Best Live Online Casinos in New Jersey 2024

Online live casinos continue to captivate a global audience in 2024, sustaining the long-held popularity of live gaming experiences. This intriguing combination of modern technology and a classic casino experience will be the talk of the town. It’s undeniable that players all around the world are showing immense enthusiasm for casino games that employ live dealers who can interact with them from miles away.

But why this widespread fascination? Well, for starters, the use of a live dealer creates an immersive experience that combines conventional and online casinos. Interestingly, this technology adds the much-needed human touch to the digital scene. So, follow us as we explore the nuances of online live casinos online, understanding how they have adapted to remain a favorite among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Live Casinos Online – Table Of Contents

Top Live Casinos Online 2024

A wide variety of live gaming experiences is promised by our list of the top 7 live casinos online available in 2024. Every casino offers something unique, ranging from unique online casino games to outstanding user experiences and cutting-edge technology. Let’s examine the best live online casinos in more detail:

Borgata Casino

Live dealer games are truly Borgata Casino NJ’s specialty. Borgata Blackjack Royale is a game that enjoys huge success on the platform, and it offers a truly nice casino experience. It’s a fusion of the traditional game with special features. This one is just the getaway to more amazing live dealer games at Borgata.

Borgata online casino logo

Party Casino

Party Casino NJ is synonymous with diversity. This casino brings a wide range of live dealer games to the table to cater to different player needs and tastes. You can choose from live roulette to blackjack and even exclusive games such as Party Casino Hold’em Extravaganza. We bet that you won’t find a dull moment at the live casino tables from Party, especially with titles such as Baccarat Dragon Bonus.

NJ party casino

BetMGM Casino

The good old BetMGM Casino NJ excels in the live dealer casino sector too. Offering premium games from this well-known platform, they are recognized as industry highs. Among these, MGM Grand Roulette should definitely be on every player’s must-play list. If you’re looking to experience the opulence of a high-end casino from the comfort of your own home, this is undoubtedly the way to go.

BetMGM online casino NJ logo

BetRivers Casino

To accommodate a wide range of player interests, BetRivers Casino NJ is one of the live casinos online that provides a variety of live dealer games. Alongside traditional table games like roulette and blackjack, the platform also offers unique titles such as Rivers Hold’em Showdown. Additionally, their repertoire includes popular options like Live Ultimate Texas Hold ’em Poker and Live Three Card Poker, further justifying their commitment to diversity.

BetRivers NJ casino logo

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palance Online Casino NJ is one of the best live online casinos and guarantees the highest caliber and thrills in its live dealer products. With games like Infinite Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack, which are timeless classics, the platform offers players the charm of conventional casino games in an online environment.

white caesars palace casino logo featuring the roman figure

888 Casino

Two of the best games on 888 Casino‘s live dealer platform are Live Baccarat and Casino Hold’em. You can choose to play games like Live Dragon Tiger or Live Caribbean Stud Poker if you’re feeling adventurous. You have the option, so, which will you choose?

888 Casino NJ logo

How Do Online Casinos With Live Dealers Work?

“The live dealer plays a crucial role, mirroring the actions of a dealer in a physical casino. From spinning the roulette wheel to dealing cards in live blackjack casinos, live dealers manage the game while fostering interaction through live chat. Unlike traditional casinos, tipping the dealer is often not required or is outright prohibited. The communication dynamics involve vocal responses from dealers to player messages sent through a chat box. For live casinos online, the live dealer is the epicenter. 

Live Casinos Online – Key Features

Live dealer casinos boast unique and interactive qualities that set them apart from regular online platforms. The immersive, real-time experience is underpinned by key features that enhance the overall gameplay. Let’s explore these features that collectively contribute to the immersive and interactive nature of live dealer casinos:

In Which States Can I Find Live Dealer Casinos?

The expansion of live casinos online in the United States has been influenced by the comparatively slower legalization process compared to sports betting. While the latter gained momentum more swiftly, online casinos, including those offering live dealer games, faced a more deliberate regulatory journey. The current landscape reflects a somewhat limited availability of live dealer casinos across the nation.

