one-click deposit method is extremely user-friendly. The operator brings a special touch to live casino gaming, offering exclusive titles like BetMGM Blackjack Player’s Choice and BetMGM Live Dealer Bonus City. For those seeking variety, over 3000 online slots and multiple jackpots are at your fingertips.

BetMGM online casino NJ logo

Borgata Casino

Known particularly for its seamless Apple Pay deposits, Borgata Casino Online NJ offers a clear and quick process. The cashier tab’s Apple Pay option assures a safe transaction. This casino, ideal for poker fans, hosts exciting events like Borgata Poker Events and the Fall Mini Series. It boasts a vast slots portfolio, including hundreds of traditional, 3D, and progressive slots, featuring favorites like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest – all accessible post-deposit.

Borgata online casino logo

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Casino NJ, a prominent name in the casino industry, is another player in New Jersey that accepts Apple Pay. While providing a secure deposit method, Caesars ensures a well-rounded gaming experience. Navigating through the casino’s offerings is seamless, thanks to a user-friendly search bar. Highlights include Caribbean Stud Poker and Pai Gow Poker, complemented by a rewarding Caesars loyalty program. Each level brings better rewards, enhancing the gaming experience, especially with casinos with Apple Pay.

white caesars palace casino logo featuring the roman figure

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Online Casino NJ was among the first casinos that accept Apple Pay. A strong competitor among live casinos online titles and table games, this casino is known for its Evolution games selection. It stands out with exclusive titles such as DraftKings NBA Slam Dunk Roulette and DraftKings Football Blackjack. On top of these branded titles, the added convenience of Paypal casinos transactions makes it a worthwhile choice for many players.

DraftKings Casino Logo

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Online Casino NJ, known for its numerous gambling offerings, was among the first casinos that accept Apple Pay. Fortunately, the option is accessible to a wide variety of customers, as it is offered via both the website and the mobile app. The standout feature of this casino is its highly-rated app, where quality is a priority. It constantly updates its portfolio with new titles like Fort Knox Cleopatra and offers a variety of original games. The Fanduel app‘s user-friendly design is complemented by the option of making Apple Pay deposits, enhancing the overall user experience.

FanDuel Casino NJ logo

Party Casino

Party Casino NJ, a popular choice in New Jersey, offers Apple Pay as a banking method. While Apple Pay is accepted, users are advised to check with their card issuers as not all may allow online gambling transactions. Affiliated with Borgata and BetMGM, this casino showcases a wide variety of games from top-tier software providers. Notable among these are casino jackpot slots like MGM Grand Millions and classic slots such as Narcos and Bonanza Megaways, which become available for play upon approval.

NJ party casino

BetRivers Casino

BetRivers Casino NJ is a player in the New Jersey casino scene that acknowledges the importance of convenient payment methods and is among the casinos that take Apple Pay. While Apple Pay is among the accepted options, users should be aware of potential restrictions from card issuers. While focusing on sports, this operator also excels in terms of online casino. It offers an impressive array of thematic slots like Spartacus and Zeus and a selection of online slingo games, such as Slingo Berserk. So, the convenience of Apple Pay Online Casinos transactions adds to the platform’s diverse and engaging gaming experience.

BetRivers NJ casino logo

How To Install Apple Pay Service

Apple Pay stands out as a quick and secure method for deposits at Apple Pay Online Casinos, catering exclusively to iOS users. To get started, ensure your iPhone meets the basic requirements that the NJ casino apps require. Adding your payment card via the Wallet app is simple and secure, preparing you for transactions at casinos that take Apple Pay. Other than a few details that you must ensure are met, the process of installing Apple Pay is straightforward:

It’s worth mentioning that if you have multiple Apple devices (iPad, Apple Watch) connected to the same iCloud account, the card will be automatically shared across all devices.

How To Deposit At Apple Pay Casinos

The integration of Apple Pay into online casinos’ payment choices has expedited the deposit procedure for players. This simple procedure assures that you can fund your online casino account quickly and securely. Most PayPal casinos ensure instant deposits, you that you can start gambling right away. Next, we are going to present you with the required procedures to effectively deposit money into your Apple Pay account:

How To Request Withdrawals at Apple Pay Casinos

As of now, the functionality of Apple Pay in the world of online casinos is mostly designed to facilitate deposits, with just a few platforms offering the opportunity to withdraw monies using Apple Pay. So, users who are navigating the withdrawal procedure may examine the casino’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which is a helpful resource that sheds light on possible choices, which may include credit or debit cards, e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill, and others.

Moreover, given the fluid nature of the online gambling industry, the landscape of accessible withdrawal alternatives may change over time. While Apple Pay withdrawals are still a restricted function, the industry’s continual growth indicates that this payment option may become more common in the future. Technological advancements and the increasing demand for streamlined transactions may prompt online casinos to expand their withdrawal options, including a broader integration of Apple Pay that means more casinos that take Apple Pay. 

