2024 SuperBowl Odds and Predictions: What Bettors Need to Know

posted by Ioana
February 6, 2024

The 2024 SuperBowl odds set the stage for an epic showdown. This year, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are gearing up for Super Bowl 58. The excitement is palpable, and the odds to win SuperBowl 58 reflect the intense preparation of both teams. As we move closer to the game, the SuperBowl 2024 odds will continue to adjust, capturing the dynamic nature of this high-stakes matchup. For this reason, we’re committed to keeping you updated on all changes in the 2024 SuperBowl odds. This ensures you stay informed with the latest information during the countdown to this eagerly awaited showdown.

SuperBowl Odds 2024

As the 2024 SuperBowl odds go live across the US’s top legal online sportsbooks, the anticipation for Super Bowl 58 reaches a fever pitch. After a grueling regular season and intense playoffs, the stage is set. The 49ers, overcoming a significant halftime deficit against the Lions, have emerged as the NFL SuperBowl favorites. However, the battle-hardened Chiefs, with their impressive Super Bowl track record, cannot be underestimated as the event draws near.


The SuperBowl 2024 odds lay it out plainly: the 49ers lead as favorites at -130, hinting at their strong season finish and playoff performance. But the Chiefs, with odds between +105 and +110, are hot on their trail. So, they are surely not to be underestimated. The numbers suggest a close game, where experience and a few key plays could tip the scales.

Super Bowl Spread Odds

The 2024 SuperBowl odds on the spread indicate a closely contested battle ahead. The 49ers, favored by -2 at most outlets, find their narrowest margin at FanDuel, where they’re listed at -2.5. This detail positions them as the NFL SuperBowl favorites, suggesting their advantage might be more pronounced than it appears. For bettors, FanDuel Casino offers a slightly better value for those betting on the Chiefs, given the extra half-point cushion.

49ers-2 (-110)-2 (-110)-2 (-105)-2.5 (-105)-2 (-110)
Chiefs+2 (-110)+2 (-110)+2 (-115)+2.5 (-115)+2 (-110)

SuperBowl Total Odds

For the total line in the SuperBowl 2024 odds, all major sportsbooks agree on 47.5. So, this is undoubtedly pointing to a consensus on game flow expectations. However, DraftKings Online Casino slightly adjusts the cost of betting the over at -112, compared to -110 elsewhere. This fact thus suggests a marginal lean towards a higher-scoring outcome. So, bettors looking for the best edge on the total might find DraftKings’ nuanced odds compelling, offering a hint at where to place their over/under bets.


SuperBowl Line Movement Odds

The line movement for the 2024 SuperBowl odds reveals a clear shift. The 49ers moved from +1000 to now being the NFL SuperBowl favorites at -130. The Chiefs, starting at +600, are now at +100, reflecting their up-and-down season. This change in odds over time offers bettors insights into each team’s perceived strength. For those interested in patterns, BetMGM Online Casino has been consistent in updating odds, potentially offering a better read on shifts that matter for final bets.

TeamPreseason OddsOdds Before Wild Card WeekendOdds Before Divisional RoundOdds Before Conference ChampionshipsSuper Bowl Odds

Who’s Leading? NFL Super Bowl 2024 Favorites

As we edge closer to the Super Bowl, the burning question remains: who will clinch the title of NFL SuperBowl favorites? This NFL season has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, marked by standout performances and unexpected setbacks. With the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs leading the charge, the race for the 2024 SuperBowl odds victory is more exhilarating than ever.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers started the season strong, immediately marking themselves as NFL SuperBowl favorites. Despite setbacks from injuries to stars like Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams, they bounced back by defeating the Lions in the NFC Championship. Now, with key players healthy and the addition of Chase Young, their performance has them pegged high in the 2024 SuperBowl odds. They’re in a strong position to aim for their sixth Super Bowl win, their first since Super Bowl XXIX.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs had a rocky start, losing their opener against the Lions, which initially lowered their 2024 SuperBowl odds. Despite this, betting trends have kept them in the competition, now slightly less favored but still contenders. They’re chasing their fourth Super Bowl win, potentially their third in five years, challenging the 49ers who are eyeing their sixth victory. This sets the stage for an intense battle under the NFL SuperBowl favorites spotlight.

