EveryMatrix Deal With betPARX Adds New Games in New Jersey and Two Other States

posted by Ioana
November 2, 2023

In a landmark EveryMatrix deal, SlotMatrix, a key component of the EveryMatrix Group, recently declared a significant casino aggregation agreement with betPARX. This pact ensures the delivery of an extensive assortment of online casino games to betPARX, all originating from top online software providers.

Founded on robust growth and innovation, EveryMatrix Group provides no less than 22,500+ casino integrations to over 300 studio partners. Through this new venture, SlotMatrix and betPARX will collaborate to enhance the gaming landscape with premium game offerings. This ultimately showcases the partnership’s strategic and technological foresight.

EveryMatrix Deal Set to Enhance betPARX’s Player Retention Rates

This strategic EveryMatrix deal, which entails delivering content to NJ BetParx, is more than just a business expansion. It is more of a commitment to quality and innovation. The company’s long-standing use of the CasinoEngine platform to supply content to betPARX sets a precedent for excellence. 

Erik Nyman, President of EveryMatrix Americas, confidently articulates, 

“We are very confident betPARX will boost its player retention and significantly grow its business using our aggregator SlotMatrix.” 

Erik Nyman, President of EveryMatrix Americas

Meanwhile, Gil Bushkin from betPARX highlights their focus on integrating well-known and captivating game titles. This not only aligns with EveryMatrix’s dynamic capabilities. It also indicates a transformative phase for the NJ BetParx app. The advanced promotional and gamification tools from Every Matrix casino are specifically designed to attract and retain players. They include free spins, new jackpot capabilities, and tournaments.

Enhanced player retention is key in the competitive online gaming industry. EveryMatrix’s approach, focusing on diversity and quality, ensures that betPARX’s offerings stand out.

By continuously updating its online casino games library, betPARX is likely to see a surge. Concretely, it targets both new sign-ups and long-term player commitment. This Everymatrix deal is a testament attesting to the group’s robust game aggregation capabilities. Furthermore, it underscores their role in reshaping how online casinos operate and how they engage with their audience.

EveryMatrix and betPARX Strengthen Ties with Follow-Up Agreement

Building upon their March deal, involving Armadillo and Spearhead Studios, EveryMatrix demonstrates its innovative approach through the CasinoEngine platform. This technology seamlessly integrates new games into betPARX’s offerings, accentuating a user-friendly experience. EveryMatrix and betPARX stand committed to safe, fair play, backed by rigorous certifications.

With EveryMatrix casino’s wide-reaching affiliations, it holds licenses across several U.S. states and beyond. Recently, it also received a safer gambling certification. from the World Lottery Association (WLA). This move further reinforces the company’s dedication to responsible gaming. The extension of this partnership is also noteworthy, now that it has evolved into a broader arrangement. This signals more than just shared business interests. It actually reflects a shared vision for the future of online gaming.

By continuously incorporating new titles and gaming solutions, betPARX can offer a diverse, dynamic gaming environment. This adaptability is crucial in a landscape where player preferences and technological advancements are constantly evolving. EveryMatrix’s ability to source and integrate high-quality content from numerous providers globally means that betPARX can always offer the most current and sought-after games, setting a new benchmark in user experience.

More About SlotMatrix

Part of the renowned EveryMatrix Group, SlotMatrix is known for its vast integration of over 22,500 games. Its influence on betPARX is monumental, enhancing the gaming options for players in New Jersey and other states. Anticipating future trends, SlotsMatrix is likely to continue impacting the online gaming industry, possibly exploring new technological frontiers like AI and VR, offering more immersive gaming experiences. 

The depth and variety of games offered by SlotsMatrix are unparalleled in the industry. This range includes everything from classic slots to more innovative and interactive gaming experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, SlotMatrix is going to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and innovative gameplay mechanics. At the same time, this move also ensures that betPARX remains at the forefront of the online gaming sector. This foresight not only enhances player satisfaction but also strategically positions both EveryMatrix and betPARX as forward-thinking leaders in the market.

How EveryMatrix Deal Means For New Jersey

The regulatory environment across U.S. states is essential in guiding developments like the EveryMatrix collaboration with betPARX. This alliance marks not just a business expansion into New Jersey, but also reflects a dedication to enhancing the gaming experience with forward-thinking and strategic alliances. As this collaboration takes shape, it’s expected to bear a significant contribution new slots 2023 for the New Jersey community. So, players, stakeholders, and enthusiasts alike should stay tuned to witness the unfolding of this landmark deal, which is set to redefine the benchmarks for online gaming excellence and innovation.

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