PointsBet Deposit Guide 2024

posted by Ioana
January 13, 2023

With one of the faster-growing fanbases, PointsBet casino is sure to make the top of the list for many would-be gamblers. Although PointsBet is mostly known for its excellent sportsbook, the new PointsBet casino offers everything from slots to live card games that are sure to satisfy the needs of any casino player looking to have some fun. Continue reading and learn how easy and convenient it is for any new player to make a PointsBet deposit and start wagering.

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Creating An Account for Making a Pointsbet Deposit

Like all other online casinos, the first and most important step you need to make to be eligible to make Points Bet Deposit is to create your very own PointsBet account. Once you create and verify your Pointsbet account you will be free to use all PointsBet deposit options. This way, you will be able to quickly and safely top up your balance. The process you need to take to create an account is very simple. Plus, it doesn’t take more than a few easy steps that we are going to walk you through. So, to create your PointsBet account follow these steps:

Step By Step Instructions

  • Access the PointsBet website
  • Click on the Sign-Up button
  • Choose the state you live in
  • Add your email and personal information requested
  • Set up a password
  • Click on Join PointsBet
  • Your account is now ready to use

How To Make a PointsBet Deposit

Now that you know all about creating your account it’s time to talk about making a PointsBet deposit. A good thing to know is that the PointsBet minimum deposit is one of the lowest at just $5. Just like creating an account, you only need to follow a couple of steps to make a Points bet deposit. Regardless of if you make a PointsBet PayPal deposit or use any other payment method, new players can take advantage of bonus offers available only to new members of the casino. We are going to walk through step by step the process of making a PointsBet deposit.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Log in to your PointsBet account
  • Access My account
  • Click the Deposit button
  • Choose the payment method you wish to use
  • Fill in the information required
  • Select the sum you wish to use for the PointsBet deposit
  • Check balance for funds

Making a PointsBet Deposit via App

If you are one of the people that like to play on the go and like to play casino games on mobile devices, you’re in the right place. At Pointsbet, you can make a points bet deposit in both the casino and the sportsbook app. The catch about making a deposit via the Pointsbet app is that you can do it from anywhere. The main requirement is to have access to a stable internet connection. Just like on a normal computer, the process on the app is very simple and the PointsBet minimum deposit is the same at just 5 dollars. The steps you need to make to make a PointsBet deposit on the app are:

Step By Step Instructions

  • Start the PointsBet casino or sportsbook app
  • Log into your account
  • Go to my account tab in the menu
  • Tap on Deposit
  • Select one of the PointsBet deposit options available
  • Provide the information needed
  • Select the amount of cash for your Points Bet deposit
  • Make sure you balance updated

PointsBet Deposit Methods

One of the first things players need to look at when evaluating a casino is the available payment methods. Like this, you make sure that they make available the right choice for you. Luckily this should not be a big problem because there are a lot of options when making a PointsBet deposit. PointsBet NJ aims to make the points bet deposit process as convenient as possible for its players. For this reason, the casino gives access to payment methods for both online transactions but also in-person deposits. Since the PointsBet minimum deposit is the same as whichever payment method you choose, you can’t go wrong picking any of them.

When it comes to the payment methods you use, one thing you need to be on the lookout for is the processing time. Depending on the type of payment method you choose, the processing time can vary a lot. For example, a PointsBet PayPal deposit will go through instantly while a bank transfer can take up to 24 hours to process. Check out the table below for all the payment method information you need to know before your next points bet deposit.

Payment MethodTime to processMinimum depositMaximum deposit
Debit CardInstantly5$50.000$
Credit CardInstantly5$50.000$
PointsBet Prepaid CardInstantly5$50.000$
PayNearMeUp to 15 minutes5$50.000$
Bank Transfer/ACHUp to 24 hours5$50.000$

Debit/Credit Card

By far the most popular choice when making a PointsBet deposit are the debit or credit cards. They have the fastest processing time out of all deposit options for both deposits and withdrawals. For avid users of the PointsBet casino, you can get a special PointsBet MasterCard you can use whenever you make a Points bet deposit or Pointsbet withdrawal. All you need to do when selecting to deposit using a debit or credit card is fill in the card details and select the sum you wish to deposit and you will be ready to go.


