PointsBet Account Guide 2023

posted by Theodora
December 15, 2022

Creating a PointsBet account is a straightforward process that usually takes a few minutes. You can do it directly on the casino’s website or via the PointsBet app – and instantly gain access to all the games, bonuses, and gambling services this licensed operator provides. PointsBet NJ hasn’t been on the New Jersey market for too long, as it launched its casino product in 2021, under the license of Bally’s Atlantic City. Still, its sports betting portfolio is among the best in the United States, while the casino games and platform are powered by renowned iGaming companies, such as IGT and Evolution. Keep reading our comprehensive guide on how to open a PointsBet account and take advantage of the best PointsBet promos!

How to Open a PointsBet Account

Creating a PointsBet account will allow you to place real money wagers, unlock all the casino and sportsbook promotions, and eventually cash out your winnings. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy it is to create a PointsBet account via the casino’s website! Once you head to PointsBet NJ homepage, all you need to do is click on the red Join Now button located in the upper right corner. A registration form will load, and in order to open a PointsBet account, you’ll be asked to provide the following personal data:

  • PointsBet promo code (in case you want to claim a sign up bonus)
  • First and last name
  • A valid email address (you’ll use it for the PointsBet login process)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number (SNN)
  • Phone number
  • Home Address (including city and ZIP code)
  • A password for your PointsBet account

Make sure all the information you’re providing matches the one on your ID, driver’s license or passport. Since PointsBet casino is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), it is required by law to ensure every user’s identity is verified. Moreover, it’s mandatory for all members to have the legal age to gamble online and be physically located in the state of New Jersey at the time of betting. Therefore, after completing the information for your player account and PointsBet login details, read the general Terms & Conditions presented at the end of the registration form and check the box where it says you agree with them.

How to Register on the PointsBet App

The online casino has developed the PointsBet app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Bettors all over New Jersey can download it for free and you’ll find that the PointsBet app is well-optimized, the games and pages load fast, and the overall user experience is one of the best on the market. The black and red interface is similar to the one available on desktop devices, and the menus are located in intuitive places, making it easy for you to browse through them. Moreover, you can perform any action just like you would on desktop, such as signing up or making a deposit. To open a PointsBet account on mobile, using the official app of the online casino, follow these steps:

  • Access the PointsBet NJ homepage
  • Click on the download app button for iOS or Android located at the bottom of the page
  • You’ll be redirected to the App Store or Google Play, depending on your choice
  • Click on the Download button
  • Follow the instructions to install the PointsBet app
  • Tap on the PointsBet app icon once it has been installed
  • Click on the red Join Now button
  • Fill in the information from the PointsBet registration form
  • Enter your PointsBet login details after signing up and play for real money!

How to Verify Your PointsBet Account

To gamble for real money after opening a PointsBet account, the operator will have to verify your identity. This process takes only a few minutes to complete and it usually requires just the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SNN), which you can provide while registering at PointsBet casino NJ. The form has a special field where you can enter the digits, right after the date of birth column. However, in some cases, the gambling operator might ask for additional documents to ensure the personal data you provide belongs to you and is accurate. The said documents include a copy of your:

  • Government-issued Photo ID (driver’s license, passport)
  • Utility bill issued in the past 3 months (for example water, gas, or electricity)
  • Credit card, bank/savings account statement issued in the past 3 months

But why would you need to verify your PointsBet account? Passing this kind of sensitive data onto a gambling website might seem unnecessary; however, this process is required by state legislation and helps protect both PointsBet casino and you against third-party leaks. The operator takes all the security measures to keep your PointsBet account data safe, as it uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and other advanced systems to ensure this sensitive information remains encrypted on their server, minimizing the risks of unwanted data breach. For more information regarding this topic, please check the Privacy Policy available on PointsBet casino’s homepage, located in the footer menu.

Why Am I Being Asked to Verify My PointsBet Account?

