Super Bowl Odds 2023 - Where to Bet Online in NJ

We are once again here, the most exciting time in all of sports, the Super Bowl. In this 57th installment, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to repeat their 2020 performance and win another championship over the favorites in the Super Bowl Odds 2023, the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs along with Patrick Mahomes are the more recent NFL champions and are having a very strong offensive season, the Eagles manage to have the best odds to win Super Bowl 2023. This comes off the back of their recent playoff games and the overall very impressive season the Philadelphia team managed to put together.

Continue reading and find out all that you need to know about how the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles got here, what the 2023 Super Bowl odds are, and other important details about the big game on Sunday. 

NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023

The season has been long and all of the teams gave it their all to secure a spot in the final championship game on Super Bowl Sunday. It all came down to the final four teams all looking for championship glory. The two deciding games were played between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals on one side of the bracket and the Philadelphia Eagles vs the San Francisco 49ers on the other side. 

The first game saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Bengals which were ahead in the Super Bowl Odds 2023 to secure first place in the final. In the second game, the current 2023 Super Bowl favorites Eagles had a very impressive performance dismantling the 49ers 31-7. So let’s take a look at how Philadelphia went from underdogs in the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds to the top of the table on all sportsbooks.

Team nameCurrent oddsThis weekLast weekPre-season
Philadelphia Eagles-121-125+240+2200
Kansas City Chiefs+101+105+260+1000

Even though the Super Bowl Odds 2023 favor the Eagles, the Kansas City Chiefs are by no means a pushover and this can be seen by the tremendous season they had. With an average of 29.2 points per match, Mahomes managed to bring his team to the number 1 spot in the league when it comes to offense. A big factor for the lower of the Chiefs in the 2023 Super Bowl odds is the injuries that plague the team during the playoffs. And the biggest story is the sprained ankle of superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But even with the injury, the Chiefs got the win over the Bengals and the 2-week break is sure to help out Mahomes in his quest for a 2nd title, and the NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023 get better every day.

However, Mahomes and the Chiefs have the hardest challenge ahead of them as the Eagles have smashed all expectations and now they sit firmly as favorites on Super Bowl Odds 2023 for most sportsbooks. Even if you are not a fan of the Eagles you can’t deny that they deserve to be 2023 Super Bowl favorites as they steamrolled through both of their playoff opponents with a combined score of 69-14. 

But this is by no means a surprise since the Eagles have had one of their best seasons going 15-1 only losing to Washington. Even though the Chief’s stellar offense keeps the race for the best odds to win Super Bowl 2023, Philly is no slouch as they were ranked 3rd in offense but even more impressive is that they managed to balance it out with a great defensive effort by allowing second least points in the NFL.

Why Are the Eagles and Chiefs the Super Bowl Favorites 2023?

In the end, the top 2 teams atop the Super Bowl Odds 2023 standings are the Eagles which hold the 1st spot on the list followed very closely by past Super Bowl winners, the Kansas City Chiefs. Both of these teams have brought their best game this season leaving almost nothing up for grabs. If you are not quite sure why these 2 teams are leading 2023 Super Bowl favorites lists, we can take a look at the stats they have put up during the season and how their impressive seasons boost them up to the top of the 2023 Super Bowl odds. 

2023 Super Bowl Team Offense Stats

Team Offense StatsYds/G rankYds/GPassing Yds/G rankPassing Yds/G Rushing Yds/G rankRushing Yds/G Pts/G rankPts/G 
Philadelphia Eagles3384.212230.24153.9128.7
Kansas City Chiefs1407.91294.521113.5128.7

When we look at the offensive output of these two juggernauts we can start to piece together how the bookmakers got both of them as favorites in Super Bowl Odds 2023. However, we can see the differences that define what each offense is centered around. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are on top of the total yards per game as well as being number 1 in passing yards per game. While they also are on top of the points per game leaderboards, we can see that the running game is what holds them back the most on the Super Bowl Odds 2023 list, being ranked only 21st in rushing yards this season.