If you like to be a bit more hands-on or you don’t like to deal with cards as much then using cash when making a Pointsbet deposit might be the way to go. The only requirement is that you need to go to a Pointsbet land-based casino. The Pointsbet minimum deposit and processing time are the same as the other methods. Besides, it is often that your deposited amount will be instantly reflected in your account. This way, you will be able to start playing immediately.


There are a lot of people that make the PointsBet Paypal deposit their main payment method for the casino. This should not be a big surprise since Paypal is the biggest e-wallet in the world with more than 250 million users. And the process couldn’t be simpler when making a Pointsbet Paypal deposit. First, choose it as a payment method then choose the sum and sign into your PayPal account. The catch is that the deposit is processed almost on the spot so that you can start playing your favorite online casino games at once! Everything is fast and convenient as you can make a deposit from the conform of your home.


Although this method takes a bit more effort, it might be the right choice for someone that wants to make a Points Bet deposit using cash. The most advantageous part is its availability. Simply put, if you feel like gambling in the middle of the night, but have no money in your balance, go to a PayNearMe. It is available 24/7 and get your reusable payment code which you will you every time you want to deposit. To deposit using PayNearMe follow these 3 steps.

  • Select the PayNearMe option when depositing
  • Search for a store you want to deposit at
  • Present the barcode to the store cashier along with the money
  • Wait 15 minutes and your PointsBet deposit will be processed

Bank Transfer

Even though it is not as popular because of the long processing times, bank transfers are still one of the PointsBet deposit options used by many players. To deposit using online bank transfer select the option when making a PointsBet deposit then select the bank you like to deposit from. Authorize the payment and wait for the funds to appear in your Pointsbet account, this can take up to 24 hours even if you made a Pointsbet minimum deposit so be patient.

Pointsbet Deposit Features

Pointsbet puts its players first, having put in place some features that help players regardless if they are big spenders or just make the PointsBet minimum deposit. Some of these features to be on the lookout for when you make your PointsBet deposit are:

Deposit Hallmarks

Instant processing time: No one likes to wait, it’s not fun. So when you make a PointsBet deposit you can rest assured that the processing times will be instant for most of the payment methods available
Security: Pointsbet casino has in place a lot of security systems that encrypt the personal data when your transaction so you can make even a Pointsbet minimum deposit as safe as possible
Responsible Gambling: this is one of the features that you don’t want to have missing from any casino. Anyone can get in over their head and start spending too much, so having systems that can help you limit your spending can be helpful.
Self-Exclusion: Sometimes even the most experienced gamblers can end up playing too much and having a feature that allows you to exclude yourself in advance can help mitigate bad practices and is a good feature for player safety. This feature allows you to block access to the website for a pre-decided period of time.

PointsBet Bonus Offers

One of the main driving factors for new players joining a casino are the bonuses on offer. And while there isn’t any Pointsbet no deposit bonus you can redeem, there are some offers for players on their first PointsBet deposit. At the moment, the casino doesn’t rise up to the level of the competition in this regard. But since it’s only at the beginning, so we are looking forwards to the casino offers they have in plan.

Casino bonus

For the players that want to play casino slots, there might be a Pointsbet deposit bonus just right for you. If you are a new player and make a PointsBet deposit for the first time, you can get up to an 800$ bonus in free spins. However, this offer is available only for those who make a Pointsbet deposit in the state of Michigan. Currently, in New Jersey, there aren’t any casino offers. However, it is expected that something similar will be added to the casino’s portfolio in the foreseeable future.

Sportsbook bonus

Unlike the casino offer, the PointsBet sportsbook deposit bonus is available in all states where the sportsbook is legal. The promotion will give up to 500$ in free bets for newly signed-up players on their first deposit. Even if it’s one of the offers requiring bonus codes, you can claim it very easily. Enter the code WELCOME upon sign up and place a fixed odds cash wager for 5 days straight. This translates in 5 “second chances” to get your cash back if you go bust. Sure, this is not a no deposit bonus, but you surely can have a little fun with it! As a rule of thumb, always consult the wagering requirements.

