Super Bowl Odds 2022

Super Bowl 2022, one of the most-awaited sportive events of the year is just around the corner. With large money sums put on the line, sports betting in New Jersey is popular at this time. In this article, we are going to present you the Super Bowl 2022 odds in order to aid your decision.

Check the winning chances for Super Bowl 56 in NJ using the scheme we have provided for you below. Take advantage of specific betting bonuses for this event and transform the odds into real winnings!

All you need to know about Super Bowl 2022 odds

With Superbowl 56 happening, here are all the details you need to know to know. Use them to your advantage and challenge the Super Bowl 2022 odds!

Kick off the Super Bowl 56 season & with the best NJ online casino!

Below we have provided a list of NJ online casinos. All these NJ licensed casinos have come up with different sports betting offers to capture the feeling of the big game. You can easily get exclusive NJ casino bonuses with just a few clicks and enjoy the various casino offers. Consult the Super Bowl 2022 odds one more time and choose the best NJ online casino to place your bet!

Fanduel dares you to challenge The Super Bowl 2022 odds with the $1000 Risk Free Bet!

After carefully consulting the Super Bowl 2022 odds, you must be confident enough to place the best bets. Thereby, Fanduel sportsbook NJ comes up with a very tempting offer, just in time for the game. The new Fanduel promotion enables you to freely place bets with the $1000 risk free bet!

It is aimed at players placing their first real money bet and it becomes available upon making the first deposit. This $1000 risk free bet it’s practically a total win, whether the bet wins or not.  If your free bet wins, you can enjoy the money and if it loses, you can still enjoy the money.

Since Fanduel Sportsbook NJ is a reliable sports betting casino, it will return you the value of a $1000 risk free bet. Therefore, if the Super Bowl 2022 odds are favorable, the value of the promotion will be transformed into site credit.  

Basically, even if luck is not on your part, you get one more chance! If you are over 21 years old and from NJ, access the Fanduel casino NJ website and take advantage of this promotion. Use the Fanduel free bet for another shot at challenging the Super Bowl 2022 odds!

Have a second shot at the Super Bowl 2022 odds with the Draftkings $280 free bets

Wouldn’t it be nice to capture the feeling of the Super Bowl 56 with a bet? More precisely, free bets. If a $1000 risk free bet is too daring for you, maybe the Draftkings free bets suit you better. You can claim $280 in free bets with a first minimum 5$ deposit on the Draftkings website.

For Draftkings Sportbook NJ values their players, they propose this offer, just right for challenging the probability of winning. All you need to do is sign up on the Draftkings website and select the bonus. Most importantly, make sure you fall in the criteria. You must specifically be at least 21 old of age and be physically located in NJ.

Afterward, you need to make a $5 bet on any NFL moneyline for a shot at the Draftkings free bets. If the Super Bowl 2022 odds are with you, you’ll receive $280 in free bets and the winnings from your wager. Eventually, you’ll get the bonus in the form of 7 $40 free bets to use in the following 7 days.

With the Draftkings free bets, you have a bigger chance of winning. Above all, the Super Bowl 2022 odds in NJ are displayed here, so it’s unlikely to be in wrong!

Check out the  Super Bowl 2022 odds  

Since the big game is just around the corner, you should keep your eyes on the Super Bowl 2022 odds! The game will be between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. Who will win?

The 13th of February will take the sports betting world by storm and you must make sure you will survive! Therefore, to ensure your safety kit for the game, we provided data on the Super Bowl 2022 odds. 

Below you can find only legal sports betting sites where you can place the best sports bets of the day. Consult the Super Bowl 2022 odds now and capture the grand final feeling with a bet you’ll never forget!

Super Bowl 2022 odds for MVPs 

If you have favorites for the Superbowl 56, make sure to check the Super Bowl 2022 odds for players below. Count your chances and place one of the best sports bets today!

