The BetMGM Hack's Effect on Atlantic City Casinos

posted by Theodora
October 18, 2023

The reverberations of the BetMGM hack have rippled across the casino industry, spanning from Atlantic City to the shimmering lights of Las Vegas. In the digital age, cyber attacks have become increasingly prevalent across various sectors. So, it is essential to comprehensively assess the far-reaching impact of the recent BetMGM data leak on industry giants such as MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.

The Bet MGM Hack’s Impact on Atlantic City Casinos

The aftermath of the BetMGM hack has been a harrowing experience for both MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. That’s because it has resulted in Atlantic City casinos bearing a significant brunt. Caesars Entertainment reported substantial financial losses from the breach. This led them to make a challenging decision – reportedly paying a multi-million-dollar ransom to the perpetrators.

In stark contrast, BetMGM chose a different path, allowing the situation to unfold, which had far-reaching consequences. The result was the abrupt shutdown of slot machines in numerous casinos, leaving patrons unable to access MGM Rewards. Even the most basic transactions, such as online hotel bookings, became elusive.

But the ramifications of the Bet MGM hacked database are still palpable. Borgata Atlantic City, which falls under the ownership of MGM and is recognized as the city’s highest-grossing casino, suffered a significant blow. Any decline in their revenue sends shockwaves throughout the market, impacting monthly returns. Analysts have estimated MGM’s losses to be approximately $8 million daily due to these cyber attacks. However, the full extent of the financial impact will only come to light on October 16. This is when the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will reveal September’s revenue reports.

MGM’s Dual Failure in Public Relations and IT Due to the BetMGM Data Leak

MGM Resorts faced an avalanche of criticism for its lack of transparency in dealing with the aftermath of the Bet MGM hack. MGM Rewards members, who were directly affected, voiced their discontent across various social media platforms. Many shared their stories of witnessing suspicious charges on their credit cards, and some even received alerts from financial institutions regarding unknown login attempts, all pointing to the BetMGM data leak.

On the other side, Caesars Entertainment bravely admitted a painful truth in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The BetMGM hacked database of its Rewards customers was now in the hands of malevolent actors, jeopardizing sensitive personal information, including social security and driver’s license numbers.

Anxiety Spurred Among Bettors Following BetMGM Hack

The anxiety stemming from the Bet MGM hack dealt a significant blow to Borgata’s bustling activity in the latter half of September. Therefore, the fear of further cyber onslaughts deterred gamblers from visiting their beloved gambling havens. Both MGM and Caesars have unequivocally stated that their online platforms – BetMGM Casino NJ and Caesars Online Casino NJ – remained unscathed by the cyber attacks. However, it’s only natural for online players to harbor reservations.

The lingering cloud cast by the BetMGM hack is indeed long. It also affected the Atlantic City Casinos revenue reports and their digital counterparts. More specifically, the Atlantic City Casinos September revenue hit $246 Million, which is 2% lower than last year. On top of that, Borgata Poker NJ pushed its Mini Fall Series back to November. All things considered, the overarching question remains: how long will this fallout persist, and what will be its lasting impact on the industry?

Broader Implications of the BetMGM Hack in Casino Cyber-Security

In an age increasingly defined by digitalization, the BetMGM data leak is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that persist in our interconnected world. Cybersecurity in the gambling industry is a matter of paramount importance, one that cannot be ignored. Atlantic City casinos, particularly Borgata AC, bore the brunt of the BetMGM hacked aftermath, experiencing system disruptions. While most functionalities like ticket-in/ticket-out at slots have resumed, others, like the MGM Rewards app, remain inactive.

The BetMGM data leak is not an isolated event; it is emblematic of a broader issue. Caesars Entertainment, too, fell prey to hackers who extracted a vast database of sensitive information. But the distinction in how MGM and Caesars handled the aftermath of the Bet MGM hack is evident. While MGM faced criticism in both public relations and IT, Caesars acted swiftly and proactively, offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection to affected members.

To regain trust and safeguard their patrons, a robust cybersecurity framework is of paramount importance. The Bet MGM hack underscores the vulnerabilities of digital platforms, even in well-established sectors like the casino industry. It is a wake-up call, urging businesses to fortify their digital defenses and prioritize the safety and security of their patrons.

In an effort to enhance security, New Jersey has taken decisive steps, particularly by approving Prophet Exchange technology. This move aims to not only simplify the online registration process but also to ramp up security measures significantly.


In a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with digital threads, the BetMGM hack is a stark reminder of the persistable vulnerabilities. As the gambling industry grapples with the aftermath, cybersecurity in the gambling domain takes center stage. The Bet MGM hack is not merely a glitch in the matrix; it is a clarion call to fortify, reassess, and, above all, prioritize the digital safety of patrons.

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