Verifying your PointsBet account is imposed by the New Jersey law to protect customers against online fraud and to ensure all users have the legal age to gamble. This is a mandatory process you’ll encounter at every online casino in the state, as the regulations in place aim to maintain the integrity of this industry. The Know Your Customer (KYC) financial regulatory requirement is known as Customer Identification Program (CIP) in the US, and is mandated by the USA Patriot Act. Without providing the data necessary for this procedure, you won’t be able to make use of your PointsBet account or cash out your winnings. Here are the main reasons why verifying your identity is important:

  • Prevents identity theft
  • Curbs money laundering
  • Prevents multi-accounting
  • Limits underage gambling
  • Prevents unwanted data breaches

Plus, because there’s large sums of money involved, the IRS requires that online casinos and sports betting sites take out taxes for any winnings on profits that are over 600$. In case you have any other winnings under your belt, you’ll have to report them yourself by the end of the year. PointsBet casino is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, so it has to submit to certain conditions. Please read more about this topic under the General Tax Information tab which can be accessed through your PointsBet account.

PointsBet Sign Up Bonus & How to Claim It

At the time being, casino players don’t get a welcome bonus upon their PointsBet login, as there aren’t any active promotions for new players. We are confident this will change soon, and PointsBet NJ will add a sign up bonus similar to those available in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which offer up to $800 in Free Spins Credits. However, until then, there is a PointsBet sign up bonus available for sports betting enthusiasts located in New Jersey! Once you open your PointsBet account, you can get up to five 100$ Free Bets if your first Fixed Odds cash bet of the day loses. To be more precise, you get one of these bonuses per day, for 5 consecutive days. Here is how you can claim this promotion:

  • Go to PointsBet NJ’s website or download the PointsBet app
  • Click on the red Join Now button to open a PointsBet account
  • While signing up, you’ll be asked to enter a PointsBet promo code
  • Enter the code WELCOME in the required field
  • Sign in with your PointsBet login credentials
  • Place a Fixed Odds cash bet on the desired market

What Account Adjustments Can I Make After Registering at PointsBet?

Once you sign up and enter the PointsBet login credentials to access your account, you can make several adjustments to personalize your experience. This is entirely up to you and your preferences, but there are many changes available in regards to responsible gambling, account security, and more. We advise you to make use of them in order to have a secure wagering experience and keep track of your budget. Moreover, you have the option to change your PointsBet login credentials or update any data in case changes are necessary. By accessing the My Account tab, you can make the following adjustments:

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication for stronger protection
  • Set deposit or time-based limits on your PointsBet account
  • Take a cool-off period
  • Put yourself on a self-exclusion list
  • Customize odds format and choose between Decimal and American odds formatting

Deposit limits will put a stop to the amount of money you can fuel your PointsBet account with. So, once a certain threshold is reached you can no longer keep funding your account. Time-based limits function similarly, but use another resource. Once you’ve reached a certain number of minutes or hours spent on the casino’s website for the day, you’ll have to wait until the limit expires to make another PointsBet login.

How to Deposit and Cash Out With Your PointsBet Account

Now that we have almost everything figured out regarding your PointsBet account, let’s get to some other important details. In order to assure your comfort when it comes to betting, it’s vital for the gambling platform to provide multiple payment options for funding your PointsBet account and cashing out your winnings. These two procedures are straightforward and can be performed from your account, by accessing the Cashier section. Choose whether you want to make a deposit or a withdrawal, select the preferred banking option, then enter the amount of money and confirm the transaction. Luckily, PointsBet casino NJ has a wide range of secure payment methods you can opt for, including the PointsBet MasterCard, exclusive to the operator. See below the deposit and withdrawal banking options you can use for your PointsBet account:

Deposit MethodMinimum Deposit
Debit/Credit Card$10
Online Bank Transfer$5

Keep in mind that for withdrawal options such as PayPal to show up, you need to have used it to make a deposit before. Also, a PointsBet withdrawal tends to take more time to be processed, depending on the banking method you choose. It might take from 24 hours to 5 business days for the transaction to be processed. Below you can check the available payment methods for cashing out your winnings from your PointsBet account via desktop or mobile app:

Withdrawal MethodProcessing TimeFee
PayPal1-2 Business daysFree
E-Check1-2 Business daysFree
Online Bank Transfer2-5 Business daysFree

Common PointsBet Login Issues & How to Solve Them

Due to various glitches and troubleshoots, you might encounter certain PointsBet login issues when trying to sign in. These problems generally have an easy fix that you can take care of yourself, without any assistance from the PointsBet Customer Service. We advise you to check out the FAQ page on the casino’s website, as it contains helpful information in regards to this topic. In the following section, we’ll address the most common issues PointsBet login issues and how to fix them fast:

Incorrect PointsBet Login Credentials

The most common PointsBet login issues can be caused by a typo when you are trying to access your player account. Your e-mail might be correct, however you forgot the Caps Lock on when typing in your password. Make sure all of your information is correct when connecting to your account and click on the icon that lets you see the password. Keep in mind that if you enter your PointsBet login details wrong for 3 times in a row, you’ll get locked out of your account for one hour.

