Dual Play Roulette May Change Live Dealer Games Forever

posted by Ivanovici Radu
September 4, 2023

The gambling landscape in New Jersey and Atlantic City is on the brink of a profound transformation. Everything is about to change thanks to the introduction of Dual Play Roulette. This groundbreaking cross-platform roulette innovation is set to revolutionize live dealer games forever.

At the forefront stands the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, which recently unveiled a unique live dealer roulette table. This table will be accessible to both BetMGM Online Casino and Borgata Online Casino players at the same time.

Bringing together casino action with the convenience of digital play has already been a welcome addition to NJ players. The introduction of Dual Play Roulette takes this synergy to new heights. Players standing at the tableside and those participating online can now set aside their differences and play together. AC Casinos will never be the same!

Atlantic City Casinos Were the First to Implement the Live Dealer Tech

Atlantic City has a history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in the casino industry. From the early days of legal gambling in the late 1970s to the latest developments in the digital age, Atlantic City casinos have consistently embraced change and progress. One such pivotal moment took place at the introduction of live dealer games technology. Atlantic City casinos were among the first to adopt this new trend.

Evolution Gaming’s Expanding Footprint

When it comes to live dealer games technology, one name stands out: Evolution Gaming. This live dealer casino games provider has made significant inroads in the Atlantic City casino scene. Notably, Evolution Gaming has partnered with several prominent AC casinos as of late. Among those, we have the likes of Resorts Casino Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, and Ocean Casino Resort. These collaborations have paved the way for an exciting fusion of traditional casino gaming and cutting-edge technology.

Online Integration: The Game-Changer

What makes this development truly game-changing is that these live dealer experiences are not confined to the casino floor alone. Online versions of these live dealer games are readily available, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of real-time casino action from the comfort of their homes. This seamless integration of in-person and digital play is redefining the gambling experience and expanding the reach of Atlantic City casinos.

MGM Resorts and Entain plc: A Winning Joint Venture

As the landscape of online gambling in the United States evolves, the joint venture between MGM Resorts and Entain plc, known as BetMGM Online Casino NJ, is emerging as a dominant player. This 50/50 partnership has quickly become one of the leading online casino brands in the country. With a focus on providing a top-tier gaming experience, BetMGM is reshaping the way Americans engage with online casinos.

Evolution’s Partnership with an MGM property is pretty significant

What truly underscores the significance of Atlantic City’s pioneering spirit in the live dealer arena is Evolution Gaming’s partnership with a domestic MGM property, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. This collaboration represents a milestone in the industry, as it brings together a global leader in live dealer gaming with one of the most iconic names in Atlantic City gambling. The resulting Dual Play Roulette experience offered both in-person and online roulette, is a testament to the innovation and adaptability that have defined Atlantic City casinos for decades.

First Hand Experience With Dual Play Roulette

To experience the groundbreaking Dual Play Roulette, players have been flocking to the Borgata’s parking lot in anticipation of the action. This unique fusion of in-person and online gaming has drawn a crowd eager to try their luck in this innovative gaming environment.

The experts also loved it! From the initial reviews pouring in, it’s clear that Dual Play Roulette lives up to the hype. Players have found the game to be seamlessly integrated, providing an entertaining and immersive experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital gambling.

Also, one notable aspect of Dual Play Roulette is its remarkable stability. Users have reported no bugs or glitches in the game, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free gaming experience. Everything functions precisely as advertised, which is a testament to the quality of Evolution Gaming’s technology.

It’s crucial to mention that Dual Play Roulette is fair! Fair play is paramount in the world of gambling, and Dual Play Roulette delivers on this front. Users have reported no foul play or unfair odds during their gaming sessions. The game maintains its integrity, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Dual Play Roulette Dealers Review

One of the standout features of the Dual Play Roulette experience at Borgata is the dealers’ exceptional proficiency. They have proven to be not only skilled but also highly efficient when it comes to handling payouts. Even with a multitude of players participating, these dealers manage their responsibilities with precision, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for everyone involved. Online Roulette is also a place where dealers shine!

And for those who step inside the Borgata casino itself, the experience mirrors what you see on your phone while playing Dual Play Roulette. Physical roulette tables inside the casino are seamlessly integrated with the digital gameplay happening simultaneously. The presence of these tables further enhances the sense of immersion and connection between in-person and online players.

The Takeaway from Dual Play Roulette

The experience of playing Dual Play Roulette is enjoyable, though it may not be particularly memorable for those familiar with traditional roulette. The game closely mirrors the classic roulette experience, and for in-person players, there may not be any standout differences.

However, Dual Play Roulette holds significant potential for online gamblers seeking live dealer games. Live dealer experiences provide a unique sense of fairness and authenticity that AI-operated games cannot replicate. This alone makes them a game changer in the online gambling world.

That’s because live dealer casino games offer several advantages for players. They eliminate the need to contend with crowds, allowing for a more relaxed gaming environment. You can play on the go, whether you’re waiting in line or lounging at home in your pajamas. This level of convenience and comfort is unparalleled in the traditional casino setting.

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