MVP PLAYER ODDSDraftkingsFanduelBetMGMCaesars Sportsbook
M. Stafford+ 100+115+115+120
J. Burrow+225+230+225+220
C. Kupp+600+550+600+700
A. Donald+1600+1600+1600+1800
C. Akers+3500+3000+2000+3000
J. Chase+1800+2200+1600 
J. Mixon+4500+4000+2500+2500
V. Miller+4500+4000+5000+4000
T. Higgins+4500+400+5000+4000
S. Michael+8000+7500+6600+6000
V. Jefferson+10000+7500+10000+6000
K. Blanton+10000+10000+10000+7500
J. Ransey+10000+8500+10000+6000
T. Boyd+9000+8500+10000+7500
T. Hibgee+10000+8500+10000 
E. McPherson+15000+10000+10000+7500
C. Uzomah+10000+10000+10000+10000
T. Hendrickson+10000+10000+10000+6000
S. Perine+20000+10000+10000+10000
L. Floyd+15000+15000+10000+10000
M. Gay+20000+20000+10000+10000
S. Hubbard+15000+15000+15000+10000
G. Gaines+20000 +20000+10000
M. Hilton+15000+28000+15000+10000
D. Sample+15000+20000+20000+15000
D. Henderson+20000   
T. Taylor+10000+42000+20000+15000
A. Robinson+25000+28000+25000+10000
T. Reeder+30000+30000+20000+10000
V. Bell+25000+20000+15000+10000
E. Apple+25000+20000+15000+10000
C. Awuzie+50000+20000+20000+10000
D. Reader+30000+30000+30000+10000
J. Davis+25000 +25000 
B. Hill+30000+42000+25000+10000
J. Fuller +47000+20000 
T. Irwin+30000   
C. Sample+30000   
C. Evans+50000+24000+25000+25000
D. Willams +55000 +10000
T. Rapp+50000+37000 +10000
M. Wilcox+30000+42000+30000 
M. Thomas+30000+42000+30000 
J. Hekker +34000  

Predict the game and win with Draftkings Sportsbook NJ’s $55 million Prediction Challenge

As a bettor, it’s not cast in stone to respect the statistics. You can believe in your own instincts, too. Therefore, taking the Super Bowl 2022 odds into account when you make sports bets is not necessarily a guiding principle. If you are daring and trust your instincts, Draftkings Spoortsbook NJ might have the perfect opportunity for you.

Your instinctive nature can make you winner in the $55 million Prediction Challenge. The contest is a free entry one, all you have to do is put your brain to work. Allign the Super Bowl 2022 odds in your favor. Then, predict what might happen in the 4th quarter of the game and fight for the $1 Million top prize.

However, if predictions are not your forte and you believe in luck, Draftkings Sportsbook NJ has a classic alternative for you. Square contests are popular among people, even if they have tried sports betting before or not.

Therefore, it is very intuitive, even for the most inexperienced player. Pick a square and if the odds are in your favor, you’ll get a cash prize. The winner’s square has to match the final digit of both teams’ score in the match.

How to bet on Fantasy Sports at the top NJ casinos

Fanduel is never behind when it comes to NJ sports betting. The Fanduel Bingo Card might be what you need for Super Bowl 56. The game has 24 specific Super Bowl game props and naturally, 1 free square which becomes eligible from the 4th quarter.

The first player to get all numbers called in a line gets to call “Bingo”. Make the Super Bowl game props function in your favor to win money and points for Fanduel Fantasy Sports contests!

Draftkings Spoortsbook NJ is no less than Fanduel Sportsbook when it comes to daily fantasy sports. It may not offer Superbowl game props like the Fanduel Bingo Card, but big rewards contests sound equally good.

Sign up through the Draftkings website, for the $5.5m Super Bowl Millionaire and aim at the $1 Million top prize! Use the Draftkings Casino App and enjoy daily fantasy sports!

However, if you’re more of a Fanduel fan and seek a greater prize, try out the NFL Big Game Bowl. It is enough to just cast your picks on any contest for a shot at a $3M Prize Pool. Show off the best strategy now and challenge the Super Bowl 2022 odds!

