FanDuel Withdrawal Guide 2024 - Get Up to $1000 Back!

posted by Theodora
February 28, 2023

We put together this FanDuel Withdrawal Guide with one goal in mind – to help you stay informed and make safe decisions with your money. Since each banking method is unique, we did our best to form a stable view of the possibilities and generate accurate details about your FanDuel withdrawal time. Keep reading to find out how to handle casino transactions at FanDuel like a true pro! 

How to Make a FanDuel Withdrawal

FanDuel casino NJ can only get high marks since bettors prefer most of the banking options present here. Provided that a rapid pay-out casino is linked to regulated, reliable financial activity, having access to the proper payment methods is essential to its high functionality. The brand’s implication in its customers’ satisfaction is greater thanks to a fast FanDuel withdrawal time. Thus, you can anticipate walking through the virtual doors of a fair, reputable company that offers rapid deposits and withdrawals. Fast payouts are a hallmark of a trustworthy brand, so it’s no wonder that players have no hard time finding a method on the site that resonates with their needs and expectations.

It’s vital to keep in mind that you must finish the required account verification procedures before you may withdraw money from your FanDuel account. This entails presenting the proper identification details, confirming your home address, and offering proof of income. After logging into your account and finishing the KYC procedure, you can take the following actions to request a withdrawal:

  • Go to the website’s My Account section
  • Choose Withdraw from the menu
  • Choose the withdrawal option you want to use from the list
  • Input the desired amount for your FanDuel withdrawal
  • Click on the Withdraw button to make your request.
  • FanDuel NJ will take care of your request and notify you when the payment has been completed

In general, the FanDuel withdrawal time is a favorable one, and the process itself is simple and quick to follow. Still, if there are FanDuel withdrawal issues, the customer service is always on hand to assist you with any problems or inquiries. 

FanDuel Withdrawal Options

FanDuel casino NJ offers a wide variety of banking methods that are popular with American gamblers. Your gambling-related gains are always withdrawable through:

  • Venmo/PayPal 
  • Cash at Counter
  • Wire Transfer
  • Internet Banking
  • Check
  • Prepaid Cards

Unless you have previously made a deposit using a certain method, you will not be able to withdraw using a different one. Nevertheless, you may request your withdrawal to travel a different route than the one you used to fund your account as you gain in-casino experience. If you have made deposits using numerous methods, you can withdraw using any of those and expect an average FanDuel withdrawal time of 48 hours.

FanDuel Withdrawal Time

You can recognize a fast withdrawal casino by the time it takes to process your payout request. Typically, when a site will handle your withdrawal request in a matter of hours or up to two days, even on weekends and holidays, you can assume you are visiting a fast pay-out site. If everything is in order, the pay-out will only be pending for a maximum of 48 hours. Then, each payment institution will handle it in its own way.  

Once authorized, withdrawals through online banking, Venmo, PayPal, or FanDuel Prepaid Play+ can be processed in as little as an hour. Even so, your bank can prolong the waiting period by up to five working days in some cases. For instance, if you want to cash out by Check, bear in mind that it may take up to 14 business days after it has been accepted. This is because processing and mailing the file to the specified address is a durable process. For a better understanding, analyze our table listed below:

Payment methodProcessing time
Check7-10 working days
FanDuel Prepaid Play+No more than 24 hours
PayPal/Venmo48 hours, tops
Online Banking3 to 5 business days
Cash at Counter1 – 2 working days
Wire Transfer24 hours if the withdrawal request is initiated before 1:30 pm PST 

In case you resort to Cash at Counter, learn that larger withdrawals may take up to 48 hours to process, although withdrawals from the cash at the counter are normally done in an hour. When your cash is prepared for pickup, you will receive an email notification.

FanDuel Withdrawal Hold

Our first suggestion is to check the KYC process off your gambling list early. Finishing it as soon as you sign up prevents a longer withdrawal or a hold on your FanDuel payout. Considering that FanDuel holds a reputable license that vouches for the accuracy of players’ information, the brand always tries to execute tasks correctly by requesting their clientele accurate copies of their official documents. No harm will come to your personal and financial information on this trustworthy gaming company.