There is a potential wave of development in the near future as many states are actively contemplating legalizing online casinos. It is expected that additional states will use live dealer casino platforms as the regulatory landscape changes.

Here is a list of states where live casinos online have already launched, along with their respective launch dates:

Stay tuned for updates as the landscape of live dealer casinos continues to unfold across the United States.

How To Play At Live Casinos Online In NJ

For those in New Jersey, playing at online live casinos is a really easy process. The Garden State boasts a large array of straightforward internet platforms for accessing live dealer games. This user-friendly approach simplifies the experience for both new and experienced players. Next, we’ll offer a concise step-by-step guide, equipping you with the essentials to begin your journey in live casino gaming in New Jersey.”

Games at Live Casinos Online

Live dealer games combine real-time gaming with online convenience, and New Jersey’s online casinos offer a variety of these experiences. This section provides an overview of the live dealer games available across different casinos in New Jersey. Each casino has its unique selection and style, featuring classics like blackjack and roulette as well as other specialized games.

NJ online Blackjack icon

Live Blackjack

Live online blackjack at live blackjack casinos beckons players with its digital betting process and a myriad of available tables. Experience the thrill of a 3:2 payout ratio and explore games like Infinite Blackjack, offering unlimited seating features. Alternatively, you venture into other live blackjack titles for diverse gaming experiences at live casinos online. For example, Atlantic City Blackjack and Double exposure Blackjack are two equally interesting titles.

NJ online Roulette icon

Live Roulette

Online casinos offer live online roulette, providing players with standard variants and a digital betting system. With lower bet minimums, players can easily explore popular games like American Roulette. Additionally, delve into other variants such as European Roulette and Live Auto Roulette. For a more immersive experience, discover the intricacies of Casino Floor Roulette.

NJ online Poker icon

Live Poker

Live Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em are key attractions in live poker gaming. Alongside these, games such as Side Bet City and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em stand out with their friendly dealers and visually appealing studios, significantly enhancing the overall gaming experience. Furthermore, players can explore the straightforward gameplay of Three Card Poker and the enticing Trips Bonus Bet in Ultimate Texas Hold’em, adding variety to their poker adventures.

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Other Games

Explore the range of live dealer games that go beyond the mainstream offerings. There are lesser-known but equally engaging options such as Live Sic Bo, Live Dream Catcher, Live Craps, and Let it Ride. Additionally, consider trying out the distinctive experiences provided by games like Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-luck, which offer a different take on traditional casino gaming

Live Dealer Studios

Live dealer studios, scattered globally, play a pivotal role in delivering captivating live dealer games. Various online casino software providers contribute to this dynamic landscape, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Authentic Gaming

The live dealer games offered by Authentic Gaming are particularly noteworthy as they are televised straight from actual land-based casinos. This innovative method allows online and in-person gamers to share the same gaming area while achieving an unmatched level of realism. Furthermore, Authentic Gaming is praised for its wide selection of live dealer games, particularly its creative takes on traditional casino favorites like roulette. Gamers may try original takes on well-known titles, bringing excitement and novelty to their gaming experiences. Sadly, Authentic Gaming primarily features games with English-speaking dealers. For players seeking a more diverse linguistic experience, this limitation may impact the accessibility of the platform.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution is a provider for all players. They have a varied repertoire which includes both traditional favorites like baccarat, roulette, or blackjack, as well as more innovative games such as Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. The company continuously pushes the limits of gambling as a pioneer in live casino technology for online live casinos. It’s important to remember, too, that when compared to other providers, Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games often feature larger minimum betting limits. This might be a turnoff for players on a tight budget looking for less expensive solutions.

Extreme Live Gaming

When it comes to Extreme Live Gaming, we have to commend them for their eye-popping lobby design and UI. Players truly get the feel of real when it comes to Extreme’s live dealer offerings. For some players, nevertheless, the restricted range of titles in comparison to other live dealer providers may be a disadvantage. The majority of Extreme Live Gaming’s products are roulette variations, so customers looking for a greater selection of live casino games might not find what they’re looking for.