How to Make The Most Of Your Deposit

Whenever you choose to make a PointsBet deposit you should take into account how to make it worth it. First of all, you have to pay attention to the budget and not overbet. Second of all, you have to take into account some pro tips to make your betting session easier. Check the list attached below:

Tips & Tricks To Manage Your Bankroll

  1. Claim up your first bonus or other offers – new players can take advantage of the PointsBet deposit bonus while existing clients should check up on the other promotions available. You will add up some funds and the casino will give you extra money to bet.
  2. Keep an eye on the bonuses T&C – make sure to read carefully the PointsBet sportsbook deposit bonus or other promo terms and conditions! Before making a deposit and claiming it, look at the amount of deposit that is requested to unlock it, the wagering details, if you have to use a code to activate a bonus, and so on. By doing that, you’ll always claim an offer without problems.
  3. Set limits – to play responsibly and not overbet or make a PointsBet deposit too often, set up some limits. Play responsibly and decide what is your actual budget for betting. For instance, you can activate the daily/weekly/monthly deposit limit. This will help you control your budget and block the deposits you will like to make after you overcome them.

Customer Service

If you encounter any problem while doing your PointsBet deposit, you have to contact them as soon as possible. Small obstacles can come up at any time, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced punter. To save some time, we recommend you take a look at the PointsBet FAQ page to see which are the most common questions and answers. Just scroll down any PointsBet page and click on the Help section to unravel it. By doing that you may find the solution to your problem faster than you thought as the most common issues are listed over there. However, in case you are not able to find all the details, make sure to contact the support team. Don’t forget, their job is to solve your potential problems, answer questions, and so on. You can reach out for their help by:

Contact Options

Email at service@pointsbet.com – available each day with a response of up to 48 hours depending on the volume of requests
Live Chat is active every day – just open the tab and write down your name, and e-mail address and leave a message. Press Start the conversation and one agent will talk with you.


Are you still wondering why it is worth making a PointsBet deposit? In this review, you already find out all the details about the payment systems available, from Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, PayNearMe, or Bank Transfer/ACH. Add to that the fact that Pointsbet got its specific payment method via the PointsBet Prepaid card and the multitude of bonuses you can unlock make a deposit as small as 5 bucks and you’ll have all the reasons to try out your luck over here.

Not to mention that PointsBet is licensed and regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, all the games are tested for fair play and your safety is guaranteed. Your payments are encrypted so none except you will know the sensitive details. To answer the question above, all in one, making a Points Bet deposit will be worth your time. Just think about the entire selection of video slots and sports bets you can bet on. Entertain yourself now, pick a bonus and play responsibly!


How do I deposit money at PointsBet?

To deposit money at PointsBet, all you have to do is to open up an account. At your first deposit, you can unlock a special welcome bonus. Therefore, make your first top-up by login into your account, selecting Deposit, and clicking on the method you would like to use. Offer the details and the funds will be transferred to your player account.

How long does a PointsBet deposit take to process?

Each PointsBet deposit is wrapped around a specific processing time. For debit cards, credit cards, cash, PayPay, and PointsBet Prepaid Card you’ll get your money into your account immediately. If you choose PayNearMe you will have to wait up to 15 minutes for the funds to enter your account and for the ACH/Bank transfer, the waiting time is up to 24 hours.

What banking options does PointsBet use?

For debit cards, credit cards, cash, PayPay, and PointsBet Prepaid Card you’ll get your money into your account immediately. If you choose PayNearMe you will have to wait up to 15 minutes for the funds to enter your account and for the ACH/Bank transfer, the waiting time is up to 24 hours.

What banking options does PointsBet use?

If you would like to make a PointsBet deposit, you have to choose from the 7 banking methods available. For now, the platform accepts payments made via debit/credit cards, cash, PayPal, PointsBet Prepaid card, PayNearMe, and Bank Transfer/ACH.

What is the minimum PointsBet deposit?

A PointsBet minimum deposit can start from 5$ up to 50.000$. Don’t forget that the payment option you choose to deposit should stay the same when you withdraw the funds from your account.

Does PointsBet use Paypal for deposits?

Here are some good uses for PayPay users! The platform accepts it as a PointsBet deposit method and it can be used as well when you withdraw friends from your account. You can top up your gambler account with 5 bucks.

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