Playtech Hard Rock Venture Brings New Table and Live Dealer Gaming Options to NJ

posted by Ioana
February 21, 2024

The recent Playtech Hard Rock collaboration represents a significant moment in the iGaming scene of New Jersey. The partnership introduces new Hard Rock table games and live dealer games, thus revolutionizing the digital casino experience in the Garden State. The addition of Playtech’s renowned games to Hard Rock’s offerings in Atlantic City significantly enhances gaming opportunities. Moreover, it sets the stage for future expansions, both within local and international grounds. Grant Williams, the Senior Vice President at Hard Rock Digital, has expressed his excitement about incorporating Playtech’s offerings, as noted in his statement.

 “We’re thrilled to introduce Playtech’s offerings to our New Jersey Hard Rock Bet players and look forward to continuing to develop unique digital experiences together as we expand in the US and international markets.” 

This Hard Rock Digital and Playtech collaboration stands on a substantial investment from Playtech. Besides securing a stake in Hard Rock Digital, but also prepares the ground for an active partnership.

Key Terms Behind Playtech Hard Rock Collaboration

At the heart of the Playtech Hard Rock collaboration lies a strategic agreement. It licenses a selection of Playtech’s online gaming content and technology solutions to Hard Rock Digital. Concomitantly, Hard Rock Bet customers are to access an array of Playtech’s acclaimed live casino and RNG online slots. Among these are classic games like blackjack and roulette and the innovative Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Moreover, the addition of Hard Rock table games is another key aspect of the Playtech Hard Rock collaboration.

Playtech’s dedication to customer support extends to payment and marketing services, ensuring a comprehensive support system. Looking ahead, both entities are committed to introducing bespoke developments. They aim to bring innovative gaming experiences, highlighting the forward-looking nature of this alliance.

Hard Rock Bet Expands Its Reach in the US Online Casino Market

Hard Rock Digital’s (HRD) current operations span various states, offering both online and retail sports betting, with a significant presence in New Jersey through the Hard Rock Bet platform. This expansion is emblematic of HRD’s growing product offerings and its ambition to extend its reach further in the US and beyond. The Hard Rock Digital Playtech collaboration is central to HRD’s strategy, focusing on enhancing customer experience and pioneering new initiatives such as the Hard Rock Unity Program and introducing free-to-play social casino games.

Hard Rock Digital’s (HRD) operations currently extend across various states, providing both online and retail sports betting. Notably, they have a significant presence in New Jersey through the Hard Rock Bet platform. This growth only symbolizes HRD’s expanding product offerings and highlights its ambition to broaden its reach within the US and internationally. But in reality, at the core of HRD’s strategy lies the collaboration with Playtech, which focuses on improving the customer experience. Additionally, it spearheads new initiatives.

Hard Rock Continues Its Long Series of New Partnerships and Milestones

Hard Rock Digital has broadened its market presence with fresh partnerships and significant milestones. For example, they have recently launched a revamped Hard Rock Unity Program. As if this wasn’t enough, they also introduced free-to-play social casino games, directly aligning with their goals for expansion and innovation.

The partnership also recently welcomed new game titles from Wazdan, enriching the Hard Rock NJ casino’s library. Jonathan Doubilet, Playtech’s VP of US Business Operations stated:

Our alliance is built on shared values, mutual trust, and a joint vision of driving innovation and a unique customer experience. By combining our expertise and resources, we are delighted to have reached our first milestone together and are excited about accelerating our growing partnership with Hard Rock Digital.”

He praised the trust and shared values that move this partnership forward, as well as the mutual commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Playtech’s expansion in North America through responsible gambling tools further strengthens its leadership position in the industry.

The Playtech Hard Rock Digital partnership benefits both, mixing Playtech’s tech know-how with Hard Rock’s strong brand. This collaboration clearly improves the gaming experience for players in New Jersey. However, they want to go beyond as they set the stage for expansion to other US states and international markets. Additionally, the partnership aims to integrate technology with entertainment in the digital casino industry more effectively. As the collaboration develops, it plans to introduce new features and advancements that will benefit players in New Jersey and other regions.

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