How to make a Betfair casino withdrawal

posted by Theodora
May 13, 2021

Make a Betfair casino withdrawal without skipping any steps. Claim the best Betfair casino bonuses and cash out your winnings fast!

Bettors are not gravitating towards Betfair Casino NJ only for its high-quality games. They also want to enjoy the competitive bonuses and promotions the casino offers, including the first deposit bonus of up to $200 of risk-free play and other daily promotions and exclusive deals. See how you can claim them today!

Betfair Casino Withdrawal Table of Contents

Betfair is Rebranding as Stardust Casino

This casino will no longer exist in the near future because it will officially become known as Stardust Casino. That’s right, the reputable Betfair Casino NJ will officially change its name to Stardust Casino. When will this happen? Well, as of March 8th, the FanDuel Group has stated that they are already waiting for approval to move forward.

A lot of players fear that this change will make their experience worse, but Betfair NJ did not agree with that statement. Instead, Betfair NJ has stated that this change will improve their online gambling exponentially.

On top of that, they also claimed that the players will not even need to worry about installing the Stardust Casino App NJ. Instead, they will find that the app simply replaced the Betfair NJ one they already had installed. We can’t say for sure whether we agree with this rebranding or not, but we are looking forward to what Stardust has to offer.

How to sign up at Betfair Online Casino NJ account and make a deposit

You already know by now that you need a player account to enjoy all the goodies an NJ online casino has to offer. Whether you want to play for real money, make a deposit, receive bonuses, or withdraw your winnings, you first need to sign up for an account. This way you will get the full Betfair Casino NJ experience. Creating an account is very easy. We’ve prepared for you all the steps you need to follow in order to create your Betfair Casino NJ account:

  • Click the Join button on the main page
  • Fill in the required personal information, such as full name, address, email address, username, password

After your account is verified and approved, it’s time to add in a payment method (credit/debit card, online bank transfer, PayPal, etc.) and make a deposit. This is what you need to do next:

  • Sign into your Betfair Casino NJ account
  • Go to the account balance in the top right corner of the page
  • Click on Deposit
  • Choose the method of payment you want to use
  • Write down the amount of the deposit you want to make

How to make a Betfair casino withdrawal

Withdrawing your winnings at Betfair Casino NJ is a very simple process that only involves a few steps. Note that you cannot do this if you don’t have a player account, so go ahead and sign up for one first and then you can fully enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Here is what you need to do to make a Betfair casino withdrawal:

  • Log into your Betfair online casino NJ account
  • Go to the Cashier section
  • Select Withdraw
  • Enter the Betfair casino withdrawal amount
  • Select the method of payment you wish to withdraw on
  • Click Submit to complete the transaction

Available payment methods for a Betfair casino withdrawal

Having a Betfair casino NJ account not only makes you eligible for all sorts of bonuses and great games, but it also allows you to play for real money and withdraw your wins. To do this, you will need a payment method first. Usually, NJ online casinos offer more or less the same payment options for deposits and withdrawals, whether it’s a credit or debit card, online bank transfer, or PayPal. In this section, we will look at all of the payment options you can use when you want to make a Betfair casino withdrawal.

  • Online banking
  • Check
  • Cash at cage
  • Betfair pre-paid card
  • PayPal

Online bank transfer

To make a Betfair casino withdrawal using the online banking method you need to:

  • Sign into your Betfair online casino NJ account
  • Go to the withdrawal  section
  • Select the payment method Online Banking Transfer
  • Write your Betfair casino withdrawal amount
  • Submit
  • Choose the bank you’re affiliated with
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click Approve

Check withdrawal

For check withdrawals, you need to:

  • Go to the withdrawal  section
  • Select the payment method
  • Write your Betfair casino withdrawal amount
  • Click Submit

Please note that after the request has been approved, it usually takes 7-10 business days for the check to arrive at your address. Also, you can only request to have a check delivered to the same address you used when you first registered for a Betfair Casino NJ account.