How to bet on Super Bowl

Celebrating the feeling of the Super Bowl 56 through sports betting is the most Superbowl thing you can do. However, let’s not get too caught up in the spirit! Be it live betting or prop bets, make sure you play in safe conditions. Don’t let the Super Bowl 2022 odds carry you away and make sure you access only legal sports betting sites!

To aid you in the sports betting process, we have provided a list of steps to consider before wagering. Follow each step in order to have a secure and enjoyable NJ sports gambling experience!

How to bet on the winning team with Moneyline Bets

Moneyline Bets are some of the most popular bets you can make since they’re the simplest.  The Super Bowl 2022 odds are right in front of your face, you only have to pick the winning team. Those bets capture the feeling of a real team. If the odds for Super Bowl 56 are in your team’s favor, both you and your team win.

In a match, there will always be a favorite team and an underdog. Thus, the favorite team of the game is marked with a “-”, whereas the underdogs with a “+”.

Take for example the moneyline bets of the Drafkings Sportbooks. In the Super Bowl 2022 odds table, we have LA Rams at -195 and Cincinnati Bengals at +165. Practically, for the Super Bowl 56, LA Rams are the favorite team and the Bengals are the underdogs.

Therefore, betting on the LA Rams would mean that a $195 bet wins you $100 in profit. Similarly, if you believe the Bengal can pull off, you’ll get $165 profit upon a $100 winner bet. Should the Super Bowl 2022 odds be in your favor, both you and the team are going to be the stars of the game!

How Totals Bets work

Totals bets, also known as over/under, represent the sum of the scores of each team participating in the game. It is simple as it is focused on the number of points scored in the game.

Firstly, the casino is going to establish how many points will possibly be scored by both teams. All you need to do then is decide if the number of points will be lower or higher. You practically place a bet that the total goes either over or under the specified number.

Keep an eye on the Super Bowl 2022 odds to get a clearer image of the situation. For instance, Draftkings Sportbooks set the over/under score at -110 for the LA Rams Cincinnati Bengals match.

Additionally, the totals number was set at 84.5. The half point, known as “hook”, exists in order to eliminate the possibility of a refund. Simply put, the “hook point” ensures a clear winner and loser.

If you bet $110 on the over and the score is higher, you win $100. To be more specific, an 84.5 total that ends with an 84 score ensures the win for the “unders”. Alternatively, the over bettors win if the score is 85 or over.

Predict the game with the Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022

It is a given that moneyline bets and totals bets are the most popular alternatives for Super Bowl Sunday. However, if you are not a fan of score calculations, the prop bets Super Bowl encourages might interest you.

The score is not the only aspect on which you can make a wager. These Super Bowl prop bets deal with bets involving factors that may affect the game. Thus, it is more fun than actually making moneyline bets or totals bets.

They are tied to specific players, teams and game aspects. You can start from the first goal’s timing and end with the number of assists a player will have. Moreover, considering we are talking about the Superbowl 56, player or game props aren’t the only aspects to bet on.

Since it is one of the most-awaited sportive events of the year, we can also think of the halftime show. How long will Snoop Dog’s performance last or what colors will Eminem wear are aspects worthy of a prop bet. The range of Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022 is wide and you can bet on almost anything! Cast away the Super Bowl 2022 odds for a second and have fun!

Super Bowl 56 Live Betting

Live betting is a sports betting alternative popular among bettors who enjoy wagering as the game is unfolding. The Super Bowl 2022 odds aid you while you get to make a decision depending on how they change mid-game.

Practically, live bets give you a second chance of success, if bad luck occurs in the moneyline and totals bets. If your team isn’t doing well and you run the risk of losing the wager, you can change sides immediately. Thus, you can always place a bet on the opposing team depending on how their performance evolves.

However, if you decide on live betting, you must have a quick eye and good prediction skills! Keeping an eye on the Super Bowl 2022 odds is a must at any second. Everything can take an unexpected turn midgame and sometimes foreseeing a momentum may earn you the jackpot.

