Stardust Account Step By Step Guide 2024

posted by Theodora
January 27, 2023

Creating an online Stardust account does not have to be difficult. We conducted a market-wide investigation to present accurate data about the fairness of operational terms, bonus availability, available banking methods and many other topics of interest. The legendary casino brand, Stardust Casino, which was founded in Las Vegas in 1985 by Boyd Gaming, made a triumphant return in the state of New Jersey in 2021. The collaborative products of Boyd Gaming Corporation and the FanDuel Group, Stardust Casino NJ is a global iGaming phenomenon that does well in terms of performance, reliability and navigation, with full receptiveness on both desktop and portable devices. Keep on reading to gather all the intel!

How to Open a Stardust Account

We’ll outline the criteria before guiding you through the Stardust casino registration procedure. No matter what device you use to create your Stardust casino account, you can visit the platform via desktop, or download the mobile-friendly app. Opening a Stardust casino account will provide you access to special promotions, quicker customer service, and unrestricted access to the most crucial aspect of betting: money transactions. You must submit several pieces of information accurately to register. 

On the home page, there is a prominent blue “Join Now” button in the upper right corner of the screen. You must choose either New Jersey or Pennsylvania when playing at Stardust casino. If you give accurate information, the process of signing up takes about three minutes:

  1. Click on the Join Now button to access the Stardust registration page
  2. Choose the state from which you will be playing
  3. Select a username for the Stardust casino registration
  4. Pick a strong password for your Stardust casino login process
  5. Enter your date of birth, phone number, address, and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  6. Click on Create Account to finalize the Stardust casino registration procedure

By restricting access to its services to those over 21 and competent of signing a legally binding contract with the operator, Stardust Casino NJ aims to prevent minor gambling addictions and underage gambling. You must present identification to prove your age eligibility for using gaming services, such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport. 

How to Open a Stardust Account On Mobile

Our review discovered that the site is fully mobile-optimized for users on the go. You will also find that the official Stardust casino app NJ is as intuitive as the desktop platform, with all the features located in the same places. There, all account features and settings are easy to find, including opening a Stardust casino account in your name. The casino’s mobile app can enhance the experience of both Android and iOS users, as it is compatible with both devices. You can fill in your data in a stress-free manner, as listed below:

  • Visit the Stardust Casino NJ homepage
  • Select the Android or iOS download button from the bottom of the main page
  • Navigate to App Store or Google Play after the automatic redirect
  • Download the relevant title by following the directions
  • Click on the blue Join Now button 
  • Complete the required fields of the Stardust casino sign up procedure with relevant personal details 
  • After the Stardust casino login, you may roam the pages freely 

How to Verify Your Stardust Account

The state of New Jersey mandates all brands under its guardianship, including Stardust Casino, to verify players’ accounts. Thus, US punters will need to provide documentation to prove their identity as part of the KYC process. The gaming company may not demand the paperwork right away, but we strongly advise providing the data as soon as you create your Stardust casino account or at least a few days before you ask for your first cash out. For the KYC process, it is necessary to provide the following paperwork:

  • Photographic copy of government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license) as proof of identity
  • Confirmation of the address on bank letterheads, utility bills, etc.
  • Bank statements that can serve as proof of assets

On the Stardust app, or through mobile or desktop browsers, all bettors located in the US can submit their documentation to their FanDuel Fantasy account. To do so, US gamblers ought to go to the Lobby and choose ‘Add Funds’ to upload their ID using the automated upload tool. After sending your passport or another form of ID, your steps towards account verification are complete. 

Why Do I Need to Verify My Stardust Account?

FanDuel strives to give everybody access to reliable products and safe transactions but to do so, it must verify your identity and age. Stardust Online Casino NJ can be a secure and pleasant environment for everybody if you accept to have your identity and account data checked by the staff via the verification form. Act submission must include all the requested documents to shield you from harm in the following scenarios:

  • Fraudulent activities on Stardust casino online NJ
  • Gambling addiction and problematic behavior while betting
  • Money-laundering procedures
  • Insincere marketing or advertising 
  • Rigged game sessions due to lack of tested casino products

The Stardust casino NJ website has earned the seal of approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, meaning that it must adhere to the institution’s guidelines and procedures regarding safe gambling. The primary purpose is to ensure that the licensed venue abides by its responsible gaming measures, giving you the option to limit your deposit, adjust your bet sizes, minimize your real money losses, and other forms of customer protection.

What Account Adjustments Can I Make After My Stardust Casino Login?