Cash at Cage

With this method, you can make a Betfair casino withdrawal by going in person to the casino cage and following these steps:

  • Use the phone that is next to the cage to provide your Betfair casino NJ account details
  • At the cage, you need to provide your valid photo ID and how much you want to withdraw
  • It usually takes 48 hours to process your request

Prepaid card

If you already have a Betfair prepaid card that you used to make a deposit into your account, then you can also use this method to make a Betfair casino withdrawal. After the funds have been settled, you can redeposit the funds to your account, withdraw from an ATM machine or use the prepaid card in any place a Discover card is allowed. Usually, the funds need a time period of 36 hours to be processed before they can be available on your prepaid card.


In order to use this payment option for your Betfair casino withdrawal, you have to make sure that you used it successfully for making a deposit. If everything went well, here is what you need to do for withdrawals:

  • Log into your Betfair Casino NJ account
  • Go to Cashier>Withdrawal
  • Select PayPal as the payment method
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Click Submit

Timeframes for a Betfair casino withdrawal

Every payment method has its own processing time and you need to know it beforehand so that you know what to expect. While some methods of payment have less processing time, like PayPal (24-48 hours), if you choose to use the online banking option, you will have to wait around 3-5 business days.  Here is the processing time for all payment methods you can use for a Betfair casino withdrawal:

  • Online banking – 3-5 business days
  • Check – 5-7 days
  • Cash at cage – 48 hours
  • Betfair prepaid card – 24-36 hours
  • PayPal – 24-48 hours

Additional verification documents for a Betfair casino withdrawal

Sometimes, depending on what payment method you want to use to withdraw your winnings, Betfair Casino NJ may ask you for additional documents to verify and process the transaction. All the requested documents have to be certified in order to prove their legitimacy. Here are some of the additional documents you might need to complete a Betfair casino withdrawal:

  • Proof of bank account number (copy of a bank statement with your name and account number)
  • Proof of address: a recent document showing the same name and address you used when you registered for the Betfair Casino NJ account (it can be either a utility bill or a credit card statement)
  • Photo ID: copy of your passport or driver’s license (name, photo, and signature must be visible on the documents)

Bonuses and promotions at Betfair Casino NJ

All good NJ online casinos want to attract new players by coming up with interesting bonuses and promotions. It’s the casino’s way of thanking the player for creating an account with them. The most popular type of bonus is the welcome bonus which usually comes in two forms: the no deposit bonus and the first deposit bonus. At the moment there is no Betfair casino no deposit bonus but we’re pretty sure they will implement it soon enough. However, they do have a Betfair casino bonus and other special promotions that are definitely worth mentioning. The main attraction is the 24-hour risk-free play of up to $200.

24 hours risk-free play of up to $200

Betfair online casino NJ is offering an interesting welcome bonus to anyone who signs up for an account on their website. After you create your account you need to make a first deposit of at least $10 and start playing your favorite games. You can play the games for free for the next 24 hours and if you lose anything in this period of time, Betfair Casino NJ will refund you up to $200. The money will be given to you as credit you can use on the website and you will receive it in approximately 72 hours.

Other Betfair Casino NJ promotions

If you go on the NJ casino’s website and click on Promotions, you will see every promotion available at the moment. Games of the week and risk-free Fridays are the most popular ones. There are a lot of different seasonal promotions too that show up depending on the occasion. So, for instance, you may get a special promotion for Christmas and another one for Halloween. We can’t say for sure when they’ll show up but what we can promise you is that they’re well worth looking into.

Loyalty program

Regular players want to be rewarded for being loyal to one particular NJ Online Casino. So to make their loyal customers feel appreciated, Betfair Casino NJ is offering a loyalty program in the form of special bonuses, gifts, event tickets, and more. This means that every time you play a game for real money you earn tier and bonus points. The tier points determine the level of the player and you can use these bonus points to redeem them for cash. The Betfair casino loyalty program has five levels and the higher your level is, the more advantages you have and the more cashback you can get. Here are the five levels of the VIP program:

  • Iron  – 5,000 points needed to redeem $1
  • Bronze – 4,000 points needed to redeem $1
  • Silver – 3,000 points needed to redeem $1
  • Gold – 2,000 points needed to redeem $1
  • Platinum – 1,000 points needed to redeem $1

Wagering requirements

The wagering requirement at an NJ Online Casino is the multiplier which represents the total number of times you have to play through a bonus before you can withdraw the winnings. For example, if you get a bonus of $20 that has a wagering requirement of 10 times, you have to play games for $200 before you can withdraw any of your winnings. Every bonus has its own wagering requirements, so make sure you read them to better understand the terms and conditions that apply.