PointsBet App Not Working

Among other PointsBet login issues that can happen are related to the mobile app glitching. This has a few very common fixes, namely you could restart your device, reinstall the PointsBet app, or check for faulty connection and try turning your Wi-Fi on and off again. Contact the customer care team in case none of these solutions work.

PointsBet Login Geolocation Issue

One of the lesser known PointsBet login issues has to do with geolocation. As you already know, you can access the website and play only if you’re in one of the states where PointsBet online casino operates legally. In case you’re out of state or the website has a glitch, you might not be able to access your PointsBet account. This kind of issue usually sorts itself out, but restarting your device wouldn’t hurt. If you’re on mobile, make sure to allow the PointsBet app access to your location when opening it.

Why Was My PointsBet Account Suspended?

There are some cases in which you might find your PointsBet account suspended. In case this happened to you, there might be one main aspect you have overlooked, namely the process of verifying your identity. To be clear, if you didn’t verify your identity within 3 days since signing up at PointsBet casino NJ, the operator can suspend your account. The same thing could happen if the provided information is not accurate. Please remember that PointsBet operates under the New Jersey law and it is mandatory that you provide your real data and verify your identity. In fact, this is the best way players can contribute to a safe, legal betting environment.

On the other hand, suspicious activity being detected on your PointsBet account can lead to its deactivation, as well. You’ll receive an e-mail regarding the fact that your account is suspended and all possible reasons that led to it. Also, if you experienced PointsBet login issues and failed 3 or more times to access your account, it can be suspended for one hour. However, this problem is temporary! Contact Customer Support if any of these fixes don’t help with your PointsBet login issues.

How Do I Reopen My Closed PointsBet Account?

Whether you opted for a short break or for long-time exclusion, there might come a time when you’d like to reopen your closed PointsBet account. However, to do so, you’ll have to contact Customer Support and inquire about reopening your account. You can do this by either calling or emailing the team, but the quickest way, with the fastest response time is the live chat option, which is available 24/7. To access the live chat option, all you have to do is access the “Help” section of the website and click the Live Chat link. A PointsBet Support window will open up and you’ll be able to write your message there, along with your name and email. Describe your problem briefly in the message. After you’ve filled in the required fields, all you have to do is press the “Start chat” button. A Customer Support operator will assist you shortly.

How Do I Delete My PointsBet Account?

Unfortunately you can’t just delete your account, but you can temporarily deactivate it. If you’re wondering why, it is because of the PointsBet sign up bonus and other promotions designed for new players. It is a measure used to ensure that one user doesn’t benefit from multiple welcome bonuses. Alas, there are two ways in which you can deactivate your account:

Deactivate your account using email

You can do this by contacting the Customer Support team via email. When writing the email, you have to use the subject “Close PointsBet Account”. This will help you record the time and date you asked to close the account. Once the deactivation took place and you have received your funds, login to the store you used to download the app (if you have it on a mobile device) and cancel your subscription. Now, this is as close as you can get to deleting your PointsBet account through this method.

Use the Deactivate Account button

This is the easiest way to deactivate your PointsBet account. All you have to do is go to the My Account section of your profile and click on the Deactivate Account button. You will be asked to enter your PointsBet login credentials to finalize the process. The same steps are valid if you’re performing this action on the PointsBet app.

PointsBet Customer Service

The PointsBet customer service team is available at all times to ensure that your concerns and problems receive a prompt answer. In case you have questions regarding your PointsBet account or have login issues, you can get in touch with the PointsBet casino team in three different ways. However, keep in mind that the response time is different for every contact method. The fastest contact option is the live chat feature, so we advise you to use it in case of urgent matters. Email and phone calls have a smaller response rate and a limited schedule, so they’re ideal in case your questions regarding the PointsBet account can wait for a few hours. Check out all the available contact options you can use at PointsBet online casino:

  • Email at service@pointsbet.com (Response time up to 24 hours)
  • PointsBet Phone Number: (312)-800-8716 (Available from 8 AM to 8 PM)
  • Live Chat (Available 24/7)

If you wish, you can request to be called back when sending an email. However you probably won’t be waiting along for a response for too long, since emails get responses within 24 hours. Don’t forget about the FAQ section of the website! With prompt answers to questions regarding your account to tutorials for betting, this page might come in handy.