To keep your gambling sessions up to US par, the betting portal puts at your disposal numerous resources and organizations that can help you achieve a healthy, unproblematic gambling experience. From your rubric or the live chat interaction, you can apply the following adjustments to your Stardust account:

  • Implementing time-based limits for your Stardust account (Take a break or Self-Exclusion)
  • Applying personal limits for your deposits, bets and losses on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Activating Two-Factor Authentication to increase security
  • Making use of a reality check for a better grasp on your spending habits and gambling time 

Modifying the username you used to create the Stardust account is only possible for freshly registered gamblers or online users falling under particular criteria. This measure is necessary to limit identity fraud, fake personas, and punters wishing to hide their identities. To make sure no outside parties try to interfere with your sensitive account data, we recommend enabling the two-factor authentication to your Stardust casino account and entering the special 6-digit number sent via SMS or Authenticator App on your mobile each time you sign in.

Stardust Casino Sign up Bonus & How to Claim It

The Stardust casino NJ team tries to regularly update the promotional list with fan-favorite deals, so you can start playing casino games with access to extra spins, bet bonuses, and many more. Because we wanted to see for ourselves what lies in store for NJ and PA punters, we focused our attention on the promotional area of Stardust casino. However, at the moment, we could not locate any promotional type suitable for a newly-opened Stardust account. However, we will make sure to inform you of such beneficial rewards once the operator updates its list.

How to Make a Deposit and Cash Out With Your Stardust Account

Three cards and a maximum of three bank accounts may be saved on your Stardust account. Should you wish to have a credit or debit card removed, simply address your request with the customer support team. It will take the NJ online casino representatives around 24-48 hours to conduct the operation for your Stardust account. In normal conditions, depositing or withdrawing funds does not come with taxes or charges per transaction. Still, your banking provider may apply supplementary costs on special occasions as a result of handling gambling-related transactions. Stardust casino NJ will notify you in advance of any fees in case you fall under that principle after withdrawing or you can check prior to cashing out your winnings by contacting the financial institution.

Available Payment Methods for Funding your Stardust Account

You can see all deposit methods in the Cashier section of your Stardust account when you click on the Deposit tab. All you have to do is choose one, enter the amount you want to fund your player account with and confirm the transaction. The minimum deposit required for all listed cash-in methods is $10, but in case you want to claim a promotion that has a different requirement for your initial deposit, please make sure you enter that amount. Stardust casino NJ has a wide array of banking options, which we listed below:

  • Credit and debits cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Cash at Cage
  • E-Check
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Stardust Prepaid Card (Use a bank account or Debit/Credit card to transfer money electronically and then deposit that sum into your Stardust account)
  • Bank Wire (Conduct a Stardust casino login and then go to the Cashier. You can send money from your account to Stardust)
  • ACH Bank Transfer (Move your money directly from the bank to your Stardust account by entering your routing details)
  • PayNearMe (Print or save a barcode on your smartphone, and bring the code to the nearest location that accepts PayNearMe payments. You will enable the option to deposit money in the Stardust account)

Available Payment Methods for a Stardust Casino Withdrawal

To ensure the fairness of each transaction, the withdrawal request will go through several controls and checks. For the money to appear in your balance, the processing time depends on the chosen payment option. For example, ACH, PayPal and Stardust Prepaid Card impose a waiting time of up to 3 business days. If you opted for an E-check withdrawal, the processing time will be around 5 working days. 

Suppose you have secured over $600 in winnings playing from your Stardust account. In that case, you might have to complete the 1099 Tax Form sent via mail by FanDuel. The finance team of Stardust will file this form with the IRS at the beginning of the year. So, you have plenty of time to pay the taxes on your winnings for the previous calendar year. When you secure some gains, you should be able to retrieve your funds using:

  • ACH
  • E-Check
  • PayPal
  • Stardust Prepaid Card

Common Stardust Casino Login Issues & How to Solve Them

Due to random updates, software errors or troubleshoots, there will be times when trying to connect can prove to be unfruitful. For certain Stardust casino login issues, the FAQ page on the website contains valuable data applied for multiple casino authentication issues. We have carefully inspected the most encountered problems NJ and PA users might have while using the casino’s services and made a list of useful solutions.

Wrong Stardust Casino Login Credentials

This is something that happens at least once to every online user. While trying to log in, a typo can occur and ruin the whole Stardust casino login operation. Luckily, in just a few seconds you can check if you are using Caps Lock, pressed a single letter multiple times in a row or used your email/password for another account. Just make sure you do not enter the wrong Stardust casino login data more than three times simultaneously. Otherwise, you will be locked out of your player profile for 60 minutes. 