Ezugi’s biggest asset is its customized private tables that let people to create an intimate environment for their gaming time. Moreover, Ezugi is available worldwide, so people from all around the world can enjoy their games. But even though the interface design has a lot of features, gamers who want a simpler layout could find it a little complicated. The plethora of tools and settings might be a little daunting for some players, particularly those who are unfamiliar with live dealer gambling.


A well-known brand in the online gambling space, Microgaming has expanded into the live dealer casino space. Microgaming, which has a long history that dates back to the early days of online casinos, offers a plethora of creativity and experience to live gaming. The fact that most of the dealers in Microgaming’s live dealer games understand English might be a drawback. Players who prefer multilingual alternatives or a more diversified language environment may find their experience compromised by this constraint.

NetEnt Live

With its eye-catching games, NetEnt Live is well-known for providing gamers with an excellent visual gaming experience. The captivating and realistic live casino experience is enhanced by the amazing visuals. Additionally, NetEnt Live guarantees accessibility by supporting Android and Apple devices. Players may easily enjoy live dealer games on their chosen mobile platforms because of its versatility. Although NetEnt Live offers excellent titles, there aren’t as many options as there are with other suppliers. A disadvantage for players looking for a wide range of interesting live dealer game alternatives might be this feature.


Playtech’s image as a dependable and trustworthy supplier is bolstered by the fact that it possesses various gaming licenses. Gamers may feel secure knowing that Playtech’s games are safe and equitable. To improve the game experience, the supplier is always adding new features. Players may take advantage of a dynamic and engaging live dealer atmosphere, complete with interactive components and distinct camera perspectives. One drawback to be mindful of is Evolution Gaming’s intense rivalry. While Evolution Gaming has established industry standards for live dealer gaming, some players argue that Playtech is still a formidable opponent.

Realtime Gaming

Since its inception, Realtime Gaming, sometimes known as RTG, has developed as a key player in the online casino software development sector. In the competitive world of live dealer casinos, RTG has distinguished itself by stressing innovation and offering a diverse selection of gaming experiences. However, in terms of the visual appeal and images of its live dealer games, RTG may trail behind some of its competitors. Some gamers may discover that more intricate and visually stunning gaming environments are accessible from other providers, such as Evolution Gaming or NetEnt.

Each of these suppliers brings something special to the table and guarantees top-notch visuals and seamless gameplay.

Live Live Casinos Online Apps and Mobile Experience

The convenience of playing live dealer games at live casinos online everywhere is made possible through mobile apps. Available for both Android and iOS devices, these apps deliver performance comparable to their desktop counterparts. While some players prefer dedicated NJ casino apps, others may opt for browser play, noting that mobile play may feature scaled-back graphics for smoother connectivity.

Live Dealer Games Vs. Traditional Table Games

The choice between live online casinos and traditional table games at casinos is a significant one for online gamblers. Live dealer games replicate the interactive, immersive atmosphere of a physical casino, while traditional table games offer a more classic and straightforward gambling experience.

To assist you in understanding these options, we’ve compiled a comparison table highlighting the pros and cons of live dealer experiences versus traditional casino table games. This comparison focuses on aspects such as the level of interaction, game pace, and the overall gaming atmosphere, helping you decide which style suits your preferences best.

AspectLive Dealer GamesRegular Online Casino Games
Real-time InteractionInteract with live dealers and players globally.Play at your pace without live interactions.
Game SelectionLimited compared to standard online casino games.Vast range of games, often in the hundreds.
Betting LimitsHigher minimum and maximum bet ranges.Lower minimum and maximum bet ranges.
AtmosphereReplicates the feel of a physical casino.May lack the realism of live dealer games.
AppealAppeals to offline gamblers transitioning online.Draws in a diverse range of players.
GraphicsCan feel more artificial compared to physical casinos.May lack the realism of live dealer games.

How We Choose Live Casinos Online

We at Jersey Casinos are proud of our dedication to providing gamers with the best possible live casinos online experience. We employ a strict selection procedure to guarantee that only the top platforms are included in our list of recommended live dealer online casinos. This provides an overview of the strict assessment standards we use, highlighting important elements that are essential for a high-caliber gaming experience.

