Bison Fury Jackpot Transforms $2 Bet into $3M at Borgata NJ Casino

posted by Ioana
December 14, 2023

In the ever-thriving world of online casinos, winning a Bison Fury jackpot makes dreams come true, and fortunes made. Recently, a New Jersey resident experienced a life-changing moment, turning a mere $2 bet into a staggering $3 million jackpot. This incredible feat marks the second-largest digital payout of the year, proving that, indeed, sometimes less is more. Want to know the details of this Bison Fury jackpot and the ripple effect it has caused in the online gaming community? Read on, or should we say, game on? 

Bison Fury Jackpot Opens Door to Vegas Adventure

In October, an anonymous player struck gold hitting the Bison Fury Jackpot while playing the game on Borgata Online Casino. This lucky individual, a devoted patron of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa for over two decades, made headlines by winning over $3 million from a modest $2 bet. The player’s plans for the windfall include early retirement, indulging in fun, and starting on some travel adventures, with hopes of experiencing Las Vegas for the first time.

Borgata, under the ownership of MGM Resorts International, shares a 50/50 partnership with Entain plc, and this synergy manifests through BetMGM Online Casino. The online gaming platform operates under Borgata’s New Jersey gaming license, creating a seamless connection between the physical and digital areas of gaming. Angus Nisbet, Vice President of Gaming at BetMGM, extended congratulations to the recent winners, emphasizing the significance of in-house games like Bison Fury and MGM Grand Millions in creating a distinctive and delightful gaming experience. The Borgata jackpot hit is also one example of a great gaming time. 

The Bison Fury jackpot win is not an isolated incident. In the same month, players in Michigan and West Virginia celebrated significant victories. A Michigan player clinched a $1.2 million jackpot with a $5 bet on MGM Grand Millions, while a West Virginia player secured $746,000 on a $2 bet playing Bison Fury. The jackpot at Borgata Online Casino NJ along with the other wins highlights the allure and impact of BetMGM’s games across state borders.

Online Casino Jackpots Reach Million-Dollar Mark

The Bison Fury jackpot contributes to BetMGM’s remarkable track record in casino jackpot payouts. During the first half of 2023, the platform awarded nearly $75 million in jackpots, setting the stage to surpass the $100 million milestone established in the previous year. The online casino provided by BetMGM presents a vast array of more than 1500 online casino games. It also offers an extensive jackpot matrix nationwide. 

In this exclusive lineup of games, Bison Fury commands attention. Developed internally by Entain, this five-reel, ‘All Ways’ slot, adorned with an American wilderness theme, presents players with over 1,000 potential ways to secure victories in the base game, accompanied by alluring free spins. Nisbet highlighted the significance of proprietary games such as Bison Fury and MGM Grand Millions, underscoring their pivotal role as distinctive elements contributing to the platform’s triumph.

The statistics speak volumes: in 2023, there have been 15 jackpots of $1 million or more, with 11 of them claimed by online gamblers. Titles such as MGM Grand Millions, Bison Fury, Mirage Mega Magma, Loot’En Khamun, and the Dead Sea Scrolls can be found in the network.  

Bison Fury Jackpot Joins the Ranks of Online Casinos Jackpots

While the world of NJ online casinos flourishes, this also happens to physical venues. In 2023, the largest in-person jackpot at Borgata happened, where a fortunate player claimed $2.9 million on a “$5 Wheel of Fortune” slot machine on May 19.

DraftKings Online Casino has also made waves, awarding an impressive seven jackpots of $1 million or more in the same year. The Borgata Online Casino witnessed another substantial jackpot of $3,028,335.94 in October, closely following a $3.297 million win in June. Additionally, BetMGM’s “MGM Grand Millions” awarded a $2.84 million jackpot in January.

The fun doesn’t stop at slots; digital table games have also seen notable wins. In October alone, DraftKings Craps paid out $1.12 million, and a lucky player hitting DraftKings Blackjack walked away with $1.3 million.

As we conclude, the Bison Fury jackpot not only symbolizes a single player’s extraordinary luck but also reflects the exciting landscape of online gaming. With each spin, the potential for life-altering wins continues to captivate players, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and hope. The allure of jackpots, both in their online form and in the casinos of Atlantic City, remains a driving force, promising the prospect of more amazing victories in the future. The Borgata jackpot hit has etched its place in the annals of online gaming, inviting players to test their luck and embrace the exhilaration that awaits.

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