Wynn Resorts Wraps Up Sports Betting and Casino Activity in NJ

posted by Ioana
August 18, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Wynn Resorts, a prominent name in the US gambling industry, announced the discontinuation of its online betting services in New Jersey. This decision holds significant implications for the New Jersey sports betting market. That’s because this means that Wynn Resorts bids farewell to its WynnBet Sportsbook NJ and WynnBet Casino NJ platforms.

WynnBet Resorts Shuts Down Sportsbook & Casino

In an email addressed to its patrons, WynnBet NJ conveyed the regrettable news of the immediate closure of its online sportsbook and casino. This event affects all services, thus making WynnBet Sportsbook NJ and WynnBet Casino NJ unavailable.

Despite the abrupt shutdown, customers’ accounts will remain active for 60 days, until October 11th. This window is designated for the settlement of pending bets and the cashing out of remaining account balances.

Any unsettled wagers beyond this period will prompt communication from WynnBet NJ to facilitate the resolution process. Additionally, users will receive the remaining account balances via physical checks by the specified date.

A Pursuit for Foothold: The Challenges of Wynn Resorts

The decision to shutter WynnBet NJ’s operations is the result of multiple challenges. As stated by Wynn Resorts’ COO, Julie Cameron-Doe.

“While we believe in the long-term prospects of iGaming, the dearth of iGaming legislation and the presence of numerous other investment opportunities available to us around the globe have led us to the decision to curtail our capital investment in WynnBet to focus primarily on those states where we maintain a physical presence.”

Julie Cameron-Doe, COO at Wynn Resorts

This struggle was exacerbated by fierce competition from the well-prepared rivals. Moreover, the inherent difficulties in carving out a significant market share added to this issue. The decision, while regrettable, aligns with Wynn Resorts’ strategic reallocation of resources. This way, it aims to better capitalize on opportunities that offer higher returns on investment.

The gambling operator plans to continue the activity of its online sportsbooks in Nevada and Massachusetts. Besides this, there would also be its physical establishments in Las Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor. WynnBet also stands out as a standout among New York’s nine legal online sportsbooks. Besides that, it also provides Michigan residents with an online casino product. However, the company is still conducting an evaluation of the online sports betting operations in New York and Michigan.

Wynn Resorts’ Struggle in NJ Sports Betting Market: A Battle for Position

Wynn Resorts’ struggles within the New Jersey sports betting market have been evident since its launch in 2020. Operating under gaming licenses held by a competitor, Caesars Entertainment, WynnBet NJ found itself grappling with financial challenges.

There is no precise financial data due to the grouping of digital providers under a single gaming license. However, it is evident that the license grouping suffered financial losses valued at nearly $500.000. The concerned gambling operators are WynnBet and the now-defunct 888 Sportsbook.

Efforts were made to position WynnBet as a remarkable player in the market, but the odds were stacked against it. The intense competition, coupled with the significant investments required for marketing and customer acquisition, proved to be great hurdles. This continues the chain of challenges for the betting landscapes in New Jersey. Recently, Barstool Sportsbook NJ was also dropped by Penn Entertainment, which made ESPN take over.


Wynn Resorts’ decision to exit the New Jersey sports betting market sends ripples through both its own operations and the broader landscape of online sports betting. The departure of WynnBet Sportsbook NJ and WynnBet Casino NJ highlights the challenges faced by operators attempting to penetrate competitive markets without a physical presence. While this exit signifies a setback for Wynn Resorts, it also prompts contemplation about the direction of the NJ sports betting market.

As the operator continues to evaluate its presence in other states, such as New York and Michigan, the industry awaits potential shifts in strategy and offerings. The closure of WynnBet Sportsbook NJ prompts speculation about the future trajectory of the company’s online sports betting ventures, as well as the overall direction of Wynn Resorts’ investment in online gaming.

In conclusion, the abrupt discontinuation of WynnBet’s operations in New Jersey sheds light on the complexities and challenges that operators face in the rapidly evolving landscape of online sports betting. As the industry adapts and transforms, the departure of WynnBet serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the market and the strategic considerations that underpin every move.

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