Although withdrawal holds might be a drawback when wanting to access your winnings, they are a crucial security mechanism to guarantee the integrity and safety of online gaming. Even if it is not an everyday occurrence, chances of suffering a withdrawal hold may arise for numerous reasons. To prevent such an event and have access to a more streamlined and enjoyable gambling experience, you should be proactive and maintain all pertinent information up-to-date.

When creating a player account, make sure that the data you enter is current and correct. Otherwise, differences could result in a security alert and slow the withdrawal process. The source of funds, government-issued documentation, valid email address, and other vital details must be verified thoroughly, especially the last four digits of your SSN. 

FanDuel withdrawal issues can be active until your data is confirmed and the account has been successfully verified. Any hold will typically only be temporary unless there is a basis for FanDuel to suspend your account, in which case it may last longer. Another reason why your withdrawal has been delayed could be that you need to fill out and submit a W9 to the operator for tax-related reasons.

What is the Fastest FanDuel Withdrawal Method?

PayPal and FanDuel Prepaid Play+ are among the fastest FanDuel withdrawal options. Both of them have particular characteristics that you should take into account before choosing one. To make your decision easier, we identified some of the most useful details about these two fastest FanDuel withdrawal options:

FanDuel PayPal Withdrawal

With more than 325 million accounts globally, PayPal has quickly risen to become a market leader in online payment systems. Online payments are safer and simpler, as almost everyone can use the service to make a transaction on FanDuel without disclosing financial information to the merchants. Because PayPal transactions are typically handled swiftly, it is no wonder that numerous players receive their wins more rapidly than if they were using other forms of payment. 

Luckily, FanDuel is one of the gambling websites that allow you to withdraw money using this approach, coming in handy when you have plans with your gains and want to retrieve your assets with no hassle and no additional fees. Considering that the FanDuel PayPal withdrawal time is within 48 hours, PayPal remains a strong ally on the desktop or mobile app. Nevertheless, according to FanDuel terms, depending on how much activity there is on the site, it might take an additional 24 hours for your withdrawal transaction to clear. 

FanDuel Prepaid Card Withdrawal

The fastest FanDuel withdrawal option besides PayPal is FanDuel Prepaid Play +, another widely recognized method to recuperate your funds quickly. If you are curious about why you can resort to FanDuel Prepaid Play + and PayPal, we have narrowed the list down to several factors that may influence your decision:

  • No withdrawal fees: When compared to other withdrawal methods, FanDuel Prepaid Play + and PayPal do not charge any withdrawal fees.
  • Quick winnings access: With FanDuel Prepaid Play and PayPal, you can get your money as soon as it’s processed, which can be quicker than waiting for a check to come in the mail or a bank transfer to go through. You may anticipate a 24 to 48-hour FanDuel withdrawal time with these methods. Afterward, feel free to use your Prepaid card to retrieve your casino winnings from any ATM.
  • Simple to utilize: Your winnings are automatically deposited onto the card, and you can use them to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs with Prepaid cards.
  • Safe and dependable: You may feel secure utilizing it to withdraw your winnings because your personal and financial information is safeguarded.
  • Exclusive promotions: FanDuel Casino may offer exclusive bonuses or promotions to US players who choose to withdraw their winnings using these baking possibilities, which can be an added incentive. Keep an eye on the promotional list that updates regularly to see if your favorite banking option can help you claim exciting offers. 

When revealing the fastest FanDuel withdrawal method, we have considered many factors that could prove beneficial for online users. If these two methods are among your go-to options, expect to never encounter a FanDuel withdrawal limit when retrieving funds. 

FanDuel Cash Out on Mobile

If you are an Android or iOS user, be pleased to learn that the FanDuel casino NJ platform translates well to the mobile medium, retaining the desktop’s version appeal, strong security measures, and a wide variety of online casino games. You can enjoy a diverse range of slots, table games and other titles by simply heading to Google Play or Apple Store and downloading the official FanDuel app NJ. With its quick FanDuel withdrawal time, the mobile app made a splash in the world of US users, as the convenience and accessibility of this platform imply a higher level of entertainment. 

