Atlantic City Casinos July Revenue Reports a Modest 3% Decline from Last Year

posted by Ivanovici Radu
August 25, 2023

The Atlantic City casino market, a vibrant gambling and entertainment hub, witnessed a noteworthy development in July 2023. The Atlantic City Casinos July revenue reported was $290 million. This figure marks a 3% decline compared to the same month in the previous year.

Analyzing the Atlantic City Casinos July Revenue is of utmost importance. This is because it provides a comprehensive insight into the performance of this iconic gambling hub. In this article, we will delve into the key statistics and trends shaping the market’s landscape.

Diving into Atlantic City Casinos July Revenue: Top Performers

The revenue report for July 2023 highlighted the performance of various casinos in Atlantic City, reflecting both growth and decline. Bally’s and Borgata experienced modest gains, with both casinos reporting a little over a 2% increase in revenue. In comparison, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino saw a slight uptick of just 0.3%. Notably, the remaining six casinos in the AC casino market encountered a decline in their revenue figures for July. When compared to the same month last year we can see that two of them witnessed double-digit percentage declines.

Borgata continues to lead the AC casino market, reporting a revenue of $78.5 million from in-person gamblers in July. This indicates a 2.4% increase over the same period in 2022. For the year-to-date period, Borgata has garnered $435 million from in-person gamblers, positioning itself 5.6% ahead of last year’s pace. Thus, Hard Rock and Ocean Casino have secured their positions as top-tier players in the NJ gambling industry.

Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City generated $53 million in revenue last month (a slight year-over-year increase). Ocean Casino’s revenue on the other hand amounted to $37.7 million, marking a 6.6% decline from July 2022. Despite this slight stumble, Ocean’s year-to-date revenue of $228 million represents a promising 13.5% growth compared to the previous year.

Navigating The Challenges of the Atlantic City Casinos July Revenue

The AC casino market faced several challenges in July 2023. By far the biggest concern was related to the steady decline in casino revenue compared to the previous year. However, the overall performance of the NJ gambling industry remains impressive, with nearly 4.5% higher revenue generated in July 2023. This indicates the industry’s resilience and ability to adapt in the face of adversity.

James Plousis, Chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, pointed out that while casino win was slightly lower than the previous year, it was still the second-highest figure reported for July in the past ten years. The positive trends seen on the casino floor, such as increased slot machine wins and strong visitation during the summer, signify a promising outlook for the industry. The performance of the Casinos in Atlantic City is particularly encouraging given the ongoing recovery efforts in the brick-and-mortar segment.

Atlantic City Casinos July Revenue Reflects NJ’s Gambling Resilience

The July 2023 Casinos in Atlantic City revenue report underscores the remarkable strength and stability of the NJ gambling industry, even amid economic challenges. The total Atlantic City gambling revenue encompassing casino wins, internet gaming wins, and sports wagering gross revenue, increased by more than 5% compared to July 2022, surpassing the $477 million mark. This growth highlights the state’s gambling industry’s robustness and ability to thrive despite external pressures.

Online gambling, a significant contributor to the industry’s resilience, demonstrated substantial growth. Atlantic City gambling revenue increased by an impressive 13.5% year-over-year, reaching $155.2 million for July. Additionally, NJ sports betting, a thriving segment in New Jersey, experienced a remarkable 35.6% increase in revenue, contributing to the overall strength of the state’s gambling sector.
The state’s ability to maintain growth in the face of challenges further solidifies its reputation as a gambling hub with unwavering resilience.

A Bright Future Ahead

In conclusion, the July revenue figures for Atlantic City Casinos provide a comprehensive snapshot of the industry’s performance and resilience. While a modest 3% decline in revenue compared to the previous year was observed, it’s important to contextualize this within the larger landscape. The casinos in Atlantic City have demonstrated their ability to navigate challenges and remain resilient, evidenced by increased slot machine wins, strong visitation, and growth in online gambling and sports wagering. Not only that but recently, all the Atlantic City Casinos came together to celebrate Labor Day Weekend 2023. In doing so, they proved that no matter how things may seem, they’re still on the rise as we speak.

As the industry continues to recover and evolve, these revenue reports serve as invaluable tools for assessing the health and potential of the gambling sector. By staying informed about future revenue reports, stakeholders and enthusiasts alike can track the market’s ongoing progress and continue to be part of the exciting journey of the NJ gambling industry.

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