Benefits of Opening a PointsBet Account

So why should you open a PointsBet account, after all? Everyone is looking for something different and in this highly competitive market, a gambling service that matches your needs is essential. To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits you’ll have in case you decide to register at this online casino via desktop or the PointsBet NJ app:

Casino Games from IGT and Evolution Gaming

PointsBet casino NJ features a great selection of online casino games on its platform, provided by top iGaming companies like IGT and Evolution Gaming. There are over 60 slots you can choose from, 7 table games mainly focused on blackjack, 7 video poker titles, and a live casino section with real-time streams from Evolution studios, where you can join roulette, baccarat, and blackjack lobbies. By opening a PointsBet account, you’ll be able to wager real money on any games you want, with minimal investments, as the bet limits start at 5 cents. The PointsBet app is perfectly optimized and all the above-mentioned titles are available for mobile use, as well.

One of the Best Sportsbook Selections in New Jersey

PointsBet NJ is the fastest growing U.S. online sportsbook operator and features an impressive number of markets. The sports betting platform debuted in New Jersey in January of 2019 and now offers more bet types on NFL & NBA than any other bookmaker worldwide! Moreover, by registering at PointsBet NJ, you’ll gain access to daily profit boost tokens and competitive odds, and lots of exclusive sportsbook features, such as the Points Betting program, which allows you to win or lose more and more based on the outcome of your wager.

User-Oriented Website & PointsBet App

Both the PointsBet NJ site and mobile app have a user-oriented approach, as you can customize your experience, set your own budget limits, live stream some of the sports events and even cash-out early. Moreover, the interface has a clean design, which allows for a smooth navigation and gameplay. The live casino streams and live betting matches don’t lag, the games load fast, and all products available on the PointsBet NJ app are fully-customized for mobile use.

More About PointsBet Casino NJ

Now that we’ve talked about all the essential services that come with a PointsBet account, let’s take a broader look at where this operator stands in this competitive market. First off, this is one of the most trusted online bookmakers not only in New Jersey, but across the U.S. too. The PointsBet promos, competitive odds, together with the impressive number of available markets make it an ideal choice for bettors who are passionate about sports. Moreover, the unique high-reward, high-risk Points Betting system was created to favor bettors and give them the best bang for their buck. Even though it can be a bit confusing at first, there’s a great tutorial on the website that will teach you how to use it in your favor.

As a casino operator, PointsBet NJ has partnerships with renowned game developers like IGT and Evolution Gaming, and provides titles with advantageous RTPs and lots of in-game bonus features. While there aren’t any PointsBet promos for new players, we are confident they will add one very soon. In terms of banking options, you can choose from a wide array of secure payment methods, including the PointsBet MasterCard, exclusive to the operator. The minimum and maximum bet limits are extremely flexible, and no additional fees are charged by the casino when you withdraw your winnings.

Lastly, the PointsBet NJ app includes all the above-mentioned casino features. It is fully-optimized to support live gameplay and sports streams. All in all, there are plenty of reasons to register at PointsBet and try out this licensed gambling platform, as it has all it takes to ensure a professional and secure casino experience.


Can I register via the PointsBet casino app?

Yes, you can register by downloading the PointsBet app and signing up for an account straight from your mobile device. The PointsBet app is available on both iOS and Android, so make use of it if this is your preferred way of accessing betting platforms.

Can I use my PointsBet account outside of New Jersey?

You can use your PointsBet account to access the casino’s online services in the states where it is licensed to operate, namely in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Why was my PointsBet account suspended?

If you’ve found your PointsBet account suspended, the most likely cause is that you haven’t verified your identity within 3 days of signing up. Alternatively, it is possible the data you’ve provided had errors or wasn’t accurate.

How do I delete my PointsBet Account?

There’s no way to permanently delete your PointsBet account, but you can opt for temporarily deactivating it. Get in touch with the PointsBet Customer Service team for more information.

Is there a PointsBet sign up bonus?

PointsBet NJ has an active sign up bonus for sports betting, with promo code WELCOME. The promotion for new player consists of up to $500 in Free Bets. There are no PointsBet promos for casino players.

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