Stardust Casino Account Verification Issues

If you cannot enter your Stardust account, it could be because the records that are currently available contain outdated paperwork. You have 3 attempts to verify his/her Stardust account before remaining logged out. In such a scenario, you must contact live chat operators or send an email message to the representatives. 

Technical Difficulties with the Stardust App or Website

From time to time, Stardust services will experience some glitches. When the app is updating or some technical maintenance works are carried out, there is not much you can do. You have to wait for the staff to fix the problem accordingly. Some common troubleshooting steps may still apply for a proper Stardust casino login. We advise checking your WIFI signal, clearing cache & cookies from your device or app, restarting your device, or logging out and entering again. Furthermore, mobile users may uninstall the Stardust app and download it a second time. 

Stardust Login Geolocation Technology

Considering that the brand only allows players from the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to opt-in, you must enable your gadget’s location. This ensures that each Stardust account is in an authorized gambling area. In case you cannot use the services, it may be because you have the Location Services on your device deactivated or restricted. Head to your Location Setting and reset the location to permit Stardust casino to confirm the place you’re physically playing from. In case this doesn’t work, we kindly advise addressing your problem with the service staff

Is My Stardust Account Free to use? 

Creating a Stardust account is free of charge and does not presume any hidden fee. Moreover, each time you make a Stardust casino login, no amount of money shall be retrieved from your digital wallet. However, to get the most out of your gambling experience, you will need to place real-money wagers on online casino games if you want to retrieve your winnings. Provided you have gone through verification checks and found a suitable play option, make a deposit and start playing for real cash. Resultantly, you can enjoy the financial benefits whenever you hit a lucky combination! 

How Do I Delete My Stardust Casino Account?

There are certain situations when a US bettor finds it suitable to take a break from gambling or stop their association with Stardust Casino. 

Postpone Gambling Using the Stardust Account Tools

In case you feel like betting is putting a tool on your well-being, you can resort to a couple of safe responsible gambling tools for a prolonged break:

  • Setting a timeout from your Stardust account or getting in touch with the support team to decide on a period that is right for you
  • If you feel like gambling negatively impacts your personal, financial and professional life, you may opt for self-exclusion. For the entire duration of the self-exclusion (3,6,9 or 12 months), no casino materials will impede your decision to stay away. 

Use the Close Account Button

Should the nature of your decision not be based on a compulsive habit, you can select ‘Account Settings’ and then ‘Close Account’. You will need to fill out a quick form and the casino team will process and put your request into motion. Be aware that reactivating your old account is only possible after contacting the customer service team. Considering that opening another account in your name is banned, returning patrons must go through the Stardust account reopening procedures to continue using the features here. 

Can something happen to your Stardust Online Casino Account if you don’t log in regularly?

A Stardust casino account is considered inactive if the account holder has not used the services for more than 1 year. If no Stardust casino login is recorded, the account in question will become ’dormant’. The inactive member can lose their remaining balance if no login is registered. Similarly, their bonus funds are forfeited within 60 days of establishing such an account. 

Customer Support

Two of the three main routes for communication are available for support. Despite the lack of phone help, your queries about Stardust casino account verification, withdrawal delays or other vital aspects of gambling will be handled by agents or live bots. Even though there is no email address provided, this enables you to complete the contact field with your specific queries in more detail. The support team usually gets back to you in less than 12 hours. Furthermore, you can have a chat with the Stardust casino team or consult the comprehensive FAQ list. The FAQ page offers basic assistance on topics like:

  • Tools for responsible gambling
  • Payment methods
  • Promotion types (Stardust casino sign up bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, cashback deals, etc.)
  • Technical issues
  • Stardust account administration (registration, verification, management and cancellation) 

You have plenty of choices to select from in the FAQ section, yet the data you are looking for may be hard to find. This is because the FanDuel is linked from the FAQ area, making the navigation quite difficult and confusing. A benefit of the live chat feature is having support available around the clock. So, no matter what time of your day you find suitable for a quick visit, you will always be assisted by competent members of Stardust casino. A good look at our book is that although starting a chat session means you must wait in line until your position is first, the staff representatives are quick to answer once you get to them. The following are all the available contact methods provided by Stardust casino NJ:

  • Phone: No phone available
  • Email: They will get back to you after filling in the contact form with the requested information
  • Live Chat: Available 24/7

Safety & Security

BIU takes all necessary precautions to guard you. Your privacy and security are in great hands, as Stardust casino NJ tries to include commercially reasonable precautions to keep your details confidential. You must do your part in keeping your username and password data to yourself to increase the odds of not having your data leaked. The platform uses the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to impede unauthorized users to see, alter or retain your personal information without your knowledge. 