If we look at the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds favorites, the Philadelphia Eagles, have a more balanced offensive game. While only being ranked 12th for passing yards, they more than makeup for it while running the ball. The 2023 Super Bowl favorites are ranked 4th in rushing yards and they end up being 3rd in terms of total yards per game. But even with the lower yards and passing plays, the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds favorites are tied for first place with the Kansas City Chiefs when it comes to the points per game scored.

2023 Super Bowl Defense Stats

Team defense statsLeast total Yds/G rankLeast total Yds/GLeast passing Yds/G rankLeast passing Yds/G Least Rushing Yds/G rankLeast Rushing Yds/G Least Pts/G rankLeast Pts/G 
Philadelphia Eagles1290.31171.015119.3618.8
Kansas City Chiefs10328.319221.08107.31521.5

When it comes to defense, Kansas is at a definite disadvantage, and this may lead to lowering their chance to win. This doesn’t mean that the Chiefs are terrible defenders, they rank mostly middle of the pack in most of the categories with their strong suit being the rushing defense which might be what brings them the most success against the 2023 Super Bowl favorites, the Eagles. The Chiefs often find themselves letting teams get too many points and yards and they end up leaning too much on Mahomes leading a better offense. While this strategy worked well during the season, it might not be enough to beat the leaders on NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023. 

For many, defense is what makes the Eagles have the best odds to win Super Bowl 2023. Philadelphia has a single weaker spot, namely their rushing defense. It is quite fortunate that this is the weakest part of the Chief’s offense which strengthens the case for Philly having the best Super Bowl Odds 2023. Other than the small blemish on the rushing defense rank, the Eagles are on top or close to the top on all of the other defensive stats. The most important might be their top spot on allowed passing yards. If the Eagles can manage to keep the precise passing of Mahomes in check, they could win. Now that we saw the stats, it’s pretty obvious why the bookies have the Eagles as favorites on Super Bowl Odds 2023 lists.

How are the 2023 Super Bowl Odds Calculated?

Calculating the odds to win Super Bowl 2023 is a very complex process that takes into account a lot of information about all of the teams. The odds makers calculate the odds based on not just the basic stats of each team but also think about the strengths and weaknesses of each team and other external factors to the game itself. Some of these factors include the injuries of each team as well as the arrivals and departures of the teams. After the first Super Bowl Odds 2023 come out in pre-season, then they are in continuous change until the day of the big game and for some sportsbooks, the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds can change even in the middle of the game for live betting.

The Final NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023

The final NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023 for the last 2 teams are a culmination of the whole season and playoffs. In theory, the Super Bowl Odds 2023 for the final 2 teams should be the most accurate since the bookmakers have more information on the teams than at the very beginning of the season. The 2023 Super Bowl odds can also change based on the type of bet you decide to make. 

Odds makers need to be very knowledgeable about the game to give realistic and accurate odds to win Super Bowl 2023. For example, this year the Kansas City Chiefs are viewed as underdogs on most Super Bowl Odds 2023 lists, and this might be not only because of the team stats but also because the Eagles pose a bad stylistic matchup for the Chiefs who want to run a lot of passing plays against a team that is elite at stopping them, allowing the least passing yards in the whole league during the season. So if you want to make a bet, you can be sure the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds are well thought out and fair. 

2023 Super Bowl – Bet Types

If you read everything thus far, you know which teams are playing in the big game and who the Super Bowl Odds 2023 favor. So the next step is to figure out what type of bet you want to risk on your 2023 Super Bowl odds favorite or underdog. We are going to go through some of the most popular choices players make. Just make sure the sportsbook you play on allows these types of bets.


Let’s begin with one of the most popular and also straightforward types of bets. This bet will simply predict the winner of the match at the end. Here you will get different NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023 but they all serve the same purpose, give you a favorite and an underdog. An underdog will have the odds higher, most times being a positive number while usually, the favorite will have lower odds, mostly negative odds.

Although the Super Bowl Odds 2023 can be confusing, they aren’t really that hard to understand. For example, a 100$ bet on a -200 favorite will pay you back 50$ of profit. On the other hand, a 100$ bet on a +200 underdog will get you 200$ profit. So pick the best 2023 Super Bowl betting odds for you and wager responsibly. 