Betfair Mobile App

If you want to you can also play all your favorite games, deposit funds, and even make a Betfair casino withdrawal on your mobile. Betfair Casino NJ is fully compatible with all mobile devices, whether it’s Apple or Android phones or tablets. There is also a Betfair casino app you can download from the website or from your app store. If you’re an Apple user, you will need to have iOS version 6.1 or later and if you use Android mobile devices you’re required to have Android 2.1 or later version.


When you play online casino slot games that pay out $1,200 or more in gross winnings, Betfair Casino NJ will report the winnings to you using an IRS W-G form. You will have to complete this form on the casino website and after you fill in all the required information, click Submit. You will receive the winnings into your account soon after.

Safety measures

As you know, an NJ online casino cannot function legally if it doesn’t have a license. Like most NJ casinos, Betfair Casino NJ is licensed by The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) and fully encrypted with SSL security. This encryption protects any type of financial activity on the website from online theft. Also, Betfair Casino NJ utilizes RNG software, ensuring a random outcome of every game you play which ensures there is no room for any kind of unfair play. To find out more about the privacy and security actions, please check the cookies policy and the privacy policy section which you can find at the bottom of the website home page.

Responsible gambling

Every online casino, Betfair Casino NJ included, advises you to play responsibly and sensibly. Playing online games should always be about having a good time and not about risking your mental health or financial well-being. You need to practice responsible gambling otherwise you risk putting your life on the line for a few extra zeroes on your credit card.

If you or someone you know experience any symptoms of problem gambling, you should immediately ask for help from specialized organizations. A great thing about Betfair NJ casino is that it offers tools that can be used to limit how much you can deposit or wager. It also includes a time limit feature that helps you control the amount of time you spend playing games.

For more extreme cases, you have the option of excluding yourself from playing for a certain period of time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with these organizations if you have any gambling problems:


Here we are at the end of our guide in which we discussed how to make a Betfair casino withdrawal. As you well know by now, everything starts with creating a player account. Once you do this, you will be able to fully enjoy the casino’s services. You can play for real money, receive bonuses, and make withdrawals. Players choose Betfair Casino NJ mostly because of its wide selection of games but also for its bonuses and promotions. It’s important for an NJ online casino to be compatible with all mobile devices and have its own app and Betfair has both. We really hope you enjoyed this guide and make sure to check out our next one. Have fun, good luck, and play responsibly!


How do I withdraw money from my Betfair Casino NJ account?

To make a Betfair casino withdrawal, log in to your Betfair casino player account, go to the Cashier section, select Withdraw, select the preferred payment method, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and click on Submit.

What payment options are available for a Betfair online casino NJ withdrawal?

You can withdraw your winnings anytime using the following payment methods: PayPal, a prepaid card, Cash at Cage, Check, or Online Banking.

How do I cancel my Betfair casino withdrawal?

To cancel your Betfair casino withdrawal go to My account > My Betfair account > Payments > Withdraw and click on Reverse.

How can I check my Betfair casino online account balance?

To check your account balance, go to My Account> View Balance.

How long will my PayPal withdrawal take to process at Betfair Casino NJ?

It will take between 24 to 48 hours for your Betfair withdrawal to be processed via PayPal.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Betfair Casino?

It usually takes between 1-5 days for your money to be withdrawn through Standard Bank Transfers.

How much can I withdraw from Betfair?

The maximum amount you can withdraw from Betfair is $500,000 per day.

Why can’t I withdraw my winnings from Betfair?

You most likely can’t withdraw your winnings from Betfair because you are using a Mastercard Business Card which does not allow Betfair withdrawals.

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