With more time on your hands to enjoy your preferred slots, table games, or live dealer options, there are more opportunities of securing profits. To show you why gambling-on-the go emerged into notoriety, we will convey how easy it is to get in possession of your earnings on the FanDuel NJ app:

  • Launch the FanDuel Casino app on your phone
  • Sign in to your player account
  • In the lower-right corner of the screen, tap on the Account symbol
  • From the menu of choices, click on Withdraw
  • Pick your chosen FanDuel cash out method (E-checks, PayPal, and Bank Transfers are just a few of the withdrawal options available at FanDuel Casino NJ)
  • Enter the withdrawal amount you desire, as well as any other information needed for the withdrawal method you have selected
  • Confirm the FanDuel cash out transaction

The FanDuel withdrawal time is undifferentiated compared to the classic desktop environment, yet the length of time for the processing withdrawal is still dependent on the withdrawal choice. Generally, your FanDuel cash out should be processed within 48 hours, yet some FanDuel withdrawal issues or further verification needs could still intervene.

FanDuel Withdrawal Limits

Depending on the payment option chosen, FanDuel withdrawal limits may change. Before requesting a payout, it is essential to remember that these restrictions may change depending on your account background, VIP status, and other elements. It is also possible that some FanDuel withdrawal fees might apply.  

According to the useful FAQ rubric, the lowest amount you can cash out is $25, and the maximum amount allowed ranges from $2,500 to $10,000 for each transaction. You should know that there can be daily, weekly, or monthly FanDuel withdrawal limits that target players. For instance, over the course of 24 hours, you will not be permitted to request more than two FanDuel cash outs per payment.

Initiating cash out is free of charge unless you opt for a Wire Transfer, in which case a tax of $15 will apply. To make your experience more pleasant, we put at your disposal some of the most encountered withdrawal limits on the common FanDuel banking options:

  • Cash at Counter transactions: A minimum withdrawal amount of $50 and a top value of $10,000 per transaction.
  • PayPal/Venmo: Withdrawals are limited to a high $10,000 per transaction and a minimum of $25.
  • Prepaid Cards: A minimum withdrawal amount of $25 and a maximum withdrawal amount of $10,000 per transaction.
  • Check: The FanDuel withdrawal limit caps at a $25 minimum withdrawal amount and a $10,000 limit per transaction.
  • Wire Transfer: The minimum withdrawal amount via Wire Transfer on FanDuel Casino is $25, while the maximum withdrawal amount is $10,000.

The top limit applies since this is the threshold that typically needs to be written toward your taxes and recorded for tax purposes. Since there are many variables on withdrawal limits and restrictions, do not hesitate to contact casino representatives for the most recent details on your specific withdrawal option. 

How to Claim the FanDuel Bonus & Cash Out Your Winnings

Sign-up deals are courtesy of online casinos to offer you a proper introduction to the platform, promotional types, kinds of games and banking options that you will uncover during your gambling sessions. A first deposit bonus is usually a standalone bonus that only first-time visitors can access once they open a player account.

FanDuel Casino NJ is no exception to the rule, allowing you to place a wager up to $1,000 with no risks. The cashback offer can come in handy if you want to play for the first time without making a huge financial commitment. After funding your balance with at least $10, you can relax and enjoy your favorite games knowing that an unsuccessful first bet of $1,000 or more will be returned as wager credits. 

The welcome bonus period starts when you place your first real-money stake on the eligible online casino games, and lasts for 24 hours, thus any net losses within your first day can be refunded in the form of site credit. After the promotion has elapsed, you will automatically receive 72 hours of site credit in your account. We refer to it as ‘Net Loss’ the difference between a user’s total real cash winnings and losses during this play period, excluding promotional incentives or casino credits utilized during this period.

How to Claim the $1000 Risk-Free FanDuel Bonus

To opt-in for FanDuel welcome bonus that gives you up to $1000 back, you must be at least 21 years old and physically present in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, or Michigan during the promotional period. If you are eligible for the FanDuel Bonus, follow these steps to claim it:

  • Access your freshly-created account by logging in and clicking the ‘My Bonuses’ option
  • Examine the bonus’s terms and conditions to learn all about the prerequisites for employing it 
  • Read the promotional information carefully to avoid any irregular play habits or actions that could result in forfeited funds
  • Make a minimum $10 balance top-up
  • Place a FanDuel wager between $10 and $1,000
  • Use your betting funds if your stake is not successful
  • After the initial wager fails, you have 4 days to use your free bets