Therefore, players are advised to remain up to speed on the newest advances in online casino payment methods, as the use of Apple Pay in withdrawal procedures may become a standard feature across a wider range of platforms. Apple Pay’s user-friendliness and security coincide with the industry’s aim to improve the entire gaming experience, making it a viable contender for increased use in both deposits and withdrawals in the near future.

Mobile Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay stands out as the best payment option for mobile casino players, particularly those who own iPhones and iPads. Apple Pay’s straightforward nature blends nicely with the mobile gambling experience, offering customers a quick and easy way to deposit dollars into their casino accounts.

Furthermore, the finest Apple Pay Online casinos use cutting-edge technology like HTML5, offering a universal and responsive gaming experience across several devices. Whether gamers play online casino games on their iPhone, iPad, or laptop, the use of HTML5 ensures constant performance, appealing graphics, and seamless gameplay.

As a result, mobile casinos that accept Apple Pay provide a degree of ease that matches the expectations of current gamers. With Apple Pay apps designed specifically for mobile devices, players may easily browse through their favorite slots and casino games with the touch of a finger. The Apple Pay interface’s inherent simplicity improves the entire gaming experience by allowing gamers to focus on enjoying the games.

Therefore, the faster deposit procedure is one of the most prominent benefits of using Apple Pay at mobile casinos. Unlike traditional payment systems, Apple Pay does not need customers to manually enter card information. Depositing cash into a mobile casino account is as simple as a few clicks on the screen using Apple Pay. This not only speeds up the transaction, but it also improves security by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Steps for Mobile Transactions with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay with Apple Cash

When paired with Apple Cash, Apple Pay—which has proven itself as a rapid and safe payment method—becomes an even more potent force in preserving the security of financial transactions. Customers may feel secure in the knowledge that Apple Pay incorporates robust security measures, such as biometric identification methods like Touch ID and Face ID, to protect their private data while making purchases online.

Also, Apple Cash, an integral component of the Apple ecosystem, adds an extra layer of convenience to the payment process. Users can leverage Apple Cash for various financial activities, from making purchases to facilitating money transfers seamlessly. Moreover, the user-friendly interface and accessibility within the Apple Wallet make Apple Cash an intuitive tool for managing funds with ease.

Therefore, customers may easily begin transactions and money transfers while using Apple Cash. Apple Cash streamlines financial transactions, whether you’re giving money to loved ones, purchasing online, or making in-app purchases. 

That’s not all! The transparency provided by Apple Cash extends to allowing users to monitor their cash balance directly within the Apple Wallet. This feature enhances financial awareness, ensuring that users have real-time visibility into their available funds. The ability to check the Apple Cash balance on the Apple Cash card within the Wallet contributes to a seamless and informed financial management experience.

Pros and Cons Of Apple Pay Casinos

The choice of payment method is crucial, and Apple Pay Online Casinos are no exception. Each payment option, including Apple Pay, brings with it a unique blend of benefits and limitations. Understanding these can greatly enhance your online casino experience. Let’s get into a more detailed analysis of the pros and cons associated with using Apple Pay casinos, providing a clearer picture of what to expect from this payment method.

One-Click Transactions: Apple Pay requires only one click to deposit funds into your online casino account, streamlining the payment process.
No Additional or Hidden Fees: The payment service is entirely free, without any additional charges, providing users with transparent transactions.
Secure Privacy Policy: Apple Pay keeps personal and credit card information private.
Compatible with all Apple devices: Apple Pay is available on all Apple devices as long with the same iCloud account.
Encryption: Every payment you make at casinos with Apple Pay is encrypted on your smartphone.
Not Available in Some Casinos: While gaining popularity, not all legal casinos are casinos with Apple Pay as a payment method. Users might need to explore alternative contactless payment systems like PayNearMe or PayPal.
Not Compatible with Some Card Issuers: Some banks might restrict Apple Pay deposits to online gambling accounts, leading to declined transactions.

How To Choose the Best Apple Pay Casinos in NJ

At Jersey Casinos, we understand the importance of choosing the right Apple Pay casinos in NJ. With a multitude of options available, it’s crucial to know what factors to consider for a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding online gambling experience. Whether it’s game variety, mobile quality, bonuses, or speed, we’re here to help you make informed decisions and enjoy the best of what New Jersey’s Apple Pay casinos have to offer. Here are key factors you need to take into consideration:

Apple Pay– Profile & Info

Apple Pay, a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc., was first conceptualized through a partnership with Visa and Mastercard in 2013. Officially launched in 2014 during the iPhone 6 event, it started as a U.S.-exclusive service in 2015, later expanding to the UK. This service enables users to make contactless in-store purchases, online shopping, and in-app payments with ease.

Over the years, Apple Pay has grown to support various card and payment networks, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Maestro. Its widespread compatibility and ease of use have made it a popular choice in different sectors, including Apple Pay Casinos. Here, it serves as a secure and convenient option for users engaging in online gambling activities.