Point Spread

By far the point spread bet is the most used bet with NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023. This type of bet allows sportsbooks to offer their players similar odds for both the favorite team and the underdog team. This is done using a points handicap system. So, you could bet on a 4.5-point favorite at higher odds of -110 but the result of the game must be a win by more than 5 points for the favorite. Try using a point spread and get the best Super Bowl Odds 2023.


Another fun and interesting way to bet on the big game is with the over/under bet. This type of bet is composed of a scoreline that is given by the sportsbook. The bet aims to predict whether the combined score will be higher or lower than the one given out by the sportsbook. For example, a sportsbook could offer 2023 Super Bowl betting odds of -150 for a score over 35,5 and +150 for a score of under 35,5. The over-under bet can have some variations based on halves and quarters but the aim remains the same. This Sunday finds the best Super Bowl Odds 2023 for your over/under bet.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

A very fun and challenging bet is the prop bet. In essence, the prop bet is a wager that is not tied to the final result of the game. Certain sportsbook providers will allow you to put in prop bets for different events during the game. For example, you could wager the number of yards a team will rush for or what the score will be at halftime. Each of these best has special 2023 Super Bowl odds so choose the one right for you.

Same-Game Parlay

This type of bet has the potential for huge winning but for larger and larger risks. When wagering the same game parlay, you can choose to combine multiple predictions into a single wager. For example, a player could wager that the Chiefs are going to win the big game by more than 30 points, and Patrick Mahomes will throw for more than 150 Yds. If you manage to get all the guesses right, then you can profit a lot since the winning from each guess goes towards the next one and so on. So check if there are good options for the same game parlay and win big.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Super Bowl Favorites in NJ

What better game to test your luck and knowledge of the game than the Super Bowl? There aren’t many out there. But depending on where in the US you are, you will have different sportsbooks that are available for you to place bets on your 2023 Super Bowl favorites. Here we are going to talk about all of the possibilities you have if you are a resident of the state of New Jersey. So choose the sportsbook that fits you best from the list and start wagering on the best Super Bowl Odds 2023.

The NJ casinos you can use with the best 2023 Super Bowl odds are:

2023 Super Bowl MVP Odds – What Changed after Tom Brady’s Retirement?

There are not many sports where almost everybody agrees on who the greatest player of all time is. But the NFL had Tom Brady, a player that even transcends the sport of football and becomes maybe even the greatest player in all of sports. But even the most legendary players have to end it at some point and, the long prosperous 23-year-old career of Tom Brady QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the legendary Patriots team came to an end this season after he got his final fight in the NFL playoffs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a longtime fan or someone who got fed up with his dominance of the sport, fans got the opportunity to see one of the greatest players that even stepped on the field play his last season. A season that ended up being a career-high for Brady as he managed to complete a staggering 490 passes, an all-time high for the legendary QB. An even more impressive feat since even at 45 he continues to break new personal bests. Regardless if you are a fan or not Tom Brady is 7 times part of the past Super Bowl winners, leaving the NFL is a powerful blow for us fans that won’t be filled very soon.

Super Bowl MVP Odds 2023

When it comes to NFL players, there is no greater accomplishment than being the most valuable player on your team after winning the Super Bowl. Since this award most times goes to the best player on the winning team, it makes for a pretty solid wager if you think you know who the winner is. Even better if you wager on a dark horse with high MVP Super Bowl Odds 2023 you can end up winning very big. We have listed below all of the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds for MVP and we will talk a bit about the most likely players to get this award on championship Sunday. The 2023 Super Bowl favorites for MVP are:

Jalen Hurts+130
Patrick Mahomes+135
Travis Kelce+1200
AJ Brown +1800
Haason Reddick+2500
DeVonta Smith+2800
Miles Sanders+2800
Chris Jones+4500
Isaiah Pacheco+5000
Kadarius Toney+5000
Jerick McKinnon+6500
Dallas Goedert+6500
Kenneth Gainwell+6500
Marquez Valdes-Scantling+7000
JuJu Smith-Schuster+7500
Darius Slay+8000