Live Dealer Bonuses

We carefully consider the bonus packages, searching for substantial and clear live dealer bonuses that improve the entire gaming experience. In addition to assessing the value of these bonuses, we also look at their wagering requirements, ensuring they are fair and beneficial to players. Below, we have listed additional promotions from other casinos in New Jersey, which have been chosen for their relevance and appeal to live dealer game enthusiasts.

Payout Speed

Swift and reliable payouts are paramount. We assess the speed at which NJ casinos process withdrawals, aiming for platforms prioritizing quick and hassle-free transactions. In line with this, our evaluation also considers the efficiency of various online casino payment methods available to players, ensuring a seamless transaction experience from start to finish.

Live Dealer Games and Variety

Two important aspects of our evaluation are the selection and caliber of live dealer games. We search for casinos that offer a wide selection of games from reliable software developers, ensuring both variety and quality. Additionally, special consideration is given to the availability of traditional table games, distinctive variants, and cutting-edge live game shows. We consider that these aspects contribute significantly to the overall gaming experience, specific only to the best live online casinos.

Safety and Security

The safety of players is non-negotiable. We ensure that recommended live dealer casinos are licensed, regulated, and adhere to stringent security measures. This evaluation includes assessing data encryption protocols, fair gaming practices, and the overall reputation of the casino. By considering all these aspects, we aim to promote a secure and trustworthy environment for players.

Customer Support

One important factor is having dependable and responsive customer service. We assess the usability and efficiency of customer service channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Complementing this, our assessment also involves testing customer support responsiveness and knowledge to ensure that players receive timely and effective assistance whenever needed.

We aim to direct players toward live dealer casinos that not only fulfill but beyond their expectations by using this thorough review procedure. Every suggested platform offers a safe, enjoyable, and lucrative gaming experience because of our dedication to quality.

Why Play At Live Dealer Online Casinos?

Live dealer games at online casinos bridge the gap between the practicality of digital play and the detailed atmosphere of a live casino setting. They allow players to enjoy casino games from their own space, with the added dimension of human interaction. The advantages of choosing live dealer games include:

NJ Live Casino icon

Online Convenience

These games can be played from any location, providing flexibility and ease of access. Whether at home or traveling, players can connect to their favorite games through various devices.

NJ Live Casino icon

Real-time Interaction

Live dealer games stand out for their interactive nature. Players can communicate with dealers and other participants, creating a more connected and engaging gaming experience.

NJ Live Casino icon

Immersive Experience

The design of these games brings the feel of a physical casino to the player’s environment. Live video streaming allows players to see and hear the real-time action of the games, lending an authentic touch to the online experience.

Overall, live dealer games cater to those who appreciate the practical aspects of online gaming but also seek a more involved and realistic casino atmosphere.


The advantages and allure of live casinos online become evident as we come to a close with this guide. Live dealer games are an attractive option for players because of their unique blend of online convenience and live casino excitement. To ensure a first-rate gaming experience, pick your live casino by reading extensive reviews.

In 2024, are you prepared to explore the world of live online casinos? You’re cordially invited to experience the excitement of live dealer games at Jersey Casinos and make wise decisions for an unmatched gaming journey.


Are Live Casinos Online legit?

Yes, as long as you pick reliable sites, live casinos online are legitimate. A safe and secure gaming experience is ensured by careful examinations, as our guide highlights.

What is the difference between live casinos online and traditional casinos?

Online live casinos provide convenient and engaging games from home, simulating the live casino experience with real-time interaction through digital devices.

Are live dealer online casinos available for mobile & tablet users?

Indeed, live dealer online casinos have specialized apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. For individuals who would rather not download apps, browser play is also an option.

Can I try live casinos online for free?

Some live casinos offer free demos, allowing players to try live dealer games without depositing real money. Check individual casino policies for specific terms.

When did New Jersey get online live dealer games?

The exact launch date of online live dealer games in New Jersey is August 2016. Jersey Casinos keeps you informed about the latest developments in the world of live online casinos.