Parent CompanyApple Inc.
Launch DateOctober 20, 2014 
OwnerApple Inc.      
HeadquartersCupertino, California
CompatibilityiOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch)
Security MeasuresPasscode, Touch ID, Face ID, Secure Element Encryption

Safety & Security

Safety and licensing regulations are the cornerstones of safe online transactions. Apple Pay upholds these values across several platforms, including the internet betting industry and the Apple Pay Casinos. Users may be sure that their transactions are safe and legitimate since strict standards are followed.

Safeguarding sensitive data is the first step towards security.

Giving users command over their security is essential. Users may strengthen their transactions using a variety of choices offered by Apple Pay. Users have the option to customize their security settings with options like:

User data is kept private and safe throughout every transaction thanks to the addition of safe Element Encryption, which strengthens the security measures even further.

Responsible Gambling

Before enjoying the benefits of PayPal online casinos, it’s important to emphasize the need to play responsibly. Ethical gaming not only makes gamers happy but also fosters a good, long-lasting connection with the gaming business. This tactic is founded on the understanding that moderation and awareness, like with other types of entertainment, lead to a more enjoyable experience.

Establishing Personal Limits

Therefore, one of the foundational pillars of responsible gambling is the establishment of personal spending and betting limits. Players are encouraged to define predetermined thresholds for their gambling activities, aligning these limits with their financial capacities and overall gaming objectives. Setting these boundaries, even for casinos with Apple Pay ensures that the excitement of playing remains within the realms of responsible and controlled engagement.

Awareness of Gaming Risks

Moreover, raising knowledge of the inherent hazards connected to gaming is a crucial component of responsible gambling. Making educated selections requires acknowledging that there is a chance and risk component to gambling. It is recommended that players be aware of the unpredictability of games of chance and go into each session knowing exactly what may happen.

Recognizing Problem Gambling Signs

Furthermore, for individuals who find it challenging to maintain control over their gambling activities, Apple Pay casinos offer self-exclusion options. With the help of this function, gamers may control their gaming habit proactively. Players who want to self-exclude have the option to either temporarily or permanently limit their access to casino services, making it an important tool for those trying to get control back.

Recall that preserving a positive connection with online casinos requires being able to identify the warning signals of problem gaming. Gambling in excess, going over budget on time, and thinking about gambling a lot are a few frequent indications. Players who are aware of these indicators can respond quickly to possible problems and get help when they need it.

Support Services for Gambling Addiction

Numerous services for help are available for persons with gambling addiction. These might include support groups, counseling programs, and hotlines designed especially to deal with gambling-related problems. Making use of these services can be a critical first step on the road to recovery and taking back control of one’s gambling habits. Conversely, you can enjoy what the casinos that take Apple Pay have to offer in a healthy and moderated way.

Best Alternatives to Apple Pay Casinos

As we acknowledge the popularity of Apple Pay as a leading online casino payment method in US casinos, it’s equally essential to explore alternative avenues that cater to diverse preferences. While Apple Pay offers seamless transactions, several noteworthy alternatives provide a range of options for players seeking flexibility in their payment choices.


Known for its widespread acceptance and user-friendly interface, PayPal stands as a prominent alternative in PayPal Casinos. Offering secure transactions and real-time fund transfers, PayPal provides a convenient solution for players looking beyond Apple Pay.

Paysafe Card

In Paysafecard Casinos, this optin with its prepaid voucher system, offers an additional layer of security and anonymity. This alternative is particularly appealing to users in Paysafe Card Casinos who prioritize privacy and controlled spending.


As a globally recognized and widely accepted payment method, Visa remains a stalwart alternative in Visa Casinos. With its extensive reach, Visa provides a reliable and familiar option for players in Visa Casinos who prefer the ubiquity of this credit card.

While Apple Pay Casinos continue to dominate the payment landscape, exploring these alternatives presents valuable choices for users. Additionally, you can find plenty of other Skrill casinos, Neteller casinos, and Prepaid Card casinos. But if you wish to stay away from cards and e-wallers, eCheck Casinos are probably what you’re looking for. Each option carries its unique features, allowing players to tailor their payment methods to align with individual preferences. Ultimately, the worthiness of considering these alternatives lies in the diversity they bring to the table, offering a spectrum of choices to enhance the online casino experience beyond the realm of Apple Pay.


Apple Pay Casinos have significantly enhanced the online gaming experience through the integration of Apple Pay. This payment method offers one-click transactions, robust privacy policies, and compatibility across multiple Apple devices, making it a convenient and efficient option for users.

When selecting the top Apple Pay Casinos, it’s important to consider factors such as licensing, game quality, mobile app functionality, bonuses, and the efficiency of withdrawal processes. Although Apple Pay has many benefits, players should also explore other payment options that align with their personal preferences. So, explore our recommended list of Apple Pay Casinos today and experience the ease and security of Apple Pay in your next gaming session!