Live betting via NJ Sportsbook apps

Fanduel Sportsbook NJ and Draftkings Sportsbook NJ make live betting easier for you. These NJ licensed casinos provide flexible sports betting apps. No matter where you are, you can watch the match and easily place a winning bet! Choose live betting to ensure rewards and follow the Super Bowl 2022 odds to be one step ahead!

How to bet on the NFL Futures

If live betting is not your thing, you have other alternatives to choose from. Instead of placing a bet in the spur of the moment, you can resort to a future bet. Therefore, NFL Futures bets might be exactly what you need. This type of bet refers to a wager made for events that take place later in time.

It centers around the idea of betting on a team that is most likely to win a championship. Usually, NFL Futures bets take place at the start of the season. Therefore, you have time to come up with a mental scheme of what might happen as the outcome will occur in the future. You are no longer under the pressure of live betting and can take up your time to make a decision.

Similar to the case of Super Bowl 56, you can take your chances on the winning team. The Super Bowl 2022 odds will aid you in your decision and are constantly updated. Below we have provided a list of NJ online casinos providing NFL Futures bets:

Check the best parlay bets for Super Bowl 56

Money bets, Totals bets, NFL Futures bets, live betting, they’re all popular and hard to choose from. However, combinations of bets are also possible. NJ licensed casinos grant players the possibility of making more wagers as part of a bigger one. This way, you have more chances to match the Super Bowl 2022 odds.

These combinations are prone to being more profitable than individual ones. So, why not give it a shot? Attentively, monitor the Super Bowl 2022 odds and come up with the best combination! Lay down your strategy to ensure all games of the parlay bet win. Then, place one of the best parlay bets for Super Bowl and get ready to cash out your winnings!

With that being said, this is your call. Be it money bets, total bets, or NFL future bets, you have a large variety to choose from. Make up the best combination for yourself now and challenge the Super Bowl 2022 odds at the best NJ online casino! Now’s the chance to mark the final with a bet and transform the Super Bowl experience into real cash!


How many people are at the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 56 is anticipated to host a full-capacity stadium. The numbers approximate at around 70,000 fans attending, with the possibility of expansion to 100.000 for the big game. Everyone present will be required to abide by the Covid 19 safety guidelines and provide a vaccination green pass.

Where is the Super Bowl held in 2022?

Super bowl 2022 will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, this being the 8th time the city is hosting it. The game is set to happen on Sunday, 13th February 2022.

Where can tickets for the Super Bowl be purchased?

Before purchasing tickets, make sure the seller is trusted. Vendors like Ticketmaster or the official NFL ticket exchange provide ticket purchasing for Super Bowl 2022 in safe conditions. Avoid unofficial sites and unauthorized sellers. For New Garden State residents, simply make sure you select the section for Super Bowl tickets online In New Jersey.

Who is going to perform in the halftime show?

Eminem, Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and Mary J are going to take over the stage for the Super Bowl 2022.

Where will the Super Bowl be streaming?

Super Bowl 56 will be televised by NBC with the possibility of accessing it from the NBC Sports App, as well. Alternatively, Hulu Live TV grants access to all NFL games. Premium Peacock subscribers can also enjoy the live streaming of the event.

Is NJ included in the mentioned casinos offers?

Yes, all offer mentions mentioned in this article are available to The Garden State inhabitants. In case you opt for other casinos, make sure they operate in the NJ state before attempting to place a wager. Check the Super Bowl 2022 odds and bet at your favorite casino.

Where can I bet for the Super Bowl 56 in NJ?

Fanduel and Draftkings are heating up the spirits with Super Bowl offers. Alternatively, Caesars Sportsbook and BetMGM make available several appealing offers. Make sure you choose a trusted casino and conduct the sports betting process in safe conditions on the official website. Look out for new member promotions to claim upon signing up and consult the Super Bowl 2022 odds before wagering.