How the Resorts Digital Gaming Deal Aims to Boost Player Experience with Enteractive

posted by Theodora
October 26, 2023

In the Resorts Digital Gaming deal, this prominent license holder in the U.S. online gaming scene has joined forces with Enteractive. Known for its expertise in re-engaging and retaining players in the sectors of sports betting and online casino gaming, Enteractive adds a unique layer to this partnership. Together, these companies aim to reshape how individuals interact with and participate in casino games online.
We got you covered with everything about this Enteractive partnership, as we’ll dive deep into the core strategies behind this collaboration, the pivotal role of the (Re)Activation Cloud Platform, and insights from key figures in the industry.

So, let’s explore how Resorts Gaming is set to pioneer better player experiences through its partnership with Enteractive!

Resorts Digital Gaming Deal To Pioneer Better Player Experiences

Enteractive is poised to play a pivotal role in this Resorts Digital Gaming deal. More specifically, this journey is all about enhancing player engagement and retention. However, the primary focus of this collaboration is twofold. Firstly, it aims to activate registered non-funded player accounts or RNFs. Additionally, it seeks to reduce registration churn, which is a common challenge in the gambling industry.
Enteractive employs a specialized approach: one-on-one phone conversations with players. This is a highly effective method and its scope is to encourage more deposits from RNFs. At the same time, this strategy occurs while promoting responsible gambling practices.

Ed Andrewes, the CEO of Resorts, expressed his team’s enthusiasm for this Enteractive partnership, stating:

“This collaboration sets us apart from our competitors and demonstrates our dedication to providing an exceptional experience to our players at Resorts Digital Gaming. We eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes of this joint effort.”

Andrew Foster, the Chief Business Officer of Enteractive, emphasized their commitment to direct communication between iGaming companies and their players through one-on-one interactions. He firmly believes that Resorts can significantly improve player conversions and reactivations through this collaboration.

Through this Enteractive partnership, we will see the company integrate its award-winning campaigns for Resorts Digital. It is all the more captivating as it encompasses popular platforms like Resorts Online Casino NJ and Mohegan Sun NJ. Remarkably, in the past year alone, Enteractive engaged with over 6.5 million players worldwide. Plus, the substantial $53 million in revenue, underscores the effectiveness of their approach.

Resorts Digital Gaming Deal: Paving the Path to NJ Online Casino Leadership

Resorts Digital Gaming has shown consistent growth over the past ten years, particularly in terms of revenue performance. We can say for sure that Resorts Gaming is a leader in the online gaming industry. However, with the latest Resorts Digital gaming deal, this position will only solidify. This collaboration considerably strengthens Resorts Digital Gaming’s commitment to innovation. Yet, it also emphasizes the significance of its revenue track record in the industry.

Resorts Gaming is all set to lead the way and set new rules as the online casino market in New Jersey keeps changing. Exciting new projects are coming soon and the latest Resorts Digital Gaming deal is going to bring some amazing new ideas to life.

More About Resorts Casino Online Gaming & Enteractive

Resorts Digital Gaming and Enteractive are both recognized for their commitment to providing players with top-tier gaming experiences. Resorts Digital Gaming LLC serves as the online counterpart to the renowned Resorts Casino Hotel. They both are part of a beloved Resorts Casino Atlantic City known for its exceptional casino experiences and sports betting.  

Notably, Resorts Casino Hotel etched its name in history as the first American casino beyond Nevada. Through the avenue of this Resorts Digital Gaming deal, the company is thereby extending its legacy. In doing so, it is providing New Jersey casinos with a comprehensive online casino experience that establishes industry standards.

On another note, Resorts Digital Gaming shows impressive revenue performance. This, combined with Enteractive’s expertise in player engagement, creates a synergy that has the potential to redefine the online casino industry.

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