The New Jamie Foxx BetMGM Sportsbook Campaign is on!

posted by Theodora
September 29, 2022

BetMGM has just revealed their new campaign ”IT’S ON” which is set to feature a big cast of athletes and actors in an episodic series of commercials. This Jamie Foxx BetMGM collaboration made its debut on September 8th during the opening day of the NFL season. In this inaugural spot, we are following Jamie Foxx as he is wandering about the Bellagio in pursuit of betting pointers from his athlete and actor friends. Already from this first BetMGM Jamie Foxx commercial, you can see the big name company that he has along with, namely NBA all-time greats Kevin Garnett and Jalen Rose, NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, NFL stars Barry Sanders and Marshawn Lynch, and fellow actress Vanessa Hudgens.

The Jamie Foxx BetMGM Campaign Brings Sports & Entertainment Together

The “IT’S ON” Jamie Foxx BetMGM partnership has made its TV debut on September 8th amid Thursday Night Football with the subsequent spots to release at the beginning of NBA, NHL playoff start in addition to select NCAA tournaments. In this Jamie Foxx BetMGM commercial, we can see some of the fellow stars that take part in this campaign are no small names. The next set of commercials is set to expand on the dynamic between Garnett, Gretzky, Saunders, and the others as they show the social interactions that the competition brings to the table. The current BetMGM Jamie Foxx campaign was created and produced by 72andSunny. Its Creative Director Peter Hughes had this to say regarding the whole “IT’S ON” movement:

“We really wanted to show what makes sports betting so entertaining, and we looked to prestige ensemble TV for inspiration. ‘IT’S ON’ is about tapping into your competitive side and being part of sports betting culture. It’s something you can talk about with friends and engage with in a more meaningful way.”

Peter Hughes – 72andSunny Creative Director

Jamie Foxx BetMGM – A Successful Partnership

In case you wondered, Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, and comedian. He is best known for winning the academy BAFTA award, and a Golden Globe for best actor for his work on the biopic Ray in 2004. He has also starred in many other popular films, notably his roles in Django Unchained, Collateral, and Baby driver. The enthusiasm for sports betting has made the Jamie Foxx BetMGM pair work well, with the actor stepping up as a key figure in the company’s promotional campaigns.

Even though the “IT’S ON” campaign is new, it is not the first time the actor and casino have worked together. The Jamie Foxx BetMGM partnership started two years ago in 2020 when BetMGM appointed Jaime Foxx as the main brand ambassador of The King of Sportsbooks campaign. During the King of Sportsbooks campaign, the first BetMGM commercial Jamie Foxx starred in was released. The spot was shot with Jamie Foxx walking on the water of the Bellagio water fountain. Ever since the start of the Jamie Foxx BetMGM collaboration, the actor has been featured in many promotional spots for the company be it commercials or social media content. The partnership with the actor has undoubtedly helped the business. BetMGM grew very fast, especially when it comes to online sports betting and has now a strong social media presence.

More About BetMGM Casino NJ

BetMGM online casino NJ has appeared out of the partnership between a global entertainment company and the leading online betting technology company. The joint venture is a collaboration between MGM Resort International and Entain Holdings which appeared on the market in 2018. BetMGM online casino has its biggest presence in the state of New Jersey where it solidified itself as the largest online casino operator in the state. Additionally, the main headquarters of the company can be found in New Jersey. 

Its sports betting and online gaming platform are available to 18 other states including Nevada, New York, Washington DC, Colorado, etc. Over the years BetMGM has gathered a whole host of brand ambassadors that have appeared in many promotional materials but the Jamie Foxx BetMGM collaboration seems to be the one that brought the most traction to the NJ online casino.

What’s Next?

This new Jamie Foxx BetMGM ad campaign sets to bring the social aspect of online sports betting to the front of the discussion. The star-studded commercials produced are here to show the dynamic of competition. The spots are likely to be a success considering the public responded well to the other Jamie Foxx BetMGM collaborations. We will have to wait for further commercials for the “IT’S ON” campaign that is set to release later in the year coinciding with important events in the sporting world. These spots will feature brand ambassadors that show the culture of online sports betting and how it can be a social activity.

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