Although there are many picks you could make with tempting Super Bowl Odds 2023 MVP, most likely the race is gonna be between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Let’s talk about Patrick Mahomes first, it’s always a good bet to take on the winning QB to take the MVP and the Super Bowl Odds 2023 are a testament to this. Even though Patrick is set as number 2 in the MVP race, the value of wagering on Mahomes is very high. Patrick is the Chiefs’ superstar for a reason, he is a big-time player that makes big-time plays. Also, he has a very good track record of delivering in the playoffs and this is shown by him being part of the past Super Bowl winners. He does have a sprained ankle coming into the game, but Patrick Mahomes should always be considered for the 2023 Super Bowl favorites for MVP.

On the other hand, if you have the Eagles winning, Jalen Hurts should be an easy pick as a 2023 Super Bowl betting odds favorite for MVP. Since the game plan for the Eagles will most likely be to stop Patrick as much as possible, you might want to pick Haason Reddick might be the best Super Bowl Odds 2023 for MVP. Along with the huge +2500 odds, Haason can be a great value pick for all gamblers.

Trends can have a big influence, so it is good to have some insight into what might happen. For example, since the league has been dominated by AFC teams, the 2023 Super Bowl odds should be skewed in their favor. Knowing past Super Bowl winners can also help you make better decisions since experienced players tend to perform in tough situations. We have created a list of some of the trends that might influence the Super Bowl Odds 2023 that you should know:

Now that we’ve figured out that the Super Bowl Odds 2023 can be influenced by trends, knowing the Super Bowl winners by year is a pretty good idea. So we have created a list of the past Super Bowl winners to help you out when you are setting up your parlay. In the list, you will see that many of the 2023 Super Bowl favorites have already won the trophy in the past. The last 9 Super Bowl winners by year are:

56Los Angeles Rams2022
55Tampa Bay Buccaneers2021
54Kansas City Chiefs2020
53New England Patriots2019
52Philadelphia Eagles2018
51New England Patriots2017
50Denver Broncos2016
49New England Patriots2015
48Seattle Seahawks2014

Right after the big game, the 2023 Super Bowl odds are scrapped and new ones for next year are already in progress for future bets they are all based on past winners, the trends of winning teams, and the form they are in.


When is the 2023 Super Bowl?

The game is set to start on the 12th of February, on championship Sunday. The kickoff will be at 4:30 MST. You can make the most of the Super Bowl Odds 2023 by placing a bet before the official start of the game.

Who’s favored to win the 2023 Super Bowl?

There are only 2 teams left in the running for the NFL championship on Sunday. Most sportsbooks have the Philadelphia Eagles leading the Super Bowl Odds 2023. Along with the team the QB of the Eagles, Jalen Hurts is leading the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds for the MVP race.

Where can I bet on Super Bowl 2023?

You can bet on the 2023 Super Bowl at any casino with a sportsbook. However, you have to make sure that you live in a state that allows sports betting online. In NJ you can play on BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, DraftKings, or BetRivers if you want to bet on your 2023 Super Bowl favorites.

What are Super Bowl odds?

The 2023 Super Bowl odds are the numbers that dictate the payout of a bet you made. Once the deposit has been made, you need to wait for the end of the event to get your payout if the bet was successful.

What is an NFL Futures Bet?

A futures bet in the NFL refers to a bet that you put in advance after the big game ends. The Super Bowl Odds 2023 are going to be scrapped for the next year where special futures odds will be set up for those who want to wager.

Where is it legal to bet on the 2023 Super Bowl in the US?

There are many states which allow you to wager on the Super Bowl Odds 2023. You just have to make sure it is legal in your state. Some states online gambling is legal are: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY.

Do online sportsbooks offer in-game, live betting during the Super Bowl 2023?

Yes, depending on the casino that you used to place your bets, you may be able to bet live on the game with ever-changing odds. Just make sure you choose the best Super Bowl Odds 2023 for you.