FanDuel Cash Out Bonus GuidelinesWagering Requirements

Ultimately, before any gains can be withdrawn, you must gamble a sum equivalent to your credit amount. The FanDuel casino NJ bonus doesn’t have any wagering requirements, but there are some important guidelines. You must make your first wager on one of the online casino games at FanDuel NJ to start a 24-hour window during which you can place even more bets. After that timeframe has passed, FanDuel online casino NJ will refund 100% of your net losses from those bets up to $1,000 in bonus credits. The difference between your total real money earnings and losses over the casino wager is what is referred to as a “Net Loss.” In the event that the sum of the aforementioned numbers is positive, there is no net loss, and you will not receive the FanDuel bonus of up to $1000.

Once you have met all the requirements and acquired some play-derived funds, you may head to the withdrawal operation, as instructed, choose your preferred withdrawal method in the “Withdrawals” section of your account and cash out your winnings.

FanDuel Withdrawal Issues & Customer Support

We have contacted the customer service staff ourselves to test how rapidly and efficiently your account management, deposit problems, FanDuel Withdrawal Issues, or casino bonuses questions will be resolved. The team has proved extremely effective and proactive, being able to help US players with any inquiry.

Nevertheless, our review finds the absence of immediate live chat support to be disconcerting at times. A bettors gambling session may be impacted if they cannot get immediate replies to questions. The Help Center is available before the Live Chat, so a human representative can reach you only after selecting your FanDuel withdrawal issues from an already-established list. 

The benefit is that registered customers and those without a membership can have a conversation that is prone to be fruitful, as most agents we have spoken to are professional, solution-orientated, and do not take long in providing you with a clear answer. 

FanDuel Withdrawal FAQ Section

Please make sure to reach out to the FanDuel team via email, live chat, support system, or phone in case you encounter financial troubles that could put a toll on your experience. Pending withdrawals, problems with the KYC checks, restrictions on payment methods, or possible fees are just a few of the inquiries you can address with the client care personnel. Also, we recommend keeping an eye on the comprehensive FAQ section that addresses the majority of potential financial misunderstandings, including:

  • Banking possibilities and specific timelines
  • Causes behind rejected deposits and withdrawals
  • Timeframes for picking up your Cash at Counter withdrawal
  • Ability to cash out prize winnings
  • Locations and operating times for cash-at-counter machines
  • Verification checks for FanDuel withdrawals

FanDuel Withdrawal Issues – Contact Methods

FanDuel online casino NJ makes available a wide array of ways to contact the service department at a 24/7 rate. Reach out to them anytime you would like, regardless of the time of day or night, as follows:

  • Phone: Call 877-689-0662 to get in touch with the customer service department of FanDuel Casino. The support staff is on hand around-the-clock to assist you with any problems you might be having.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of the social media channels where FanDuel Casino is present. On these sites, you can message the support department, and a customer service agent will respond to you shortly after.
  • Email: The customer service department of FanDuel Casino can be reached at Provide as many specifics about your problem or query as you can. Expect a thorough answer to your queries after 12 hours. 
  • Live Chat: This is the fastest and easiest way to contact a customer service agent, but you will need to be transferred by a bot from the support staff
  • Help Center: Organized into multiple areas, each with a high number of frequently asked questions and online gaming solutions, this is a quick and simple way to get information about the services, goods, and features, along with a variety of other resources. There is detailed information to help you get through FanDuel withdrawal limits. 

Paying Taxes on Your Winnings at FanDuel NJ

When it comes to FanDuel withdrawal limits, any gambling gains that total more than $600 in net profit in a calendar year are subject to federal taxes and must be reported to the IRS. So, if you hit the jackpot or won a massive parlay bet, your winnings will be subject to FanDuel withdrawal fees. This includes, but is not limited to, earnings deriving from other forms of gambling, including casino games, lottery winnings, and horse racing.

Every year, winners at FanDuel are required to update the betting platform with their current address and social security information, so the casino can share this data with appropriate tax authorities in order to comply with tax laws. Any net profit that is less than the $600 threshold won’t be disclosed. Most of the time, the site will not charge you for any of your withdrawals, except for Wire Transfer pay-outs, which apply a transactional fee of $15 per transaction.

