Hard Rock Games Rolls Out Free-To-Play Social Casino to Strengthen Its Bottom Line

posted by Ioana
January 23, 2024

The online casino gaming and legal sports betting sectors in the U.S. have shown important growth, with social casinos emerging as a significant trend. At the forefront of this evolution is Hard Rock International, steering its course through Hard Rock Digital. By acquiring WGames, a leader in the social gaming arena, Hard Rock has boldly stepped into this competitive market. 

This strategic move underlines Hard Rock Games’ dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology and vast expertise to transform and elevate its social casino gaming division. What’s more is that this move comes not shortly after establishing their new Hard Rock Unity Program. The acquisition is a game-changer, assuring substantial financial ramifications across diverse markets. It’s not only enhancing Hard Rock’s digital presence, but it’s also setting a new standard in free-to-play casino gaming. Conversely, this aspect could be pointing towards a potential boost in revenue and market share.

Hard Rock Games Social Casino Division Launched with WGames Acquisition

Hard Rock Games has embarked on a mission to develop and manage a suite of free-to-play online and mobile games. The acquisition of WGames, a prominent Toronto-based gaming company established in 2017, provides Hard Rock with advanced proprietary technology and development capabilities. Consequently, WGames, now enriches Hard Rock ‘ portfolio with titles like Jackpot Planet and Neverland Casino.

Rafi Ashkenazi, from Hard Rock Digital, highlights how the integration of WGames’ games and technology sets the stage for accelerated growth in the social casino Hard Rock platform. 

“Hard Rock Games’ enhanced capabilities will allow us to better engage our worldwide player communities with exceptional digital experiences and entertain our players like no one else can.”

WGames’ integration into Hard Rock includes transferring their acclaimed titles and enhancing the social casino gaming portfolio.

Hard Rock Digital’s Game Offerings Following WGames Acquisition

Post-acquisition of WGames, the social casino Hard Rock platform has evolved significantly. It now showcases a variety of online casino games, including the popular Hard Rock Blackjack, Seminole Slots, Hard Rock World Tour, and Hard Rock Adventures. These games are also linked to its real-world casinos, like Hard Rock Atlantic City, which offers players unique and immersive experiences.

Moreover, the platform enhances value by offering free gameplay, complemented by attractive seasonal rewards. Among these, a standout prize includes a luxury stay at the Hard Rock Hotel New York’s Platinum Suite, providing a real-world allure to the online gaming experience. This enhancement of Hard Rock’s gaming offerings signifies a significant upgrade in their social casino sector.

Hard Rock NJ Blends Free-to-Play Gaming with Reward Opportunities

In New Jersey, Hard Rock Games seamlessly integrates with the Unity rewards program, replacing the previous Wild Card Rewards. This integration allows players to earn Unity points and Tier Credits through promotions on the Hard Rock platform. The points and credits can be redeemed for various rewards, including trips and giveaways. Moreover, this synergy offers customers free play options, which are available at Hard Rock Online Casino. Thereby, it highlights Hard Rock’s innovative approach to tapping into new markets through free-to-play gaming.

With its free-to-play social casino Hard Rock Games marks a significant stride in the digital gaming arena. Following the acquisition of WGames, the company has developed new gaming titles. This development, coupled with the integration into Hard Rock’s broader network, which spans hospitality and entertainment, solidifies Hard Rock’s position as a formidable player in the social casino market. This strategic move diversifies Hard Rock‘s entertainment offerings and promises to significantly enhance its financial bottom line in the burgeoning field of online social gaming.

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