Benefits of Opening a Stardust Casino Account

So, is it worth opening a Stardust casino account? Our mission is to only bring to you qualitative options and present transparent results of our market-wide investigations, filtering great options from subpar ones. The question that we asked ourselves was: Did it check the boxes that an online casino should? Luckily, Stardust passed our quality tests. 

Secure Gambling Environment

Holding a license from a reputable authority, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, this brand has strict regulations to follow. After providing your full name, date of birth, social security number and other requested data, your Stardust account is created and you can proceed to verifying it through the KYC procedure. Stardust has numerous resources for ensuring fair and secure facilities, making it a fresh and well-managed iGaming brand. 

Over 500 Game Options from Trusted Providers

No analysis of Stardust would be complete without a look at its games. The well-equipped lobby suits classic play style and modern choices. When exploring the gaming area, we have counted over 500 slot titles from top-notch suppliers like Pragmatic Play, IGT, NextGen, and WMS. You are free to decide if you prefer slots, table games, video poker or live casino options while logged into your Stardust account. 

The site’s table products feature over 20 classics like Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. Live Dealer could use additional options, but for now 10+ choices of Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack will do. Stardust has a total of 22 providers that have delivered impressive and high-quality products for PA and NJ clients. 

Great Stardust Mobile App for iOS and Android Users

Stardust has created a mobile app to accommodate iOS and Android players. The smartphone iteration can be downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store, respectively. The highly-responsive site with flawless navigation, gaming variety and self-limits tools runs smoothly on mobile, with the sole discrepancy being the narrower screen.

Various Secure Banking Options

There are lots of banking options favored by US bettors, from standard debit and credit cards to Stardust Prepaid Cards. Players must deposit as little as $10 into their Stardust casino account. Once you have collected a real-money amount in online gambling, you can use eCheck, PayPal or Cash at Cage to request a withdrawal. 

The pending withdrawal period can range from 12 hours to 10 days, depending on the chosen payment option.To comply with Stardust’s regulations, you must cash out a sum over $10. Taking out a net amount of $600 determines the casino to apply fees as per its 1099 Tax Form sent to you via email. 

More About Stardust Casino NJ

Stardust casino caters to various preferences and tastes, mirroring the old Stardust casino that was the pride of the Last Vegas strip. All of our attention went to the reasons behind opening a Stardust casino NJ account. The gaming brand is a subsidiary of two listed businesses, Boyd Gaming Corp and FanDuel, being their first online endeavor. It has around 500 slots, 10 live casino titles and 20 table games coming from leading providers like NetEnt. Stardust NJ is fully licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, vouching for the fairness and trustworthiness of its products. 

The NJ online casino is optimized for tablet, mobile and desktop usability. The Stardust App works on iOS and Android devices, with safe, legal and fully regulated online casino games that you can play for real money. You can find your appropriate method to deposit or withdraw thanks to its extensive list of banking options. From the overall experience to the customer support system, you have some exploration to do, so make sure you create your Stardust casino account on the preferred device!


Can I sign up on the Stardust casino app?

The Stardust casino app retains the desktop platform’s attributes, so you can experience all the casino’s features in one place. All you have to do is download it from Google Play or the App Store, sign up, and begin playing for real money! 

Can I use my Stardust casino account outside of New Jersey?

For now, you can enjoy safe casino games from renowned suppliers in the states where Stardust casino holds a license, namely New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Can I have more than one Stardust account?

As a US customer, you can only have one Stardust account registered in your name. If a duplicated Stardust casino account is discovered, BIU retains the right to suspend or close your player account and void all connected wagers. 

How do I delete my Stardust casino Account?

Stardust NJ allows you to place a timeout on your Stardust casino account for up to three months. If you wish to close it for good, make sure you have retrieved all cash funds from your account. FanDuel Customer staff should be contacted to get you through the casino account deactivation. 

Is there a Stardust casino sign up bonus?

There is no sign-up bonus available in the Stardust browser or app. While the casino is planning its next promotional package, there are hundreds of slots, table games and live dealer options from popular publishers to adapt to.

How can I change my Stardust casino login details?

To change your Stardust casino login details, open the Account Overview section and choose whether you want to modify your password or email details. Before confirming the changes, you may need to re-enter some of your current account data or password. 

Why do I need a two-factor authentication for my Stardust casino account?

The two-factor operation permits you to connect via code sent to SMS text. You will be periodically asked to sign in using a two-factor code after the original setup to maintain security. 

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