The tax rate on gambling winnings can vary depending on the individual’s total income for the year and the specific tax laws in their state. Considering that FanDuel is not obliged to assist players in calculating the amount of tax they owe on gambling profits, you can use a tax calculator or speak with a tax expert. For a better grip on your finances, we strongly recommend keeping records of all your gaming profits and losses because you’ll need them when you file your tax return.

Ultimately, you are responsible for disclosing all of your gambling winnings on your tax return and paying the necessary taxes, even though FanDuel may be forced to do so if earnings exceed $600. Agreeing to the operational terms means authorizing the brand to send you informational tax forms when it’s appropriate. 


Navigating a FanDuel withdrawal process is now perfectly straightforward. For New Jersey bettors, FanDuel Casino NJ is one of the top gambling platforms in terms of fast payouts. Run by the FanDuel Group, the brand showcases over 600 well-liked games of blackjack, baccarat, and online slots, among others, from renowned developers like NetEnt – all on a user-friendly web portal or responsive mobile app. From creating an account, claiming the $1,000 risk-free bet to requesting your first FanDuel cash out, we have provided all the facts you need in your gambling path. 

Our diverse experience regarding the gambling industry helped us collaborate in serving our NJ readers faithfully, from creative, game-specific, and technological standpoints. If you are looking for a thorough online session with advantageous products and fast processing periods, you should give FanDuel Casino NJ some thought! 


How long does FanDuel withdrawal take PayPal?

The costs and FanDuel withdrawal limits may vary among the different FanDuel payment alternatives, just as the processing time. The FanDuel PayPal withdrawal time is between 24-48 hours at most. If you do not receive any update after 48 hours, you can get in touch with a casino representative to discuss the FanDuel withdrawal issues. 

Why was my FanDuel PayPal withdrawal declined?

There are some aspects to consider when finding your withdrawal request with PayPal unsuccessful. A FanDuel cash out might not be permitted if there are insufficient funds in the account. Also, until things are settled or resolved, your withdrawal eligibility may be impacted if there are any pending or open bonuses, promotions, or contests in your account.

What is the FanDuel prepaid card withdrawal limit?

FanDuel does not collect any withdrawal fees. A $10,000 is the maximum withdrawal from FanDuel that can be made in a single transaction for the Prepaid Card and most payment options at no cost. After initiating a FanDuel cash out, expect the operation to be confirmed in no more than 24 hours. 

How long does FanDuel withdrawal take?

A same-day withdrawal is possible on FanDuel if a specific banking option, like PayPal, is used. Money will be available in PayPal after the withdrawal has been approved, which generally takes a few hours. For other alternatives, the FanDuel withdrawal time is typically between 2-5 days, but payouts are frequently done much more quickly.

How to cancel a withdrawal on FanDuel

You might be able to revoke your FanDuel cash out if it is still being processed. If the processing window closes for your chosen method, there is no possibility to cancel the payout request afterward. If you want to cancel your initiated cash out, you may do so by logging into your FanDuel Casino account and heading to the Withdrawals tab.

How long does FanDuel online banking withdrawal take?

Given that TVG must hold onto cash until they are in their possession before enabling withdrawals, it appears that processing withdrawal requests made through online banking or eCheck may take longer than expected. Although deposited funds can appear in 5–6 business days, general FanDuel cash outs with online banking are processed and delivered more rapidly than that, taking only 3-5 business days on average. It is advised to get help from customer service if you run into any FanDuel withdrawal issues.

How long does FanDuel Venmo withdrawal take?

Processing usually takes 48 hours after your Venmo withdrawal request has been examined and authorized. It is also possible that processing times may be affected by factors such as the volume of requests received or the time of day the request was made. The expected processing time can increase up to 24 hours during periods of high demand and for late-night requests. It is important to take this into account when making a withdrawal request via Venmo. 

How long does FanDuel withdrawal take cash at the counter? 

Larger withdrawals may take up to 48 hours to process at the Cash at Counter, although smaller transactions are normally processed in an hour. When your cash is prepared for pickup, you will receive a notification through email. Picking up your Cash at Counter withdrawal must be done within 14 days of receiving an email confirmation.

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