USA vs Iran World Cup Predictions

posted by Ioana
November 28, 2022

It’s been a long wait for the USMNT to make their return to the World Cup in Qatar. That means 8 years to be more exact. And with how their group is shaping up, the USA vs Iran World Cup match taking place this Tuesday could make or break their chances to advance to the playoffs. If we look at the group B standing, the Iran USA World Cup match is most likely the decider of who keeps going and who goes home.

Highlights for the USA vs Iran World Cup Match

You don’t want to miss what could be the final match of the USA World Cup team in Qatar. So, make sure you have your alarm set for the start of the game. Here are all the details about the USA vs Iran World Cup match you need. The list includes the date, time, and streaming platforms. You can also get a better idea of the teams’ positions by visualizing their FIFA ranking. Additionally, check out the World Cup Favorites 2022 leaderboard to guess who is going to win.

USA – Iran Match

  • DATE: November 29th 
  • TIME: 2 pm ET (Eastern Time), 11 pm PT, 1 am CT
  • STREAMING PLATFORMS: Watch it on FOX or watch it on the FOX Sports App
  • USA FIFA Ranking: 16
  • USA Key Players: Christian Pulisic (attacking midfielder), Weston McKennie (midfielder), Yunus Musah (midfielder)
  • Iran FIFA Ranking: 20
  • Iran Key Players: Sarzar Azmoun (striker), Alireza Jahanbakhsh (attacking midfielder), Mehdi Taremi (striker)

USA Key Players

When it comes to a match as important for both teams as the USA vs Iran World Cup match, teams will look for their key players to show up and perform. Both teams have stellar players that can take over the game at their positions. The centerpiece of the USMNT is Christian Pulisic, a midfielder who has been the representative of the USA soccer ever since he was 17. He is the “pathfinder” of the group as his play always paves the way for his team to succeed.

The midfielder Wested McKennie is no slouch either given his capability to stay on the ball. His fluid movements boxes in his adversaries easily and knock them down instantly. Lastly, there is the Yunus Musah, who won’t ever be caught sleeping during a game. Despite being only 19 he proves worthy of his holding role and shows the potential of a big-time player.

USA World Cup History

If we look at the USA World Cup history, we can see that the highest finish they got is third in the 1930 tournament. However, the team has not been performing at its best in the last few interactions at the World Cup. That’s because they only managed to get past the round of 16 once in 2002. In 2018 the USMNT did not qualify for the World Cup either. On the other hand, Iran managed to qualify but did not get past the Group Stage. 

However, the US team has managed to reach at least the groups in the past 9 editions of the World Cup. This excludes the 2018 Cup where they failed to qualify. The appearance at the 2022 Qatar World Cup marks the 11th appearance at the tournament. The team has not managed to get to the round of 16 since 2002. Moreover, it is still chasing the all-time 3rd placement at the 1930 Cup. To start their road toward getting past the round of 16. they first need to be victorious in the upcoming USA vs Iran World Cup match. 

Iran World Cup History

When we look historically at the Iran USA World Cup results, we see one team has had a much higher performance throughout history. Iran has managed to qualify for the World Cup total of just 6 times and they won just 5 matches. Until now they are yet to make it out of the group stage so motivation is at an all-time high. The Iranian squad is enjoying one of their most successful showings at the World Cup. Previously, the Iran national team has made 6 appearances in 1978, 1998, 2006, 2014, 2018, and 2022.

Never able to pass the group stage on all of their showings, this is prime time for them to advance. The USA vs Iran World Cup face-off needs to go in their favor for them to go to the playoffs. The team feels good and ready to perform going into the match. The Iranian national team has managed to score a lot at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. There were actually more goals than they have ever scored previously with 4. The game can finally put Iran in the playoffs for the first time. However, it all must start with a spectacular performance by the team in the USA vs Iran World Cup match on the 29th.

USA World Cup 2022 Runway

So far, the run for the USMNT at the Qatar 2022 World Cup has been a mixture of ups and downs. After a hard-fought match, the USMNT managed to pull a surprising tie against England. The members of the team can now be very proud as the English team is on the top of many lists of favorites to take the whole tournament. The game’s score ended 0-0, but the score doesn’t tell the whole story. The game was a very exciting back-and-forth with many occasions for each of the teams to score. This is a result that gives a lot of momentum to the team.

Otherwise, a loss would make their life much harder in the Cup even if they defeat their next opponent. In a not so well received result, the match against the Welsh national team was seemingly under control after the USMNT went up 1-0 in the first half after a goal by Timothy Whea. But a late penalty conceded in the 82nd  minute to the Welsh side gave the opportunity to star player Gareth Bale to equalize the match. The late tie was a hard blow that put the USMNT in a spot where the rest of their Cup journey rests on the results of the USA vs Iran World Cup match where anything other than a win leads to elimination.

USA World Cup Predictions

With how the group stage unfolded for the USMNT, a lot hinges on the result of the USA vs Iran World Cup match. Not many have the US winning the match against the Iranian side in their USA World Cup predictions. But, the team composition of the USMNT can make the results uncertain since the US team has a lot of veteran players.

A lot of analysts had in their USA World Cup predictions a 6-point end to the group stage for the US team but the tie to Wales put the team in a hard spot where they cannot afford to lose the USA vs Iran World Cup match. If the USMNT doesn’t beat the Iranian squad, their chance to reach the knockout stage and their World Cup dream end. According to FiveThirtyEight, the chances for the teams to advance are as follows:

  • 99% chances to advance for England
  • 58% chances to advance for Iran
  • 38% chance to advance for the USA
  • 5% chance to advance for Wales

Even though the chances seem to be against the USMNT side, if the result in the USA vs Iran World Cup match favors the US, there are ways in which they still win the group. If the USA wins their match they will lead the group if England loses to Wales or if England ties and the US wins by 5 or more goals. 

USA World Cup Scenarios

One of the positives the team can take in their USA vs Iran World Cup match is that they are in control of their fate. All of the USA World Cup scenarios depend on the result of this high-stakes match. The USMNT squad can only make sure they advance if they win. But with a bit of help from the Welsh team, they can still end up topping their group. There are many USA World Cup scenarios that can still happen after the USA vs Iran World Cup match.

Possible USA World Cup Scenarios

  • USA defeats Iran, England defeats Wales: USA advances as second in the group after England
  • USA defeats Iran, England ties with Wales: USA goes to tie-breaker for 1st spot in groups with England.
  • USA defeats Iran, England is defeated by Wales: USA advances to 1st place in the groups
  • USA gets defeated by Iran, England is defeated by Wales: USA is eliminated from the World Cup
  • USA gets defeated by Iran, England ties with Wales: USA is eliminated from the World Cup

Where to bet on USA World Cup Scenarios in NJ

It would be a pity not to celebrate the Iran USA World Cup with a bet. You can’t know what USA World Cup scenarios will come true, so betting becomes ten times more entertaining. So, New Jersey operators make available multiple occasions to bet on this much-awaited match. You can try out your USA World Cup predictions with a bet at the following NJ casinos:


The USA vs Iran World Cup match is one of the most exciting matches in the group stage so far. Both teams have big stakes to play for. The USMNT wants to redeem themselves for the abysmal 2018 result where they failed to qualify and the Iranian side desperately wants to achieve their first top-16 finish and they have never been closer to achieving it. Whoever you root for, this is guaranteed to be an exciting match that will make or break the World Cup run of the US squad.

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