Soft2Bet Sets Its Sights On NJ Sports Betting and Casino Expansion

posted by Ioana
November 9, 2023

Soft2Bet, a prominent name in the European sportsbook platform market, is now setting its sights on North America, focusing on the bustling world of New Jersey sports betting.

It has built a reputation for itself with its variety of Soft2Bet brands, thanks to its long history and strong position in the European sportsbook sector. The company’s proficiency in the industry has helped it build a firm foundation throughout Europe, where it has constantly provided its bettors with great sports betting experiences.

Given the longevity of Soft2Bet casinos, transitioning to North America is the next logical step for the company. Particularly, it has chosen to kickstart its American adventure in New Jersey, where sports betting is a well-established and popular pastime. Moreover, there is also a potential casino venture that will for sure leave a mark on the thriving market. 

The Motivation Behind Soft2Bet’s Expansion to NJ Sports Betting

The decision to enter the New Jersey sports betting market is not one that Soft2Bet has taken lightly. New Jersey boasts a highly extensive betting landscape, making it an attractive location for this European giant’s expansion. Additionally, the company has recognized the excellent leadership provided by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), which has played a pivotal role in shaping the state’s gaming industry.

Its main goal is to bring something different to the US sports betting market. David Yatom Hay, General Counsel for Soft2Bet, emphasized their unique approach when he stated that they will show something that is different. He enlarged on their future strategy:

“And how do we do this? We run our own operation. We start in New Jersey. That’s our plan … I want to make sure that we gain market share in New Jersey. I want to show other operators this European provider coming into New Jersey, shining on top of others, taking some sort of market share.”

David Yatom Hay, General Counsel for Soft2Bet

The Portfolio Goes Beyond Sports Betting

However, Soft2Bet is more than just a sports betting operator. The company’s portfolio extends beyond traditional sports betting, including a range of new and engaging features. The business is based on sports betting and Soft2Bet casinos gaming platforms. Additionally, they are designed for both mobile apps and websites. Besides these, The company offers a comprehensive gamification system, complete with a content management system (CMS), payment solutions, and the latest risk assessment tools.

Soft2Bet’s business ethic is shown in full force with their sports betting and Soft2bet casinos gaming platforms, carefully designed for both mobile applications and web interfaces. Yet, they are more than operators. They are actually architects of engaging and immersive gaming experiences. At the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, the company’s presence marked an opportunity to show its scope of showing off the skills and abilities to engage users in the best way on their platforms.

Is Soft2Bet the Next Big Name in New Jersey’s Online Casinos?

The next logical move for Soft2Bet brands is an expansion into New Jersey’s online casino sector. With their existing infrastructure and market strategy, this move is only logical. Yatom Hay acknowledges this, stating: “There’s some sort of realization of, ‘We already have this, the next step will be online casino.’”

This strategic evolution, from sports betting to online casinos, is a significant stepping stone for Soft2Bet’s broader entry into the U.S. market. But the approach involves a demonstration of what they can achieve with their platforms, reinforcing their reputation as pioneers in the industry.

Soft2Bet’s entry into the New Jersey sports betting industry is a strategic decision. At its core, stands the motivation of the company’s desire to provide a distinct and superior gaming experience in the United States. Soft2Bet will most likely become a key participant in the North American gambling business, laying the foundation for additional development and innovation in the ever-changing world of online betting and gaming, with the possibility for future expansion into New Jersey’s online casino sector.

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