Top Betting Sites for Super Bowl 2023-2024

Regular NFL games might give you a decent mix of around 100 to 200 bets to pick from. But as the SuperBowl 2024 odds heat up, the game totally changes. Think of it as the sportsbooks’ version of the Super Bowl itself – everyone’s bringing their A-game, offering you all sorts of cool bets. From intriguing prop bets to innovative parlays and diverse spreads, there’s a bet for every type of fan. To make the deal sweeter, these sites also offer generous bonuses to get you started on the right foot. Here’s a snapshot of the available online sportsbook bonuses:


Get your game on with the BetRivers Second Chance Bet, offering up to $500 for newbies. Just drop in a minimum of $10 on your first deposit (remember, it’s a solo act, no combining with other promos) and punch in the SPORTS code. Stick to the play rules—no cashing out early or playing both sides—to keep your shot at the bonus.

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Ready for the Super Bowl? The operator has your back with up to $1,500 in bonus bets BetMGM First Bet Promo. Deposit, bet, and if things don’t go your way, you’ll get your stake back in bonus bets, maxing out at $1,500. It’s a smooth way to dive into betting with a bit of a cushion.

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Jumpstart your sports betting at Borgata with a cool $100 in free bets after you place your first $20 bet (odds of -200 or higher). This Borgata Sports Deposit Bonus boosts your game with ten $10 bets, giving you a week of action. Just remember, tweaking your bet or cashing out early is a no-go.

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This Caesars Risk Free Bet makes available a First Bet Back Up To $1,000. New to the scene? Your first deposit and the CZR1000 code could return your initial stake as a bonus bet, up to $1,000, if your first wager doesn’t hit the mark. This offer grants you 30 days to explore your betting strategy, be it cautious or bold, as you engage with the odds to win SuperBowl 58.

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Atlantic City’s sportsbooks are preparing for Super Bowl Sunday by offering not just competitive odds but also organizing specific events to enhance the viewing experience. These Superbowl Sunday events include live viewing parties, interactive betting workshops, and special promotions tailored for the day. Fans looking to immerse themselves in the excitement of the game will find these venues ready to meet all their needs, from betting to simply enjoying the game with others.

How To Bet On SuperBowl 58

Betting on Super Bowl 58 is not only exciting but incredibly easy, too. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the game, placing a bet on the big event can significantly enhance your viewing experience. Here’s a simple guide on how to bet on the 2024 Super Bowl betting scene:

  • Pick a Sportsbook: Begin with reputable sites like Caesars Sportsbook or BetMGM, which offer bonuses for new sign-ups through provided links.
  • Register: The sign-up process is quick, requiring just a few minutes to enter your details before you’re fully immersed.
  • Check Bonuses: Take advantage of the welcome bonuses upon joining to extend your starting funds, giving you a better chance to capitalize on the odds to win SuperBowl 58.
  • Compare Odds: Actively use multiple sportsbooks to scout the best 2024 SuperBowl odds for your bets, ensuring your potential returns are maximized.
  • Place Your Bets: Delve into the vast betting options available for the Super Bowl, from point spreads to prop bets, leveraging your insights into the odds to win SuperBowl 58.

As we gear up for SuperBowl 58, remember: the key to a winning bet lies in watching the odds. Dive into the action, use the bonuses, and keep your eyes on the 2024 SuperBowl odds to make the best out of this event. As a piece of advice, analyzing the Super Bowl Odds 2023 may be helpful when planning the strategies for the 2024 game. Looking back at last year’s odds offers insights into bookmakers’ perceptions of team strengths and potential underdogs. So, stay updated, stay strategic, and let the dynamic odds guide your decisions as we approach the grand showdown.

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