Exclusive Fort Knox Cleopatra Slot To Join FanDuel Casino NJ's Library "Soon"

posted by Ivanovici Radu
October 6, 2023

FanDuel Casino, famed for offering one of New Jersey’s most extensive gaming libraries, has prepared for yet another thrilling expansion with its latest offering. As part of the second chapter of “Winning is Undefeated”, the buzz about the Fort Knox Cleopatra video slot was palpable. But, this buzz has many predicting an imminent addition of this game to the Fanduel casino games library, hopefully, “soon”.

The Excitement Around Fort Knox Cleopatra

Fort Knox Cleopatra from IGT PlayDigital wasn’t designed just to work on any platform. It was rather specifically tailored for FanDuel Casino NJ. This exclusive arrangement has made waves due to its cutting-edge progressive jackpot mechanism. In his turn, Gil Rotem, the IGT president of iGaming, made an exhilarating announcement regarding this promising collaboration:

 “We’re thrilled to bring one of IGT PlayDigital’s most popular games exclusively to FanDuel Casino with the new Fort Knox Cleopatra, featuring graphics and sound effects we know users will love.”

Gil Rotem, President at IGT iGaming

Fort Know Cleopatra: Slot Highlights

Fort Knox Cleopatra is not just one of the many classic slots—it’s a prime example of the best FanDuel casino game available. This video slot captivates with its unique 5-reel, 20-betway structure. Moreover, the dazzling animations and graphics transport enthusiasts straight to ancient Egypt. But what truly sets it apart is the game mechanics. A new progressive jackpot mechanic promises to deliver even bigger prizes, elevating the excitement with each spin. The slot also integrates two significant bonuses: the Cleopatra bonus and the Fort Knox bonus.

The first one activates with a three Sphinx combo, gifting players with 15 free spins and the chance for tripled wins. Conversely, the latter can surprise players at any moment during base game spin play, further showcasing the unpredictability and thrill this slot offers. In essence, the Fort Knox Cleopatra video slot is not just one of the many online slots. It represents the pinnacle of gaming adventure and potential on FanDuel’s platform.

FanDuel Casino NJ’s Ad Campaign Amplifies Its Message

Fort Knox Cleopatra and the other FanDuel casino games provide plenty of entertainment. This is mainly thanks to a successful partnership between FanDuel and Mischief @ No Fixed Address. However, the “Winning Is Undefeated” campaign extends beyond New Jersey. Its success can also be found across Michigan and Pennsylvania. The general purpose of this tri-state campaign is to enhance brand recognition. More specifically, this means to establish that FanDuel is more than a simple NJ operator – it’s where the best FanDuel casino game is played.

Daniele Phillips, Vice President of Brand Strategy at FanDuel Casino, stated in her campaign to show how winning “outranks all else from successfully avoiding your neighbor to catching your car keys in one hand.” Pete Lefebvre, Mischief’s creative mind and CEO, shared this sentiment, noting how winning became central to their promotional strategy.

FanDuel’s Future Shines Brighter with Fort Knox Cleopatra

In recap, the casino’s anticipated addition of the Fort Knox Cleopatra video slot to its library showcases its dedication to providing top-tier entertainment to its players. For those eager to experience the best FanDuel casino game, stay tuned. The future of the new slots 2023 is bright, and now is an incredible time to become part of FanDuel Online Casino NJ’s flourishing community. Prep up for Fort Knox Cleopatra’s arrival and may your spins be as golden as the game itself!

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